Recently, the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting to make a major decision to “implement the policy that a couple can have three children and supporting supporting measures.” The meeting emphasized the need to improve the maternity leave and maternity insurance system. Including encouraging fathers to participate more in parenting, the participation of both parents in parenting is conducive to the healthy growth of children and family harmony, and it can also reduce the employment discrimination faced by women. Therefore, it is recommended to actively explore the reform of the maternity leave and maternity insurance system in the following aspects:

Extension of paid paternity leave for fathers. At present, the paternity leave for fathers in many areas is only 7 days, which has limited encouragement for fathers to participate in childcare, and the insured male employees have insufficient sense of gain. It is recommended to extend it to at least one month, and the maternity allowance during the father’s paternity leave should also be paid by maternity insurance.

The parental leave system should be implemented as soon as possible. Parental parental leave should be mainly positioned to meet the temporary care needs of young children. It is recommended that for families with children under the age of 6, both parents can enjoy certain paid holidays each year according to the number of children, and the allowance is paid by the maternity insurance fund. (People’s Daily)

It’s useless. At least it’s useless for the middle class. The first is that it cannot be implemented. Even the 8-hour work system cannot be implemented. There is wool for parental leave. Second, there is no labor union. Do you dare to take parental leave? If you leave today, you will be fired tomorrow. Third, it is not conducive to employment. The impact of pregnancy and maternity leave on women’s employment is obvious. In the future, men can also enjoy the benefits of pre-employment fertility surveys. The only good thing to think about is that giving men a holiday can partly eliminate gender discrimination in the workplace. Putting it a bit further, the most direct manifestation of Leviathan’s emphasis on a certain policy is to give money directly or indirectly. To put it simply, first, those who are willing to pay for it are valued, and second, only pay for it. To solve the problem. The essence of fertility anxiety lies in the instability of expectations for the future. All parents hope that their children will have at least a chance to enter Dachang 996 in the future, and no one can watch their children be security guards and cleaners. To bridge this huge income gap, it is obviously undesirable to impose heavy taxes on high-income groups and cause the loss of this part of the elite, or to subsidize low-income groups to ensure that low-income groups can also live a dignified life. Obviously it is impossible . No matter how many regulatory agencies are set up, no matter how much make-up classes are explicitly prohibited, even if all off-campus training institutions are closed down, there is nothing to stop parents from giving their children. Motivation and determination to make up lessons. If you only pursue results and ignore the consequences, of course there is still a way, that is, class consolidation. When everyone discovers that no matter how you are a cock or how you force yourself to force your child, the child’s future life trajectory is already clearly in front of you. It is difficult to climb and slide. Parents will naturally not do useless work anymore, and naturally they will not be entangled in how to raise their children. The problem. Regrettably, many of the current policies, whether it is housing prices, childbirth, or education, I have not seen Leviathan’s real money or silver, or they are generous, such as paid vacations paid by companies, pressure from social insurance and medical insurance. The elders in the family should take on the task of bringing children with dual workers. For example, three-child families give priority to public rental housing, squeezing the space for other groups to allocate public housing, or it is a corner, such as raising the level of maternity insurance reimbursement. A child can save you thousands of dollars. There is still a little fertility motivation at the bottom level. They don’t care much about Leviathan’s policies. If there are negative policies, forbearance will pass. If there are favorable policies, there will be 30 dozen rabbits that year. The policy of encouraging childbirth is the same as in Japan, but at least this part of the people has to be exhausted.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Full-term labor, but not necessarily right away. She was discharged from the hospital 3 days after the normal delivery and 5 days after the cesarean section. Husbands’ poor 15-day paternity leave-if the wife begins to have childbirth symptoms, it may end before the baby is born; if the wife has a cesarean section, the husband will basically return to work when he is discharged from the hospital; unless the birth is fast I was still giving birth, maybe I can take my wife and children home with me. In a lifetime, most of them have children and become parents only once or twice. As a parturient, her body is weak just after giving birth, and she is sensitive and fragile in the face of her baby. How much I need the company of my closest and most trusted husband, but the holiday balance is insufficient, and the leave needs to be deducted, and the baby is waiting to be fed. People in the world panic and panic are all for the purpose of breaking the silver; but this broken silver can relieve the world’s melancholy; it can make the parents healthy and protect the growth of the young children; life is not easy, and running around is just for living. The baby has just tried his best to come to this world. For this young life, everything is so strange. She needs her father more than anyone.

6 months ago

Agree, it must be implemented! If it can be implemented, it is recommended that the woman invites anyone after the holiday after the confinement. Don’t stipulate men and women. Fathers and mothers have many benefits, just like mothers. Why must mothers take maternity leave? This is the advantage of father bringing a baby! It is said that the women should have more rest. The workers bring their own babies. There is no rest on maternity leave at home. Bringing a baby is definitely more tiring than going to work! Some fathers are also happy to bring their babies, and some mothers want to join the workforce, so that both parties have choices. Wouldn’t it be better! Today, I just made a crazy demon for my pet baby, and my dad likes to bring a baby~

6 months ago

Raise hands and feet to support, this suggestion is much more reliable and practical than the suggestion of extending the maternity leave to three years after giving birth to three children! There are too many women in the workplace who are discriminated against due to childbirth. This holiday is definitely helpful for childcare. After all, how many families are jumping around in confinement, and having one more person to help take care of mothers and newborns will definitely help alleviate the family. Contradictions and improving the quality of life of the mother after childbirth are also excellent for babies and fathers. On the other hand, it is of great help to alleviate women’s discrimination in the workplace. Childbirth is not a single person’s business, but because of the long maternity leave, many companies are unwilling to hire child-appropriate women. This will increase the responsibility and contribution of men in childcare and balance childbirth. Discrimination is based on gender differences, which is to alleviate or reduce female discrimination in the workplace.

