Pay attention to details In the third year of high school, a new student was transferred to the class. Because of the household registration problem, he came to our school to prepare for the college entrance examination. Because she is a newcomer, Xiaoqi is very polite to everyone and often invites us to snacks. It was this year that my parents were cheated of all their cash flow in doing business, which caused the company to be paralyzed on the spot. My family sold all the assets and did not fill this hole. I have also changed from a fake rich second generation to a true negative second generation. My parents go out to work and pay off the money they earn every month, and there is almost nothing left. Therefore, I have very little money. I go to the cafeteria in the morning to buy some steamed buns, and I can eat them at noon and evening. Buy a can of old godmother every other time, even if it is a meat dish. After Xiaoqi became my tablemate, she often found various excuses to invite me to dinner, and said that it was the most cost-effective to buy meals for two people, and never let the cafeteria take advantage. After class every day, Xiao Qi chatted with me and gave me questions. After a long time, some classmates joked and asked: “You two stay together every day. Is there anything wrong?” Xiao Qi is not angry, just Staring blankly at the Evergreen outside the window. Once I smiled and said, “You are so considerate. It is a blessing to marry you in the future.” Xiao Qi raised her eyebrows: “Then I will introduce you to a considerate girlfriend. ……” After the school was on a monthly vacation, I had a bad cold, and a few packs of medicine from the small clinic were of no use. Xiao Qi asked me to go to the hospital. I touched a pocket that was cleaner than my face, and sighed helplessly. After getting along for a long time, Xiao Qi also knew my situation. Before I could speak, he helped me to the hospital and paid 700 yuan for medical expenses. Maybe it was worried about my safety, Xiao Qi insisted on sending me home under my refusal. Looking at the dilapidated house, my blush seemed to be bleeding, and I really wanted to find a place to sew in. However, Xiao Qi didn’t say anything. Instead, he helped me clean up and clean up the house. Because I couldn’t catch a cold, I also washed my clothes. At that moment, I had a lot of things to say, but my self-esteem was still suppressed by forcing what I shouldn’t say. Man, there was too much talk, and it seemed hypocritical. Time flies, and the college entrance examination is over in a blink of an eye. At the station, I took the 700 yuan I earned from selling scraps and handed it over. Xiaoqi pushed the money back: “Keep it for yourself. I don’t know when you will see each other today. As long as you remember that you owe 700 yuan, you won’t forget me.” I smiled: “Then Remember what you said, and introduce me to a considerate girlfriend in the future!” With the roar of the train, Xiao Qi’s and the train disappeared into my world. I know, maybe for the rest of my life. Won’t meet again. Who knows that fate is so wonderful, five years later, we went to work in the same city again. After chatting on WeChat for a few days, the familiar feeling came back. We met again at my house that day, Xiao Qi pointed to the girl next to me and said to me: “I still owe you a caring girlfriend, I have not forgotten it.” I smiled, and tears came out, “I I still owe you 700 yuan, I will remember it all my life.” In fact, I often think, if Xiao Qi is a woman, I must marry her, but Xiao Qi is him, not her. When I handed the money to Xiaoqi, you rushed in and said that Xiaoqi was suspected of organizing the sale of silver…. “Enough, don’t make up, we already have enough evidence, and you, it’s illegal to call a prostitute, please come with us…” At this time, the cold wind was blowing outside, and snowflakes were flying wildly. Before putting the handcuffs on me, the policewoman in front of me sighed in the handcuffs intimately. This little detail is a bonus!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Once I was sent to Hangzhou for half a year, and the company rented a house in Xicheng Square. The most disappointing thing was that the company asked to be on duty on the 16th day of the first month, so I flew to Hangzhou in the evening of the Lantern Festival. From the airport to Xicheng Square, the firecrackers crackled all the way. I was in the car very sincerely “greeting” the boss: People all over the country are eating Lantern Festival, so why don’t you let me go alone! The house is not big or small, and it is basically checked in with a bag—the company sent someone to clean it up, and also sent a new bedding. What worries about is the newcomer, and all kinds of dizzy surroundings: Where to go for dinner? Why should you go to work? When I was turning around, I saw two pages of messages on the coffee table, the girl’s words, round. Are two hand-drawn maps. A picture shows the walking route from the community to the bus station, and writes the number of bus stops to which station should be taken to work, and how many floors of the building to find. It is really a map to get everything! Another picture shows the route of walking from the community to the dining street, and several restaurants are circled and their names and cuisines are written on them. These two hand-painted maps already make people feel very warm. As a result, there is a restaurant specially circled by a highlighter on the dining map. One end of the arrow says: There may be Lantern Festival! The feeling at the time was that this sentence could make a sound! This detail says that the doubling of goodwill is light, and it is almost a decision on the spot to stalk and smash others. Has anyone else? Then again, it’s a pity that I am married; Later, when I saw this girl who “may have Lantern Festival”, as a thank you, Lao Fei gave her an oversized ragdoll bear.

