In the government’s work in 2020, there is no mention of the growth rate of GDP growth, which is mainly due to the impact of the epidemic. At the beginning, everyone was at a preliminary stage of understanding the development situation of the epidemic. No one knew what kind of impact the epidemic would have on the world structure and the world economic situation. Therefore, it is a scientific attitude not to mention the economic growth rate. After a year, the situation of the epidemic has become more and more clear, and the advancement of medical technology has also brought confidence in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Under this premise, the State Council proposed a GDP growth rate of 6%. The GDP growth rate in 2019 is predicted to be 6.3%. Compared with 2019, the GDP growth rate will decrease slightly, but not much. I think this government work report conveys the following information. 1. Committed to improving people’s livelihood and reducing the gap between the rich and the poor. Residents’ medical insurance and basic public health services will be increased by 30 yuan to solve the housing problem in big cities and develop the long-term rental housing market. 2. More balance in education in the central and western regions to promote educational equity. The Prime Minister said that every child’s life will have a chance to shine. (I cried when I heard these words, hoping that the unfamiliar can have more precious sons) 3. Promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. The tax payment of small and medium-sized enterprises increased from 100,000 to 150,000 monthly sales. The Ministry of Finance reports that the proportion of my country’s tax revenue in the financial sector has been declining year by year, and this year it is 15.2%. 4. In the field of scientific research, greater financial support will be given to scientific researchers and researchers will be given greater freedom and status. Reforms are always carried out step by step. In fact, I think the most important thing in the university system and in the field of scientific research is system reform. I believe that with the country’s attention, the field of scientific research in our country will become more and more transparent, and more and more things will be done. People, not the ones who drill the camp. 5. Rural revitalization. This should be the biggest hot topic. The focus of the next fourteenth five-year plan is rural revitalization. The Chinese want to use Chinese methods to revitalize the world economy with Chinese solutions. I’m so excited, there is only so much to remember, and please leave a comment in the comment area if you have anything to add!


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7 months ago

The main expected target for economic development in 2021, the government work report submitted to the Fourth Session of the 13th National People’s Congress on the 5th stated that the main expected target for this year’s development is to increase GDP by more than 6%; create more than 11 million new jobs in urban areas. Urban surveyed unemployment rate is about 5.5%; consumer prices have risen by about 3%; import and export volume rises steadily and the balance of payments is basically balanced; energy consumption per unit of GDP is reduced by about 3%; grain output remains above 1.3 trillion catties . The government work report stated that the economic growth rate is a comprehensive indicator, and the expected target for this year is set at more than 6%. Taking into account the recovery of economic operations, it is conducive to guiding all parties to focus on promoting reform and innovation and promoting high-quality development.

7 months ago

In 2020, a response sheet that can be recorded in the annals of history will be handed in. Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in his government work report on the 5th that the past year has been extremely extraordinary in the history of New China. Faced with multiple severe shocks such as the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic and the deep recession of the world economy, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, the people of all ethnic groups across the country have worked hard and achieved major strategic results in epidemic prevention and control. China is the only one to achieve positive economic growth, achieve a comprehensive victory in the fight against poverty, and achieve decisive success in building a well-off society in an all-round way, and hand in a response that can be recorded in the annals of history. The main goals and tasks of development throughout the year were well completed, and my country’s reform and opening up and socialist modernization have made new major progress. Li Keqiang pointed out in the government work report that in the arduous course of fighting the epidemic, the Party Central Committee has always adhered to the people’s supremacy and life supremacy. General Secretary Xi Jinping personally directed and deployed, and made continuous efforts in all aspects to continuously consolidate the results of prevention and control. In response to changes in the epidemic situation, we adjusted our prevention and control strategies in a timely manner, improved the normalized prevention and control mechanism, and effectively dealt with localized epidemics, so as to maximize the protection of people’s lives and health, and create necessary conditions for restoring the order of production and life.

