I have taken the exam full-time, and I have not yet entered the job. So how do I handle the best file when I start the job? What are the precautions for registration? What are the precautions for the work unit? Can experienced friends talk about it? Will there be any card-holder situation?

How many questions are involved in the postgraduate entrance examination while working? What kind of college is the subject preparing for the examination? How difficult is it, big or small? Do you take the math test? What is the intensity of the subject’s work? Is it easier to commute to and from get off work at the end of the day, or is there a certain amount of pressure and sometimes needs to work overtime? How about the subject’s learning ability? How long is the preparation time? 1. If the subject is preparing to apply for the more difficult 985/211 or a college, it will be very difficult to study while working, unless the subject is busy at work and can use working time to prepare for the exam. Because good colleges and universities require high grades in every subject, they need to do their best to review. At the beginning of December, when the pre-exam memorization materials issued by Xiao Si and other institutions arrive, it takes a long time to memorize these materials plus professional courses, and all the students who have passed the test know that one month before the test, even if you learn from early I feel that there is not enough time till night. Therefore, if the subject has to work at this time, the time is definitely not enough, and the pressure of the postgraduate entrance examination will not consume less energy than work. The answer was before the design, and often worked overtime until one or two points. But when preparing for the exam, I still feel very difficult, and my hair falls a lot. And I took the test of design, there is no mathematics, it is more difficult to have mathematics. 2. If the test is a general second school, the subject needs to work, but the pressure is not great and can leave work on time. With strong self-control, it is possible to pass the exam. But we must also be mentally prepared for collapse. Because even if the working hours are eight to five in the morning, it is estimated that there are only four or five hours left for eating and sleeping on the road. These four or five hours are used well. If the preparation time is still long, you may be admitted. , This depends on the subject. 3. Let’s refer to the subject of two examples of postgraduate entrance examinations. One is a classmate of my university roommate. He is also working while taking the postgraduate entrance examination, but he has a leisurely job and can almost use most of his working time to review, and finally he is admitted to Soochow University. Because I don’t know him, I don’t know what the process is like. The other is my best friend of my self-study room, and I took a 985 exam. According to my research friend, her best friend has strong learning ability and self-control. When I was preparing for the exam while working, I started to learn from 5 o’clock in the morning until I went to work. After get off work, I simply finished eating and learned until 1 night in the evening. But she couldn’t study during working hours, and eventually resigned four months in advance and went off work to prepare for the exam. I heard from my fellow graduate students that I also passed the exam. Besides, I don’t know what the subject’s understanding of the postgraduate entrance examination is. Now Zhihu can see articles about the four-month counterattack 985 everywhere on Zhihu, which invisibly makes people who haven’t taken the exam feel that it is not that difficult. Actually I am too. I myself took the postgraduate entrance examination in 19 years, and I took the entrance examination of a school. It took a total of five or six months to prepare for the exam. Basically, the average day was eight hours a day in the early stage, nine to ten hours a day from November, and political assaults were needed almost ten hours a day from December. Below is a diagram of the time distribution during the postgraduate entrance examination. I have average learning ability and average self-control. The subject of the question can be combined with myself for reference. In addition, there is no water in the time in the picture, it is the time for complete learning. I talked a lot, just hope the subject will be clearer after reading it. Finally, I hope that those who want to take the postgraduate entrance examination will have a sense of awe for the postgraduate entrance examination.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Sister, because she couldn’t pass the postgraduate entrance examination, she returned to her hometown to work as a teacher. I teach students during the day and are busy preparing for postgraduate entrance examinations in the evenings and holidays. I made myself very tired, but did not delay work. One month before the postgraduate entrance examination, the principal called her to the office. Tell her, “You have recently handed over your work to a teacher, and you will have the exam in one month. Let’s prepare for the exam with peace of mind.” It turns out that the leaders knew that you were preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, but there was nothing to break! Later, after graduating from graduate school, the elder sister returned to the county middle school because of the unsuccessful job search and missing her hometown. It can be said that there is a beginning and an end!