7 months ago

1. Smoking, drinking, tattoos and swear words. Such girls are often more outspoken and have a more generous personality. Boys and girls with this personality are more relaxed and happy to get along with them. You can have fun. Boys can take it out to meet brothers and friends. Have a face. 2. There are many friends of the opposite sex, and they play very well with boys, and they can often stay with boys at night. Girls who are very happy until dawn. Such girls are often well-connected and resourceful. They can help boyfriends get contacts and have great prospects for boys. help. 3. Fish farming. Lu Xun once said that “fish farming is a compulsory course for a girl to evolve into a goddess.” A girl must raise a few spare tires, whether he has a boyfriend or not. The boy takes the initiative and you refuse, and the boy does not take the initiative, you take the initiative, etc. If a boy takes the initiative, then you refuse. Let your charm shine all over the world. Don’t make yourself cheap. You must pick it up. If a girl doesn’t have a few spare tires, then he is unattractive in the eyes of boys. 4. Check your boyfriend’s cell phone, check boyfriend’s cell phone frequently, and look through all his privacy. This will make your boyfriend feel the sweet feeling of being cared for, which is an absolute bonus. 5. Only spend boys’ money. Never go out to play with AA. Boys must pay. How can a little princess buy ordinary cosmetics and ordinary clothes when shopping? You must choose the best. Boys will have face when they pay. 6. Break up when you get angry and often break up. Such girls are often more attractive than ordinary girls. Men don’t cherish them if they get them. If you can increase the frequency of breaking up to three times a week, boys will love you more. . 7. Feminism. Girls with extreme feminism are the most attractive. The first idea is to learn boxing when you encounter anything that is right. There is no problem that cannot be solved with feminism. People admire such girls who pursue equal rights. 8. Late for a date, go out to play with boyfriend, must slowly make up and change clothes, many well-known, romantic French people, the party has to be 15 minutes late to be regarded as a general romance, my distinguished princesses of the great country, see men Friends must make them wait for 2 hours, so that it is romantic. 9. Chasing stars. Girls chasing stars will make boys feel that girls are far-sighted, thoughtful and individual. Girls who often give their idols to boyfriend Amway are more attractive to boys, because boys like the same things as their spouse. 10. Do not read books and have a low education. Boys will not like a girl who is better than their own ability. Therefore, girls should not love to read and learn to become excellent. It will make boys feel mentally stressed. Girls should watch variety shows every day, play the glory of the king, and lie down. Eat takeaway in bed, do not go to the gym to study and work, making money is a man’s business, he is responsible for making money to support the family, you are responsible for being beautiful! 11. Playing King will only play the three heroes of Yao Daqiao Cai Wenji. As we all know, these three heroes have cute bonuses, so if you only play these three heroes, everyone will think that you are a cute and dedicated girl, and The game must not be too turbulent, it must be awkward, hide in the grass after the group, and when it is almost over, bring the end to the field to harvest, the game winning rate will be very high, and the boys will surrender to such a technically skilled female player. 12. Moments of friends often post chicken soup articles, and they are extremely squeezed by the final exam for college and job search, housing loan car loan 996, and young people are tortured. If they can see the chicken soup articles of Moments in precious free time, then it can greatly relieve people. The mental pressure of people can enrich the spiritual world. You can also make a wave of chicken blood. A full day of vitality starts with the chicken soup text in the circle of friends, so you must learn to send chicken soup text. It is best to have exquisite pictures to inspire relatives and friends to inspire men. Friends can inspire themselves even more, super bonus points. 13. When going out to play, give the right of choice to the boys. All you have to do is to remember to bring a super large suitcase with your own cosmetics and clothes to change every day, and give the boys the right to choose everything else. Don’t do it yourself when you book a ticket, book a room, or check the map, because men are born with a strong desire for leadership and control. Boys will be happy to control everything by themselves, especially boys carrying your dozens of kilograms of big box to get on and off the train, When going through the security check, climbing the stairs, and checking the plane, this time can satisfy the boys’ desire to control the most. It will give the boys the feeling of an overbearing president. Leave these simple things to the boys, and they will be very happy. 14, I often ask my boyfriend “Who do you save when your mother and I fell into the water?”, “Who is beautiful with Wang Bingbing and I?”, “Which one looks good in these two photos?”, “Do you see any changes in me today?” “There are often interesting and interesting little questions like this. Boys will like such cute and cute girls. 15. Always inspire boys to grow up, and point out boyfriends’ shortcomings frequently, so that boys can reflect on how strong they are. For example, when you’re done, gently say in boys’ ears, why do you seem to be a little small this time, and you don’t feel anything, next time Come on, and it’s often said that boys are not tall enough, not rich enough to be motivated, and so on. If a boy wants to grow into a successful man in adversity, then there must be a woman behind him who silently helps and motivates him. Then, come on ! To help my boyfriend

