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will not. I think many of my friends are answering from the perspective of user experience, credit creation policy, international situation, and historical inheritance. As a member of WPS, let me talk about the value of what we do. WPS is actually not just a client software, to complete the editing of office documents, based on cloud services, with the WPS user system, WPS has become the user’s document management center for individuals. The full life cycle of the document can be summarized as “production, storage, management, and use”: production: WPS covers various terminals, large screens (Win, Linux, Mac) and small screens (Pad, mobile phones), and you want to process documents in any scene , You can call up the WPS terminal to start “simple creation” storage: register a WPS account, it doesn’t matter whether you recharge or not (a certain amount of space is also free anyway), then the WPS documents produced on your terminals can be automatically returned Collect it in your WPS cloud space, so that you can write a document in the company at the beginning but after work, then turn on the mobile phone and use the mobile WPS to complete the rest. Open your Mac at home and use the Mac version of WPS to modify the document. It’s done, and truly “documents are always online” management: once the documents are centrally managed, and user information is available, the combination of humanities, humanities, and humanities will naturally generate the team and permissions. The documents you write think The control of letting whoever sees and who does not want to see, who can edit, who can only see, who can download and who can print, can be easily set and used in Jinshan Document: Document as a high-value-density unstructured data carrier, the most What is valuable is the high-value-density data. The various document services that WPS now provides are for how well this data can be extracted (OCR), converted (various format conversion tools), and searched (full text of Jinshan Document) Retrieval), good-looking (paper typesetting, PPT beautification, document writing), and even said that you want the entire document but don’t know how to write it. Then look for a template on the husk, get a framework, and then let Smart Writing (AI Smart) help you Fill in the content, you can modify it, and let you experience the “easy expression”. The above is the use value of WPS for individual users. To be honest, Microsoft also provides the ability for documents, but they use engineers. Thinking to “educate” users, WPS uses the principle of “user first” to “serve” users, and WPS has begun to serve “developers” seriously in the past two years. In our opinion, developers are willing to work with us. Users who go hand in hand and grow together need to be served in place. What services does WPS provide to developers? Please see the following: Unified developer platform: WPS open platform (https://open.wps.cn/). As a developer, you only need to register as a service provider. , That: Jinshan Document (mainly providing document storage and management capabilities) document online preview editing (weboffice, H5 page in the browser can preview and edit documents collaboratively by multiple people) document format conversion (WPS kernel running on the server, exposed to your interface , Batch complete file format conversion) WPS client development (mainly Win and Linux now, WPS client is used as a cross-platform document low-code development platform, providing plug-in technology for WPS add-ons based on Web technology, allowing people Everyone can extend WPS by themselves, and as a consistent development standard for all platforms, it will also be applied to WPS mobile and Mac in the future. This development standard is called WPS JSAPI) WPS AI open capabilities (allowing you to access natural language processing and Intelligent collaboration capabilities, experience our black technology) continue to open ing…Regular developer conference: since 2019, WPS will hold a developer conference every year, the first year in Wuhan, the second year in Chongqing, this year is expected In Changsha. We will convene our developers to gather together, in the spirit of “openness, win-win”, “together, create the future” high-quality expert plan: recently WPS has also launched the “KVP of Kingsoft Office Most Valuable Experts”, which is to Serve our high-quality developers well, let these KVPs spur us to grow faster and stronger, and also grow up with the KVPs in the developer community that we are working hard to build: As a member of the WPS Ecological Empowerment Group, Since joining WPS, I have been doing WPS secondary development related work, and wrote some articles, trying to make our WPS developer community gradually active. There is also a column on Zhihu-“WPS Secondary Development” Last year, most of the WPS add-ons were written. This year, I will resume the update in the near future. I will start to write the WPS document in the platform (that is, to privatize the capabilities on the WPS open platform, and you can deploy it where you want to deploy, providing service, Component-based technical solutions empower the digital construction of corporate offices). I hope that more and more developers will pay attention to it and make more suggestions. To sum up, as long as WPS continues to serve the principle of “user first”, whether it is a user or a developer, then combined with the current international situation, how can it be “eliminated” by taking advantage of Xinchuang’s shareholder style, only It will skyrocket to 90,000 miles, “realizing the connection of value.” Join us, build a WPS developer community, and work together~


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

No linux and macos market will not disappear. Office is the best solution on win10. It fully follows the system adaptation function. Features such as dpi perception are followed up in the first time. However, because of the heavy dependence on windows sdk development, office is cross-platform. Development can only honestly rewrite a copy, so the office does not have a linux version, and the macos version has a poor experience. WPS is based on qt. Although the performance on windows is definitely not as good as the completely native office, it can be consistent on different operating systems. So under Linux, wps is the best choice for Chinese people. There is no one (openoffice and libreoffice startup speed is really not as good as wps) (wps under linux does not have ads, because the advertising module of wps is not based on qt and cannot be cross-platform. So we can also use wsl2 to run the linux version of wps on windows to achieve the purpose of advertising)

