I saw it in the comment area of ​​station B before, and an old man said about his wonderful experience: he had a stamp stamped on pigs in his hand, and he just got it, and thought it was just an ordinary chapter. Originally chatting with a friend, I didn’t care about the chapter. Then his colleague at the time and his later wife came in. The old brother was also very hearted. He joked with the two of them and took the chapter and stamped on the other’s buttocks, and went to this female colleague’s. A print on the buttocks. Having said that, readers probably guessed why this young couple would become husband and wife in the future, right? At that time, what the old brother thought of as the “ordinary seal”, slapped out the hidden needle, pierced the cloth on the trousers and pierced the girl’s ass. , A scream of exclamation, a big mouth, slap! There is no end to this! How to develop this period of injustice is a bit off topic, and I will not list it for the time being today. In a flash, many years passed, and the young man became the protagonist of today’s story. The girl who was bullied and cried also married as a wife and became his wife. But the red seal on the butt egg still became the pain in my brother’s heart, the hatred of my sister-in-law, this seal that can’t be washed away! Still the same sentence, this thing is endless!

Pork is an indispensable meat food for every household in our daily lives, but when we buy it in the market, we can always see a stamp on the pig skin, because we are worried that the stamp has inedible ingredients, causing people to deal with pork. When scrubbing hard, even some people will bargain with the boss, hoping to buy the part without the seal, but in fact, the pork quarantine seal is almost difficult to clean. This is because when the ink pad is configured, materials that are difficult to clean are used as much as possible. After all, after a whole set of processes, the pork will flow through the hands of many people, and the merchant will clean it a second time when it is sold. In order to ensure that the quarantine seal does not fall off, a kind of ink pad that is not easy to clean is specially prepared. Secondly, because when the seal is stamped, the pig has no signs of life, and the organs in the body are no longer undergoing metabolism. If the quarantine seal is stamped while the pig is alive It will fall off automatically after a short time. If you don’t believe it, you can try it on your own skin. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the unusable ingredients in the seal. According to the relevant regulations of our country, the quarantine seal of meat must use copper material, and it is mandatory to use edible fuel, such as blue ink pad. For example, its main ingredients are brilliant blue, glycerin, vitamin C, etc., and brilliant blue is a food colorant, which is often applied to various food color additives, and will not affect your health. In the article, the blue chapter refers to the boar and the red chapter refers to the sow. These are all nonsense and not true. Do you understand after reading it?


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

In the past, the main ingredient of the pork chapter was gentian violet solution, which is what we commonly call purple syrup. Later, people discovered that the purple syrup has a potential risk of cancer, so it was replaced with food blue pigment if it is covered in humans. On the body, because there is a thick layer of oil on the surface of the human body, which can isolate the skin and pigment, it can be washed off with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, or slowly wait for one’s own metabolism, the skin oil will continue to be produced, and the surface oil will be rubbed off and washed away. The pigment will also disappear. As for why it is so difficult to wash the pork body, I think the main reason is that the pig was dead when the stamp was stamped, and the cells lost their vitality and no more oil was produced. At this time, the pig skin was scalded and washed. However, the surface oil has been washed away a lot, and the pigment is directly printed on the pigskin, and then slowly penetrates over time, just like a tattoo, the pigment enters the skin, which is more difficult to wash, but if you really wash it I got a pork stamp after the bath was white and tender, so I think I can try the tattoo removal method, using laser

9 months ago

The purple quarantine stamp on pigskin was covered with purple potion or wisteria juice before, but now it is basically a blue stamp. It is actually a special liquid for food blue inspection marking. This special liquid is made of bright blue (usually used as medicine and Food colorant), alcohol, glycerin, vitamin C, distilled water, etc. are mixed, stirred and dissolved. The special liquid for food blue inspection and marking is an edible raw material that meets the requirements of food hygiene and will not cause any harm to the human body. To remove it, you can go to the hospital to buy a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the seal area for 20 minutes to bleach it until it is colorless, or evenly apply edible alkali on the seal. After a few hours, most of the seal marks will disappear.

9 months ago

This chemical reagent is called Coomassie Brilliant Blue. It combines with protein (sweat can be used) to show a blue-violet color. The reaction is very sensitive and fast. It is useless if you want to wash it off with water. Coomassie Brilliant Blue is not only used to cover pigs, but also in the field of criminal investigation, that is, to develop fingerprints at the crime scene. I personally test the colored fingerprints to be clearly visible (I tried on the experimental handouts, and now these books are under the bottom of the box). This can also imagine its sensitivity. (I don’t go into the chronicle of pork stamping here. I only know that bright blue reagents have indeed been used. Now there may be better and safer reagents for pork stamping.) We are doing biochemical experiments for measuring protein quality, which is to use Coomassie light. Blue reacted with protein to develop color, and then compared with the standard solution by measuring the absorbance, it was found that the amount of protein was accidentally stained on the palm of the hand, and it did not fall off for at least a week or two. . There are no daily chemicals to get rid of this thing. The best way to wash it off is to wait for the skin to metabolize. I take this opportunity to experience the metabolic rate of human cells that is not normally felt. By the way, it is good to think about philosophical issues like the Ship of Theseus.

9 months ago

It is said that gentian violet was used before. Also called purple syrup is a 1% alcohol solution containing methyl violet. Its role is to be a disinfectant and antiseptic, has a good bactericidal effect, has no irritation to the tissues, and can condense with mucous membranes and skin surfaces to form a protective film for astringency. It can be used for superficial wounds, ulcers and skin infections, such as small burns, eczema, herpes, pharyngitis, thrush, etc. It is generally used for disinfection of skin and mucous membrane wounds, infections, ulcers and other parts. It can also be used for burns or herpes. It can inhibit the growth and reproduction of local pathogens and reduce tissue fluid extravasation. Now, food blue and food red are used for edible coloring, glycerin, edible alcohol and water. And the amount is very small, non-toxic and harmless, this kind of seal and pork can be eaten with confidence, no need to scrape off. It is worth mentioning that this kind of seal is a fat-soluble substance, which means it is not easy to wash off with water. If the pork seal you bought is easily washed off, you need to be wary of fake seals. The quality of pork is questionable. It is not suitable to be cleaned if it touches people.

