On the last day of each month, parents pay 1500 to their card as living expenses for the next month, and want to buy the 12pro, 256g version

Update: I have already bought it in installments. Parents use a credit card to pay interest-free installments on the official website. A fixed deduction of 380 yuan per month will be paid to me (equivalent to 1120 per month). And I pay for 12 months every year, and I will give it during winter and summer vacations, and my university is less than 20km away from home. I don’t have to spend my own money to eat on Saturdays and Sundays, so it’s enough.

I wanted to sincerely tell the subject not to step into the consumerism trap, but after looking at the subject’s follow-up supplements and past answers, I decided to slip away quickly. Purchase budget of 30,000 yuan, Apple’s full set of machines, you can take a thousand yuan to chase stars, two homes in Beijing, and a fixed deposit of more than one million… Even if it is not a “back wave”, it is a wealthy family… The main answer, not to mention buying 12 Pro in installments, even if the full amount is purchased with 512G National Bank 12 Pro Max with VAT invoices, it is a matter of minutes. I hope that the friends in the back will not waste their feelings to persuade the subject of the subject. In addition, following this question, I would like to remind you friends of average family background a little bit: Do not learn from your classmates to spend in advance, because even if their living expenses are the same as yours, you don’t know how rich other people’s families are. Even if it is interest-free for 24 issues, I do not recommend buying it. Because no matter how you divide it, you still have to pay for the 10,000 yuan in the end. Don’t believe in any currency depreciation and investment to make money. In a total of two years, where can the currency depreciate? If you don’t help, you can try to simulate stock trading to see if your return rate can surpass the market? I won’t talk about the money I earn part-time. If my family background is average, I still spend my parents’ money to buy apples in advance. One is counted as one, all are XXX. (Civilized words, already harmonious) Nowadays, when online finance is so developed, there are overwhelming advertisements of micro-loans in every corner. Even a penniless poor student, as long as you have an ID card, you can easily borrow hundreds of thousands. The situation of borrowing and consumption seems to have become a trend. With a single click on the payment interface, the phone was delivered the next day, and I was delighted to enjoy the thrill of electronic products. Repayment? That’s next month. You think you have squeezed the wool from the manufacturer, but you are actually the fish to be slaughtered. Once the desire to consume is opened, installment will become a natural thing. If you have an Apple phone today, and a luxury bag tomorrow, you will soon be in debt. For students with no income, don’t parents have to bear all the consequences in the end? If it’s not easy for parents to make money, just use Redmi honestly. Redmi K40 flagship Snapdragon 870 Samsung AMOLED 120Hz high-swipe straight screen 480 Jingdong ¥ 2199.00 to buy some things, it is best not to open a bit.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The living expenses of 1500, when I was in college, the standard equipment of large families, in our eyes, is a local tyrant. Occasionally add meals to roommates, spend the night with friends once or twice a week, or buy a pair of three or four hundred hook shoes, which are enough to last until the end of the month. Taking into account the current inflation, the Ocean of 1500 is obviously not enough for a girlfriend, and there are a lot of miscellaneous spending things. A brick-moving brother like me has a stable income every month. What I am most afraid of is not the few days in 996, but the sense of loss of repaying various loans. Buying a favorite jersey has to weigh in. The installment payment on the surface reduces the pressure, and in fact reduces the quality of life, but it is still continuous. Taking parents’ money to pay off hundreds of debts every month is painful and tiring. After all, a mobile phone is an electronic product, with many options, fast updating, and high cost performance. Most college students still wait for themselves to make money and compare with themselves.

