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In terms of mastery and understanding of the current version, EDG, FPX, and Jingdong are relatively good. RNG has not yet played the game to be determined. Holy Gun Brother Drip Monkey King! Closer to home, in the first game, I can only say that RA made a bold attempt…that is to take Gwen to the jungle, and it turns out that he was beaten…and given that EDG has the system of Senna Kalmar, RA still chooses to play, but the selected Gwen jungler has no control…Moreover, Gwen’s combat effectiveness and speed of wilder sweeping are very average in the early stage. The direction of this game is very obvious. In the early stage, Udir relied on his vision to catch Gwen’s blue brushing situation, and then decisively ran to the top road in the opposite direction and cooperated with the monkey to hit and kill the bear. Then the holy gun followed up with his personal ability. With Gwen, the monkey has two heads, and when the clockwork and Senna’s development are not affected at all, RA is very difficult to fight, and Gwen and RA can’t cooperate in the middle and bottom lanes. This version can play the top laner to get the advantage, you made him insult him in his first year and second year…At least one hit three start…Although RA caught a few EDG mistakes in the middle of the game, he played back two waves, but it was just dry The head of the monkey, and the monkey has advanced development, and it can’t be dealt with if it can’t be caught… Teamfight will be broken at the touch of it, so there must be no fight… This game proves that Gwen is not suitable for the rhythm of this version of the jungle. Let’s see how RA adjusts it. …In the second round, RA returned to the normal lineup and chose a set of double shooter system that fits the current version. The scout on EDG took out the demon girl to fight against Lucian. The upper half of the two sides are half a catty, and the bottom lane combination is the regular mouth Lulu hits Kai’Sa Titan. It should be said that RA was a little less lucky in this round. In fact, the Titans and Rambo had already caught Lulu, but the damage was a little worse. Lulus escaped in blood. But as long as Lulu is alive, the bonus to his teammates is still too great. If Lulu is dead, the result will be very different. After this wave, the demon girl’s big mouths got the heads and took off directly, and the road began to be madly pressed. The demon girl was also comfortable on the line…Then the few walks of the hang did not find anything, but the iboy was exposed by the big mouth. It’s torture that I can’t take care of myself. EDG took advantage of the field of vision to catch wild assistants in the RA red zone. This game is actually over… It can only be said that the two teams are not of the same level… To sum up… EDG’s current state is very Well, after the failure of the spring game, the tactical weight on the road has obviously increased. The Holy Gun also seized the opportunity to prove that as long as he is valued, a team with a rich tactical system can go further. On the RA side, their early rhythm problem has not been solved, and they are still in the painful period of adaptation version, and their hero pool is also a problem, especially the blue square ban blind monk proves their mastery of the blind monk at the upper level. Not enough…Let’s see how to adjust…


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I went to listen to the whole commentary. Cat and Guan Zeyuan are too messy. The canteen was opened in advance. Guan Zeyuan: Leyan’s hair color reflects the same color as a Gwen’s hair color, and he deserves to be a professional player. Not the same, highlight a sense of substitution, really listen to it, really feel it; cat: What do you mean, grab my monkey brother’s fruit, right? If you eat my monkey brother’s fruit, you won’t have good fruit to eat; Guan Zeyuan: This monkey sees Lebao It’s like seeing money; cat: now I want to turn ra, unless Gnar flashes and shoots five, Titan’s ultimate moves five, and Rambo’s ultimate moves five more. Guan Zeyuan: What you are talking about is that you want five people from Edg to stand in a row and wait for Ra, right? Now Ra can only rely on imagination to win. Cat: In addition to these, Dalong will help to fly the people on edg. Guan Zeyuan: Then you can only rely on nonsense if you want to win

7 months ago

Every time EDG wins, I will be very proud to open Zhihu, watching everyone lick EDG, whoever licks I will give someone a thumbs up. Today I am proud to open Zhihu, I found that there are only a dozen answers, and IG’s all It’s on the hot list! Looking at this bleak scenery, I can’t forget it for a long time. I have to think about it. This may be the only opportunity in my life to recast the glory of EDG. It is my duty! EDG cattle batch!

