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Ah, marine conservation? Damn, I am so familiar with how this type of NGO works. Do you know how this kind of NGOs do it? Let me give a more typical example. Suppose I set up a “World Environmental Anti-Pollution Foundation” today. So what am I going to do? It is not as simple as soliciting donations directly from all walks of life and then starting to pressure and protest against polluting companies. It was me who first contacted the local media, issued a wave of drafts that were very popular, and invited a few celebrities and parliamentarians to be honorary chairman or consultants to accumulate reputation. After everything is ready, what kind of essay contest or charity dinner will be held, and the cost can be recovered at this time. The charity dinner must be used for the high-end atmosphere, and then look for members of the celebrities to come to the platform, attracting some small money local tyrants to join in. The more high-end guests invited, the higher the reputation, the higher the ticket fee for the charity dinner can be sold. And the essay contest is the same. The bigger the judges, the higher the reputation of the event, and the more money a party is willing to spend for new members (the key training target, usually the next generation of political leaders) to win prizes. This is basically the case in voting politics. New members of a political party first go to a certain member of the council as assistants, and then accumulate some experience. After the boss agrees, they will take you some awards to accumulate qualifications, and then they can go to the election. Well, this series of activities can basically recover the cost seven or eight. The next step is the highlight. Since it is the “World Environmental Anti-Pollution Foundation”, should we hold a summer camp or training camp? After all, it is such a major event of environmental conservation. How attractive is it for high school students who want to interview for a prestigious university? Taiwan’s entrance exams are not high in proportion, and I have desperately engaged in it, let alone the United States? And this is the real big income. After all, although the next generation of political parties and local tyrants who want to accumulate fame can afford high prices, after all, they are small in number and smart, so there is not much money that can be made from them. But these middle-class children who are eager to go to a prestigious university (the upper class don’t need to do this), the number is so large that they are the big income. After the training camps of some beautiful summer camps are put into use, they will hold an experience presentation, event results press conference, etc., continue to stir up the enthusiasm, and then give out the “Anti-pollution Pioneer Award” and find a somewhat famous star and hire him as What kind of “foundation chief charity ambassador”. A series of money-making activities is basically completed. What, you asked me what to do with climate warming? Oh, the students of the summer camp went to an event and took photos! Didn’t the American Democracy Foundation explode not long ago? In fact, this is also the same logic, so don’t look at people who only invest 10 million US dollars a year, that is actually an investment! It’s not as simple as you throw 10 million dollars on the Chinese Internet today to get some public opinion. If you want to go to a better university in the United States, this kind of organization participation experience is absolutely indispensable (except for the upper class of course). When the professor was interviewing, he asked you: May I ask Mr. Bill, since you claim that you want to study in this school, you value the spirit of defending democracy in this school. What are your actual actions to defend the spirit of democracy? At this time, the students who have participated can take out the people who participated in certain activities of the Democracy Foundation and will answer. Of course, I used to stand shoulder to shoulder with the democracy fighters of Syris in the Democracy Foundation’s certain activities. Combat (take out the news about the arrested companions in the country). Although we tried our best to fight against the cruel and tyrannical police, we failed in the end, and even my fellow Cyris was arrested. But even so, I will not give up hitting the evil *! So don’t look at this tens of millions of dollars. After this wave is counted, what kind of “democratic charity dinner” will be given, what kind of “ human rights award” will be held, what kind of democracy summer camp will be held. US dollars (laughs). So why do the media and politics in Western countries always discredit China day by day and engage in so many small actions? Because this is really profitable, this is a business, and a mature industrial chain has been formed…


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

‍The two authors of the paperclip team were mentioned in the video of the main “Sai Lei Talking Gold” of UP. Now I will explain to you the specific situation: The two employees involved have resigned. Among them, Mr. Nie joined Paperclip in July 2018. He was a student at a domestic university at the time. He had served as a content intern and left in July 2019. Ji joined Paperclip in May 2020 and served as a content author. He has resigned in May 2021. Although these two paperclip members have left their posts, they have made remarks on personal social media abroad that trample on national sentiments and break through the moral bottom line before and even during their tenure. Oversight of their remarks is a serious negligence of our duty. This is actually not the first time we have made a mistake. It must be admitted that there has been a serious problem with the paperclip team. Therefore, we decided: We will invite senior experts from mainstream media to serve as content editors, responsible for content orientation. All members of the team will reflect on it seriously, and we will conduct professional media training for all employees of Paper Clip to strengthen ideological education and management. Before the team transformation and training are completed, take the initiative to stop updating all content. When creating the video, the paperclip team always hopes to tell the audience a good Chinese story and show the progress of China’s science and technology and scientific research results, but all of this must be based on safeguarding national interests and national dignity. I hope everyone can continue to supervise us.