7 months ago

The true monthly income of 1,500 dare to buy ten thousand (9299) mobile phone six wallets, since childhood, the use is naturally slippery, but after a few months, what should you do if you lose your mobile phone? Adults have to consider this. Isn’t it always buying a 1500 mobile phone? It is easy to change from frugality to luxury, but it is difficult to change from luxury to frugality. Once life goes up, it can’t go down. Maybe this classmate will have an easy job after graduation. So other students shouldn’t take their seats lightly. Don’t think it’s so easy to buy a mobile phone of 10,000 yuan (^-^)/If you have a monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan, you can buy a mobile phone of 1,500. But I never worry about losing my phone.
I have developed the habit of not letting go of things and being safe and conscious
Even if it is lost or broken
I don’t feel bad about buying one a month
But I know many college students who consulted me
Many students also use 1500 mobile phones
There are also a lot of use of the rest time to earn pocket money
I still think about the mobile phone my parents used for five or six years
Earn money for your parents to change one
Such a good classmate
Always full of love

7 months ago

Now that my verbal calculation ability is getting worse and worse, I have to take out a computer to calculate, 380*24, more than nine thousand. The monthly living expenses of 1500 are equivalent to half a year’s living expenses to buy a mobile phone. According to my consumption view, it is definitely not worth it. But my consumption view obviously cannot be used as a universal standard, and I have no interest in electronic products. When I first entered graduate school, my income was low. I felt that one month’s salary was almost the same as buying a mobile phone. Later, when my income rose, it became almost the same as buying a mobile phone a week’s salary;…Anyway, I don’t play games. I’m asking for a mobile phone. Just don’t get too stuck on the frequently used APP, and the quality of the photos is okay. Nearly 10,000 yuan for me to buy a mobile phone, I would rather fly to Sanya in winter to stay at a resort hotel for a few days. Back to the question itself, whether it is appropriate or not depends mainly on two points: whether students are willing to sacrifice other consumption for mobile phones, and whether parents can accept students spending so much money on mobile phones. I always think that it is normal for people to spend more money on their hobbies. As long as they get spiritual enjoyment, they are all worthwhile and appropriate. But you can’t like everything, and you can’t have money that exceeds your income standard for everything. If the students really like mobile phones and the family conditions are not particularly difficult, there is nothing wrong with spending more money on them. But students have to make sacrifices for it, such as reducing their monthly expenses, buying less clothes, and traveling less. In the description of the title, the subject is mobile phones, which saves nearly one-third of the monthly living expenses. If the subject is willing, that is also feasible. Although I do not recommend that parents interfere too much with the arrangements for the living expenses of college students. After all, college students are already adults, and they need to gradually learn to arrange their own money, consume and invest appropriately, and bear the results themselves. But I still support parents’ review of large consumption. After all, parents are the last to pay the bill, and students cannot really be fully responsible for their own decisions. For example, if a student has borrowed and consumed and is unable to repay the loan, most of the parents will pay the bill; if the student has a large amount of consumption that affects his normal life, the parent will scold him, most of which will be further subsidized. As long as both college students and parents can accept this consumption, I think it is appropriate. Of course, the prerequisite for parents to accept is that the parents can or accept it after friendly communication with the children, and the students use fierce means to force the parents to agree, which is obviously not included.

