According to Taiwan’s “Dongsen News Cloud” on the evening of June 19, after Japan presented Taiwan’s 1.24 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine, various parts of the island began to expand the scope of vaccination on June 15. Of sporadic sudden deaths. Up to now, the number of sudden deaths after vaccination on the island has soared to 62, with the youngest being only 42 years old.

On June 19, the Japanese media “Nikkan Hyundai” published an article saying that with the emergence of sudden death cases, Japanese people on the island of Taiwan began to worry about the deterioration of Taiwan’s “feelings” towards Japan. A Japanese on the island said to him, “The changes in Taiwan are much faster than the Japanese imagined. I even felt signs of anger.

Miki: Sixty-seven people have died after being vaccinated. Although I am Japanese, I can’t stand it anymore. People in Taiwan are also humans, not stray cats or dogs. How could we dare not dare ourselves? Give them the vaccine. Therefore, I ask your Honorable Judge to allow Taiwanese people to be angry. Gu Meimen: Your Honor, Japan presented a vaccine to Taiwan. I do know that there is a problem with this vaccine. But… the mother of the Showa era, if she drove her child into the mud, and cried from a small wound, she would immediately be reprimanded! Unpalatable food must be eaten clean, and if you are bullied, you must find your own reasons. Everyone will have resentment towards such a mother! However, it is such a Showa mother who allows her children to face the perilous society calmly. Small difficulties are resolved gracefully, they are always dazzling at parties, and the relationship between society is always commendable. The whip raised by the mother is a spur of love. The mother’s rebuke is an encouragement to the child soaked in her hard work. The child grows up to be a social figure. Looking back at what his mother has done, how can anyone cry without being moved? The vaccine given to Taiwan by Japan is the spur of love! A thin, helpless and vulnerable boy, his mother waved the whip in tears and cursed: “Give me strength, Ba Ga Yalu! Get me better, Ba Lu Ye Lang!” Although the child was injured, it was love. In the dark, in the middle of the night, stroking the scars of love given by his mother, the boy swears with tears: “I will be strong, mother!” After many years, Tai Wan Erlang looked back at his Japanese mother, and countless grievances finally Knowing the reason, countless reprimands finally turned into valuable memories. Kneel down and say: “Ali Gado!” “Mom, hit me again!” Your Honor, this is the great Showa mother and the great Japanese government. People in Taiwan will understand. Faced with the mother’s gift naked, he said: “Give your son, if possible! I will get ten shots! Each shot is mother’s stern and pure love!” Miki was stunned. The judge who had just lost his mother cried together with the people in Taiwan who were watching.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Former Taiwan’s former Air Force Deputy Commander Zhang Yanting made the following anti-human remarks about the vaccines given by the mainland in Zhao Shaokang’s program; therefore, it’s normal for Japanese people in Taiwan to be nervous, and I’m also nervous: God knows some officials in Taiwan Wouldn’t you really do such an anti-human thing? What’s more, the number of sudden deaths is increasing, and the mortality rate of vaccinated and unvaccinated is not much worse. Will local officials in Taiwan take advantage of this “angry” mood to really do something? I don’t know, I hope there won’t be.

6 months ago

Doubts about authenticity. The sudden death of 62 people is real, and the anger should be made up. Taiwanese will only love their Japanese brothers. Where is the anger? I think the misfortune of 62 people must not awaken Taiwan. They can parade for the coral reef, for the pork, for the beef, and for the fruit. If they really care about these 62 people, why don’t they immediately march across Taiwan? Let’s talk about anger after they march.