6 months ago

I am a little pessimistic. In fact, the majority of netizens have long seen the problem of paper clips. In the past, the Chinese people ate less meat, eggs, and milk, and China imported soybeans to destroy Brazil’s tropical rainforest. Paper clips have long been seen. What it does is not popularize science, it is the penetration of ideology. It is the output of values. But the paperclip is nothing. It has not been processed nor is it cold. After a little public relations apology, he was alive and well again, and he also cooperated with many official media on projects. Wash yourself white or even red. At station b, it is the top science popularization host in terms of traffic. Nouns such as active-duty US military employees and Patten appeared. I don’t think any explanation is needed. This is not a question of pseudoscience. This is a question of the enemy and me, a question of life and death. The paperclip quickly “apologized” again this time. Cut with related people. But the core issues are still shunned. Station b should be under pressure and tagged the paperclip. I hope this incident will not stop at a show-style apology public relations. We must dig deep into the chain of interests and the truth behind it. The Chinese cannot eat meat, eggs, milk, the Chinese cannot emit carbon emissions, and the Chinese cannot eat seafood (comment area added: The Swedish environmental girl told the Chinese not to use chopsticks). Is the next step for Chinese people not to eat rice? Chinese don’t drive cars? Chinese people don’t want to breathe? Many people also sneered at the term “foreign power”. Think that the vast majority of netizens are all soldiers and persecution delusions. Now “foreign forces” have really surfaced. They are not only real existence, but also by your side. Occupy a high traffic position and enjoy the popularity of young people. They appear on various topics such as science popularization, environmental protection, animal protection, women’s rights, and charity. Packing yourself is harmless and tall. After years of operation, they have achieved partial success. For example, the vegan kindergarten in Chengdu. For example, extreme animal protectionists in real life, such as those crazy gender-antagonistic remarks on the Internet, such as various celebrities endorsing vegetarianism, and so on. These all directly affect the life style of the Chinese. They continue to “propagate” and “educate” Chinese people through overseas Chinese, local opinion leaders and celebrities. They take the initiative to set issues and influence the concepts of Chinese people, especially young people, through various channels such as popular science videos, public activities, advertisements, and online discussions. This is terrible. We must remain vigilant. ps: Paper clips participate in provincial satellite TV projects: single-source procurement is the designated supplier, non-competitive procurement. (Note: This announcement has been deleted by the Fujian Radio Film and Television Group and cannot be found at present. The date of inscription in the announcement is wrong. 2021 is written as 2020. But the release date is correct. At present, “Fujian Zhizhi, Paper Clip” is being used. Baidu search can also be found on “CaiZhao.com”). Qu Wanting, who lives overseas, never forgets to tell us not to eat seafood, but to eat vegetarian food.

6 months ago

As we all know, brands will invest money to maintain public opinion, so why don’t some people believe that they will invest money at the national level. Popular science is a very good thing that can influence people subtly. It is a good “tool”, but how to use the “tool” depends entirely on the user. I feel that the work experience of the main creative team of Paperclip doesn’t need science popularization. The people from the famous “reflection school” media group have a strong taste for needles. It broke out once, indicating that there were ten times a hundred times, and their employees were found to support this independence over and over again. Could it be a coincidence? Values are really what they value most when recruiting. Previously, it could be said that they were just inferences without direct evidence. Now it can be said that there is a very clear chain, which proves that they are rotten from the root. I just hope that the paperclip will stop apologizing, and talk to the guards and inmates.