7 months ago

Ah, there have been a few more likes in the last few days… Hahahaha I am so happy to see that the respondent has already bought it. It seems that I want it very much. If the parents are off, they don’t treat themselves badly, just psychologically satisfied. My recent situation is that the school pays out money (graduate subsidy) every month. Although some of it is spent, the parents pay for living expenses as usual, so they save some in their hands. My father at school said that he would give me two thousand yuan for my living expenses. I originally wanted to save the money from the school to pay the tuition, but… alas, as I said above, after spending some, the tuition is probably impossible. But I was determined not to let my parents pay it, so I planned to take a student loan and check how much subsidy I saved after graduation. Besides, I paid it off after a few months and six months of normal work. Ipad is available for purchase in 12 installments, and it is still three months or four months. It’s still pretty easy to use. It’s now starting to keep accounts. When repayment… Well, it feels like more than two hundred are out of nowhere to be repaid… speechless. Anyway, life is forced, still can’t buy iphone12. I really feel it, these thousands of dollars can be taken out, but I can’t afford it. Today, lying in bed, I still wonder when I can use it to reach the standard of living where one iPhone can be exchanged for another. I think it’s okay for me to earn a salary after graduation. Now that I have a few hairs in my hand, let’s use it for more important things. Original answer: I suggest you post your consumption. I have a college roommate who doesn’t speak, and the relationship is not good. She has many problems that I want to complain about, but still admire her for saving money. I spent 1,500 a month in college, eating, drinking, and having fun. I didn’t save anything. I also spent more than 10,000 New Year’s money savings. Nothing was left, all were inadvertently consumed. This roommate is also 1,500 a month. In her junior year, when she was chatting with others in the dormitory, I heard that she had thousands of savings. However, she hardly socializes at school, and she is always alone, especially after she broke up with us, she never goes anywhere. So I didn’t see her out on weekends, and didn’t even go home on October. I usually eat in the cafeteria. The takeaway should be a bit, but it’s not much. It’s not like I drink drinks every day, but I shouldn’t treat myself badly in terms of food. The clothes are pretty clean, they are simple and ordinary, with very little makeup. If she buys one in installments, she can be said to have no burden, at least the quality of life will not have any impact. Owner, you don’t even say what your consumption level is. Who knows what your usual living habits look like and whether this mobile phone has an impact on your quality of life. I am studying for the first grade, living expenses of 1800, before the beginning of school, I thought about buying an iphone12 in installments, in 24 installments, who knows that iphone12 is so much more expensive than iphone11, and although there are few friends in life, there are some favors. In addition, I am not a careful person, some small money will go out inadvertently, and the burden of iphone12 on me is still not small. And as I get older and older, I still need to have a sense of saving. I have experienced days when I didn’t have any money in my hands (and now it is). The teacher asked me to pay 800 yuan for books, and I had to let him wait. He might be anxious to repay the bill and kept urging me. Later, I borrowed a little for him. I was really panicked and uncomfortable at the time. I don’t want to live that kind of life anymore. My goal now is to save a few thousand dollars that I can use. When I am in a hurry, I won’t make myself so helpless and embarrassed. I want to buy an ipad in installments, but I am trying to quit sugar. On the one hand, it is good for my health, and on the other hand, it costs nearly two thousand a year with beverages, which is two-thirds of the ipad. You can also use this to quit sugar. , But if you want to cut down on meals, clothing, and favors, I don’t want to, and I won’t. The host, ask yourself, if after 1500 you can satisfy your life, you still have installment money left and there is something urgent to pay for, then you can buy it if you want. If 1500 is just enough to satisfy your life or even not, then you have to think about whether the satisfaction brought by this iPhone will greatly overwhelm the lack of eating, drinking, and wearing less. If you can, buy it. It’s not recommended to be in debt, you can’t get it if you don’t work. After all, 1500 is really not much, and it won’t break into two halves. But holding 1500 is really not a wealthy person.

7 months ago

It depends on where you go to school. However, for ordinary children, consumption must be matched with family conditions. College students have more things to compare, mobile phones are available, can you live without a laptop? Who doesn’t have a tablet? Must have a good pair of shoes? At least how many Korean skin care cosmetics are there for girls? I just don’t have to go to the concert once or twice, right? Per year? semester? Are you justified in reporting classes? Shouldn’t travel take advantage of the current winter and summer vacations and wait for work in the future? And prices must be getting higher and higher? There must be a watch. You must have a good dress, and the interview is mandatory. If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, it must be 123456789… You can add it slowly. Seriously, I think it’s just needed.

7 months ago

If you only have 1500 living expenses per month, I really don’t recommend you to buy such an expensive mobile phone. Now you have bought a mobile phone in installments with a high heart, but you still pay 400 yuan a month. Then you will know what pain is. Every month there is only about 1,000 living expenses left. Suddenly one day you want to buy other things, or unexpected circumstances cause you not to have enough money this month. What should you do? It’s easy to get deeper and deeper. Is it necessary to make your life so uncomfortable to buy a mobile phone? Consumption must be rational. Don’t compare yourself. Don’t look at this. Your classmates also use such expensive mobile phones. You can just buy them. Maybe they can buy a mobile phone with pocket money every week, but you need 2 years to get it. affordable. And if you think about it, maybe your parents’ salary is only 3,000, and he divided 1,500 for your living expenses. I just hope you live a better life. Not to mention that your living expenses are 15,000 a month, even people with a monthly salary of 2,500 dare not buy such an expensive mobile phone. Or honestly buy a 2~3k mobile phone, it can be used anyway.