7 months ago

Yes, I am. But my experience (sign up, give up before the exam) and my classmate’s admission experience (Fudan Master’s Admission), tell me: work while taking the postgraduate entrance examination… it really requires inhuman perseverance and perseverance. If possible, if you really decide to go, the exam is a prestigious school, full-time, and the competition is fierce, it is recommended to take at least 1 to 2 months off! Really heartfelt words. But if you are not busy at work and have plenty of time, that’s okay. Tips: A comprehensive analysis of East China Normal University 347 “part-time” on-the-job postgraduate entrance examination-the self-salvation path of a scumbag who has worked for 3 years​My tossing experience, working for 4 years, perseverance, resignation, reinstatement, leave… …The final result can be considered as an explanation for myself. brothers! Come on, choose your own way! Just keep going!

7 months ago

In the third year of working, I chose to take the postgraduate entrance examination and study while working. Finally, I was successfully admitted to graduate school in 2019. Before I left, the leaders also expressed their blessings to me. First of all, I am very grateful for the company’s magnanimity. Secondly, I will talk about the preparations. My work and rest time is basically to wake up at 6 in the morning to recite vocabulary, then go to work at 8 o’clock, go to work at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and study professional courses and English composition during the lunch break, and come back from get off work at night Until two o’clock in the morning, specializing in mathematics and professional courses. The work I am in charge of is basically doing errands in the later stage, which is one of the reasons why I decided to take the postgraduate entrance examination. At that time, I removed the notebook shell issued by the company and wrapped it in the review book. I went to my work unit to study. Without knowing it, I watched the professional course in the afternoon. Because my unit is the counterpart of my major, it is understandable to study the professional course. Later, before the exam, I took my family leave and prepared for the final sprint. In fact, on the whole, there are several necessary factors for taking the postgraduate entrance examination while working. The first is to focus on efficiency, grasp the free time, distinguish the priority, and treat work as relaxation; the second is the work that does not have a lot of work and does not work overtime; third, The goal should not be set too high. It is indeed more than enough to set the final goal of crossing the national line and studying.

7 months ago

As a higher education expert, I actually encourage everyone to study for a master’s degree. We have too many cases to support the argument that “studying a master’s degree can bring you a better life”. However, for those who have a job, the risks and benefits of completely leaving work and studying for graduate school depend on the job market after graduation, and even the changes in the overall economic environment. In other words, leaving the job is a gamble that takes oneself as a bet. I won the bet, and I gave up everything to live again. It also constitutes a “survivor bias” that advocates resigning and studying for graduate school. I lost the bet and never made any noise. Some pay cuts and employment started again, becoming a silent man. most. I would suggest that the subject should work first while studying for an online master’s program in overseas universities. In this way, economic protection is provided, self-improvement, risk and opportunity cost are reduced, and the degree certificate obtained will not have the distinction between “on-the-job” and “part-time”. Pay your own tuition, improve your academic qualifications while accumulating work experience, and apply the learning content in real time, and finally get a degree certificate consistent with the full-time school. In this process, whether it is catching up with the ever-changing job opportunities in the country, taking care of the family or working in the industry, there is no delay in getting a promotion or raising salary. If you can adapt to learning and want to live again, as a freshman, you can switch to offline full-time study at school, experience the impact of cross-culturalism, and start your life in another country. In the workplace, your opportunity cost is very high. Don’t put eggs in one basket. We have witnessed thousands of respectable professionals who work for their colleagues to study for a master’s degree, constantly improving their abilities in the fields of artificial intelligence, computer science, business analysis, law, education, and new energy engineering to create a better life. Click on the link to test whether you can apply for online master’s programs in computer, software engineering, business analysis, MBA, law, education and other online master’s programs: more on-the-job learning stories for professionals Wang Wenyuan: Top 500 Swiss foreign company engineer, finally fulfilling the dream of overseas master’s degree| Illinois Institute of Technology outstanding student Zhu Yetuo: “Tiankeng” major graduates, set foot on the computer to study Bolu | Illinois Institute of Technology outstanding students from the development of a large factory to the CTO of a startup company, why do I need to study another overseas master’s degree? Zhao Yongjiu: the financial dream of a PhD in geology | Cheng Xiaoxing, an outstanding student of Illinois Institute of Technology: 65 years old, I decided to study a master’s degree in computer science in the United States | On the 900th day of being a mother of an outstanding student of Northern Arizona University, she got $10,000 from Duke University Scholarship Offer