6 months ago

The paperclip matter is not a day or two. It is reasonable to say why this kind of matter has recently burst out in a concentrated manner? Just look at the picture below. Have you ever wondered why you want to penetrate from the perspective of popular science like paperclip Chai Jing? Because most Chinese people, especially young people, still believe that others dislike us and despise us because of our low quality. They will like us when I am of high quality. Well, you can say that the matter of Aunt Niu is that we did not pay for some piracy, and people are not happy. The NBA gave the money, Nike gave the money, a serious deal, do not steal or steal, how many billions of business, does it make sense? I am now slowly beginning to feel that China is not strong or not, and our quality is high or not. It has nothing to do with whether others like you or not. You can deduce that the comic is because you didn’t give money, but if you find that it doesn’t make sense in NBA, you can also say that you gave money and others treat you as a triumphant. But in essence, others look down on you. There is actually no solution at this time, and the decision is not in your hands. Don’t always think about how to do yourself well to make others look up to others, but you don’t want to compare bad, just don’t care what a person who has a prejudice against you thinks. If you are busy with you, he is busy with him. If you offend you, just have a meal. If you don’t offend and cooperate, it’s fine. There is a super server in World of Warcraft-Ansu. Everyone’s impression of Anzu is that the server is big, the people are large, the price is expensive, the studio is large, the food is too much, the big secret realm must not be grouped, and the group must be pitted. As long as you have played nga, you will know that Fengji District is reporting all kinds of Ansu’s cheating things every day. If you think about it carefully, you will think that it is metaphysics. The servers are all chosen by you. How can it be possible that the people of a particular server are not good? Later, I set up a number in Ansu and practiced the leveling experience by myself. It seemed that there was no problem. But it is true that occasionally I have the account of another server. I have grouped Anzu’s people in the Great Secret Realm a few times, but there are all kinds of sorrows and I can’t play. After the add key hacked my key, I also began to doubt whether Anzu really has it. what is the problem? My friend reminded me at the time: “Have you ever counted the rookies of other servers?” I suddenly realized. It is true that I do not go to see a rookie who meets other servers, but when I see Ansu, I think of statistics. In the final analysis, it is still a preconceived stereotype, and you can’t help but want to see whether it is accurate or not. I saw these two pictures later, and it was a complete realization: when a kind of discrimination and slander has penetrated into your bones, even you yourself will feel that as this ethnic group, you have some kind of original sin. You think that as long as you reflect enough, you can wash away the mud on your body and become the Anzu people recognized by their side. But that is actually fake and inaccessible. It’s as if you are even a player with the highest technology and the best such as Ansu outfits, as if you are the most rational, objective, and qualified Chinese who doesn’t eat steak or seafood. You still have to be discriminated against. Then why bother to remember, let go of persistence, and don’t listen to the sound of Lin hitting leaves. Tirofuddin once said that “race does not represent glory, I have seen the most noble orcs, and I have seen the most despicable humans.” I hope at least those young people who are neutral among our own people want to understand this.

6 months ago

Liangmianzhen is really scared, otherwise he won’t make such a hurried panic statement late at night. Why did Ji resign in May this year? Because it is June now, and the salary for May has been paid, all kinds of taxes and bank payment have been recorded, and he can’t deny it. It can only be said that he resigned in May. If the LMZ company pays employees social insurance on time, most of the time has already been declared and paid for June. The relevant department will check if there is any Ji in this month’s social insurance list to know whether it is really resigning or “forced to resign”! Liangmianzhen hurriedly issued a statement at one o’clock in the night. It is very likely to ignore the issue of the social security list and look forward to a more realistic hammer! ! Having said that, if Sai Lei had hammered him in July, Ji would have resigned in June. I hope that the relevant departments of this incident can rise to the legal level of national security, take a good look at the two-sided needle, and don’t let them pass the video of an apology and stop the update lightly! Finally, be alert to peaceful evolution and be a person who can think independently

6 months ago

Without any accident, think that the crooked butt whose underwear was stripped off by Sai Lei will definitely be reviewed, explained and cut by the media, putting on a well-behaved look that has been thought of behind closed doors. For example, two faces are not two faces of human beings. However, in the closed door, what they have thought about must be the problems and defects exposed in the process of Selec’s peeling. For example, certain people should not disclose certain identities, certain fossil-level microblogs and other cyber traces must be deleted, the original team replaced IDs and reorganized IP, collected Sai Lei black material to attack and distorted public opinion, and so on. Therefore, for the rest of their lives, under the magnanimity and forgetfulness of netizens, this group of scumbags will be more concealed, more insidious, development will become more and more obscure, and their techniques will become more and more feminine and mellow. Their traitorous skill tree is constantly illuminated, their arsenal of speech skills is constantly enriched, and their loyalty to reverse nationalism is constantly being tempered. They are dressed in ideological bionic camouflage and are perfectly integrated into China’s network environment. They will use the banner of independent thinking, science popularization without borders, rationality, calmness, objectiveness and neutrality, and organize believers to attack the masses who question them, just like some Internet celebrities who are involved in the legal system or medical science popularization at this stage are doing things. Under repeated painless beatings, this group of online mercenaries will continue to evolve, eventually approaching the ultimate network of Yange Special Forces infinitely: speech and behavior make people feel disgusting, but there is no real evidence. If you can’t kill them, it will only make them more cunning. Do you want to give them a chance to double the fighting power of this group of super nasty Saiyans in Nirvana rebirth? Do you want to live up to our marketing account’s efforts to give up big orders, smashed their jobs, and expose industry insiders to offend Party A and peers? In this battle, even if it is tied, it is lost. The trumpet of LMZ: the basic operation of the drying factory playground

6 months ago

Sai Lei tears the paperclip, how can I say, either Sai Lei died, or the paperclip died because of crooked butt like the paperclip. We media, and even many of our media who are talking weird things upright, their existence is not a day or two, but for several years. Their existence on the Chinese Internet is not their own credit, nor is it really sought after by netizens. It is estimated that the biggest contribution should be the shelter of some people hiding in the government, because one sentence of freedom of speech can eliminate all doubts. People have problems, but netizens who are not blind can do nothing, because they have umbrellas but Sai Lei tore, and it is torn openly. This is different. It can be said that this is the first battle of Chinese Internet public opinion. As the battle begins, It is inevitable to go deep into certain umbrella personnel and dare to attack them. This means that the contradiction between the upper-level main battle and the main peace has been made public, and it also means that the United States should be ready to take action, forcing the main fighter to have to take action. Because the main battle of Yue Fei never thought of killing Qin Hui, and the main battle of Qin Hui will kill Yue Fei. The progress of the Cold War between China and the United States is accelerating.

