Since last year, profiteers have been playing monkey games without cards, hoarding graphics cards. The beating players had no strength to fight back, and the price of graphics cards on the fish market was doubled.
However, the profit of the mine is declining, and it may be blocked. Nowadays, the players of the card bar have embarked on the salted fish, hung up the graphics card at the normal price, and carried out the card-free tease.

Whatever the enemy opposes, we firmly support it! The person who came up with this idea is called a genius, and one trick is to let the profiteer scalpers break the defense. It doesn’t matter whether the player can buy a 30-series graphics card, after all, who doesn’t have a 1060 in his hand. Today the price of mines has fallen, and the price of graphics cards will be reduced tomorrow. This kind of small loss can only be regarded as a skin injury to the profiteers. What are they afraid of? They are afraid of the players’ minds awakening, and they are afraid that players will spontaneously organize to fight against premiums and damage their financial resources. It is nothing to sell a few graphics cards at a lower price. Compared to the purchase price, there is still a profit. I am afraid that in case one day, even the purchase price will not be sold. Why do capitalists hate lying flat? Because they can’t squeeze oil from the lying flat, they are afraid that one day. If the players unite to resist the premium graphics cards and fight against the profiteers scalpers, the scalpers will not make money from the players. Maybe it’s the second half of this year, maybe next year, but it doesn’t matter, it’s just playing for players. We play with you in our spare time. We lose the bet, and there is no loss. It is nothing more than playing less games and playing more basketball. If you lose the bet, it will be a real loss. There are always a group of small scalpers and small profiteers who cannot withstand financial pressures because of poor sales, and are forced to pay back their cards at the original price or even at a low price. In this battle, once the player wins for the first time, they can always win until the market returns to normal, and the final victory will belong to the player! Let the bullet fly for a while!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I don’t care if the price is cut or not, it’s just a fun with JS.
The new game may be fun or not fun, but Funny Cow itself is very fun, and there is no cost.
As for those who buy the card sincerely, who doesn’t know where Xianyu is? You sell Xianyu more expensively than JD, and you pretend to care about “sincerely buying cards” players?
I understand everything I understand.

7 months ago

Where there is oppression, there will be resistance. This is the counterattack launched by the majority of the cardless class against the evil JS scalpers! Who is being hit now? It is a profiteer who hoards the graphics card at the original price of 3,000 and sells it to 8,000! The scalpers who fan the flames! I just ask, should this kind of bully and local tyrant fight? ! Money doesn’t prevent you from making money, but it is clear that there is no shortage of production capacity now, and the mine boss has also withdrawn, and there is no mine boss sweeping goods at a high price. JS actually has a premium of 3 times. Is it disgusting? Some people say “30 series give up, wait for 40 to come out” I want to say, too naive! If you don’t fight this time, let them taste the sweetness. After the release of 40, 50 to 80 series players will still be played as monkeys, so be sure to fight! Hit hard!

7 months ago

Who said it was useless?
People who go to a certain fish to buy things have the mentality of picking up the leaks. Seeing the original price of those air cards, and then looking at the price given by scalper JS, the psychological gap will immediately come down. After yelling at JS, they buy impulsively. Ka’s mentality gradually calmed down, and then he waited for the price to be lowered while he was eating melons and watching the show. He didn’t even know that he even devoted himself to this movement.

