My girlfriend likes to play board games (werewolf kills, script kills), and often go home until 2 o’clock in the middle of the night or even later. Basically, there are more boys than girls. 10 players are 2-3 girls. Son, at the end of February, I counted the time she spent playing board games. She played 13 days out of 24 days. That is to say, every time she went to play for half a month, it was 2 o’clock. Someone might ask me why I don’t go to play together. First of all, I am not interested in killing werewolves, and I did not say not to let her play. I just said not to be so frequent and not so late. I’ve said this question several times, quarrel every time? It’s not a problem to play like this. I don’t do anything during the day and go to play on time at night. There are many boys and girls. Let her go home early and say everything is a friend. Saying that I put pressure on her and urged her so much that I want to go to the movies and make an appointment with her in advance to see if she is going to play Werewolf. If we don’t go, we can go to the movies. I really can’t bear it. Is there any solution? (Fixed players, one of those men has a better relationship with one man, who just got divorced)

I think the enthusiasm should be almost over, so let me just say something serious about this issue. I’m the sixth child, and it’s okay to call me a sixth brother if I don’t like me, and I feel grateful for calling me a sixth brother if I can make do with it. As for the sixth person, he does copywriting, but he is really not a talking person. Although a hundred likes make me feel very happy, he is not particularly excited. Of course, yesterday’s data makes me very happy. When I saw this problem at first, I thought it was of little value. In my opinion, when everyone can ask these questions, they actually have the answers in their minds. I cannot change myself, nor can I change that person. But it needs someone to help the flames. Everything is said in the comments. You don’t have a girlfriend. If you answer this question, you are just answering it. Why is it not wrong for a girl to come back so late. What else is there to look at other answers that have not talked about girlfriends. I didn’t bother to explain it specially. Let’s start with a hypothesis. If the problem is that boys go out to play every night, and then girls say they don’t like this kind of occasion, but there are more girls than boys, it’s a mirror image anyway. (If someone asks a question, you can invite me) The answer I gave will still be a suggestion to break up. I don’t understand why some people think that boys should accept werewolf killings, and I don’t understand why people want to fight for right and wrong. This girl did something wrong, then what? Accompany the subject of condemnation, and then let the subject continue to endure? This boy doesn’t like this kind of game anymore, why he has to change himself for others. I always advise every girl to choose what she wants. Even when my ex-girlfriend proposes to break up, I also tell her very seriously, as long as you make a decision, I will support you. How come the boys have changed? I have always felt that if no one is willing to make changes and concessions for the other when two people get along, there is no way to resolve this kind of disagreement. There is a high praise on it, I think it is a good point, open a shop. Your wife can still attract people to open a shop. Isn’t it good to make some money? Of course, I have to admit that I did not think of it in that state. So there will be some controversies, you can fight if you want to, after all, it is not easy. Hey, it’s far. If this problem has to rise to the antagonism between men and women, I think it’s very nonsense. The solution to the problem is simple. Either the boy enters the game or the girl returns. Boys have been repelled from entering the game. Looking at the current state, it is unlikely that girls will return. Why is it wasteful? The subject does not need you to discuss who is right and who is wrong. What he wants is a decision. Under this situation, can the future be expected? Is the future beautiful? Don’t force it, the girl I liked when I was in elementary school told me that the twisted melon is not sweet, it’s really hard to sweet, why both of them have gone too far, so why bother to chase it. The sixth person, he won’t please girls, and won’t chase back his ex-girlfriends. I only hope that everyone can really become who they want to be. good night. The following is the original answer: I want to vindicate the script. Although the script kills may often be played late, but there are too many men and young women who are not convinced. Mainly, this game lacks men. And apart from some emotions that can’t be reversed, most of them don’t. I have always suspected that this game is to attract girls in disguise to attract boys. The fact that there are more men than women is mostly because of pulling people like this. As for what to do. I think your thoughts have explained the problem. I don’t know if she invited you, but you do not want to play subjectively. So many of her actions are unacceptable in your eyes. Tell the truth, break up. You don’t suffer from sin, and others can have freedom. Why bother to make it difficult for two people. because of love? So if she likes to play, you don’t have much interest… It’s early to break, it’s good for everyone.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Supplement: I have seen many people suggest that the subject and his girlfriend should be a wolf together, but the subject is a pure novice and suddenly joins the girlfriend’s “high play” circle. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing because of his appearance? My roommate also faced the same problem. A group of us often play Werewolf in the middle of the night, but after all, they are all college students, not as frequent as your girlfriend. As a result, every time my roommate goes out to play with her boyfriend, she is very upset. But my roommate and her boyfriend are in Beijing and the other in Chongqing. They have debuffs in different places. If you live with your girlfriend, it might be better. My roommate does not intend to compromise for her boyfriend. She thinks that her boyfriend is simply being bored and restricts her activities. If his boyfriend also has the opportunity to go to the Internet cafe to play games, she will not care about her. But having said that in the middle of the night, most people should rest. It is impossible and unnecessary for the subject to change their work and rest and go out to play in the middle of the night. Just bear with it, the addiction will be less after a while, or the face will rot after a while. Tips: Maybe the subject can inadvertently imply that she is a little bit staying up late.

