According to the latest statistics released by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on the 10th, as of the 4th of this month, 196 people in Japan have died after being vaccinated with Pfizer’s new crown vaccine. However, the Japanese government has not yet confirmed that there is a direct causal relationship between death cases and vaccination. In addition, statistics from the Japanese National Police Agency found that since March last year, at least 500 people have died due to deterioration of their condition during home isolation after being infected with the new crown virus, of which 97 people have died in May this year. Statistics also show that as of the 9th, Japan has received more than 20 million doses of the new crown vaccine, and about 5.16 million people have completed two doses. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said on the 9th that he hopes to complete vaccination for all those who are interested in vaccination from October to November. According to statistics from the Japan Broadcasting Association TV station, as of 19:30 on the 10th (18:30 Beijing time), there were 2046 new confirmed cases of new crown in Japan that day, with a total of 769,949 confirmed cases; 71 new deaths and a total of 13,926 deaths . (Xinhuanet)

Japan’s motives for publishing this set of data are confusing. The fraud is to question the safety of the vaccine, but the phrase “death and vaccination are not directly causal” is also unclear. The three most critical information Japan has not made clear. 1. If the deceased died due to reasons other than vaccines, such as accidents, recurrence of old diseases, serious illnesses, etc., they will die if they are not vaccinated. This type of death has nothing to do with vaccination and should be completely ruled out. Is there any such situation? If so, I didn’t say how much it accounted for. 2. If the deceased was vaccinated and then infected with the new crown and died of the new crown, this involves the effectiveness of the vaccine, which requires our great attention. At present, none of the existing vaccines can prevent the virus 100%. According to US statistics, after the vaccine is fully administered, there is still an infection rate of one in 10,000, which is accompanied by a certain number of deaths. 3. If the deceased has other negative effects after being vaccinated, such as AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson vaccine causing thrombosis, which causes death, this involves the safety of the vaccine, which requires special attention. According to British data, Pfizer vaccine may be more prone to blood clots (thrombosis). At present, some cases of thrombosis caused by Pfizer vaccine are also exposed in various places. With the current master-servant relationship between the United States and Japan, Japan does not have the courage to black the United States vaccine. It is indeed a bit intriguing that it proactively exposed this set of data. As all new coronavirus vaccines are currently in “emergency use” status, it is extremely necessary for people to continuously observe and track their safety and effectiveness. Regarding the safety and effectiveness of existing vaccines (including Pfizer vaccines and various vaccines in our country), neither should it be black and black, but it should not be forbidden to discuss it. It should be faced with a more open attitude. In particular, Pfizer vaccine uses new technology, and it takes a responsible attitude towards its focus!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In fact, the physical condition of everyone in the world is not exactly the same. There is no 100% thing in science. Even if it reaches 99.99%, there is a small probability of 0.01%. A vaccine that is safe for the public is possible for individuals. There are occasional circumstances that cause death from allergies or other causes (for example, the person who happens to be vaccinated has a hidden disease, or happens to die from another disease, but it is not possible to prove that the death is directly related to the vaccine). The so-called safety is also controlled at a threshold. Although it is miserable for individuals to encounter this unfortunate situation, it does not mean that the vaccine is unsafe. The current vaccines are also based on emergency usage authorization based on the Phase III clinical interim report, and they are not the vaccines that are authorized to be marketed after the traditional complete Phase III clinical trials are completed. So there is no need to be black and black. In fact, Pfizer Modena has been used on a large scale worldwide. At present, all real data proves that it is safe and efficient (there is no credible evidence to prove its insecurity), even if there is a small probability of unknown Death is not surprising. In the same way, the domestic vaccines in the comments are not necessary. The domestic vaccines are also used on a large scale, and their safety and effectiveness are guaranteed. They are also exported on a large scale. If there are serious safety problems, there will be actual data support instead of various Speculate. I only know that many people’s views on vaccines are not based on science and data, but based on their standpoints. Either you don’t recognize the quality of the mrna vaccine, and belittle it to all kinds of uselessness; or it’s the yin and yang weird domestic vaccine, and your own vaccine is blacked to nothing. These vaccines that are currently internationally recognized are all good vaccines. Although the performance of different vaccines is different due to different technical platform limitations, their safety and effectiveness are supported by a large amount of data.

7 months ago

First ask if it is right, and then why Japan said that only 196 people died because of the vaccination. You believe the number of 196. The above question is that India has recently tested and confirmed that the number of infections is less than 100,000. How did it become? It’s ridiculous, I don’t believe the figure of 100,000 anymore. Now that Japan says 196, you believe in 196. They said that the nuclear leak was treated as soon as possible. Do you believe it? Now that his nuclear waste water has been proven by experts and scientifically to be harmless to the human body and nature, do you also believe it? Japan has greatly overdrawn its creditworthiness. Regarding its data and rhetoric, I now start to doubt even a punctuation mark.

