In recent years, mobile phones have been updated very quickly, just like the memory cards of mobile phones that were once a smash hit. You should know that there was a memory card in every mobile phone in the past, and it was just a need to buy a mobile phone. Why has it suddenly disappeared? What?

I’m going to make a violent argument. Because someone will tell you: the internal space of the mobile phone is large and the memory card will only occupy land; cloud disk synchronization is more convenient than importing an SD card, and the speed of microSD is not fast; the mobile phone memory reaches three digits, and the memory card is of little significance. But they won’t tell you: the most powerful mobile phone Xperia 1III, 8mm 187g with 1TB memory card expansion. It looks heavier than others, and its performance is weaker than others. It’s not a TF card—is it a technical problem if there is no memory card? Cloud disk synchronization has privacy risks, and it is not as convenient as you think. Even iCloud, which is generally considered to be so cool, is sometimes maddeningly lagging, especially when dealing with a large number of photos, if you need to deal with it urgently, you have to use AirDrop to help. Do you know why the camera still uses a memory card as a storage medium? Because if the camera is broken or water gets in, as long as the card is not broken, all your photos will be there. And those nasty mobile phone manufacturers don’t even consider the situation that the mobile phone becomes bricked and the files cannot be read. Of course, cloud backup is a solution. But now the camera of the mobile phone has been upgraded. For photography enthusiasts, cloud disk space is simply not enough. My EOS 600D 10 years ago, jpeg+RAW dual storage is more than 20MB. During the sports meeting, I took four hundred photos, all of which were imported into the Apple Photos app. I subscribed to 50GB iCloud for 6 yuan per month. May I ask if my iCloud doesn’t put anything on it and just put photos on my camera, how many times can I go out and take photos? And what is the situation with mobile phones? A single photo of iPhone Pro RAW is 25 to 30MB. More and more mobile phones support 8K video, and 8K video is 12MB per frame. How long do I upload these high-quality files? How long does it take to download? How much data does it cost? How much network disk space does it take up? Don’t you need money for the network disk? Google Photos has closed the free synchronization service (sadly), so these nasty manufacturers come to persuade you: Then increase the cloud disk space! Upgrade your 50GB capacity to 200GB, and 200GB to 500GB! If you buy 200GB for 21 yuan a month, then you only need to spend more than 200 yuan a year! But at more than 200 yuan, I can buy a TF card and use it forever! Why can I only subscribe to cloud disk space for just one year now? Therefore, these manufacturers cancel the card slot to sell cloud disks, and boil the frog in warm water to make you ignore the absurdity. This can also explain why Xperia insists on the TF card slot: Sony not only does not strengthen its cloud services, but instead cuts all its existing cloud services, such as Amazon Web Disk Sync Photos, LifeLog… all. The hardware manufacturers don’t sell cloud disks. Cloud disks are easy to use, but cloud disks cannot replace TF cards, at least in extreme cases. A reasonable situation is that both the cloud disk is pulled up and the TF card is in the bottom, but it is a pity that such a mobile phone is hard to see in China. Someone in the comment area pointed out that the camera card is used because one card can be quickly replaced with another one when it is full. This advantage cannot be replaced by a cloud disk.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Because manufacturers find that Apple can make more money by doing this, and it is not easy to be scolded by following Apple. After all, Apple users will take the initiative to think of 10,000 reasons for manufacturers not supporting memory cards, so they don’t need to spend any more effort. Educate users. Of course, the removable memory card does have some problems. Now the main space is the app. If the memory card stores the app, when the memory card is removed, the app becomes unusable. If the operating system sets the app to be alive all the time, then of course you don’t want to allow you to put the app on the memory card. However, it doesn’t make sense to say too many technical issues. After all, it is an objective fact that removing the memory card can make more money.