7 months ago

How to do? Encountered such a good thing, I still don’t quit my job and open a shop. Brother, your girlfriend may be especially good at organizing people. You don’t know that werewolf kills are basically difficult to gather the number of people. Your girlfriend can play until two o’clock in a month or half a month. What does this mean? This is a regular customer. A person of 30, a table of 12 people, 300 a day, easy to earn more than 10,000 a month. Instead of letting your girlfriend go to someone else to play. Might as well open a shop by yourself. Both can accompany girlfriend. It can make him enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like to play. You just look at the store and collect the money. This is just the income from the werewolf killing of your girlfriend. You do another script kill. Other small games. Sell something else. Play every day, every night. Someday your girlfriend wants to go out to watch a movie. You have to say no, there will be games in the shop at night. She had to pool the number of people to play werewolf. Believe me, when hobby becomes work. It should be able to help your girlfriend quit board games. If you don’t quit. Brother, you can barely make more money. There is such a good thing. I can’t even think about it.

7 months ago

My girlfriend likes to play board games (werewolf killing, script killing), and often go home until 2 o’clock in the middle of the night or even later. Basically, there are more boys than girls. 10 players are 2-3 girls. Son, at the end of February, I counted the time she spent playing board games. She played 13 days out of 24 days, which means she played at 2 o’clock every half month for half a month. Someone may ask me why I don’t go to play together. First of all, I am not interested in killing werewolves, and I did not say not to let her play. I just said not to be so frequent and not so late. I’ve talked about this issue several times, quarreling every time? It’s not a problem to play like this. I don’t do anything during the day and go to play on time at night. There are many boys and girls. Let her go home early and say everything is a friend. Saying that I put pressure on her and urged her so much that I want to go to the movies and make an appointment with her in advance to see if she is going to play Werewolf. If we don’t go, we can go to the movies. I really can’t bear it. Is there any solution?

7 months ago

I really like her, try to communicate. If you can’t accept it, so what? Werewolf Kill This game is like this, the table opens at 8 o’clock, one game is 2 hours, and the 3 game is at 1:2 at night. According to the subject’s current situation Say, maybe it’s okay, but the werewolf’s face-to-face killing is going to happen. Everyone stays together for a long time. It’s hard to say what will happen in the future. Especially when you have a conflict, if you have to find a way to help you, just say staying up late affects your body and persuade her to go less. point

7 months ago

A few key words I saw: play late at night, more boys and fewer girls, and the priority of dating is not that high. In other words, you have a lot of uneasiness in an intimate relationship. And you think she shouldn’t be like that. There is a clear conflict in your understanding of time allocation. If it were me, I would do two levels of communication, one level is with my lover, and the other level is with myself. With your lover, what you need to understand is what kind of life she wants, what are the core points of werewolf killing/script killing/board games that excite her, and whether there is anything you want to escape from enjoying such high-frequency entertainment s things. If you don’t understand, you can’t understand. It is difficult to make decisions without understanding. There are only representations in your description, which are not enough to support the solution of the problem. You need more information. With yourself, you have to consider why you have such emotions (dig out the reasons for emotions). You have a request for her to go home early, and a request for her not to play frequently, WHY? . Is it because you have a desire to control your partner? Or do you envy her being able to control her time more freely? Or do you need her to accompany you to accomplish what vision together (and her mind is not above it)? Or, don’t you worry about the boys who are competing in the same field? Knowing yourself and the enemy may have the answer.