7 months ago

Graphics card, originally its role should be to play games, do design, do animation, deep learning, it should be said that there are very few people who need it, and there are not many in the overall installed demand, because most office machines don’t need it at all. Graphics card, but because of the advent of the mining tide, it has become a wealth management product. A few years ago, the slag 588 can be sold for two or three thousand. The original price of 2999 3060TI can be two or three times higher than the original price of 5499 3080. Directly over 10,000, well, this is a normal market behavior. As a player and a heavy user of design, I can understand that there is still 1660S available at home anyway, we can never say that you are not allowed to do anything with the card, mining It is also a demand that players can tolerate. Over the past six months, players have tolerated NV’s monkey tricks, high prices, and the inability to buy cards. All of this is tolerated. Now, NV wants to save itself, so there is a version with locked hashrate. Now all new cards are locked with hashrate version. The subsequent 60TI, 70, and 80 will be locked with hashrate version. This is a good thing for players, right? , As a result, from manufacturers to agents to small scalpers have been blinded by the premium for more than half a year. The 3060 lock hashrate version is directly 5000+? The original price of more than 4,000 3070TI direct 7000+? 8999 3080TI more than 10,000? What are you thinking about? What do you want! Really consider the graphics card to be a wealth management product? I really think that players are all fools, right! You don’t know what the performance of 3060 is. No one cares about the performance of the 3060. When the hashrate was locked before, no one bought it after the price dropped to 3000+. Rumors were everywhere. Later, it was unlocked and the mine boss took over. Now you lock the hashrate version. Direct 5000+, who will take over? Who made the player for this purpose? Where there is oppression, there is resistance! I have never opposed normal business behavior. Demand is greater than supply and price increases are a normal phenomenon. Anyone who has seen the economy understands that when there is no such demand, it is disgusting if you still play this behavior. Now that you are sick, Let’s not say that players disgust you. Now some players have started to grab cards without paying and occupy inventory. Why, because you have done too much evil for too long. Today I saw Qiu Mingshan in a hurry. This profiteer who took advantage of this opportunity to sell Gigabyte actually thought that he was from the perspective of justice, and the original price of the graphics card would actually be regarded by them as disrupting the market? Look at the faces of these profiteers! Card bar picture bar brother invincible!

7 months ago

Look at the older brothers who don’t know what’s going on. They will give you an analysis that you have to really sell the card or how to break the rules, and how to really lower the price. Anyone who thinks that this event is meant to force profiteers to lower prices is justified by misrepresentation and self-righteousness. The purpose of this activity is not to buy a card, but to retaliate. You like to tune in and do whatever you want, but you rely on scripts to seize the benefits of players, lock and lock new products on sale, in order to keep the high price of unlocked cards in your hand, then don’t blame others for coming. Demolish your business, right? They can’t affect the card of the serious channel, but it just disgusts you, how? This activity is just a gambling behavior. One side’s bet is to play a game, and the other side’s bet is destiny. So in this matter, it feels quite sensible to give you a serious analysis of what the group of people who play the game cannot win and backfire. They all have something to do with the gangsters, because there are only two sides in this game.

7 months ago

Take a look at the heat, and move the old answer: What surprised me most about this incident is that such a group of people can stand on the same front and work together for the same thing. This kind of thing is the most rare thing in my opinion. , The price of graphics card is mainly determined by supply and demand, and this question is artificially creating an illusion of “a lot of original price cards”. The main purpose is to force those who have cards in their hands. Imagine if you have 100 cards in hand. The RTX3060 bought for 6000 yuan, if there is no such one, this batch of cards can sell at least more than 4,000 cards, but if you find a large number of 2499 RTX3060s on a salted fish one day, at this moment your Mindset will change a little bit. At this time, are you following the price cut? Hang 2499 quickly, so as not to get a lower price, or just ignore it? Think the price of graphics cards will rise again? There will definitely be a mining union investigating the matter, and then they will know that a group of players have done this. After knowing it, the psychological pressure will definitely not be so great. For these people, if the RTX3060 can be listed at a high price for one more day, it is possible to make more money. In fact, it’s best not to let the miners know about this, because this thing itself is aimed at the people who stock up on cards, and this is the real enemy. It is a bold method to force the card holder to let go through a false fact, and once the card holder knows that this is a fake show, it must be broken. The damage to those who can store cards with this move is greatly reduced. There are other players who go crazy to buy cards, but do not pay, just to tie up the supply of goods. This is not the case, because it is a means to promote consumption on the supply side (even if it is a fake handle). If the price of graphics cards is to come down, the inventory on the supply side must be a lot. It is impossible to give people a situation where the dealers are out of stock. This is a means to promote price increases. Isn’t it counterproductive to tie up the supply? If there is more and more inventory, it will be sold at a lower price in order to consume the inventory. Dealers are not necessarily our enemies. This wave of mines in 2020/2021 may have gone, and the price of graphics cards is gradually declining, but the rate of decline seems to be too slow for me. The theme’s approach can be regarded as tactical, not strategic. This trick can be used once in a while, just bet on each other, but the players are obviously cheaper here, there is basically no loss if the gambling loses, and the card holders bet that the blood loss will be very large if they lose. If this trick is to fight a protracted battle, the effect depends very much on the cooperation of the opponent.