7 months ago

I strongly recommend girls to find out why men like green tea, which you hate the most. High EQ is really possible to do whatever you want. I don’t know when, many girls think that they must be “independent and self-reliant modern women” and absolutely cannot be “poisoned by old feudal ideas”, and then somehow embarked on the path of refusing to “cater to others”. However, girls’ high EQ performance in real life is often either green tea or catering to others. When your boyfriend/husband has experienced a serious failure, sitting on a park bench in despair, looking up at the stars with a haggard face, suddenly remembering that you are still waiting for him at home, picking up the phone and hesitating for a long time to finally get through. Girl A: Why haven’t you come back so late? Man: I’m a little tired. I’m outside. A: What time is this and still not coming back outside, can I not be in a hurry? (Inner thought: How dangerous is balabala outside, why don’t you go home yet? What time is this balabala) Male: I failed something. A: Huh? Is it because XXX you forgot? I didn’t tell you balabala, why are you still balabala… The above is the classic error scene, let me refine it, when a boyfriend/husband encounters a setback, the reaction of some girls is to find the reason for the failure, analyze the pros and cons, and summarize the current situation. Even worse, they will start to complain. In fact, this kind of scene is most suitable for boosting your favorability. When a man has failed, he probably doesn’t want to listen to your analysis of why he failed. It’s just a matter of coaxing sincerely. How many middle-aged men cheated and finally found a special one. Women in the industry remarried because the original partner did not understand the impact of language. Zhang San: “Wait, why did you suddenly whitewash the man who gave the railroad? You are not a good person at the first glance!” Grasp the point, few men have the leisurely heart and the ability to teach you science where their weaknesses are, I will give you this Being a free PUA teacher, are you embarrassed to punch me? Of course, it is really effective to stand up and coax people when a man fails, but not every man fails and you will run into it. What should I do in daily life? In fact, it’s even simpler. Note that this is a separation of people. I only aim at straight men in the usual sense. There is a simple and rude strategy called “pretend to accept his principles.” The more straight the man is, the more he will stick to the truth he thinks. This is really common to most men, and they think they are very rational, and they will tirelessly try to instill this principle into you and make you too” If you want to increase his favorability, don’t argue with him at this time. If the difference between the three views is not very large, just follow his words and cater to a few words, and have a better attitude. Qin Nana: “Why should I cater to his opinion? This is too masculine?!” Zhang San: “Wait! Why is the name upstairs different from ours!” Answer Zhang San first Qin is the common surname for beautiful women in ancient my country, and “Nana” is the transliteration of “七” in Japanese. The actual name is “Qin Qi”, which is still a series with Zhang San Li Si. Okay, let’s talk about the issue of “male chauvinism”. Yes, the behavior I am talking about is to cater to male chauvinism, but the subject of the question is how to make girls (in the eyes of the sweetheart) add points. Let me just say it plainly. Girls showing catering to male chauvinism is a major plus point in the eyes of most straight men. Of course, I’m not trying to make you suffer. I’m just teaching you how to complete the prerequisite steps for PUA straight men. If you find it annoying to cater to male chauvinism, don’t worry, first get the goal and then pay you in a more traditional way. Just win back your energy, this tradition is not a gift. Next, because I’m sleepy, let’s talk about the last fatal killer for straight men: as a friend, hang around with him and play with him what he likes, including but not limited to games, anime, and even Zhihu, just remember to perform occasionally” Feminine” a little bit. To say that straight guys are really easy to understand and easy to deal with, unlike Sea King who knows all kinds of routines after all battles, straight guys’ perception of girls (especially the definition of “good girls”) is basically some kind of true feminism. Those “stereotypes” in the eyes, the more consistent the performance, the more points are added. It’s like a bitch in the eyes of a girl who can’t unscrew the cap of a soda bottle. The same person took the soda and asked a straight man to help unscrew it, opened the bottle and chuckled lightly, “Would you like to drink?” After the smirk on the straight man’s face ended, he turned his head and left, half-jokingly shook “I really want to take a picture of your silly look”, which is called piercing armor. Spray a lighter perfume in advance, and look at the target while sitting attentively playing the game, gently hug your neck from behind, “What are you playing so seriously?” In the name of speaking, press the weight of your body slightly on the target. , Got up and left after a short time, and said something based on the situation. This is called true injury. When there are disagreements on minor matters, as long as the outcome of the event has little effect, retreat as a coquettish confession, “Even if you are right, I just want balabala”, and you have to do two things with one stone to achieve “pretending to meet the goal” and Let the target follow instructions”, this is called precision guidance. Finally and most importantly, the better the figure, the higher the appearance, and the clearer the sound, the stronger the sound effect. If the appearance is too low, there are even negative effects. This is true in the world.