7 months ago

I used to be like this too. I often played Werewolf and played with a bunch of friends. It was mainly our group of college classmates, seniors, senior sisters, younger brothers and younger sisters. At that time, I had a boyfriend, which is what I am now. At that time, my boyfriend was a classmate who played very well with me, called K for short, male. We played very well, and he belonged to the person who often played the game. We all joked that K is the soul of us in Werewolf. After playing the werewolf killing and board games in the university for several years, I found out that, except for me and K, the group of classmates, seniors, seniors, and younger brothers and sisters, most of them were found in our college werewolf killing circle. Boy and girlfriend, I and K are rushing to play, most of them want to engage in objects. Therefore, the chat game like Werewolf Killing may be easier to emmm, but I don’t have a girlfriend to play the subject. So often, after all, we are studying medicine, so we can only take time off. The situation of non-examination month is basically two or three times a week, and there is no time for examination month. My boyfriend actually doesn’t interfere with me playing the werewolf killing drama and killing these board games, he I don’t like to play. I stayed with him and played LOL together, shopping, eating, drinking, watching movies and pressing the road. For a while, we were always quarreling because of my playing Werewolf killing. At that time, it was because of cyber killing. Our classmates went to different places after internship. It’s hard to get together to kill in the hospital, so I started playing online killing. Everyone finally got together and played every day. During that time, we were crazy. We spent the whole night on the Internet. Then we played it very late. I I can’t get up in the morning, and my boyfriend has class in the afternoon, so we can’t see each other all day. The key is that we still live in the same dormitory building. Sometimes because I play werewolf, we can’t see each other for a day. Later, I reflected on it, and I was really too playful, so I played less. In addition, we went to graduate school and had to learn a lot of things. Seniors and sisters had to graduate and look for jobs, and younger brothers and sisters had to take the postgraduate entrance examination. Everyone is good. If you’re busy, you’ll be busy and play less

7 months ago

Maybe players understand this situation better. Werewolf killing game requires a certain number of people. It is not easy to get together. No one wants to play two games and leave. The game time of a single game is at least one hour or more, it is easy to play and it may be two o’clock. When I personally killed face-to-face before, I basically played until one or two o’clock before going home. It’s quite common for board game parties to look like this, and it’s not unusual. Although it is late and men and women gather together, everyone is really just playing board games. The happiness of the players is very simple… In fact, there is nothing to worry about, and with so many people, there is no strange thing to do. If you still don’t think they can believe that they are simply playing games, then join them. Obviously this is a very big hobby of your girlfriend. If you can play together, you don’t have to worry about not having a common topic~ You can learn if you don’t know how to play, and you can find it on the Internet for teaching Werewolf. Harm, I thought she was a student and had a lot of fun during the holidays. As a result, the subject added in the answer that she did not study and did not work, and was addicted to werewolf killing… The focus of the subject was a bit crooked. This has nothing to do with the type of game and the gender of other players. Do you want to focus on the issue of living expenses and life planning?

7 months ago

It’s a pity that you probably can’t persuade her to play the script for a month or a half. It ends at 2 in the morning. At first glance, it is indeed unhealthy, and you may even wonder if you are ambiguous with others. In fact, if you understand the gameplay of script killing, you will feel a little more relieved. Hongsang is also a script killing fan. A high-quality 5-6 player book will take about 5 hours to play. If you go to play after get off work and eat dinner, the end is indeed It was after wee hours, this is the attribute of this type of game itself, and it does not mean that she is ambiguous with boys. Of course, if you understand the subject’s concerns, she will rely less and less on you in the long run, and there will be a higher risk of derailment. If we are dissatisfied with a partner’s behavior, we can communicate and make demands, hoping that the other party can accommodate ourselves. Please note that the way of communication is: expect the other party to accommodate yourself. Instead of: You are wrong, I tell you, you have to change.

7 months ago

Simply put, you have not met her social needs, and you don’t know what her entertainment needs are. If you can do something with her that is pleasant and fulfilling, she may not be so keen on playing Werewolf. If you just think she shouldn’t listen to your advice and spend a lot of time on this kind of entertainment with many boys and girls, I personally suggest that you break up. After all, you can’t stand this situation even more after you get married. It’s okay to play this kind of game, it’s best to stay away. After playing multi-faceted killing for two years, it means that it is still comfortable to play in the weekend afternoon, and the quality is not high in the middle of the night.

7 months ago

This may be a matter of personal preference. Just like me, I really like to play script kills. To tell the truth, script kills is addictive. I get off work at 6.00 and go to the store every day to play, and to be honest, script kills are generally There are more women than men, so I often run into the emperor’s bureau (that is, I have only one man, and the others are all women). The script killing time must be calculated according to the script you play. For example, it is a hard core book, and the time is at least 4 hours. The Mu Xiseng who opened yesterday (directly worked for almost 6 hours) played until 1 am, some emotional books, call names Hello, you can finish it in 2-3 hours (Of course not all emotions are so fast, such as Yuan Fei Lu Tian, ​​etc.). Then let’s talk about Werewolf killing. Now it’s basically a game with more than 12 players. It’s not easy to fight. Everyone basically wants to play a few more games. This is understandable. A 12-player game is counted as one hour, and 5 games are played. It takes 5 hours, so script kill and werewolf kill, both of them are social games. You can play with her and bring you when you play, as long as you are more fascinated than her, haha, ask this next time The problem is probably your girlfriend. Aside from the topic, not everyone is playing games with the opposite sex. Still rushed to the game itself. For example, I just like to play script kills and experience a different life. Perhaps this is the charm brought by the script kill.

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