When I was young, I had a set of books “Jieshou Shi Hua”, which contains all the glory of my hometown before 1990. For example: in the battle of Wang Mang and Liu Xiu, because of her charity changed Chinese history; in the War of Resistance Against Japan, because of her kindness, she took in people fleeing from all directions, making this place once become the “little Shanghai” on the border between Henan and Anhui. According to legend, Ren Bishi was also the county magistrate here before liberation; the book contains a myth about the city’s mother, Shahe. Our Shahe wine was once famous all over the country. These are also recorded in Baidu Baike. Oh, yes, this is also the hometown of Liu Futong. Jieshou is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Anhui Province and is managed by Fuyang City. It is located in the northwest of Anhui Province and is also known as Jiegou and Xiaoshanghai. It is bordered by Linquan County and Fuyang County in the south, Taihe County in the east, and Shenqiu and Dancheng counties in Henan Province in the northwest. Because Liu Qi, a famous general in the Southern Song Dynasty, defeated Jin Wushu, the boundary here was named after the ditch. During the Anti-Japanese War, Jieshou was not invaded by Japanese troops due to traffic jams. Businessmen from cities such as Shanghai and Nanjing moved to Jieshou. At one time, the population increased sharply, merchants gathered, and trade was prosperous, so it was known as “Little Shanghai”. The total area is 667.3 square kilometers, the population is 834,000 (the registered population in 2019), and it has jurisdiction over 15 towns and 3 sub-districts. Jieshou (County-level city in Fuyang City, Anhui Province) I lived on this land until I was 18 years old. Her decadence at that time moved my sensitive heart when I was young. After the tainted milk powder incident in 2003, I didn’t even dare to tell others about my hometown. After graduating from university, I chose to work in another place, occasionally returning to my hometown on holidays. The impression of her stayed before university until 2017, when her mother called and said that her home house was too close to Shahe, which affected the urban appearance planning and was included in the scope of demolition. In the next few years, I learned about the changes in my hometown from time to time during the conversation with my mother, for example, the bridge near my hometown was rebuilt. The bridge before reconstruction is more beautiful at night. Gradually, I am not satisfied with this passive notification. I paid attention to the WeChat official account in my hometown and actively followed her changes. In December 2019, it ranked among the top ten counties (cities) with investment potential in the country in 2019. This year, the hometown also opened a high-speed rail. On December 1, Jieshou officially entered the era of high-speed rail. On May 18, 2020, the 2020 National County-level City Communication Ranking Press Conference was held in the People’s Daily. It ranks 91st. In 2019, Jieshou City achieved a gross regional product (GDP) of 34.29 billion yuan, a per capita GDP of 56023 yuan, and annual fiscal revenue of 4.01 billion yuan. Inadvertently, my hometown ran from the poorest county in Anhui to the 91st place in the country. It was also this year that my hometown issued news about the construction of a general airport. Jieshou General Airport, here comes! My hometown is a small county with both a high-speed rail station and an airport, which has become a little pride in my heart. If you meet a stranger and ask me where my hometown is, I would say something from Versailles: a small county-level city, Jieshou. When I see the other person’s face at a loss, I will add: Oh, I don’t know what the government there thinks about building a high-speed rail and an airport in such a small place. Finally, I will publicize our intangible cultural heritage-Jieshou painted pottery for my hometown.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I’m writing this, would you like the Jiujiang Propaganda Department to thank me? Jiujiang, Jiangxi, is my hometown. The grandfathers took root in Xunyang District of Jiujiang. The pride of Jiujiang is that everything is an ancient poem. Looking up, “Flying straight down three thousand feet, it is suspected that the Milky Way is falling for nine days.” Looking to the left, “The Chunjiang tide is levelling the sea, and the sea is bright and the moon is in the same tide.” Looking to the right, “Xunyang River sends guests off at night, Maple Leaf Dihua” Qiu Sese.” Looking far away, “Suddenly there is a peach blossom forest, hundreds of steps across the bank, there are no miscellaneous trees in the middle, the grass is delicious, and the fallen leaves are colorful. The fisherman is very different. Going forward again, I want to impoverish the forest.” Look, “I don’t know the true face of Mount Lu, but I am in this mountain.” That’s all, Yuan Longping and Chen Yinke. And I. Why can’t you keep me that Jiujiang government? Hey. just kidding. Talented people are talented, and now recalling Jiujiang, most of them are poems left by historical talents. Sorting out the snow scenes of Lushan Mountain: The following pictures are selected from the photos of Jiujiang micro-published many years ago. Since they do not involve profitable publication, they are widely advertised.

