Xiong Sidong, a representative of the National People’s Congress and President of Soochow University, said that at present, many boys show fearfulness, strong dependence, timid personality, lack of exploratory spirit and other traits that are contrary to traditional “masculinity”, causing concern. It is recommended to pay attention to gender difference education to make “boys more like boys”.

Xiong Sidong said that at present, many boys show timidity, strong dependence, quiet personality, fear of movement, timidity, lack of adventurousness, courage and exploratory spirit, and lack of self-confidence, and other characteristics that are contrary to traditional “masculinity”. , Causing social and family worries.

In June 2019, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the “Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Education and Teaching and Comprehensively Improving the Quality of Compulsory Education”, emphasizing the adherence to the “five education simultaneously”, highlighting the effectiveness of moral education, improving the level of intellectual education, strengthening physical exercise, and enhancing the influence of aesthetic education. Labor education, comprehensive development of quality education.

Xiong Sidong believes that in the “five education simultaneously”, the gender differences of students should be fully considered, and the personality quality of students should be improved, so that “boys are more like boys and girls are more like girls.”

He made a number of suggestions: First, strengthen gender-specific education. Carry out differentiated youth health education into campus activities to help students understand adolescent physiology and mental health, and guide students to understand physical gender and social gender; strengthen aesthetic education in gender education, and guide students to establish a natural, healthy, and sunny gender aesthetic Concept, abandon the exaggerated, extravagant, and distorted gender aesthetic orientation, and cultivate an elegant and individual aesthetic taste.

The second is to focus on targeted courses. According to the gender characteristics of students, courses are set up in a targeted manner, and more targeted teaching programs and strategies are formulated. For example, in physical education, differentiated courses are offered for different genders, boys are guided to participate more in confrontational sports such as football, basketball, rugby, and fencing, and girls are encouraged to participate more in rhythmic gymnastics, skipping rope, yoga, etc. Helps to enhance flexibility in sports.

The third is to strengthen will temper. According to the gender characteristics of students, we will carry out targeted training to help students shape good qualities such as bravery, perseverance, and responsibility. For example, military skill courses and field survival courses are set up for boys, and safety protection courses and team development training courses are set up for girls.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Does the difference between men and women need education? The physiological structure of the congenital sex organs is different, the periodic fluctuation of hormone secretion in adolescence, the subtle influence of group psychology…Factors other than “education” have a greater impact on “feminine feeling” or “masculine feeling”. Thinking about it carefully, this representative’s thinking is very “daddy”-“I think-the boy now, too mother.” “I think the girl now”-“Taiye.” It does not conform to his aesthetics. If it is wrong, it is wrong; if it fails to meet his expectations, it must be criticized. The right to speak is in the hands of his generation. Moreover, this kind of mindset can only show its own absurdity, and it can be returned as it is: [It is recommended to strengthen thinking and open up education, so that middle-aged people can see more openly and think more lively. In the final analysis, modern men are generally “feminine” and have little to do with education. It is a product of the era of the prevalence of consumerism and the sense of security in the peaceful era: while women awakening and breaking away from the stereotype of “gentle, virtuous, virtuous wife and loving mother” are The more gratifying times have changed-what kind of girl is “like a girl”? Is it just like in the old society that the father and the husband are the key link? Do you want to be quiet, and the door does not go out and the door does not move? Is it counted if you want to be the husband and the son? It is ridiculous to apply the stereotypes of the old era to the girls of the new era. Optimism, kindness, perseverance, and diligence should be the virtues advocated by all mankind. We can tell the boys: In this society, men generally have high career requirements, and teach him to be more diligent and more capable of fighting. We can tell the girl: this society is generally more malicious towards women, and teach her to be brave and strong. But the purpose of our education is to break the prejudice rather than deepen it; it is to liberate the nature and develop the self, not to put on the shackles and obliterate the character. However, this representative’s proposal to strengthen “education on gender and physiological differences”-that is, sex education, is correct. The reality is: in the education of young people, even their own sexual organs are “ashamed to mention”, but they ask to strengthen the “gender differences” of the children… It’s funny.