7 months ago

Reducing the burden of market entities by more than 2.6 trillion yuan in 2020 Premier Li Keqiang introduced in the government work report on the 5th that last year, the formulation and implementation of macro policies around the urgent needs of market entities stabilized the economic fundamentals. In the face of unprecedented shocks in history, we have clearly put forward the task of “six guarantees” on the basis of the “six stability” work, especially the main body of the market to protect jobs and people’s livelihood, so as to promote stability and seek progress while maintaining stability. Based on the actual conditions of the country, we should be timely and decisive while maintaining determination, insist on not engaging in “overflow irrigation”, and scientifically grasp the balance of large-scale policies. Pay attention to the use of reforms and innovative methods to help enterprises relieve difficulties and stimulate vitality simultaneously, and help small, medium and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households that are most directly impacted and with a large number of areas to overcome difficulties. The implementation of phased large-scale tax and fee reductions, combined with institutional arrangements, reduced the burden of market players by more than 2.6 trillion yuan throughout the year, including 1.7 trillion yuan in social insurance premiums. Innovate in the implementation of the macro policy, establish a direct mechanism for the additional 2 trillion yuan of central fiscal funds, and increase the funding of the provincial government, and jointly supplement the financial resources for the city and county grassroots to implement affordable corporate and people-friendly policies. Support banks to increase loans in a targeted manner and lower interest rates, postpone repayment of principal and interest for loans to small, medium and micro enterprises, increase inclusive loans to small and micro enterprises by large commercial banks by more than 50%, and transfer 1.5 trillion yuan in profits from the financial system to the real economy. Strengthen “point-to-point” services for the resumption of work and production of large enterprises. After arduous efforts, we took the lead in resuming work and production, and the economic recovery was better than expected. The annual GDP grew by 2.3%. The macro-control has accumulated new experience and achieved great results at a reasonable price.

7 months ago

According to a set of statistics, in 2020 Premier Li Keqiang introduced in the government work report on the 5th to stabilize employment and protect people’s livelihood. Last year, priority was given to securing employment and people’s livelihood, and people’s livelihood was effectively guaranteed. Employment is the biggest livelihood of the people, and the protection of market entities is also to stabilize employment and protect people’s livelihood. Localities have increased incentives for job stabilization and job expansion, and companies and employees have overcome difficulties together. Do a good job in employment of key groups through multiple channels, and support mass entrepreneurship and innovation to drive employment. New market players resumed rapid growth and created a large number of jobs. 11.86 million new jobs were created in cities and towns, and the surveyed unemployment rate in cities and towns nationwide fell to 5.2% at the end of the year. As the largest developing country, it is especially commendable to maintain the overall stability of employment under the huge impact. Strengthened the supply of daily necessities to stabilize prices, and consumer prices rose by 2.5%. Online office, online shopping, contactless delivery, etc. are widely developed. Significantly expand the coverage of unemployment insurance. Relief was provided to people in distress due to the epidemic in a timely manner. Nearly 6 million people were newly included in the subsistence allowances and extremely poor, and more than 8 million people were provided temporary assistance. Resist natural disasters such as severe floods and typhoons, spare no effort in emergency rescue and rescue, and properly settle the affected people, ensuring the safety of people’s lives, property and basic living conditions.