7 months ago

Analyze carefully these causes of death [hemorrhage] There are many entries, and in all systems, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accounts for the largest proportion. Heart-related 68 Cerebrovascular-related 3838 cases of cerebral hemorrhage 11 cases of subarachnoid hemorrhage 13 2 cases of brainstem hemorrhage. The mechanism of action of the new crown is known to cause coagulation disorders to be one of the risk factors for the new crown. It is known that the adverse reactions of the AstraZeneca vaccine are mainly caused by blood clots. Can I guess that the adverse reactions of the Pfizer vaccine also include blood clotting Dysfunction is the main cause, followed by dyspnea, fever, and lung infections. There are also more than 20 cases of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The cause of death has indeed been announced. It is true that there are only a few cases of allergic reactions. These cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases may also have died. Own factors, but the [bleeding] [thrombosis] of these people’s causes of death are obviously quite large. I don’t think this has nothing to do with Pfizer vaccine.

7 months ago

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced on the 12th that 20 more people have recently died after being vaccinated with Pfizer’s new crown vaccine. The deceased were in their 20s to 90s. Talking about the causal relationship between vaccination and death, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare said that 9 of the deceased were “not assessable” and the other 11 were “under assessment”, but concluded that there is no need to worry too much about vaccination at this time. Japanese media said that the above-mentioned death cases are reported as of the 7th. As of the 7th, Japan had carried out 4.38 million vaccinations, and 39 cases died after vaccination. This is the news in May. 39 people died after being vaccinated for 4.38 million times. One month later, 196 people died after being vaccinated more than 20 million times. Approximately 5.16 million people in Japan have completed two doses of vaccination, which means that the number of vaccinations is about 15 million. I feel that the number of vaccines is always one in 100,000. However, it can only be said that the mortality rate has increased slightly, but it is relatively stable. Considering that Japan has already opened up vaccination for people over 65 years of age, this result is not surprising.

7 months ago

Pfizer Vaccine’s reputation has always been good and bad. Occasionally, a few strange news popped out that Pfizer had problems, and occasionally a few popped out that Pfizer was the best in the world. But in general, it is still a basic and reliable vaccine. If there is a problem, then the biggest problem may be expensive. But in general, the British AstraZeneca new crown vaccine among the vaccines of various countries is indeed problematic. It has potential side effects, and if it is serious, it can cause blood clots. Japan should not sell it to Taiwan. Taiwan said it would give the Japanese in Taiwan first, and the Japanese in Taiwan would be confused. There are also some problems with the vaccines produced in India. Last time there was news that a batch of vaccines in India had not been inactivated, and then they were exported to Brazil, causing a lot of trouble. The Russian vaccine was injected before it was fully tested. It was the world’s first publicly injected vaccine. Putin’s daughters became the first warriors. There seems to be no special news now. China’s vaccines are more secure. Every step is done step-by-step. The vaccination is also in accordance with the prescribed procedures, and there has never been a problem. As for the conspiracy theories that don’t report anything in China, it’s been two years since the new crown. In terms of data, our country is more transparent in terms of data than countries such as Europe, America and Japan. No one should disagree. There are more than one kind of vaccines in China, and there are so many Chinese people, who dare to hide any hidden dangers. There was a real problem. The first and second phases were stopped, and it was impossible to inject tens of millions of shots. There are 196 people in Japan, and no one ridicules them. There is a row of people shooting empty targets and starting to wash the ground. If there are 196 people in China, will they be equally objective? From the line, I think they will say “When 196 people are announced, In fact, there may be 10,000 people.” However, Europe, America and Japan announced that they would say “only 196 people, enough to do.” As many “enthusiastic netizens” said that there are no deaths in China because of data fraud, and there must be a problem. . As a person who has been injected with the new crown vaccine and organized several new crown vaccine injections, I can tell these “enthusiastic netizens” who have not been vaccinated about things they may not know. That is, the new crown vaccine needs to be checked before the injection. The young and strong can be injected with a little inspection. The slightly old, the medical history, blood pressure and so on should be tested again. Regarding the possible causes of death in the Japanese death cases mentioned by the top answerer, when China vaccinates, there are those special circumstances, and many of them will not be vaccinated. There is a reaction to the vaccine injection. Anyone who knows a little about this will know that if the injection is not checked, it will cause accidental death, which is almost inevitable. This is also something that needs to be paid attention to when the vaccine is injected. The Japanese report has its own problems. You said that there is an unconfirmed causal relationship, so what do the Japanese think? If Japan is unable to assess that there is no causality at all, then the actual effect is “causal.” Naturally, the Japanese will resist the Pfizer vaccine. What is important in this incident is not what the Chinese think, but what the Japanese think. If you shoot in the air, if the Japanese dare not shoot, you will not be able to accept your kindness. Of course, the announcement of the news itself has the same meaning. Japan’s goal is to postpone the vaccination and leave time for evaluation. If this happens in China, the scientists estimate that they will have to spend all night to study whether the vaccine is safe. In my opinion, when this news is released, it is very likely that there is a shortage of vaccines in Japan. Some specious news is released so that Japanese people should not be anxious to get vaccines, and should not attack the government because of lack of vaccines. There is also the inadequate inspection work during the vaccination in Japan. 196 people died because of their own diseases if it was not a traffic accident or something. What are you doing with the vaccine? You vaccinate people who will die naturally within a month or half a month? Injections will definitely cause bad vaccines (all vaccines do), is this a human job? In any case, before Japan assesses that there is no causal relationship, Japan’s vaccine injection efficiency may be reduced. Maybe you will never be able to assess the cause and effect, and then just fight like that, but this will be inefficient. The Pfizer vaccine may be able to keep prices down, or vaccines from other countries may be used. As a Chinese, I naturally hope that the Japanese will be injected with the greatest efficiency, and it is best to vaccinate hundreds of millions of people overnight. After all, this is conducive to the safety of East Asia. It is not that Japan has never bought a vaccine with problems; Japan is not without injection accidents. It is also good for Japanese people. It is better to give professional badges to friends living in Tokyo. It is better to be more cautious than blindly optimistic. In fact, there is no need to shoot in the air, just look at the real information. It is true that someone has been given Pfizer’s new crown vaccine and then died suddenly, and there is nothing wrong with it. It is necessary to explain this kind of thing. I think that Japan has no problems at all, but that China has problems. This kind of position is really incomprehensible. A previous respondent said that these 196 people died for their own reasons. I don’t know if they are among the people who are not suitable for vaccination in this explanatory table.