6 months ago

I saw that the deaths were mainly concentrated in a few cities that were not governed by green camps. Then the problem is not big. The DPP won’t care. Biden’s dog is more important. And these Japanese in Taiwan may think too much. The mortality rate of AZ vaccine in Taiwan is indeed surprisingly high, but now the focus of ww is more on discussing the 2.5 million doses of Modena vaccine that the United States will give them. Just like Japan’s announcement of sending AZ before, now it has caught a new life-saving straw again, and I am grateful to Dade. Step back ten thousand steps and talk about how you will be angry with your elder brother. Those people already have chronic diseases. Getting the new crown is also a dead end. Give a chance to get a vaccine. Ann, don’t blame Big Brother, what can Big Brother be wicked. Forgive me for the exaggerated graffiti in the picture above, but I am more concerned that Tsai Ing-wen has authorized TSMC and Hon Hai to talk to Fuxing about 10 million BNT vaccines. How to put it, according to the past development, if WW is released, our side will definitely go smoothly. However, according to their current enthusiasm to discredit Kexing vaccine (the screenshot will not be released, it will definitely not pass the review), it is estimated that after the revival has contributed to these 10 million BNTs, people will not only thank us like the big brother before and now thank dad. , But also fancy slander, abuse and splash dirty water. Really, tired. Get used to it, you can only feel sorry for yourself.

6 months ago

Observer Network exaggerated the sentiments of Taiwanese. I don’t think Taiwanese will be angry with Japan. It’s too late for them to be grateful. Although more than 60 people have died, after all, more Taiwanese have been vaccinated! Those who were vaccinated and did not die will thank Japan. People who are dead… are dead anyway, what are you afraid of? The dead can’t speak. By vaccinating the batch of AZ vaccines from Japan, Taiwanese have obtained very valuable first-hand information: What are the side effects of the AZ vaccine and what are the symptoms? I believe no one knows better than Taiwanese dentists. Taiwan will once again lead the world. You see, although the epidemic in Taiwan has not been closed or screened, the prevention and control are excellent. The patients have not started to decline rapidly (the real reason is that there are no new additions because they are not checked, and although the city is not closed, Taiwanese people I dare not go wherever I am afraid of death, so the infected people drop). I hope that in a few days Taiwan will return to normal, and the people will come out of their homes. After all, after these two months, Taiwanese vaccines are coming out soon. Then, Taiwanese can queue up for the vaccine. At the rate of 100,000 injections a day, by October, 6 million injections will be completed and 3 million people will be immunized… Then, 20 million Taiwanese who have not been vaccinated can usher in the next peak of the new crown. I wish Taiwanese people. The look in my eyes is very sincere.

6 months ago

The dead are true, but anger is false. Now the Taiwan authorities are still anxious that the number of deaths will increase so that the people dare not vaccinate abroad. The provincial-produced vaccine, the high-end vaccine, has just successfully solved the blindness in the second phase. It is about to be sold on the market. How can they make a profit when you come from foreign vaccines? In order to escort the province to produce vaccines, President Tsai made a wide-ranging statement, reporting the number of sudden vaccine deaths according to the truth rather than concealing (relying on the spread of epidemic-related news, regardless of whether it is true or not, the Taiwan authorities can limit the spread of the news), in order to combat Taiwan People’s confidence in foreign vaccines. As for you asking people whether the Az vaccine certified by the World Health Organization still has so many problems, why do Taiwanese have confidence in the high-end vaccine produced in the second phase of the province that has just been solved and the third phase has not been on the schedule? Taiwan Nanbowan, understand?