7 months ago

I just looked at the price, a little more than 10,000, 24 installments, about 400 a month, 1,500 living expenses, it seems to save a province, you can start with a squeeze. But is it worth spending so much money just for a mobile phone? Is it okay to have the money to do something else? Pre-consumption is addictive, this time I buy Apple mobile phones in installments, and I want to buy other ones next time I can’t guarantee it. Also, are you sure that your parents will spend two months in your summer vacation, one month in winter vacation, and two years for 6 months. Do you still pay you during this period? Living expenses of 1,500 a month show that your family is not rich and wealthy. I think there is a high probability that you will not be given money. Many people take the Internet loan path because they are harmful to consumption ahead of time. They feel that everything is written like a script and executed according to the book. People like you who have no income will have a slight accident and cannot afford to pay for it. It is easy to fall into the trap of online lending!

7 months ago

This is not a question that you think is appropriate, nor is it a question that Zhihu netizens feel is inappropriate. It’s a question that your parents feel is appropriate. After all, money belongs to others. For children who have gone to college, parents have no obligation to support them. The monthly living expenses, no matter how much, can be regarded as moral and emotional family sponsorship. However, sponsors will have clear regulations on the range of funds that can be used. As a parent, since this fund is living expenses, it is clearly stipulated that it is for your basic living needs. More than 9,000 mobile phones are obviously beyond the default range set by the sponsor of “basic life needs”. As an independent actor, you want to embezzle the sponsor’s money for other purposes. It is meaningless to ask others. You must ask and respect the opinions of the sponsor.

7 months ago

There is nothing wrong with this. Calculate the average monthly consumption for the next two or even three years, as long as you think it is enough. Many people don’t realize the price of paying in advance for the long months or even years in the future. I feel that if I realize that I can only spend about 1,000 yuan a month in the next two years, this 1,000 yuan will need to bear a daily meal of less than 30 yuan, and several meetings with friends a month. Maybe the remaining one or two hundred is just enough to pay back another computer installment or headset installment or other installment installments. (I don’t believe that there are no two. A ruthless person who can be divided into 24 installments can resist two years without producing other material desires. It will be extremely painful) Then the quota is full. Cary is out of money. What about traveling, falling in love, hobbies, life risks, don’t mention it, just don’t have money. Well, if such two years are acceptable, I think it’s OK. Oh, of course, if the parents are still paying an extra 300 or 400 per month as subsidies, it is really better to get the “sponsor” to agree to pay the full amount to save the interest money, otherwise this will be ordinary and plain. The idea of ​​chopping first and playing later. Are you? I believe you are an independent adult who has the ability to be responsible for your actions~

7 months ago

It is not recommended to do so, and college students are not recommended to be in debt. There is no need to buy such expensive ones. After all, they are still supported by their parents. Of course, if the family is relatively wealthy, then I will not say ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ. After all, my parents are peasants and it is not easy to make some money. Money has to be spent on the blade. The mobile phone my parents bought me was my first elderly phone 199, and every subsequent mobile phone was bought by saving money myself. There is also no staging. Later, I saved money and changed to a smart phone 399. Then I used the broken phone my sister used in high school for a period of time. Then I saved money and bought a 599. As a result, I just bought it and took the bus and was stolen. Then I changed it. Lenovo’s 1099, and then bought oppo r9 2499 after the college entrance examination, knowing that it is now Huawei nova7. I saved up and bought it myself. When I was in high school, it was 800 yuan a month, and the university was 4,000 for half a semester. During the period, I did not ask for money from my family. Of course, the university still has scholarships and grants.

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