6 months ago

For such “cannot eat meat”, “cannot eat seafood”, etc., in fact, not only is it useless at present, it has exposed the tendency of many people and platforms to “see for profit”! In reality, such reactionary calls, appeals, and popular science are simply ignored. They are just being watched. Even, there is no need to refute at all. Those who truly believe in them are silly. However, these people are able to prevail, but it is thought-provoking and vigilant. All for profit-making “tacit understanding”? I have never heard of our huge market, because these “fish and meat” comments have had a real impact. Or, the consumption of “fish and meat” declines, even if it declines slightly. In other words, it is not enough. “Imperialism will never die!” This sentence now has more practical significance. Some people, organizations, including platforms, have no right and wrong views, but only focus on vested interests and help the abuser! As ordinary people, when we criticize them, I said “Fragrant Grass Heaven” and judged me to violate the rules! Folding my answer is also convinced!

6 months ago

Watching Sai Lei’s video at station B, it was really a hit. The core members of the paperclip team advertised reactionary remarks on Twitter, and one of them even worked in the US Army Research Laboratory. Even more frightening is that the paperclip team or other content producers are just one link in the entire chain of interests. The organizer behind it is China Dialogue. China Dialogue claims to be a non-profit organization, but the source of funds is actually a mystery. Professor Shen Yi from the comment area further added that Isabel Hilton, the founder of China Dialogue, was an editor of Open Democracy. And to inquire about the funding sources of the Open Democracy Network, Soros’s Open Society Foundation, the US Congress’s NED, and the Ford Foundation are among them. So far we can see that behind the seemingly simple “Chinese people eating seafood is not environmentally friendly” video is an entire industrial chain covering upstream funding, midstream coordination organizations, and downstream cultural product production. The specialization and division of labor displayed by these organizations is chilling to think about. This is no longer a problem with one or two videos, but the battle of public opinion has never gone far. Probably because of the sudden change in the nature of the incident, Sai Lei’s video is as strong as a mountain, and the paperclip team quickly responded, acknowledging the fact in disguise. In short, the paperclip team means that the employees involved have resigned, admitted that the team has serious problems, and will strengthen management and training in the future. The comment area is quite exciting, especially this one is simply laughable; in all fairness, putting aside all kinds of private goods, the quality of the video content produced by the paperclip team is good. This is also an important capital for the paperclip team to stand firm after controversy, and even become the top 100 UP master at station B. On the one hand, we should listen and be aware, keep independent thinking, and avoid being biased by certain content; on the other hand, we also hope that more high-quality science content will emerge from the entire network, and some malicious content will naturally have nowhere to stay.

6 months ago

After watching a circle of “pseudo science popularization” videos, I briefly summarized the common tricks of such accounts. Share it with you, and welcome your criticisms, corrections, and supplements. 1. Tell the truth, but not all the truth. In order to be able to fool more people, every sentence in the video/text of these media is basically true, but every sentence they say is carefully selected. The A incident has ten advantages and one disadvantage, but they often only exaggerate the disadvantages without mentioning the possible benefits of A. 2. Use references and news reports to “endorse” yourself, but only intercept arguments that are beneficial to you. In order to enhance their credibility, this group of people wished that every sentence of their own had a source, and the single reference had several pages in both Chinese and English. But like the previous one, they only look for arguments that are beneficial to them in the references, and ignore the unfavorable arguments. Anyway, 99% of people don’t read the full text of the reference. 3. While using “rationality, neutrality, and objectivity” to package oneself, while using “deleting comments” and “blocking black” to control speech. Because of the reasons for popularizing science, this group of people can easily set up a persona of “reasonable Chinese customers”. He puts logical thinking on his lips every day, and encourages fans to think independently, and welcomes criticism and corrections; however, he secretly controls the comment area and deletes all comments that point to errors. Over time, a group of fans who listened blindly were screened out. In this way, even if the video contains misleading content, people in doubt will think that it is their own problem when they see the “harmony” in the comment area. 4. Deliberately guide, but do not directly draw conclusions. This is the worst part of this group of people. They are all masters at playing with words, giving wrong arguments and wrong derivation methods, but they don’t give you a definite conclusion. Through deliberate guidance, they disguise “what they want you to believe” as the result of your own thinking. They use this method to convince you of their “wrong conclusions.”

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