9 months ago

Make boys more like boys, make girls more like girls, and make children more like children. Boys and children also need a lot of character things. If you have to cultivate relative opposition, I don’t think this is a very good method. Some people are polite, others are bold and unrestrained. Some people are not shy, others are shy and self-learning. There is really no absolute necessity, since the absolute division. It is recommended to try a few different ways, so that they can choose relatively freely. If everyone is the same person, if everyone finishes reading the book, they will be extremely typified. I think it was a little weird then? Gentlemen are harmonious but different, if they are both harmonious and identical, are they too harsh? Even though they are all boys, their genetic and physical differences are also different. Some people are suitable for riding horses, others are suitable for poems, some people like scientific research, and some people like sports competition. Why should it be all the same, with every aspect? Forced character development is not necessarily the best, and forced behavior and hobbies are not necessarily the best. Compared with these, let the children be more of themselves and better choose themselves. Maybe more important. You can ride horses and sing your whip or recite poems and make fus. Some things are suitable for everyone. I haven’t said a word to show that these must be opposed, and life is all kinds of intermingled and harmonious. Some phenomena generally need to be changed, but this really has to be forced rather than guided… The writer has the kindness of the writer, and the reader has the reader’s intention. For some remarks, I am not a diamond, so why not just go down…

9 months ago

“Being brave, independent, strong, independent, and exploratory” should never be the exclusive quality of a certain gender, they are the common beautiful qualities of mankind. Morally, men do not need to be braver than women, and women do not need to be stronger than men. Men do not need a muscle more than women, and women do not need to be more flexible than men. If someone thinks that “a certain sex must be more morally perfect than another sex”, then logically, this is the belief that “a certain sex can be slightly less moral than another sex”, then I think this kind of thinking It contains some rather indecent things in itself. Everyone has the right to pursue the life they want and become what they want. Because we are people first, then men and women.

9 months ago

The strange thing is that this topic seems to be as if girls should be weak and timid, and then boys with the same personality are called “feminine.” But what is the fact? Is it true that girls really “have no family and country feelings”, “do not understand the rise and fall of the world, and everyone is responsible”? In the feudal era, women did not have the right to education and were confined to a small space by upper-class women, while middle- and lower-class women were busy with daily work. It is normal for women to have less perseverance and fighting spirit than men when they are not allowed to receive education or even encouraged to stay at home and not ask about world affairs. Many people always only pay attention to the final result, but ignore the cause of this phenomenon. It is fundamentally irresponsible to attribute everything to innateness. Although men and women are physically different, the influence of acquired cultural and social factors is also very important. Male and female have a common identity before gender-person. As a human being, everyone has the right to develop freely. Why do men have to be masculine and go out to work to support their families? Why do women have to stay at home and teach their children if they are weak? It is undeniable that what the majority of men are good at is different from what the majority of women are good at, even without the influence of acquired cultural factors, but what about the majority, the minority have to be restricted as well? People always remember that the minority obey the majority. But forget that there is after this sentence, the majority respects the minority. A civilized and healthy society should be able to respect the minorities and tolerate the minorities, instead of squeezing them out into aliens. You should not call an extroverted girl a “male-in-law,” and you should not reprimand a weak boy as a “sissy.” The practice of using gender stereotypes as a guideline is undoubtedly wrong.

9 months ago

Representative Xiong is a bit too obsessed with the so-called “gender differences”. This is to challenge the laws of human nature and interfere with character development. He proposed “increase the ratio of male teachers in primary and secondary schools and encourage veterans to teach” with the goal of increasing the ratio of male teachers. The loss of male teachers in primary and secondary schools will have an impact on students’ “masculinity”. Gender itself is equal, and femininity and masculinity should not be labeled as gender, but the harmonious and healthy development of society requires a balance between the sexes. He also believes that sex education should be an educational process from an early age, which helps students form a better gender awareness. Representative Xiong thinks that if there are more male teachers, male students’ masculinity can be promoted? If it is so simple to think, if there are more male teachers, will girls become less like girls and become female men? Privately think this is “overcorrection”. Boys are more like boys and girls are more like girls. This is a false proposition. The “character” to be intervened here is not just a task of school, but more of a family environment. Is it possible to achieve this goal by making families with boys alienate from their mothers and families with girls away from their fathers? Character determines destiny, but men and women do not determine character. Children’s future needs to be freely chosen. Do not interfere too much with “character freedom”!