7 months ago

All parties are generally optimistic about the world economy in 2021 and the Chinese economy. The main reason is that after the epidemic is brought under control, major economies will have an obvious restart. The World Bank predicted on January 5 that the global economy will grow by 4% this year, the United States will grow by 3.5%, and China will grow by 7.9%. The International Monetary Fund predicts that the global economy this year is expected to grow by 5.5%, the United States by 5.1%, and China by 8.1%. The Academy of Social Sciences predicts that this year’s global economic growth will exceed 5.5%, and China’s economic growth will exceed 5%. The two sessions predicted 6%, which is relatively not an exaggeration. Based on last year’s average exchange rate, China’s GDP in 2020 will reach US$14.73 trillion, which is equivalent to 70.4% of that of the United States (if calculated at the current exchange rate, it is US$15.71 trillion, which is equivalent to 75% of the US). This is the only one in the world since World War II. For countries with a GDP of 70% of the United States, Japan only reached 69.6% of the United States when it was the closest. According to the World Bank’s forecast, China’s economy will reach 15.89 to 16.95 trillion U.S. dollars in 2021, the U.S. will reach 21.66 trillion, and China will reach 73% -78% of that of the United States. According to the forecast of the IMF in 2021, China’s economy will reach 15.92 to 16.98 trillion U.S. dollars, the United States will reach 21.99 trillion, and China will reach 72% to 77% of that of the United States. China will further narrow the gap with the United States. In 1985, people told Gorbachev that the Soviet Union must carry out reforms. Why should it be changed? Because the GDP of Japan and Germany surpassed that of the Soviet Union in 1981, that is to say, the two fascist countries that were defeated by the Soviet Union 35 years ago have already surpassed the Soviet Union. This is a serious shake of the superiority of socialism. So Gorbachev carried out a new thinking reform, and finally eliminated the Soviet Union. Today, China’s GDP is three times that of Japan, four times that of Germany, and three-quarters of that of the United States. At this time, those who warned Gorbachev that GDP was very important in turn warned that China’s GDP was not important. They say that GDP is not important, which is very important. But we still have to expect the enemy to be lenient and ourselves to be strict.

7 months ago

The governor of Shandong Province, Li Ganjie, explained in the government work report that the economic growth target of more than 6% was mainly based on the following considerations: First, it is conducive to properly responding to the epidemic and the uncertainty of the external environment, leaving room for it. Steady and stable operations; second, it is conducive to guiding localities to place higher quality and efficiency in a more prominent position, making good use of valuable time windows, focusing on solving historical problems, and promoting reform, innovation and high-quality development; third, it is conducive to gradually releasing development potential , Which can lay a good foundation for the beginning of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, but also create conditions for sustainable development in the future; fourth, it is conducive to seeking truth and being pragmatic, working hard, focusing on implementation, and striving to achieve quality, effective, There is no growth of moisture. In this regard, the expected growth target of 6% is in line with reality. In addition to numbers, what we need to look more at is the connotation of numbers.

7 months ago

To emphasize, the focus is on the word “above”. Many people saw 6% at a glance and were a little disappointed. 6% is our bottom line of growth. According to the latest forecast of the International Monetary Fund, China’s economic growth rate is expected to reach 8.2% in 2021. The IMF pointed out in the latest report that China’s economy will grow by 1.9% in 2020, and it has successfully “stand out” and is the only major economy in the world to achieve positive growth; In 2021, China’s economic growth is expected to reach 8.2%. The Forecast Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is very optimistic, predicting that my country’s annual GDP growth rate in 2021 will be around 8.5%. Other foreign-funded institutions are also optimistic about China’s economy. JPMorgan Chase, UBS, and Deutsche Bank respectively gave forecasts of 8.7%, 8.2% and 9.5%. The government work report now uses a relatively conservative figure of more than 6%, and the main thing is to give a clear signal that GDP growth is not the goal. In 2021, the economy will be stable, high-quality, and high-employment. The “troika” that supports China’s economic growth is investment, consumption and exports. In 2020, China’s economic growth will be driven by exports and investment, and exports will contribute the most. However, the situation in 2020 is very special. my country has effective control and the economy has quickly returned to normal. However, Europe and the United States have been affected by the epidemic, causing production problems. my country has seized this opportunity and rapidly expanded exports. By 2021, appropriately lower the expectations, control the ratio of the “troika”, prevent exports from overheating, and increase domestic consumption. By the way, the International Monetary Fund predicts that the US GDP growth this year will be 5.1%. According to the current growth rate, the time when my country’s GDP surpasses the United States may be fast. The economic report released by the Japan Economic Research Center shows that by 2028, China’s GDP is expected to surpass that of the United States, breaking through the 28 trillion U.S. dollar mark.