6 months ago

What is Taiwan Province doing? Oh, he was commemorating Biden’s dead dog. It’s really ironic, 62 people’s lives are not as good as Biden’s dog! I don’t know if Governor Cai saw these 62 lives. Compared with a dog, are these 62 people worthy of your confession on Twitter? Licking the dog real hammer! It’s really disgusting and angry! Wanwan is now hitting the south wall and not looking back! Japan has not yet included the AstraZeneca vaccine in the scope of vaccination because of adverse reactions such as thrombosis in Europe. Even though the Japanese government and AstraZeneca have reached an agreement to purchase 120 million doses of vaccines, Japan’s vaccination rate is the lowest among developed countries. Only 3.7% of Japan’s population has received at least one dose of the new crown vaccine, and then Japan has given out a lot of vaccines to the Gulf. Bay vaccination, Japan is really compassionate. I don’t want to use it all to my friends. Isn’t this kind of friendship for my friends worthy of our congratulations for them? Three months ago, many countries suspended AstraZeneca vaccination. Including Austria, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg and other countries. The State of New York requires that the St. James Theater only accepts the new crown vaccine certificate approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), namely Pfizer, Modena and Johnson & Johnson, excluding AstraZeneca. There were even star concerts denying AstraZeneca vaccinators admission. There were 13 deaths in Taiwan in the previous two days, and the epidemic prevention department was still “normal” and “continued to recommend fighting.” I don’t know if our Governor Cai has been vaccinated against AstraZeneca! What’s more weird is that Wanwan even beats the elderly first. Is it because they think they live too long? Whether the vaccine is worth fighting and whether it is safe is based solely on political considerations, not whether it protects the lives of the people. It is not whether the vaccine is healthy. It is scientifically verified. I was wondering if we donated some vaccines to Taiwan Province at that time, and then the local soreness of these vaccines would be caused by the media! It’s just a worry and a pity for Taiwan compatriots, and it has become Governor Cai’s experiment and tool! The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is a ChadoX 1-S [recombinant] viral vector vaccine. AstraZeneca vaccine is a new crown vaccine developed by AstraZeneca, while AstraZeneca was formed by the merger of the former Swedish company Astra and the former British company Zelix. Is a multinational pharmaceutical company and does not belong to a certain country

6 months ago

First of all, anyone advocating the success of Taiwan’s epidemic prevention is based on the popular saying in Taiwan, it is the cognitive warfare of the 1450 cyber army. This is the data given by Taiwan Zhongshi News. In the first half of June alone, the number of cremation in the six prefecture-level administrative regions in Taiwan There were 2103 more people than the same period last year; in 2020, there were 186,000 deaths in Taiwan, and in 2016-19 they were 17.2, 17.1, 17.2, and 175,000. 2020 is 11,000 more than 2019 (how did you write it as 9,000…), and “pneumonia and influenza” “The death toll” is 5,924 more than in 2019. Even if half of the 11,000 deaths in 2020 is a natural increase, there will be 5,500 additional deaths of unknown cause plus every half month this year. Two thousand more people died. Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 30,000 people in Taiwan have died inexplicably. We optimistically estimate that if the fraction is removed, only 30,000 people have died. Only one-third of these 30,000 people have died. In other words, the most optimistic estimate is that the number of people infected with the new crown in Taiwan is also on the order of one million. So the problem in Taiwan is not at all in the vaccine. There is no large-scale detection and tracking of every infected person, even in Taiwan. There was a miracle of heaven, tens of millions of effective vaccines with very low side effects appeared out of thin air, and there were no conditions for delivery. In the absence of universal screening, the infected and uninfected people were put together to get the vaccine, accounting for the total One-tenth of the population is fully capable of infecting everyone. Everyone will be infected before the vaccine takes effect. It does not matter whether the vaccine is vaccinated or not. It will eventually form a true “herd immunity”. So the irony is Now, it is a good thing that Taiwan does not have enough vaccines. People do not go out to get vaccinations, which reduces the possibility of infection. As for the more than 60 people who died because of az, is this still important based on the current situation in Taiwan?

6 months ago

Vaccines are science. If a vaccine kills people in Japan, it will also be in Taiwan. There is nothing to be angry about. Although the dead are unfortunate, the reason is understandable. Now more than 60 people have been killed in four days, so many. The reason I think is that the existing AstraZeneca vaccines in Taiwan, except for first-line medical care and privileged jumpers, are almost all targeted at elderly people over 80 years old. Almost all people at this age have limited mobility and are accompanied by many underlying diseases. After such a tossed shot, young people may have to lie down for three days with the vaccine. Indeed, the probability of sudden death will be greatly increased. If you look at it this way, the number “62” is also understandable. After this “62”, let’s talk about “anger”. Regarding Taiwanese people’s “angry” about Japan’s donation of land vaccines to kill people, I can only say don’t make fun of them. It is reasonable that Taiwan has been one of the few “lonely ghosts” in the world in recent years. Bullying, but have people in Taiwan ever been really angry? Maybe they tried to get angry, but who cares? Not only do other people in the world do not care, the Taiwan authorities do not even care. From May 14 to the present wave of the epidemic in Taiwan, the people were angry with the various misdeeds of the Taiwan authorities. Cai posted a Facebook a few days ago, and the following tens of thousands of messages were all cursing and accusing. In addition to the daily operations of some mainland netizens, there are also a large number of Taiwanese who are accusing the authorities of crimes, but I don’t see any signs that they can cause even a little splash, and they are still angry. Angry ball! Squatting at home together and scolding mainland China for not being fragrant?