7 months ago

Because unscrupulous capitalists think that bad money is as simple as that. Otherwise, if you don’t have enough mobile phone storage, you can just buy a card. Many people will find all kinds of reasons like this. In fact, it’s that Stockholm syndrome is late and has been kidnapped. Let’s forget about cloud storage. I haven’t found this thing very useful until now, and my internet speed is only 50MB/s. It’s not comparable to most users of Zhihu. The experience of using the cloud is really mediocre. It might be a little better to hang a nas at home. At any rate, it can run up to the speed of the mechanical hard drive and it has the disadvantage of forcing users to choose high-speed storage. In fact, I only need a 1200 built-in memory card plus a 100 memory card. And the urination of domestic software manufacturers, still can’t understand it? With fast speed and large capacity, this software can be enlarged unscrupulously, and then plug some functions that are not available in p

7 months ago

It hasn’t disappeared, but now many mobile phones don’t do it just to make money. And now the capacity of flash memory is basically enough for ordinary people. Now, all I can think of who have to put the SD card on the mobile phone are those who need to listen to HiFi and watch movies on the mobile phone. Sony’s users are still using mobile phones for these two main functions. And if it comes to Sony phones, the prerequisite for this problem does not exist. Because every mobile phone in Dafa can support one SD card, I even think that if Sony continues to specialize in the future, it may produce two SD cards. After all, XPERIA is the best pluggable MP4 with built-in 256GB storage + 1TB SD support, supporting DSD and having 4K screens these two elements. 1TB is not enough at all. However, Sofa is too far away from ordinary people after all. Therefore, SD cards are not very common in mainstream mobile phones, and there are still more than low-budget foreign products.

7 months ago

The mobile phone memory card that is determined by the interests will affect the time for consumers to change the phone. Secondly, I originally wanted to buy a 256G mobile phone. As a result, because of the support for the memory card, the consumer directly bought the 128G memory card, and then bought an additional memory card, which seriously affected The profit of the manufacturer is followed by many novice consumers. When the program is installed on the memory card, the speed of the memory card is compared with the reading speed of the flash memory. The difference between the airplane and the bicycle is the difference between the program and the bicycle. Rubbish. . . . So the result is that the manufacturer spends more cost to get memory card support, the result is thankless, and it also affects the profit. Look at other people’s apples to play more. They have never supported this thing at all. This thing completely affects the user experience. The storage space for things is not enough, you always buy a large-capacity mobile phone. If it is not enough, iCloud has a lot of space, and 2T is only 68. Is it a bargain? I’m happy after thinking about it. Later, when the Android phone manufacturer took a look, I went, Apple is like this, hurry up and learn

7 months ago

1. The internal space of the mobile phone is an inch of gold, and the current flagship phone basically has a card tray that looks like both sides, dual phone cards or single card + memory card, you can only choose one of two 2. Read and write speed of external memory card Far inferior to built-in flash memory 3. Benefits. Manufacturers generally use different storage specifications for different prices, such as 6+128 mobile phones, starting in 1999, and then may use 8+256, 12+512, etc. to increase the price. Generally speaking, low-profile storage space is small and cost-effective, while high-profile profit margins will be greater (change the storage specifications can increase the price by 200 yuan or more). For example, the upgrade of a mobile phone from 8+128 to 8+256 requires a price increase of 500 yuan, but the cost of the entire flash memory chip is far less than 500, and the extra part is a premium.