7 months ago

I am a child who has not left my hometown. The place of work is only 20 kilometers away from the place where I was born. It is not far or near. It just so happens that I can go back anytime when my parents need it. My hometown has changed a lot over the years. From a small town to the present, it has become a business card of a vegetable base on the plains of western Sichuan. I look at my hometown a little bit and it makes us more and more proud. I used to like to travel. Looking at the beautiful construction of rural areas abroad, I feel like a painting wherever I go. After the construction of the new countryside, we are also surrounded by scenery at our doorstep.

7 months ago

What makes me most proud of is the change of my primary school alma mater. My alma mater is a village-level primary school. There is only one building, and the three-story building in the picture below. The third floor of this building is the teacher’s office, the second floor is the fourth grade classroom and the fifth grade classroom, and the first floor is the first, second, and third grade. Because it is a village-level elementary school, the scale is very small, so there is one class for each grade. In front of this building is a playground, where children raise the flag every day, and behind is a small courtyard, which belongs to sports and entertainment venues. Now she looks like this.

7 months ago

Many large-scale events have been held, such as China-ASEAN Expo, Guangxi Road Cycling World Tour, and more and more local specialties, such as Liuzhou snail noodles, Guilin rice noodles, Nanning old friend noodles, and more. Lingshan litchi, Baise mango, Wumingwo mango, Fuchuan navel orange. But these are not things that all ordinary people can really experience. What can let ordinary people feel directly in these years is the village access, nine-year compulsory education, and poverty alleviation. In 2004, in the remote mountain village of Hechi, Guangxi, many people born in the 90s like me, a small number of people stopped studying after graduating from elementary school, and most of them stopped studying after graduating from junior high school. One is that there are no conditions at home, and the other is that the academic performance is not satisfactory (tuition fees are expensive, because the academic performance is not satisfactory, and the psychological burden of studying is very large). The economy was relatively backward, and the tuition fee of more than 300 yuan per semester was a huge burden for a family. I remember that because of my better grades, the school waived or reduced part of the tuition, which was about 300 yuan, but my parents were very happy. During the three years of junior high school from 2004 to 2007, the school had no canteen and no direct car. The school was all walking + boat + shuttle bus, and I had to bring my own food from home and go home once every two weeks, every time.

7 months ago

Demolition, demolition, demolition, and construction are everywhere. The ancient bridge and ancient buildings are not protected, let it disappear. The Moon City in the Moon City Temple was demolished, and it was speechless. Can’t the immovable cultural relics be moved? Witnessed so much history! ! The Fengxian New Town promotional video has been on the Wall Street billboard in the United States. The lipstick of the female soldier in the 2019 military parade is produced by the Fengxian Oriental Beauty Valley Base. The 2021 CCTV Chorus Spring Festival Gala is performed in front of the Fengxian Jiukeshu Art Center. As for the special products on the hot search, none of them were sold. I have searched Fengxian’s yellow peaches, honey pears, fermented bean curd, and white wine in Zhihu. No one recommends! It means that everyone is not rare! Other snacks, nothing. They would rather let these things disappear. Every time I see the issue of recommending specialty products from my hometown, I bypass it. because there’s none. Even if they have them, they don’t promote them and they disappear into the dust of history, even the county records are not there.