7 months ago

can. As far as the state-owned enterprise I am currently working for, several people have resigned because of the postgraduate entrance examination. They completed the initial test before entering the job, and then prepared for the retest, and resigned after successfully landing on the retest. In fact, the unit will generally not know that you are preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination before you submit your resignation, unless you accidentally reveal it to a colleague, and the colleague ‘inadvertently’ reveals it to the leader. In fact, the postgraduate entrance examination is because I want to improve further, just like job-hopping, there is nothing to sneak up on. For companies, you may feel that the people who took the time to train finally ran away, but they actually have psychological expectations. There are so many people who change jobs every year, and they don’t care if you run away for a postgraduate entrance examination. Finally, the on-the-job postgraduate entrance examination requires more energy and perseverance than ordinary people, because after work, there is definitely not as much time as in school. How to balance work and postgraduate entrance examinations is what you need to focus on at this stage. good luck!

7 months ago

The old youtiao, who had only been on the bank for 3 years after taking the postgraduate entrance examination, responded angrily. Conclusion: It’s feasible. Your own situation: The first time I took the postgraduate entrance examination, I was working in a well-known central enterprise. The files and personnel relations were all in the unit. When preparing for the exam, the colleagues around almost knew that I was going to take the postgraduate entrance examination, but they didn’t say anything, and didn’t give a small report or something (maybe it was a problem with the workplace. Old employees were indifferent to new employees, and new employees who went together were also a problem. Don’t shut yourself up and hang up high). So when I was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination in the first year, even the surrounding colleagues knew that I was going to take the postgraduate entrance examination, but they were not hindered. One difficulty lies in the need to provide a certificate of employment when applying for the exam and on-site confirmation. Of course, I did not ask for the seal of our unit (the seal of the unit requires various examinations and various procedures, and it will not come in less than two months). I got a seal from my friend’s company, and the employment certificate was completed. I didn’t pass the exam in the first year, so there was no impact. In the second postgraduate entrance examination, I worked in a foreign consulting company. I was very busy at work, so the review time was in the evenings and weekends. The private time boss would ignore it. You can do whatever you want. At this time, my files are still in the central enterprise system (there are regulations that can help keep them for two years after resigning, so I have not paid attention to them). Then the employment certificate submitted during registration is the seal of the foreign consulting company. This company is much easier to seal. I heard that I have to work hard to prepare for the graduate exam. Our boss didn’t say anything, just like to work hard and so on. Of course, I didn’t go to the second postgraduate entrance examination… For the third time, I was still working in the previous foreign consulting company, and the review was placed on weekends and evenings. I usually work hard. Separating one’s personal affairs from work, and balancing the relationship between the two, did not cause any serious incidents and consequences. Then the employment certificate still covers the company’s seal. Passed the entrance examination for the third time. I worked for a few months after I was admitted, and did not complete the resignation process until two weeks before the start of school. The company doesn’t have any cardholders, so I just let me go to graduate school (should not dare, after all, I had to resign a month in advance, according to the labor law, if he dares to get stuck, I’ll break the pot hahahaha ). The three postgraduate entrance examinations were all on-the-job and did not say that they were sneaky, so that both companies knew that I was going to postgraduate entrance examinations, and the people they might encounter were quite nice, so there was no major problem. People in some companies just want to disgust you, get stuck on you, and give you a piece of banana peel on the way you work hard. For such companies and bosses, why do they still keep the New Year?···········