7 months ago

IMHO, they are all following Apple. Apple mobile phones were originally designed to not support tf cards, nor do they support file management. Applications can only open their own files within the scope specified by themselves, unless the user manually creates a copy. This leads to extra storage, even if it is added, it is completely useless. However, the experience of Apple mobile phones has always been the top level in the industry, and the Android camp has been groping for so long, but still has to follow Apple’s ideas. Just recently, Android 11 has banned users from accessing files in the data directory, which means that WeChat and QQ pictures cannot be managed directly on the phone. And no longer supports the installation of Google framework in the form of apk installation package. This can cause many problems. This was impossible for previous Androids. When the iPhone 7 canceled the headphone jack, the domestic follow-up was also canceled. This move triggered a frenzy of canceling the headphone jack, resulting in most mobile phones currently on the market without a headphone jack. Until the end, Samsung also cancelled the headphone jack in the note10 generation. iPhone12 canceled the charging head, and the domestic follow suit was also canceled. It seems that a consensus “for environmental protection” has been reached. Samsung also canceled the charging head in the s21 series. This shows that Apple’s absolute leadership position in the entire industry. With the speed of tf cards getting faster and cheaper, 128g high-speed tf cards can be bought for less than 100 yuan. If the mobile phone supports tf card, it will be a devastating blow to the premium of high-end mobile phones. Therefore, Android manufacturers must cancel tf cards on high-priced flagship phones. ……2021-3-27 update… Take a practical example: a mobile phone with 64g storage can have a large storage capacity of 55g after booting. If it is only used to install apps, chat with WeChat. Although it is relatively reluctant, most people can use it. But if you put photos, music, and videos. This space is completely insufficient! So users can only buy mobile phones with larger capacity. Apple stipulates that the 128g version is 500 yuan more than the 64g version. 256g is 1,500 yuan more than 64g, and so on. In this way, the premium comes out. At present, a Samsung 128g high-speed tf card on the market only costs 90 yuan, while an additional 128g storage on a mobile phone will cost at least 500 yuan to 1,000 yuan. More importantly, if your storage is full, most of the mobile phone users who do not support tf card can only choose to change their mobile phones. After all, after cleaning up, it was full again after a while, and after it was full, even WeChat messages could not be received. Such endless torture makes it impossible to concentrate on study and work. ……On the other hand, if the tf expansion card is supported: First of all, if the storage is full, I can transfer pictures, music, videos, and other files to the tf card. Leave the more precious local storage to APP. If this is not enough, I can also choose to buy a larger tf card. Now a 512g Samsung high-speed tf card is only 500 yuan. Now the cost of replacing a mobile phone is at least 2,000 yuan, right? ……To sum it up: Apple does not natively support tf cards, even if they are added, it is useless. But the experience of Apple mobile phones has always been the top level in the industry. Have absolute leadership in the industry. Android manufacturers natively support tf cards. But as the speed of tf cards is getting faster and faster, the price is getting cheaper and cheaper. If tf card expansion is supported on high-end flagship machines, it will have a devastating impact on it. The first point: the premium becomes lower, and no one buys high storage. The second point: It greatly extends the service life of mobile phones and reduces the willingness of users to change phones. These two points are absolutely unbearable by domestic Android manufacturers. Coupled with following the trend of Apple, the benefits can be maximized. Finally, Samsung, Google, hardware and system levels have to follow Apple’s design ideas. ……Why do low-end machines still support tf card expansion nowadays? Because of the price of one hundred yuan, tf card expansion is just needed. There is no competitive pressure from Apple, Samsung, or Huawei. Only domestic brands are left, competing for the market with counterfeit machines. For Android phones with 2+32g, 4+64 storage combinations. TF card expansion is an important selling point, which can increase the brand’s market share. In doing so, when these people have money, they will consider continuing to use this brand’s products. ……2021-3-28 update……mircoSD card, formerly known as tf card (TransFlash card), was launched in Nokia and Motorola at that time. Early compatibility: camera, mobile phone (feature machine), mp3 player, mp4 player, subsequent compatibility: Android phone (smart phone), Android tablet, Nintendo switch Compatible via card reader: computer, Windows, MacBook…Main advantages There are: 1. The shape is small and light, which can be directly inserted into the mobile device. 2. Large capacity, currently supports up to 1tb storage capacity. 3. Moderate speed, can transfer user files at high speed. 4. Strong compatibility, can solve: large file storage and transmission problems between mobile phones, tablets, computers, cameras, game consoles, and other mobile devices. 5. File integrity, the files in the mircoSD card absolutely belong to the user and can have all the information intact. 6. The price is cheap, anyone can buy products with reliable quality and moderate price. 7. Universal agreement and unified standard. It can be purchased and used anywhere in the world without worrying about unrecognized problems. ……The sim card-sized memory card released by Huawei faces the same problem as when SanDisk launched the mircoSD card in the early days. Unable to promote popularization by itself. This means that this is just Huawei’s own private solution for mobile phones. Therefore, it cannot replace the mircoSD card. “The microSD card was originally called a TF card (T-Flash card or TransFlash), which was jointly developed by Motorola and SanDisk and was launched in 2004. However, SanDisk was unable to promote it by itself. In the early stage, only Motorola mobile phones supported TransFlash. Being able to expand its sales completely, SanDisk merged the TransFlash specification into the SD Association and became one of the SD family products, creating the most widely used mobile phone memory card at present;”

7 months ago

There can be many reasons: 1. There is one less slot, which saves valuable body space; 2. The memory card reading speed is relatively slow, which affects the overall operating speed of the phone; 3. The quality of the memory card is different, and the pot of data damage may be forcibly blocked. To the mobile phone manufacturers, increased after-sales troubles; 4. The memory card does not use data confidentiality, after all, the data can be read after picking up the mobile phone and unplugging the card; however, the above may not be the most important reason.