7 months ago

Most of the answers to this question can be classified as “will provide emotional value.” Emotional value really occupies a very large bonus item in the interaction between people. For example: Suppose a boy goes on a blind date with you. It rained heavily on the day of the blind date, and the restaurant was booked by mistake until tomorrow. It was rainstorm when going out, and the restaurant was fully booked today. The boy is very sorry and very irritable and at a loss, what should you do? Deduction behavior: black face on the spot, constant chatter, at a loss for what to do. Provide emotional value behavior: It’s okay to tell the blind date man, we first ask the manager for two chairs, sit down and discuss where to go next. Then turn on the phone, look for the nearest shopping mall, and when you find it, you have to take an umbrella taxi to the restaurant. At this time, his impressions were definitely magnified infinitely. The next day, he could even use the excuse to return the umbrella to give him a chance to go to the restaurant to have a meal together. Anyone likes someone who can control his emotions and do things in an orderly manner when encountering problems, and who can take care of the emotions of others. Will provide emotional value including but not limited to the following behaviors: 1. Think more from the other side’s perspective. 2. Speak more from you, not from me. For example: What do you think? What do you think? Do you like it too? Rather than I think it is necessary to do so. There is nothing wrong with me doing this. I don’t think it will work. 3. Let the opponent have steps to go down. When there is a stalemate and the atmosphere is awkward, you can break the stalemate by joking or changing the subject. For example, you and your friend just finished arguing, and the atmosphere is very dignified and embarrassing. Joking steps: There used to be a pineapple to get a haircut. It sat for a long, long time. But the barber never gave it a haircut. So it angrily said to the barber: You should take care of me! Turn the topic to the next step: Seriously, I’m suddenly hungry, are you hungry? 4. More praise and affirmation, less satire and negation. It’s like some people laugh at themselves and say that I’m just a scum, and I can’t do anything. A said yes, you are a scum, a waste. B said no, you are very good at work and life. You are already better than many people I have met. Have you been under too much pressure recently? No one likes people who say you are really useless all day long, everything you do is useless, and you are scumbags compared to others, no one. People prefer to get along with those who make themselves in a good mood, and girls who will praise others are really a bonus. May I ask who doesn’t like people who pull themselves in the midst of self-denial and loss? 5. Be good at listening Being good at listening is not just about listening, it requires a corresponding response. What should I do after others complain to you? You won’t get any points if you can’t answer anything. You need to hear if he wants to vent or seek comfort. Venting Tucao usually means that the boss is really stupid doing stupid