7 months ago

Jinshan Office has a market value of almost 200 billion yuan, and its net profit for a year was less than 1 billion yuan last year. What is the concept? Why does the capital market give such a high valuation? Back then, Xiaomi wanted to be listed on the A-share market and was beaten back by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. How could Kingsoft Office go smoothly? The big logic behind it is the country’s strategy of independent and controllable information systems, and office operating software is of course one of the cores. Most WPS users do not pay, and WPS advertising revenue is actually very poor, but WPS can rely on government customers to obtain a lot of income. Many places within the system will support domestic software for real money, even if Microsoft can strip off all of its cooperation with the review. For ordinary users, it may be whoever is cheap to use, who is easy to use, but the system will be willing to support independent and controllable enterprises at a certain price. Of course, there have been a number of slanderous ways, but at the same time it has also given the buds of hope the opportunity to emerge. Why has the strategy of “localization and popularization of IT talents” launched in various places? Software in various key fields must be domestically produced and replaced; various fields must be IT-based, Internet-based, and intelligent, and these must be supported by sufficient, low-cost IT talents.

7 months ago

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choose according to your needs. There is no best, only suitable. Both software exist, and it certainly makes sense. And the two softwares are constantly being developed and updated, learning from each other, and learning from each other, which is better to use, is also a matter of wisdom. I have been using Microsoft Office. In the past few years, as customers use more and more WPS, I have to help customers solve some problems, and gradually contact and use WPS. I feel that the new version of WPS has more and more features, although Microsoft There are still many features of Office that WPS cannot do (such as Access Outlook PowerBI, etc.), but WPS also has many eye-catching features that are more suitable for Chinese people. Later, I may also take time to write an article about the advantages of Microsoft Office, but this time, let’s first list the advantages of Kingsoft’s WPS. In fact, in all fairness, Microsoft’s functions are of course also very powerful, such as Access, Outlook, PowerBI, and other related components. , There are many that cannot be replaced by wps. But in the cloud function, especially in domestic use, the speed is still somewhat unsatisfactory. But Microsoft has a large user group, coupled with the blessing of Microsoft’s Windows operating system and other applications, and a large group of Office vba users, so the influence of Office is still very large. If you only use the three major items, forms, documents, and presentations, wps is also sufficient. If you have more needs and strive for stability, and the customers are not limited to China, it is better to choose Microsoft Office.

7 months ago

It has nothing to do with the year. Which is better, MS Office or WPS? The answer is the only one, MS Office is much easier to use than WPS, which Jinshan Company will recognize. Will WPS disappear? probably not. MS Office is a commercial software that requires a fee, while WPS allows users to use it for free (tolerate advertisements). Therefore, WPS will continue to exist for a long time, relying on free and providing some common functions of MS Office.

7 months ago

Of course it is WPS. Office has been used before, and it is usually used for opening and editing documents. But the most commonly used ones are mind maps and flowcharts and various cloud documents. These are features that Office does not have or does poorly. There are often ideas and thoughts that need to be recorded in time during entrepreneurship. Previously, they were recorded in the mobile phone’s sticky notes. Later, it was the mobile Office. It was very troublesome to synchronize to the PC to organize. Later, after changing the Jinshan document, I no longer need those things. After a simple analysis of the operating habits, it is very clear which is more suitable. Office is obviously not ideal for the following reasons: 1. Too many components and cumbersome operation. Without the integration mode of WPS, an application can open and edit text, tables, charts, flowcharts, brain maps, forms, etc.; 2. Cloud document functions are not powerful enough. Take the simplest scenario, WPS can share directly Cloud documents to WeChat friends can only be viewed by default and have a validity period of 31 days, and they are saved in the cloud in real time on both the PC and mobile terminals, and even the local WPS network disk can be synchronized to the cloud in real time. These are not comparable to Office. WPS place; 3. The login and synchronization speed of the Microsoft account in China is extremely slow, and a bunch of functions of the WIN10 system are bound by default. For a better user experience, I basically use it in offline mode and never actively log in to Microsoft. account number. WPS does not have these troubles. It is originally a third-party software, and all operations will not affect any operating system level functions. Coupled with the perfect compatibility with WeChat and QQ ecology, as well as powerful user-defined settings, I am just picking it up anyway. No problem, I renewed the super member directly! 4. After all, Office is just an office product that stays at the tool level. WPS is different. People’s product design idea is to create platform-level office solutions. As long as it is office-related products and tools, WPS provides all of them. At present, WPS’s own tools and components are too powerful, although I have only used a small part of it, and the function of multi-person collaborative office has not been used much at present. Professionals can refer to this 5. After reading some other answers, most of the answers have not used WPS at all, so they dare to comment. Some people don’t even have the most basic management skills, and they can’t even do the grassroots work of moving bricks, but they don’t affect their boastful comments on how unprofessional the top WPS teams in the industry are. There are also many shameless self-media. In fact, they don’t understand this kind of professional issues. They only know that there must be traffic when discussing WPS and Office. See the heads of those of us in the industry buzzing. So let me say a few more words. In fact, the basic office functions, Office may not be much better than WPS, and WPS updates extremely fast, especially those functions that office does not have, such as brain maps (mind maps), often a week or New function points are updated in a few days. The automatic update is not too good. I have used Office before, and it seems that I have never updated it! 6. As a productivity tool, in the era of the Internet of Everything we are now in, the most critical core requirement should be to be able to use it anytime and anywhere, as far as possible to reduce repeated switching in various common office software, while being able to work safely and conveniently. Friends share results. These are the strong points of WPS, and so far only WPS has really made it all seamless. In short, this is the charm of commercial solutions. A professional team can solve problems well with a cost of only 100 yuan. However, many Internet gods and clowns do not understand the value of other people’s solutions at all. I built a car behind closed doors in my information cocoon room where I was sitting and watching the sky, and I made something that cost as much as 1,000 yuan and the user experience was incomplete, and I was shamelessly advocating it!