7 months ago

The score is not high, and the personal ability is just like that, just personal experience, just look at it. For reference only, everyone’s advantages are different, and postgraduate entrance examinations still require a lot of hard work! ! ! To add: I work as a test engineer in an electronics factory, and my working hours are from 8:00 to 17:10. There are basically no weekends. I am a person who does not like to work overtime. On weekdays, I can not work overtime. It is a symbolic increase every day. An hour will be longer on weekends. After all, double salary. Because I just started working, I have to study in many places. The company also has some internal electronic materials for learning, and my professional courses are microcomputers, so I read the electronic professional PPT and books in the office. It’s not so obtrusive; because it’s a foreign company, it’s very convenient to learn English. I print a short essay by myself to improve my English level. I won’t be particularly suspicious, but I still have to avoid people. After all, there are good people everywhere. I will try again. Looking at my introduction, I was told by a big brother. Fortunately, it’s really important that my big brother chooses a school that suits me carefully. I also have a dream of a famous school, but I also know my strengths and learning initiative. I don’t like learning and have a good mathematical foundation. It was not good, so I chose a school with a higher probability of going ashore. What can I do if my score is not high after the test? I thank God for crossing the line. My politics is basically the last month. It is really not good. After all, the back is chaotic, and the brain capacity is really limited; English is completely It’s because the high school foundation is good, so I did the English second test paper twice without memorizing the words; the math is really bad, there is no solution, the high school mathematics is really good because the teacher is chasing it, and it declines year by year after university; the professional courses understand the questions The type is just like that, the fill-in-the-blank question is not high enough to remember. The school submits the political review form after the retest. I don’t know if it’s because of the epidemic. If my memory is correct, it was the same before. The most difficult part of taking the postgraduate entrance examination while working: 1. The time is not complete. The process of fragmentation is not suitable for mathematics and professional courses. It is best to register for an online course. Some people will take less detours, but they can’t not think or summarize by themselves. 2. Not enough time and energy. Working hours are really flexible, and I really don’t know when I can get off work; and after a busy day, I’m really tired. I can’t get enough energy to do anything. It’s really tormenting people to go to bed and study again when I go home. 3. Control yourself. . Being able to have time to study is the first step. It’s really very, very difficult for me to have time to study. It’s really very, very difficult for me to do. Stare for a long time! ! ! I haven’t changed it yet. I just have no solution. I’m going to sleep. I will continue to get up tomorrow and move bricks to earn tuition! I think it is feasible to take an ordinary school. I applied for a university in Shanghai last year. There are a lot of professional recruits and the professional courses are simple. I usually read the books after nine o’clock in the evening, make all the materials into electronic version, and read it for a while when I’m free at work, take a week off before the exam, and study in a hotel in a self-enclosed study, which is quite effective. It is planned to be admitted, and the school will start in September. The supervisor still doesn’t know that I have taken the postgraduate entrance examination.

7 months ago

Prepare for the exam while working. There is a high probability that these two things will not conflict with each other in terms of policies, and there will be no card-holder situation. Therefore, you should go through the normal process when you enter the job, and the registration will be normal. It’s enough to call a resignation report one month in advance. However, there are special circumstances. It should be noted that some jobs have service years, or your contract has an agreed service time. Then you have to discuss this with the employer to avoid any inconsistencies. Necessary trouble, except for public institutions and government departments. There are very few private companies. Even if private companies get stuck, the labor law protects workers. As long as you leave your job a month in advance, you will leave automatically when the time comes. No problem.