9 months ago

I want to train young people to have a spirit of exploration, let them be a little aggressive, have ideas and ideas, good! I applaud. However, the true spirit must also be the daring to question and oppose the representative’s outdated ideas. It cannot be ignored because some of his ideas are correct. You defined boys and girls, did you define it right? Is it necessary to differentiate between men and women to cultivate good qualities? What is the real difference between men and women, how to deal with it, do you really have your own thinking? Do you represent your mind and will, or the mind and will of the younger generation who really needs to care? I think these answers should be either one or the other, but I will give the answer to my thoughts: The spirit of a real young man is not to smash everything of the older generation without boundaries, but it is not based on anything of the older generation. Define and standardize your life. The dross in the tradition must be completely shattered, and even the excellent things must be redefined to form their own understanding. Those are the real boys and girls. You did your best, but give us the microphone. ps: Reply to the comment area. As a representative of the older generation, is this suggestion really useless? Not really. Some people think that I’m doing the opposite and complimenting what I affirm that the older generation represents. That’s nothing to say. No matter how you think, I at least care about the hearts of the next generation and hope that the excellent qualities in the tradition will be passed on. I affirmed it. What I oppose is to inherit excellent quality with traditional thinking, because this is not conducive to development after all. Again, what we want to inherit is quality, not thinking. It’s not the kind of thinking that xx should be xx, of course it’s not the thinking that xx shouldn’t be xx, but to give everyone a certain degree of choice on the basis of fulfilling the basic social responsibilities. Continuing traditional thinking, some problems can indeed be solved in the short term. But the comfort and stability brought about by traditional thinking is actually the root of many people’s loss of courage. Little fresh meat, don’t worry, I don’t have a cold, I am a male myself. I think that for the non-mainstream, what we want to maintain is to be unbiased and not to pay too much attention to it. Why is the public disgusted by the large push of small fresh meat in today’s media? It is because of forcing us to pay attention. And as a minority group, we should have higher demands and a spirit of reflection on ourselves, rather than demanding mediocrity when demanding rights. The prevailing trend in the media today should definitely be criticized vigorously. Showing beauty and exquisite life everywhere is far from the original intention of hard work. Having said that, you should know what I want to see, right? That was equal rights at the time of Chairman Mao. Good qualities do not distinguish between men and women, but refer to being brave, persevering, not timid, and responsible; gentle, careful, good at listening, and patient. All of the above must be cultivated by both men and women. Why are all female drivers scared now? Because some female drivers have no responsibility in the accident, immersed in their emotions, and have no ability to deal with them. Can this work? Is it okay for men? Take a look at how many males are in campus bullying, and how many bullies are also males? In today’s society, the bigger problem is that many people don’t learn the good qualities of others, but they learn a lot of the bad deeds. Either simple and rude and self-respectful, or evade responsibility and covet the best for one’s own interests. These things are the real enemy of progress, that is, human self-centeredness. Now that society has developed, we have passed the stage without self. The next stage must be to surpass ourselves, pay attention to others, recognize the needs of others, cooperate and understand each other, and continue to advance in appreciation and criticism. The difference between men and women is definitely the difference in reproductive responsibilities. This is an issue after the formation of a family between men and women. It needs legal protection, and the society needs to pay more attention to marriage and childbirth. The second is the difference in average physical capacity. There is no solution to this. The society has only the responsibility of guaranteeing the foundation and equal pay for equal work. If you are weak, please work hard to strive for it. Therefore, I would like to say that the second item in the proposal encourages the development of different sports, and I agree with how much of one’s own advantages can be used. That is to say, I am afraid of one-size-fits-all and rigid targets. But the third, with all due respect, there is really no distinction between men and women. In addition, considering the differences in individual physiques of students, even the same gender should be specifically stratified and appropriate training should be carried out. As for the freedom and democracy of Bai Zuo? Absolutely not, I will definitely not support it. The question I answered a few days ago said that Bai Zuo blindly supports a small number of ugly ordinary people, and this requires vigilance. It’s not a bad thing to think differently from me and dare to question me. Nowadays, why a certain right is hated by others, let’s not say anything else, is a big reason for deleting and accusing comments, especially on Weibo. No matter how correct the viewpoint is, it does not mean that the speaker is correct, because any correctness can be used as a rhetoric, because the correct reasoning may not be connected with the correct logic to reach the correct conclusion. Questioning is a kind of perseverance, I can have it, and naturally you can all. However, I hope you all see things other than words. I want a microphone to speak for a few minutes and then to others, not to monopolize the microphone.