7 months ago

Conventional operation, the difference between the two is not big, WPS is more in line with domestic requirements in individual habits, especially the super member function, massive materials, fonts, and templates, which make you more efficient
But one thing is that in the spreadsheet, EXCEL’s PowerQuery and PowerPovit are exclusive, and their advantages cannot be overstated.

7 months ago

Although I personally use office (remarks: it is a genuine license), Microsoft does not pay attention to the needs of ordinary users at all, does not provide offline Chinese help, does not provide Chinese prompts for function parameters, etc. In addition, there are some spiritual shareholders who have a sense of superiority. I proposed that offline help should be added. He asked me if I can’t access the Internet, should I find Microsoft to solve it? Therefore, office will not eliminate WPS, because it does have some shortcomings, and WPS cannot eliminate office. It has some shortcomings. It depends on your specific user and what you can tolerate. You can use the one that suits you. . Office is not simple. Wps can replace many mild applications at present, but the two are not a question of who eliminates the other. If you have an automatic rifle, you can’t eliminate a pistol. You can’t use a sledge-knife to kill chickens. You see whether you kill chickens or cattle often. Office is a complete set of office automation solutions. Office automation is more than just typing and making forms. For example, excel processes data, generates tables linked to word, and word batch generates files and sends them to different people through Outlook. Onenote can take notes at any time by pressing win+N, you can also insert word, excel, or send emails through Outlook. Outlook contacts, calendars can be synchronized to mobile phones, computers (QQ mailboxes are also available), you can insert excel charts, you can directly insert onedrive attachments, you can set rules to automatically print out emails, automatically categorize them, and automatically reply according to templates. All of the above can be achieved without VBA. It’s just that because of the Internet, there are still many people who don’t have a Microsoft account, causing onedirve and outlook to be half disabled, and word.excel.ppt sharing and collaborative editing are useless. Access and publisher are rarely used by ordinary users. Moreover, many functions of the Outlook client are not used by ordinary users unless they are used by enterprises. Because enterprises can build their own mail servers and file servers, all mails and files can be stored in their own hands when using office, and there is no need to worry about various problems with third-party software.

7 months ago

No, how unbearable do you think about WPS? In fact, WPS is much easier to use than office in some aspects. Word is more user-friendly than office, and Excel is better than office. Except that PPT is not better than office, it is basically better than office in terms of functionality, but office also has its own features. The advantage is that it is stable, easy to handle large files, and has many functions (professional enhanced version comes with multiple components), and there are many free templates (WPS fee)

7 months ago

95% WPS is easy to use in the domestic office environment. I used to pretend that I was the small group of people who looked down on WPS and had to subscribe to 365. Until later, I bought a wps member, and if I didn’t finish working overtime in the office, I went home and continued to do it. I don’t need to copy it again after I go to work tomorrow. Just pull it directly from the cloud to get the latest editing content. Search for keywords on the cloud disk of your mobile phone, a few years ago. Information can be found in seconds and sent to others. How to do this office in China? Rely on the onenote that has been loaded for a few hours? Not to mention the massive template database. Multi-platform collaboration, cloud storage is easy to use until the U disk has been eliminated. The remaining 5% of the office that feels that office is easy to use is mainly focused on finance. In terms of statistics, it is generally understood that office is not used, and more professional statistical software is available. Writing some functions in universities and using VBA may be inseparable from office, but 95% of WPS (members) in the office environment are better than office, and the remaining 5% may be answered on Zhihu.

7 months ago

It depends on how it compares. If it is below office2016, it will definitely not be able to compare with the current WPS1019 or 2021. If it is office 2019 or office 365, it is completely crushing WPS. But it feels a bit more like Tian Ji horse racing. WPS has many wonderful skills, but lack of big functions. Msoffice has many big functions, but sometimes it is very uncomfortable. Use the two together, the effect is better. However, if you want me to choose one of the two, then I choose libre office. Basically, it completely crushes the existence of WPS, and even surpasses mso in some aspects. The biggest problem is that some details need to be improved.

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