6 months ago

The anger is not enough, but there are some criticisms. The main reason is that Lanying is a little disgusted with the Japanese-made repaying person. It is enough to send others away with the leftovers that are about to expire. They are still dressed up. The face of the pitiful hypocrite looked really disgusting, but Lu Ying still licked it correctly. The AZ vaccine is now a little bit afraid of the islanders, and there are many elderly people in many places not going to fight AZ, resulting in a surplus of the allocated vaccine. Several things have happened on the island recently regarding vaccines. 1. Under the pressure of public opinion, the DPP government finally released Guo Taiming to buy vaccines. Guo Taiming’s donation of vaccines is by no means as simple as a charity. Guo still loves the top position. This is because the DPP has been guarding him, no The reason for him to donate the vaccine smoothly. You must know that Guo Taiming not only worships Mazu but also believes in Second Brother Guan. Next time, if Brother Guan has any dreams, it is entirely possible. 2. TSMC also announced that it would donate vaccines. The statement was very interesting and did not attach any conditions. This was obviously pulled by the Democratic Progressive Party to check and balance Guo Taiming. The absence of any conditions also satirized Guo severely. The BNT vaccines purchased by TSMC and Hon Hai are all shipped from the original German factory through Shanghai Fosun. This is a normal business model. I have also opened a trading company. It is very common to ship directly to customers from the original factory. Before joining the party, I had been handling Shenzhen cans, non-original goods…all of them fooled the Lvying gang. 3. The U.S. suddenly added 2.5 million doses of Modena without warning. On the one hand, due to geopolitical considerations, the Tsai Ing-wen government is under great pressure both inside and outside the government. In particular, complaints about the DPP’s disregard for the life and death of the common people on the island to prevent the introduction of vaccines, this 2.5 million Of course, the vaccine was not given for nothing. Taiwan just bought 50 billion Taiwan dollars worth of arms from the United States this Thursday, and the vaccine was shipped today. Lao Mei doesn’t have the benefit of Taiwan’s policy to warm people’s hearts. People are very clear about their accounts, and they won’t do anything that suffers. One piece of data is more interesting. The number of cremation people in major cities in Taiwan this month has increased sharply compared with last year, basically increasing by about 50%, and some cities have rapidly doubled. Statistics from the Shuangbei City Government show that the number of people who have passed away due to the new crown epidemic shows that the DPP government has missed at least one or two hundred people in Shuangbei. Considering the extremely low screening volume in Taiwan, how many black numbers are hidden? Let me mention another piece of data. Recently, Taiwanese were tested positive at various ports on the mainland from time to time. Today, a case of Taiwanese new crown-positive patient was also found in Macau, who was infected with the Indian variant. This gentleman returned to Taiwan from India, 5/17 to 6. /16 has been moving freely in Taiwan. How many places did he go? No one has been going to track him down. It is suggested that all ports on the mainland must “extraordinarily care” for “Taiwan compatriots”.

6 months ago

There are 23.5 million people in the province. 0.00026% died because of this. It’s only 0.26 per 100,000, what a small number. Is this a thing, make a fuss. Statistically this is equal to 0! There are a total of 1.24 million vaccines. 0.005% of vaccinators died as a result. It’s only five hundred thousandths. Doesn’t this kind of thing that is similar to the death rate of a traffic accident happen every day? I really don’t know what you are so excited about. Do you guys fight? Do you have any precious medicines that are exclusively supplied to the East by the West? If there is no fight, don’t pantothenic acid. In short, it is recommended to continue to finish, not to waste.

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