7 months ago

I don’t understand it very well. The Japanese data directly reproduced in this news does not say anything bad about Japan, nor does it substitute for subjective understanding. There is a large group of people who start to jump and get angry when they write the answer. They are really eager to protect the Lord, and there are no reprinted information. It is great to play with one hand and two labels!

7 months ago

There are many people who compare the Internet in the answer. Lao Hu has to remind that according to Article 6 of the “Interim Regulations on the Management of International Networking of Computer Information Networks,” the computer information network must be directly connected to the international network. International entrance and exit channel.
Overcoming the wall is illegal.

7 months ago

This question is inexplicable. I feel like I want to find something wrong with Pfizer’s vaccine, but there is no actual evidence. I send ambiguous news. I want everyone to connect Pfizer to the death of the vaccinated. This set. All the dead have drunk water and breathed air two weeks before their death. What does this mean? This does not explain anything. Japan has not announced the specific cause of death. What do you want us to think about, we have no Japanese relatives either. The media is a propaganda tool, but there must be something in order to be promoted. The whole news comes out endlessly and I want to ask the people what they want to do…..

7 months ago

In fact, what’s so dark? Even if Pfizer has a vaccine problem, the safety is worrying, and it is worse than the severe situation in Japan where people die at home without supervision. The safety of Pfizer is good enough for Japan. Japan has been very lucky to get so many vaccines from the United States. It means that my father still loves you. What is the point of dying such a small number of people? Even if they died because of Pfizer vaccines, there was no suicide in Japan during this time. There are so many people. By the way, I am particularly annoyed by those plausible answers. The data from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan is notoriously unreliable, and all have some previous convictions. You still believe in the authenticity of the data as much as the truth, and they are all serious. Kind of analysis. Come up with some questions about the spirit of China’s vaccines. 196 is definitely not a real number. There must be underreporting and underreporting. Your analysis is the sand castle in the sky and the sea. Your purpose is nothing more than to say that Pfizer’s security is also good, and data transparency is better than China’s, so China’s vaccines can’t work, and the Chinese government that allows Chinese people to get Chinese vaccines can’t, and the system doesn’t work. The motive is not pure, so naturally no one will believe what is said.

7 months ago

Some time ago, it also broke that Taiwan gave priority to Japanese people in Taiwan and Japanese vaccines. As a result, the Japanese did not appreciate it, and they expressed their preference to use mainland vaccines. At that time, I asserted that Japan did not trust its own vaccines because its own epidemic could not be controlled. At first glance, it really is so. I think even if it is unsafe, it is at best ineffective. Even if it dies, it can be controlled to a few people or less than ten people. Never expected that there would be this wave of operations. Good guys, 196 people, close to 200 people. The Japanese government said that the death has not been confirmed, and there is a direct causal relationship with the vaccination. As far as I am concerned, this is almost impossible. Some time ago, Japan also broke out that the Olympic Committee accountant committed suicide. At that time, many people thought that it was related to the corruption of the Olympic Committee. It now appears that not only that, but things are not that simple. In my opinion, there is still such a sense of despair in it. For what despair? Desperate to control the new crown! There is only a short time left, and the epidemic is still uncontrollable and may even worsen. So desperate to commit suicide is quite reasonable.

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