things, my boyfriend is really stupid doing stupid things, what should I do if I’m so annoyed. Venting complaints are generally not really about resigning and breaking up. If you go back to resign at this time, it is a bit wrong to break up. You can follow him and say that your boss/boyfriend is really stupid, it’s really hard for you. What do you want to do now? He just wanted to vent, just follow what he said, he will probably make do with it, what else can be done. The comforting complaint needs to make the other person feel your true concern, not a light-hearted sentence that everyone comes here like this, not just you. This sentence will only make people feel cool to you, and quickly withdraw the desire to talk to you. Real comfort needs to express that you know the situation of the other person, (I know how you are and what you xxx do to you)-I am listening carefully to express my concern for the other person-I am very concerned about your state. My own opinions-I don’t make any comments or express my affirmation to the other person-I have always been an example: Abalabala…I have been under a lot of pressure recently and I am about to collapse. B I know you are under pressure. In fact, you were a little anxious before, and I was also very worried about your state. To tell the truth, although I really want to help you, but I really can’t help you too much. But if you want to find someone to chat, I’m always there 🙂

7 months ago

The following are the most annoying girl behaviors in the eyes of boys. 1. The chattering can’t stop, three swear words; 2. Speaking without the brain, always saying the wrong thing, and thinking that the emotional intelligence is very high, especially social; 3. The kind of cold to the extreme, completely impolite Or regard rudeness as a personality; 4. Smoking and alcoholism; 5. Saying “Ladies first” wants to jump in line or achieve similar purposes; 6. Inexplicably jealous, inexplicably tantrums; 7. Test men with deliberate lateness; 8. Every time I have a temper, I use my aunt as an excuse; 9. When swearing, I have to take my family along with me; 10. Dress up very well when going out, but the house is messy into a kennel; 11. I don’t like it or express my attitude, just keep hanging like this To other people; 12. When you are too busy to make friends, the phone bombing is endless; 13. Before you get married, you already live like a grudge; 14. Realize an explicit or implied boyfriend, ask for it Money or material; 15. With a monthly salary of 4k, but with a consumption concept of 20k; 16. Anything different from me is wrong; 17. There is no princess life, but the princess is sick; 18. I accept your gift , But the person who refuses you or gives a good person card and asks to do this and that for themselves; 19. While shouting for independence, while holding the sex as a weapon; 20. Tell the right and wrong in front of the opposite sex, slander other girls; 21. On any occasion Let the boys not be able to get off the stage, and I have to say: Isn’t it just a joke, you can’t be more generous if you are a man! 22. In three days, they said breaking up, threatening to break up, or frequently breaking up and reconciling;