9 months ago

There is a very common fallacy in ethics. Anyone who knows a little about ethics knows that a lot of answers to this question have committed this fallacy. This fallacy is expressed in the distinction of “is and should”. “Yes” refers to the reality, which means what a thing actually looks like. “Should” is a normative category, referring to how a thing should be. From the “yes”, it is impossible to logically deduce should. In other words, from what a thing actually looks like, it is impossible to deduce what it should be like. The so-called “boys should be like boys and girls should be like girls”, the latter boy and girl are two normative concepts, not natural gender. If you talk about natural sex, the girl is always a girl. She cut her hair short and put on the clothes that boys usually wear. She “does not love red makeup and loves arms.” She is still a girl physically. Boys are always boys too. He has long hair, puts on lipstick, speaks and does things delicately, and he is still a boy physically. The above two paragraphs are about things that boys and girls should do. This is a normative concept. You directly link “boys and girls” in this sense with “boys and girls” of natural gender. This presents a problem because you made an unreasonable jump. Girls may indeed be flexible (“Yes”), but you can’t conclude from this that girls should do flexible work. The jump from yes to no is impossible.

9 months ago

What should a boy be? What should a girl look like? There is no uniform standard or measurement scale for this. According to tradition, men should be burly, courageous and masculine: women should be gentle, virtuous and gentle. Every child has his own code of conduct and methods of trouble; every child’s family also has its own set of management education concepts. Nowadays, many boys tend to be feminine, which is closely related to the social environment, ethos, education, things contacted, and family atmosphere. The writer Han Han once said that “”Super Girl” selects a “male” and “Good Man” selects a “female”. Although this is very harsh, it does reflect the existence of certain facts. There are still more boys. It embodies some masculinity, at least looks like a man rather than a woman. It makes others look handsome and cool rather than beautiful. The army is a big furnace, and good men are all-directed, and should be like a soldier. Become a real boy instead of being a weak little boy in your own world.

9 months ago

Don’t be too aggressive. Principal Xiong actually belongs to the atmosphere group of the NPC and CPPCC. The so-called gender-difference education proposal he made is in fact responsible for setting off the atmosphere. This kind of proposal seems to make sense, but if you think about it, it seems that you haven’t said anything. When the delegates review the proposal, they will not feel embarrassed or take it too seriously. Anyway, it’s similar to attracting ideas. Principal Xiong also understands his own boundaries, so he can work hard to build the atmosphere team. What is an “atmosphere group”? Do you still remember the Chengdu girl who was infected with the new crown last year? She ran across the major districts of Chengdu overnight and went across 4 bars. Her job is the atmosphere group, which is responsible for warming up the atmosphere in each bar, enlivening the atmosphere, and selling drinks by the way.

9 months ago

This comes with the development of productivity. The higher the level of productivity, the less manual labor, the less obvious the division of labor between men and women, and the less gender differences. Unless all women are forced to go home to be housewives, men earn money to support their families, and open polygamy, women will immediately differentiate. Because you need to attract men to survive, right, does it look like before liberation? This is not a problem of education at all. It is a problem of productivity development. Although I am a male chauvinist, I agree that the two sexes tend to be in the middle. This is the result of the highly developed civilization.

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