7 months ago

I set up a flag first. I failed the postgraduate entrance examination this year, but due to practical reasons, first of all, economic reasons, and then professional reasons. After I failed this year, I started looking for a job on February 21st. It’s a great inspiration. I do not want to do data processing, but I want to do development work. I have invested a lot of resumes. Actually, my programming ability is really not good, so I still want to find a development job. It’s very difficult to find a company started by a professor. He is a newly established company. I checked him and found that the professor is very good in this aspect. It seems that he has a lot of projects. After the postgraduate entrance examination results came out, I also met a lot of students who depended on the major of this school. I found that I wanted to be admitted to this major of this school. Of course, the strength is the first. But it really takes a little luck. I dare not dare to be full-time in World War II. The big exam will overturn. I am an adult and want to leave myself a bit of back. So I choose to work while taking the postgraduate entrance examination. But now the company promises me that I will work 40 hours a week, weekends, and no overtime is mandatory. Task scheduling. But as far as I have learned, many students’ companies always say that they don’t work overtime when they are looking for someone. If they go there, they will be voluntarily worked overtime. 996 is even more serious than 996. Alas, there are less than ten days. I just graduated, and I hope that within the next two years, I can be admitted to my favorite graduate student. Still young, let’s fight

7 months ago

​​What is the life of a postgraduate candidate? It’s someone else who is still asleep in the morning, you have memorized English for half an hour without any sleepiness. It is your relatives and friends who tell you several times a day: Is it useful for you to read so many books? Is it because I drag my tired body after get off work every day, I still have to sit at the desk and study hard until late at night. Sometimes I look down at my boring life, and I suddenly wonder if my choice is worth it… Can I have both while working and taking the postgraduate entrance examination? After working for the postgraduate entrance examination, everyone is in a different environment, but the sense of grasping is always somewhat the same. What supports me all the way down is to change, to escape, and to give myself a belief in starting anew. 1. Why did you choose the on-the-job postgraduate entrance examination? When did the on-the-job postgraduate entrance examination be determined? It may be that I am tired of the intrigue and deceit in the workplace, and start to miss the relatively simple campus environment and desire to acquire more knowledge in the ideal school; it may be that the same group of graduate students who have entered the company are clearly inferior to me, but their salary is higher than mine. For the hardest and most tiring work, when I get up early every day but still cannot be reused by my boss due to academic qualifications; it may be that the work gradually feels exhausted and the current ability and level are not enough to support my ambition; it may be that I have been working for the company for many years. Seeing that you have reached the threshold of promotion, but you get stuck because of your academic qualifications…Is it possible to have both while working and taking the postgraduate entrance examination? In the eyes of others, I have a stable job, a bright life, and a promising future, but no one knows that I was rejected by an ideal company because of my education. No one knows that it is tedious for me to live in a ten-square-meter rental house on the outskirts of the city every day. No one knows how envious I am when I see the colorful reading life of others in my circle of friends… I may have chosen the most difficult path, but I just want to help myself with the postgraduate entrance examination. The family earns a better future. 2. The deep feelings of those who have passed the on-the-job postgraduate entrance examination. The target school should be set as high as possible to stimulate one’s own potential. If the requirements are lowered to a safe school that is not very desirable in fact, it will often slack off and underestimate the enemy, making it difficult to do its best. In order to minimize the pressure on one’s own postgraduate entrance examinations, one must not leave the post-graduate entrance examination. Having a stable source of income and regular daily life is the most advantageous confidence and guarantee when fighting on the front line. Don’t think that quitting your job can guarantee the review time. Once you do this, you will become very stressed. On the one hand, you don’t know whether you can pass the exam. On the other hand, you have no source of income and you will fall into a very passive situation. The resistance of the on-the-job postgraduate entrance examination far exceeds your expectations, because you are different from a student who concentrates on studying at school. You are a social person and there will be various emergencies waiting for you. You can only face the problem directly and resume review as soon as possible after the solution State, don’t be affected by these trivial matters or work matters. Be clear about the purpose of your postgraduate entrance examination. Since you are taking the postgraduate entrance examination after work, you must have a plan for your future career path. After