7 months ago

Huawei has already provided memory upgrade services in some regions, and I feel that if this matter can be promoted, it will be a better choice. The internal space of the mobile phone is indeed tight. Another important issue is to buy a third-party memory card, which has a variety of performance and quality, and then feels uncomfortable in the process of using it. Most of the accounts will be charged to the head of the mobile phone. Of course, mobile phone versions with different memory can sell more money, which is a main reason for manufacturers, but they are mainly concentrated on high-end mobile phones. Like the Apple iphone12 128G can be 500 yuan more expensive than 64G, and 256G is 800 yuan more expensive than 128G. This gap is still quite large. From this point of view, mobile phone manufacturers are also unwilling to keep memory cards. Of course, there are models. Some models are for price-sensitive users. They will still provide them. Then users can buy a small memory card in case the memory is not enough. Now, you can insert the card. But for the sake of experience, Huawei will launch its own NM card standard to make the card as reliable as possible, and the experience will be more stable. But in short, it still takes up internal space. A more widespread approach is to provide two card slots, either you can insert two phone cards, or you can leave a card slot to insert a memory card, but if we have two phone cards, it is troublesome, and there is no way to insert a memory card. But only one phone card can still be considered. For example, Honor X10 is supported, and Hongmeng can be upgraded in the future. Now it’s a good price-performance ratio. Therefore, the upgrade service is now provided, and it should be a better choice for users who feel that their old phones are still usable and do not want to change phones for the time being. Of course, this process should be carried out simultaneously with Hongmeng’s upgrade. Only when the old mobile phone feels that it is not stuck, will it feel the upgrade value and it is necessary. Hongmeng has also made further improvements and optimizations. When I recommended the mobile phone a few months ago, I guessed that Huawei would maintain the old model as much as possible, and optimize it as much as possible on the system level. I guessed it (haha).

7 months ago

Some people think that one less slot can save space. Although my previous Redmi Note5 has two card slots, either dual sim card, dual card dual standby, or one sim card and one memory card, you can save space and put another sim card if you discard the memory card. However, children only do multiple choice questions, and adults have to choose. So the Redmi Note9 now has three card slots, which can perfectly match two sim cards + one memory card. As for the memory card reading speed is not as good as the phone’s built-in memory, I can’t refute this. I think that the quality of memory cards is uneven, and the memory card is often damaged, which makes it impossible to read the information. As a mobile phone user who has at least five or six bad memory cards, I also agree. I do agree that Apple will take the lead. The gradual decrease of mobile phones with memory card functions is indeed because manufacturers have profit reasons. The price of a memory card that also adds a space is only a fraction of the memory of a mobile phone with a space. But now that 128G is starting, 256G or even 512G mobile phones have their own storage space, which really makes the memory card more and more tasteless. Finally, under the name recognition, three card slots can be perfect dual card dual standby + external memory card, and the body memory can reach up to 256G, without forcing you to retire the memory card on the replaced old phone. You can also continue to use the residual heat of the Redmi note9.

7 months ago

Recently, I encountered a situation where one of my memory cards was write-protected, and I didn’t even plug in the phone. I just used the card reader to read and write files on the computer normally. Then it can be read, but cannot be written (to be precise, it is to copy things in, or delete files, unplug and plug to restore), and now the formatting is not valid, and it is simply discarded. The uneven quality of memory cards should be an important reason for mobile phone manufacturers to cancel the card slot. After all, manufacturers can guarantee the stability of the memory quality of the mobile phone motherboard, but cannot guarantee that the quality of memory cards purchased by users from a third party is OK. On the one hand, manufacturers need to add external memory card related drivers to the system. On the other hand, APP developers must also be compatible with the existence of memory cards, and even design the impact of the memory card being pulled out. The other is that many users are Xiaobai. I don’t know the difference between the memory card and its own storage space. It may jam things, and even the memory card may be written into a virus by third-party software when it is inserted into the computer. There are too many uncontrollable situations. Once there is a problem with the memory card, (even if there is no problem, but Xiaobai does not understand these), it will bring additional costs and burdens to the repair point. Simply remove the card slot and there will be no problems, once and for all.

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