7 months ago

For example, try to play the following tricks: 1. The date is over, and he is going home. If you beckon him to come over, he will be stupid, huh? At this time, he will move over to his face and pretend to kiss his face. , And then immediately flashed to his ears and said: “Thank you for making me spend a nice evening.” After saying that, hurry away, or you won’t be able to leave…2, he will drive you home, almost When I got home, I accidentally put my hand on the male ticket’s lap, and then smiled at him and said, “Thank you for taking me home.” Believe me, the guy in the thigh position is really super sensitive, and he will definitely send it to you. The message said that I felt an electric shock just now. Don’t reply to him in time, it is best to reply the next day, he will think about the picture of you touching his thigh all night! 3. See the indifferent face of the killer in front of him, turn his head when he calls you, show bright eyes and a sweet and shy smile, and then trot all the way into his arms. (Don’t look at the simple, long-term experiment is effective) 4. When you wake up in the morning and sleep at night, make an appropriate voice to act like a baby, and give him a little bubbling sound of drinking water! Then you say very weakly: “Ah, I don’t want it, I will stay in bed for a while.” Remember to be natural! 5. When he lowered his head, you looked up at him with innocent eyes and asked: Did my lipstick fall off? If he says no, you kiss him, and then say: “It should be off now! 6 , Get in the car and fasten the seat belt, pretending that you can’t pull the seat belt down. It is very laborious, and it is natural to say: “What’s the matter, I can’t pull it.” Can you fasten my seat belt? “At this time, the boy should attach your upper body to fasten your seat belt. Important! Make your gasp louder! Then stare into his eyes, the cheeks slowly bulge slightly, and keep staring at him…. Don’t say anything, the hormones have exploded!!! (covering his face) 7. Walking in the mall, he suddenly said to him that he couldn’t help it, and asked him if he had brought a tissue, and then he took him for a trot. At this time, he thought you were. To go to the toilet, you pull him into the dark emergency passage stairs, backhand a wall bang and force a kiss, remember to take a slight breath after trotting. Then use a tissue to wipe off the lipstick from the corner of his mouth, and say shyly: “Just now I wanted to kiss you too much, but there were a lot of people outside. 8. When I was out, when I was in a crowded elevator, I kissed him unexpectedly, and secretly pulled his little hand through someone, or pretended to squeeze into him. Leaning sideways in his arms, turning your head to his ears and blowing air gently, and touching his round belly with your hands through your clothes; if you are more open, you can deliberately touch the sensitive parts of your body. Then nothing happened on his face, what’s wrong with you, come and hit me with your expression~ Believe me, no one’s corner, he will definitely come back and kiss you badly~ 9. Lean your head while watching a movie together He was holding his arm on his shoulder, and the coat was taken off to cover his body. You don’t need to tease, the hand in this coat will never be obedient. 10. When eating snacks, I suddenly touched the boy’s lips with my finger, and then said to him: “Oh, hate, why kiss me!” 11. Pull him to eat fried squid (this kind of irregular shape, It’s fine if he can eat the sauce on his face). When he eats the sauce on his face, he holds a paper towel, but gently wipes and wipes slowly. At this time, the air around him will be the fragrance of your hand! He will think for a long time afterwards! Here comes the point! Don’t wipe the sauce on your mouth with paper, and say to him: “Wait, there is something here”, and then lick his mouth directly with your tongue, and quickly take it back after licking it, pretending to be doing nothing, this Don’t look at him calmly at that time, his heart is already refreshed! 