graduation, you must have a better employment platform, not to escape your current job. The biggest obstacle is that the surrounding environment is not homogenous. This is different from the postgraduate entrance examination in school, where students preparing for the exam can stay warm, but in this lonely adventure, you can only rely on yourself, not only requires strong willpower support In reviewing, you must also fight against the temptations and disturbances brought by the surrounding environment. They make you sway and doubt whether it is necessary to take this difficult road. No matter how busy you are at work and review, you must take time to exercise, otherwise the huge pressure and high load of study and work will make your body overwhelmed and delay more review arrangements. The review plan should focus on the combined memory of the macro-framework and the micro-knowledge points, and we must establish our own knowledge frame, and do not aimlessly drown in the review materials. Do your best and obey the fate. If you fail to pass the exam, you still have a job and financial resources, and continue to work hard. The work experience accumulated after two or three years can still help you find better job opportunities, which is no worse than getting a graduate student. So calm down, as long as you have worked hard and struggled hard to change your status quo, no matter whether you can pass the exam, you are your own hero. 3. Frequently asked questions about on-the-job postgraduate entrance examination Q: Do you want to postgraduate entrance examination? A: Follow the first thoughts in your heart. There are too many forks in life, and if you accidentally choose the wrong one, you may not be able to solve the knot in your life. You need to know that no one will ask you to take the test or not. Postgraduate entrance exams have costs. On the one hand, it takes a lot of time and energy, and sacrifices a lot of things. In many cases, the results of postgraduate entrance examinations are not necessarily related to class promotion, position promotion, salary increase, and life opening. It is very likely that you will go to the company for an interview after three years of graduate study and find that your immediate supervisor is your university classmate. After all, work is not only linked to academic qualifications, but also experience. On the other hand, the postgraduate entrance examination does not solve all problems, and it is not the master key to solve the troubles of life. The postgraduate entrance examination is not about climbing a mountain, not accomplishing the task after reaching the top of the mountain, or reaching the pinnacle of life. Because the climb of life is endless, there is no end at all. Life-long learning. Q: Part-time research and full-time research? A: “The gold content of part-time is not high” is often heard, and it is correct. At that time, I just ran into an SZ primary school public teacher who had not completed the exam. He signed up with me and went to take the first and second exams (of course not in the same exam room). She made it clear that she was just for a mixed degree so that she could teach junior high school. Her review intensity is far lower than the intensity of full-time research, and the difficulty of the actual questions is completely different. In the end, she passed the exam. Many people wanted to take the test incompletely before, and the tuition fee of 50,000 to 60,000 is indeed a stumbling block. But if you don’t try it in life, who knows how far you can reach? You have to believe that everything is worth it. Q: Inter-professional postgraduate entrance examination? A: Many people will ask: I am taking an interprofessional exam, will the teacher discriminate? How do I know if the school I applied for accepts multi-professionals? I just don’t know what major to take? I have consulted my university professor on the issue of interprofessionalism, because he also recruits graduate students every year. His answer is: yes. Therefore, inter-professionalism itself is not a problem. The fundamental problem of inter-professionalism is that you have only learned a little bit, but you have not accumulated it. Unless there are hard and fast professional regulations, there is only one link in which your inter-professional background will affect your final admission: the re-examination interview. Can I have both while working and taking the postgraduate entrance examination? Because the result of the initial test is based on the scores and you cannot see your undergraduate major, the same applies to the retest written test. And only in the interview part of the re-examination, as inter-professional candidates, the teachers asked some questions. If you did not answer the idea, you will feel that you have not accumulated enough and will dislike you. But if you are good enough, have made enough reserves for your ideal profession, and have your own independent thinking and innovation, the teachers are rushing to ask you to be too late! Unless there are only two places left in the end, and then you have the same scores as your opponents and show similar strength, then considering your background and accumulation, the teacher may choose this major. This is understandable. Interest is very important and can drive you; accumulation is very important, which can win you opponents and dispel teachers’ worries. Get these two, cross-professional problems will not be a problem. Remember, when you are determined to do something, the whole world will give you a detour.

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