7 months ago

China’s economic growth target is “returning”, and “above 6%” is conditional and necessary! On the one hand, China’s economy is now back on track, and the economic situation is very different from last year when the global epidemic spread and the world economic outlook was facing high uncertainty. It is fully equipped to set growth targets based on actual conditions. On the other hand, China will basically realize socialist modernization by 2035. There are specific quantitative targets. The completion of the “Journey of a Thousand Miles” must begin with a single step. Due to the low base last year, the target of 6% is not too high. It will not make local governments too tight, and will help create a good environment for the advancement of reforms and high-quality development.

7 months ago

Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council stated that economic growth is a comprehensive indicator. The expected target for this year is set at more than 6%. Taking into account the recovery of economic operations, it will help guide all parties to focus on promoting reform and innovation and promoting high-quality development. In addition to GDP growth of 6%, Li Keqiang also announced other major expected targets when he made the government work report, including more than 11 million new jobs in urban areas, urban surveyed unemployment rate of about 5.5%, urban registered unemployment rate within 4.5%, and consumer price increase. About 3%; the volume of imports and exports rose steadily and the balance of payments was basically balanced; the income of residents increased steadily; the quality of the ecological environment was further improved, the energy consumption per unit of GDP was reduced by about 3%, and the discharge of major pollutants continued to decline; food production Keep it above 1.3 trillion catties. Li Keqiang said that the expected goals of economic growth, employment, and prices reflect the requirements of keeping the economy operating within a reasonable range, and smoothly link up with future goals, which are conducive to achieving sustainable and healthy development. In the first year after the epidemic recovered, the growth target was reset, which was somewhat unexpected by the market. Previously, researchers had a certain disagreement on this. Some people believe that 2021 may continue to not set growth targets. The reason is that, on the one hand, there is still great uncertainty in the development of the epidemic. On the other hand, the low base in 2020 will lead to a higher growth rate in 2021. The growth target based on the potential growth rate will be too low, and the market may think that the policy Will be substantially tightened, and the growth target of more than 8% will lead to greater misunderstandings, and the downward revision of the target after the return to normal in 2022 may cause concerns. The central government has set the growth forecast for 2021 at more than 6%, achieving a good connection with the pre-epidemic period. Since 2010, China’s economic growth rate has declined year by year, and the long-term economic growth forecast set at 8% has also been adjusted accordingly. It was lowered to around 7.5% and 7% in 2012 and 2015, respectively. In 2016, the 6.5%-7% interval was adopted for the first time, and the growth target for 2017 and 2018 was set at about 6.5%. In 2019, the interval pattern was adopted again and the target was set at 6%-6.5%. In terms of macro policy orientation, Li Keqiang said that maintaining the continuity, stability, and sustainability of macro policies will promote economic operations within a reasonable range. Strengthen directional control, camera control, and precise control on the basis of interval control. Macroeconomic policies should continue to relieve the difficulties of market entities, maintain the necessary support, do not make a sharp turn, make timely adjustments and improvements in accordance with changes in the situation, and further consolidate the economic fundamentals. After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, China’s employment once faced a major challenge. In February 2020, the surveyed unemployment rate in cities and towns rose sharply to 6.2%. Although it has fallen all the way since then, it has continued to be higher than the same period in previous years until the fourth quarter, as the economy gradually returns to normal. Only dropped to the level of previous years. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2020, 11.86 million new jobs were created in China’s cities and towns, an increase of 1.66 million less than the previous year; the year-end surveyed unemployment rate in cities and towns nationwide was 5.2%, the same as at the end of 2019, and the registered urban unemployment rate was 4.2%.

7 months ago

I am looking forward to the day when China’s GDP will exceed 200 trillion yuan? It is estimated that it will be about 15 years, the numbers are very exciting, and the macro numbers are dazzling us, so what good is it for us ordinary people? To put it bluntly, the cake is bigger, the income of our ordinary people has increased, the working environment has improved, the standard of living has improved, and the education level has improved. Without overall growth, how can individuals benefit? Even if it benefits, some people benefit, because it is the division of the stock cake, if you have more, I have less, but the overall growth is to make the cake bigger, everyone can get more, this is the country is rich and the people are strong! So look forward to our salary! 2021 is another year of sweat and harvest!

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