12. Ask him to buy you some strawberries to eat, and then eat and say to him, baby, this is so sour, can you try it? With a strawberry in his mouth directly, put the strawberry into his mouth, and finally mua! Believe me, he will think of you when he sees strawberries in the future! 13. Trim his eyebrows. Naturally, he said, “Your eyebrows are so messy. I’ll fix it for you, and the whole person will be much cleaner.” When trimming your eyebrows, you should occasionally stare into her eyes and smile. I swear, this guy will think of you when he sees his eyebrows in the mirror. 14. When attending a multi-person gathering, stay next to him, chat with a friend casually, and then stretch your little hand behind your back, suddenly reach into his back, and gently touch it. Retract quickly and pretend that nothing happened. This kind of little action will make him feel very exciting, there is a kind of “cheating” feeling. 15. When lying in bed at night, you can lie on your boyfriend and stay motionless. He asks what you are doing, and you say that I am charging and don’t move, and then put it tightly on his neck. He will definitely hold it in reverse. your. 16. Touch his lips with your hand, and then pretend to kiss him. When he is near you, you will avoid it. If he is angry, you suddenly kiss him again. 17.Choose a semi-private space, such as a dim KTV, a private theater, the back seat of a car, a bench or lawn in summer night, lying on his lap or leaning in his arms, intentionally or unintentionally reaching into his clothes , Asked him why boys don’t wear underwear, and girls can’t wear them? Then tell him, I didn’t wear them today and I will play it on my own. Although I can’t show my body in autumn and winter, I just lifted my boyfriend to feel like a tiger! It is a person wrapped in zongzi, as long as a little stimulation is very effective! 18. When the male ticket answers someone’s phone, he ran to kiss his mouth, remember not to kiss the sound, and let him go after hearing the opposite. 19. Peek-a-boo. Let him go downstairs to help you buy things, and then hide in the closet. When he comes back and can’t find you, he starts to be anxious, and then send a message saying, you haven’t come back for too long, I’m going out to find you, help me get a coat, let’s go for a walk! At this time he opens the closet and you reach out and hug His legs, raised his head and acted like a baby: Brother, you are so slow, and everyone comes back from a walk. At this time: A. He understands, just push you in the closet/pull out to punish your naughty B. He didn’t understand and couldn’t cry or laugh, you Tell him again: I found a good thing in the closet! When he bends down, hold him back with his backhand, staring at each other for two seconds, and give him a deep kiss. (Kissing in the closet, I really can’t figure it out) To add to the sixth song, I really hate the little fools in the comments! 20, go shopping with the male ticket for a late night snack, and then put you in your hand Ask him to help you carry his bag, clothes, or anything, so that he is not empty-handed, and then feed him something that is easy to get on his mouth, such as skewers and ice cream. At this time, he said to him, “Are you a piggy? Take out the tissue and lift his chin with one hand, and gently wipe the corner of his mouth with the other hand. After wiping, be sure to stare at her for two seconds. , The affectionate kind! (Note: because you are looking at each other at close range, pay attention to the base makeup to be clean!) 21. Put the hair loop on your wrist before washing the bowl, and raise your lovely hands when you are halfway through the bowl. To the male ticket, he said, “Take my hair for me, my hands are so wet!” (Naturally speaking) Boys tying girls’ hair will make him feel fresh, and secondly, there will be physical contact. .(Be careful to make your hair softer, preferably with a little fragrance.)