7 months ago

“I married a baby in the mountains.” With us, people who used to say this sentence would give you sympathetic eyes, but now, when they hear, “Oh! A good place in the mountains!” That’s right, nowadays. The mountains are really good places! Let’s talk about the way first. What was the mountain road before? Barren slopes and dirt roads, traffic jams, and even no lanes at all in many places, travel almost exclusively on foot. According to my mother-in-law, when I was a child, my husband had a fever during the winter when it snowed. There was no hospital in the mountains, so my mother-in-law and husband-in-law went down the mountain in turn. It took nearly 4 hours to get to the hospital!

7 months ago

Asphalt roads are paved steadily, and all necessary sections are equipped with protective piles. Many sections are directly connected to four-lane roads, not to mention building roads to the front of every house. When it snows in winter, snow removal facilities and personnel will appear early in the morning. Unless temperature limits, most situations will not affect traffic. In addition, the mountains are constantly being renovated, and the scenery is beautiful. Almost all year round, tourists from all over the world come to enjoy it, which is really lively. Let’s talk about the room. What kind of room was it before? Stone, cave dwelling. I was particularly impressed by the first time I saw my husband’s old house. It stood trembling in the overgrown weeds. The stone house was paired with a small red door with a very historic mark.

7 months ago

I don’t know the true face of Mount Lu, so I turned over the travel notes I wrote in this mountain. I never wrote about my hometown. Every time I stayed abroad for more than ten days, I miss the taste of my hometown a little, and I miss my hometown wet. Air, think of the salty large yellow croaker in my hometown, think of the crab yellow and tender crab. As a travel blogger, the most frequently asked question is, which city do you like the most and which country do you like the most? Although it’s a bit tacky, there is still a small voice in my heart that wants to say that my hometown is my favorite— Ningbo Yinzhou~

7 months ago

My hometown in Beijing, along the central axis of Chang’an Avenue, removed all the signboards, including those that have been established for decades and are about to become small landmarks, and gave Beijing the most beautiful skyline, which is great. In my hometown in Beijing, all the hutongs that can be demolished have been demolished. Now there are only a few small areas in the second ring road that are no longer moving. The only hutong culture is protected. Like! My hometown in Beijing has a really good city appearance. There are no small merchants and hawkers on the streets of the central area. I can come here once and there. Although I can’t have breakfast, it’s great. In my hometown of Beijing, the traffic regulations on Chang’an Avenue are really strict, and all Pingchuan must be restricted, and no one takes care of outside the Fourth Ring Road. It embodies the humanistic care and is so touching. In my hometown of Beijing, housing prices are rising steadily, which proves that Beijing is developing well. Anyway, we Beijingers are multimillionaires and can afford it. I love Beijing.

7 months ago

There is nothing left in my hometown. I am now vigorously developing ice and snow projects and organizing a Winter Olympics with the capital. Various venues set up intensive construction. Winter tourism has obviously improved, and more and more people go skiing. There are a lot of people going to Route 66 in summer. (Personal experience is worth sharing: You can drive 5 kilometers forward from Beijing to the Zhangbei toll station and then turn around and drive back 5 kilometers out of the toll station. You can drive in the opposite direction with other vehicles on the grassland Tianlu. This way The level of congestion is much lower, hush! I won’t tell you if you are a friend of mine.) The local specialty products have been in short supply over the past two years. I help my hometown to recommend a few good products: 1. Xuanhua grape: thin skin and sweet, can be sliced ​​and fried. . ​2. Yuxian Paper-cut: National Intangible Heritage, with a long history, you can buy some very distinctive paper-cuts. I have a set of paper-cuts for Facebook that are still worth collecting. The price was still very cheap at the time. 3. Mazi: A local snack, a crop similar to sesame seeds, our local snack is similar to melon seeds. It takes a lot of skill to eat well.

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