7 months ago

To put it simply, now scalpers or businessmen are just making profits. As time goes by, unless some force majeure, such as factory fires or natural disasters, occurs, otherwise under normal circumstances, the longer the 30-series graphics card, the greater the risk. Then players only need to increase the difficulty of scalpers or merchants to delay the shipment. First, it will not be easy for the casual customers and scalpers to see that it is not so easy to make a profit by frying cards. So I think this activity is meaningful for ordinary players. Make some refutations to some of the answers. First, some people say that it is not ordinary players who often play card bars. There are a few normal people who have been playing card bars after completing the computer. Um, I think watching electronic products can also be a hobby. What’s the problem if you like to soak your cards all the time? The second effect is small, only small scalpers and individual tourists who have no channels. Does the small scalper and individual guest grabbing cards also affect ordinary players to buy cards, and what’s wrong with increasing the difficulty for them to make a profit? Thirdly, it affects ordinary players to buy cards normally. This is indeed a bit better. But I think there are not many ordinary players who want to buy cards in Xianyu. After all, second-hand graphics cards are still deep in water, and they are basically half enthusiasts who dare to touch them. There is also a point in the comment section that is right. Scalpers and stockists are the ones who affect the normal purchase of cards. It is like a person’s arm is ulcerated and has to be amputated, and the operation process will be harmful to the human body.

7 months ago

The ass decides the head. If you can’t buy a graphics card, you call yourself a fighter. Many of the people who have the goods in hand are those who grab the limited original price card released on, and instantly increase the price and hang the idle fish. The first second was a fighter, and the next second turned into the profiteer and scalper in his own mouth. PS: Some of the cards I sold before were actually swiped on Xianyu, and the serial numbers are all the same. She said that she was a student, she said that she was for personal use, and she said that the mine card was fine. Now you sell it directly at a higher price? I also tore off the mine card sticker I posted. I will sell it to you at a reduced price. Do you sell it to others as a new card for self-use? What about conscience? It’s more fun. I haven’t shipped some of them. The pictures are all my original pictures. After the ps dropped the mine card sticker, I started to sell it? Sorry, I won’t sell you by name. Why do workers and capitalists always prevail in the struggle? Because many workers who hate capitalists gritted their teeth still have a dream of becoming a capitalist in their hearts. What he hates is why he is not a capitalist and not the capitalist system. Whenever you buy the card, it is really for your own use, and when the price of the card is reduced, it’s that simple.

7 months ago

Just treat it as a group spreading bad news about a stock. They hung up fake chips at a low price and swiped the screen on the exchange to cover up the false high real chips. If you want to buy a graphics card for real money, then I believe that nine out of ten people can’t do it. I believe that a mobile phone can do this kind of thing with a small amount of effort. Whether or not you can buy a card is already secondary. Player: Do you think the card is important to me or you are important to me? Rape: I am important? Player: Think again. Rape: Card important? Player; think again. Rape: I am still important. Player: It’s not right, it’s important to me without you, but it’s just playing.

7 months ago

The liberation of the mind is the first step in the liberation of mankind. The Paris Commune failed, but the significance brought by the Paris Commune is enormous. This time the stinky games have united and resisted profiteers. Regardless of success or failure, the future environment will definitely change. Today we can hang the original price air card, and tomorrow we can not buy a premium card. I think the most important thing is to make a difference. Brothers and sisters, we are united to smash the profiteers! Zhang Mazi: Master Huang, let me ask you a question. Master Huang: Say. Zhang Mazi: Do you say that money is important to me, or you are important to me? Master Huang: Me. Zhang Mazi: Think again. Master Huang: Isn’t it money? Zhang Mazi: Think again. Master Huang: I am still important. Zhang Mazi: You and money are not important to me. Master Huang: Then who is important? Zhang Mazi: Without you, it is very important to me. Once Master Huang was kicked out of China, now even if they wear a vest, we can kick them out!

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