7 months ago

Pay more attention to boys who are unpopular in the crowd or who don’t talk to girls. When an unpopular boy sees what he wants to do and he doesn’t dare to do anything, you cheer him up as a girl, he will easily because of you They are encouraged by the encouragement and confidence; boys who do not chat with girls and ordinary girls have a lot of chatting. Most girls will only think that they are boring and impatient, but even if you don’t like him, then It’s also a good idea to help others and answer more often. You can also share your girl’s thoughts with these guys who don’t know how to chat. They will be very grateful to you when they succeed in getting out of the order one day.

7 months ago

When dating a boy, if you are late, when you look at each other from a distance, smile at him, stick out your tongue and frighten you away; say a few more sorry after you meet, and explain why you are late. , The reason must be the delay because you have to do something business, not because of your frivolity. Boys have softer ears. Seeing that you don’t take lateness as a reason, you feel guilty. He is not willing to care about anything with you. Be assertive and thoughtful. I often have an attitude of appreciating the boys around me, and will actively encourage and praise his own men, but sometimes he will not completely obey other people’s ideas, and will appropriately deny his own opinions, and even be able to give his own opinions in some aspects. The performance is very outstanding and outstanding and amazes the boys.

7 months ago

In fact, there are many categories to add or not to add points. First of all, it looks good and definitely adds points unconditionally. Those who don’t look good, character and charm will add points. But judging your target is also the key to adding points. For example, for a boy with low cultural quality, what he understands as sexy is Heisilugou, etc. At this time, you wear a cheongsam like Wang Zuxian and Ni Ni, but he can’t get it. A boy who likes a girl with a national style and indifferent style, you are more European and American, with big buttocks and fat breasts, and you are very enthusiastic about him, and he doesn’t think you have any extra points. Therefore, whether to add points or not depends on the audience. Basic politeness, education, and all kinds of spiritual chicken soup are bad. I don’t believe that most girls don’t understand. Some boys think that Xiaosan dares to love and hate, and he admires such women. He thinks this is a bonus. What can you do? If the judge is a girl, it’s even simpler. You just have to share hobbies with her, be a good friend, treat her well, and everything is a bonus. So don’t mechanically learn which points are added and which points are reduced, and reform yourself toward the preferences of others. You should use your own characteristics to radiate charm and let others see you. Because what you learn is not your true color, and you will get more and more tired.

7 months ago

I said some points are deducted, because the behavior of avoiding various deductions is a behavior of adding points. 1. Mention your ex-boyfriend, and it’s a comparative content like “he is better, if you change to him”. (This point is unisex) My buddy has quarreled with his girlfriend and broke up several times, but they all reconcile. The only time when the two quarreled, the woman compared her ex-boyfriend with him, and the man immediately turned up and compared her with his ex-girlfriend. (Whether it is right or wrong, it just emphasizes that no matter what is good or bad, if you want to be together, you should have less appointment in advance) 2. The circle is chaotic and the relationship is not clear. I have met beautiful girls who have special interests and hobbies. I happened to see Tantan, Momo, Soul on her phone at the same time during a date, and there were a lot of news reminders, and instantly I was in no mood and thoughts. It’s not that there is something wrong with the girls who use these apps, but I personally think that if a girl who looks good uses these apps, there will be a lot of men entangled with her, and she is not particularly outstanding and outstanding. , Coupled with the famous 28 law, (Chengdu estimated that it is 0.5 9.5 law, that is, 5 outstanding people out of 100 attract 95 other people), so I didn’t say much after eating the meal at that time. 3. Do not know how to live within your means, and habitually consume ahead of time. You can buy dozens of Starbucks, a package of 10,000, or a car of 1 million, but these must be your normal consumption levels. Even if a man has no money, he is willing to spend a lot of money for you. If this goes on, you will not last long. Of course, it’s not good to be too frugal. Believe me, men will still want to spend money on their girlfriends, because people who like you from the bottom of their hearts will find ways to please you, if you refuse him all kinds of out of frugality. In fact, this is not conducive to the promotion of feelings. All in all, living within your means is good for both yourself and both. 4. Don’t care about him, don’t respect him. There must be someone who wants to ask, how can I care about him and disrespect him if I’m with him? There is a saying called Beginning with the value of the face. Many people can easily get together because of the speculation of a few words and the eye for the value of the face. From the beginning, everyone was busy discussing what to play together, where to plan to go, or just expressing themselves. In fact, it is best to listen to each other’s growth at this time, understand each other’s maverick, understand or support each other’s hobbies. Apart from material things, the value of your face determines whether you can be together, and whether you have respect for each other, care, and frankness determine whether you live together well or not. I obviously talked about a failed relationship and I was dumped by Green, so it seems like I understand it all? ? ?

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