9 months ago

Is the colored stamp on pork harmful and how to wash it off? Pork quarantine qualification stamp is a mark of qualified pork. Such meat is safer than without a stamp. The seal used for quarantine inspection is made of food pigment. Although it is difficult to wash off with water, this pigment is harmless to the human body. If you find it unacceptable, you can use alcohol to clean it, you can wash off the seal part, and then rinse it off. However, cleaning with alcohol may affect the taste of the ingredients.

9 months ago

I don’t know if it can be washed off before, but now it should be washed off, but I haven’t tried it. Of course, my metabolism can definitely be washed off, but it takes too long. 1. The purple quarantine stamp on pigskin is generally covered with purple potion or wisteria juice. Food is harmless to humans. However, it is not beautiful and makes people have no appetite. If you must remove it, you can go to the hospital to buy a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the seal area for 20 minutes to bleach it to colorless. 2. Apply edible alkali evenly on the seal. After a few hours, most of the marks on the seal will disappear except for the darker part. The blue seal is actually a special liquid for food blue inspection marking. This special liquid is made of bright blue (usually used as a coloring agent for medicines and foods), alcohol, glycerin, vitamin C, distilled water, etc., mixed, stirred and dissolved. The special liquid for food blue inspection and marking is an edible raw material that meets the requirements of food hygiene and will not cause any harm to the human body.

9 months ago

According to my country’s relevant laws and regulations, live pigs must go through certain inspection and quarantine procedures before entering the market for circulation and sale, and they can enter the market only after they are qualified. In order to mark that the pork has passed the inspection and quarantine, it is necessary to put a corresponding mark on the pig’s body to show the proof, so we can see the seal on the skin of the pig. Relevant seals are stamped on the surface of the meat, and the ingredients of the stamp oil used must comply with the relevant raw materials of the food-grade standard and cannot cause pollution to the meat. For red ink, its main ingredients are food-grade carmine, 95% alcohol, 99% glycerin and distilled water. For blue ink, its main ingredients are food-grade bright blue (or gardenia blue) pigment, 95% alcohol, 99% glycerin and distilled water. These ingredients are in full compliance with the relevant national standards and are edible substances that will not have adverse effects on human health after contact or consumption. But don’t put it on your body, hahaha~ Generally, there are two different seals on pigskin: one is the “Qualified Quarantine” mark, that is, the animal product quarantine and inspection seal, which is a long strip, from the front to the After that, it runs through almost the entire body of the pig, and the stamp is marked with the quarantine province, the quarantine date, and the inspection mark of the pig product. For meat products that are qualified for quarantine, the color of the stamp is uniformly blue according to regulations; for meat products that are not qualified for quarantine, a stamp with the words “High Temperature” or “Destroyed” shall be stamped, and the color shall be uniformly red. Another type of seal is the “Quality Qualified” mark, that is, the meat quality inspection seal, which is round. Although the coverage area is small, there will be many stamps on the pigskin, almost everywhere in the pigskin. This seal contains the name of the designated slaughterhouse, the code, the date of production and the words “Inspected and Passed” in red.

9 months ago

From the point of view of stamping, it determines the purpose of not being easily washed off by water. Because in the links of meat storage, processing, and circulation and sales, friction and washing between meat products occur from time to time. If the seal is so easy to fall off, the meaning of the mark will be lost. As for why it can’t be washed off with water, the main reason is that the main components of stamp ink are fat-soluble and not easily soluble in water, but are easily soluble in organic solvents. Washed off by water. If the pork seal is covered on human skin, you can use high-efficiency non-toxic organic solvents, such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc., which can be quickly and effectively removed. Here is a reminder that because hydrogen peroxide is also highly oxidizing, the concentration should not be too high during use to avoid corrosion to human skin. After removing the seal, you can use a lot of water to rinse it a few times to remove the residue. Also, everyone should pay attention to the inspection situation when buying pork~ A stamp indicates that the level of inspection and quarantine is incomplete; those with an X-shaped red stamp indicate that they need to be destroyed. They are meat products with serious problems and must not be eaten. ; Those with a red three-solution-shaped seal indicate that they need to be processed at a high temperature before being edible; those with an oval red seal indicate that it is an industrial product that is used to refine industrial oil and cannot be purchased for consumption.

9 months ago

I’m familiar with this question, and the migrant workers in the biotech industry are not invited. If you don’t wear a few more layers of gloves when doing biological experiments, you will often get biofuel on your hands. The characteristic is that it can’t be washed off, and then a foul smell is emitted from the hands. The solution is to wait for two days or so with the metabolism, the epidermis will slowly fall off, and the color will disappear. So I think the pork badge is mostly because dead pigs cannot be metabolized, so they can’t be removed. If you cover live pigs, it will fade in two or three days.

9 months ago

It doesn’t seem to invite me, but I still thank you. Looking back at high school biology, there is something called a living dye in high school biology, which is used to identify whether the cell is dead, the basic function of the cell membrane of the dead cell is lost, and the dye enters the cell, so the seal of the pig’s epidermis cannot be removed, or It is difficult to remove and cannot enter the epidermal cells of the living body, so it is difficult to stain. The above content and opinions are just what I thought about when I was studying the identification of cell death in high school.

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