7 months ago

It’s not easy, it’s not easy. For a team like edg that is not willing to take the initiative to try tactical changes, finally made a little change, willing to pay a little attention to some holy guns in tactics, if not the last holy guns alone Carry the game and proved himself. It’s really hard to say whether edg is willing to make changes. As early as the middle of last year’s season, I thought in the following answer that edg, who did not pay much attention to the road tactically, was not optimistic. This conclusion is drawn because a team may not pay so much attention to the top lane, but it absolutely cannot avoid the top lane tactics. On the one hand, a team with a single tactic is easy to be targeted, and on the other hand, the core cannot guarantee completeness. The stability of, yes, although the condition of the gun brother was not so good at the time, he must be given a chance. In the last season, edg should actively try more tactics. And from the point of command, I’ve seen some voices in the edg game. Meiko’s command is a bit too steady, and the team’s command in the team battle is also a bit chaotic. The Holy Gun is very aggressive in finding opportunities and is in team battle. Brother Holy Gun also has a clearer idea, which can be considered to be able to make up for a little bit of meiko’s shortcomings to a certain extent, but Brother Holy Gun, who was completely abandoned at the time, still has the confidence to command? To put it bluntly, I personally think that Brother Holy Gun can prevent edg from getting sick. If edg can really train the three cores and keep it in this state, I feel that edg does have a champion image, and I hope edg can maintain this state.

7 months ago

I feel that edg finally understands this version. If you take off on the road, you may not be able to win the road. You don’t want to help directly explode the spring game. If you don’t want to play, you have to fight the whole pressure, choose a Jace and don’t go to you once. Looking at Brother Holy Gun now, if I dare to give me an advantage, I will dare to return to my teammates and beat up the shit sticks. There is control and damage. As long as you don’t commit a crime, you won’t lose. But Brother Holy Gun is really stable and won’t give you a chance.

7 months ago

In the first one, the front hand was brutally abused by blg Senna Karma, and the second hand played the system clearly. As long as you dare to give the gun four guarantees and one, the gun can give you good feedback. EDG finally got the hang of it after being turned over by Brother Saint Gun. Brother Saint Gun, this monkey is also strong and big. Recalling the semi-finals of the spring game and rng, it is true that it is tearful. The second one is to show the hard power of the three EDG lines solidly. The upper, middle and lower three roads bloom. Scout slammed the audience, commentary and fofo with a single hand. Several times of support have produced very good results. The scout is really strong. The down road viko combination exploded iboy again (there is a certain hero problem). After playing ig, the two games with RA are completely crushed, and they have the championship. In addition… Both Leyan have become the ATMs of Brother Holy Gun, which is outrageous.

7 months ago

edg didn’t use other tactics and won with two axes. One is Kalmar and Senna, the other is Lulu Mouth.
The choice of Lulu Big Mouth was chosen when the opposite party chose Rambo. You must know that Rambo is very lethal to unshifted heroes. Lulu is not Kalmar and can speed up and shield himself and his teammates at the same time. edg is actually a multi-core lineup, you can play even if you can’t keep your mouth wide

7 months ago

These two games are the two most human-like games this season. The first one is almost outrageous, but the second one comes with a real Linglong tower. There is no fight back, one of the few. Rebelling several times was like being beaten up and chaotically, without any tactical design. Like a king playing the diamond game

7 months ago

But it was still aggrieved. At that time, JK sprayed Xiaoxiang, and both sides were wrong, but the comment area was abruptly turned into a pig-killing conference. This time the manager was also the same. The news released by an 18-line commentary was all about the manager. I have a good impression of smz, but all the relevant comments on the up game are mocking the manager, and I can’t see it at all.
You’d better be really strong when others say you are strong in combat.
In the past few years, edg was caught with too many black spots, the team did not achieve much, and the fans were also lost. The result is now, the passerby is extremely poor, and there is no enthusiasm for winning the game, but if something wrong happens, it will be ridiculed by the group.

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