6 months ago

This wave is amazing! Even if some companies may not follow the regulations, but the state has spoken, it is stronger than we have written a hundred times. Maternity leave should be one of the reasons why women’s employment is difficult, so the joint maternity leave of both spouses can help solve this problem. At the same time, the husband can also have time to accompany the children and enjoy the joy of being a father. Although some people will say why the maternity leave is not the same for men and women, I think the level of national consideration must be to consider the overall national economy and national financial situation. At this stage, it is great to extend maternity leave! Hope this policy can be implemented!

6 months ago

How to enforce it to the individual and show the courage of family planning in the past, so worry about not having a life. My husband worked as a small manager in a private company, took three days of maternity leave and stayed with me for two and a half days. After that, 996 didn’t get any better. Three children? Now if there is a time machine, I go back to the beginning, and I want to give a slap to myself who promised to give birth to birth. Do you know that it’s a mother’s thing after birth? The baby’s father gets a promotion, pays, and drinks and massages without delay. He lives like a happy bachelor, do you know? You are the only one who has changed your life! You are the only real mother! The baby is so cute, and it is true that it costs money and mother. Money can be earned again, but sleepless nights, overdrawn bodies, and devastated hearts cannot be exchanged anyway. Working women: There is a textbook-like father, and the probability is extremely small, you may not meet it. By the time the child was born, I thought I had met, but later things were very faceless. Want to live, good luck being.

6 months ago

The only feasible way to protect women’s rights is to use artificial uterus to liberate women from production activities. Other so-called guarantees are closer to transferring contradictions rather than resolving them. In order to protect the rights and interests of women who practice production, corresponding funding is needed, and each item includes scientific research, endowment insurance, medical and health, strengthening the army and defending the country, supporting a well-off society, century-old infrastructure, cultural propaganda, teaching and educating, public security management, etc. The money is not enough and there is no reason to tear down the east wall and make up for the west wall. Therefore, the funds needed to protect women’s rights can only come from additional taxes. And if these taxes are shared among all those who do not have children, many problems will be encountered. Because not all women want to have children, and not all women can have children. This world is not without lgbt. It is not that only women who have children are considered women. Therefore, protecting women’s rights is to protect the rights of pregnant women and their related personnel. It is fair to transfer the issue of women’s rights protection to single discrimination. If the responsibility is imposed on the enterprise in another way, in addition to taxes, there are also various maternity leave benefits, which will inevitably lead the enterprise to be more inclined to hire and value singles, thus forming a single advantage. What’s more, it will stimulate the formation of aversion to the combination of engaging in childbearing. The above are all contradictory shifts caused by changing the rules.

6 months ago

Provisions of the State Council on the Treatment of Workers’ Family Visits Article 1 This provision is hereby formulated in order to appropriately resolve the problem of family visits when employees and their relatives live in two places for a long time. Article 2 All regular employees who have worked in state organs, people’s organizations, enterprises and institutions owned by the whole people for one year and who do not live with their spouses and cannot be reunited on public holidays can enjoy the treatment of visiting their spouses in this regulation; and Fathers and mothers who do not live together and cannot be reunited on public holidays can enjoy the treatment of visiting their parents in this regulation. However, if an employee can be reunited with his father or mother on a public holiday, he shall not enjoy the treatment of visiting his parents in this regulation. Article 3 Holidays for employees to visit relatives: (1) When an employee visits his spouse, one party shall be given family leave once a year, and the leave is 30 days. (2) Unmarried employees are allowed to visit their parents once a year in principle, and the leave is 20 days. If due to work needs, the unit cannot give leave in the year, or if the employee voluntarily visits relatives once every two years, he can give leave once every two years. The leave is 45 days. day. (3) Married employees who visit their parents shall be given leave every 4 years, and the leave is 20 days. Family-visiting leave refers to the time during which employees are reunited with their spouse, father and mother. In addition, travel leave is granted according to actual needs. The above holidays include public holidays and statutory holidays. Article 4 All employees who implement the vacation system (such as school staff) should visit relatives during the vacation: If the vacation is short, the unit can make appropriate arrangements to make up for the number of days of family vacation. Article 5 Workers and staff members shall be paid according to their standard wages during the prescribed leave for family visits and travel holidays. Article 6 The round-trip travel expenses for employees to visit their spouses and unmarried employees to visit their parents shall be borne by the work unit. Married employees’ round-trip travel expenses for visiting their parents are within 30% of their monthly standard salary, they shall be borne by themselves, and the excess part shall be borne by the employer. Article 7 The people’s governments of provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government may formulate detailed implementation rules based on these regulations and send a copy to the State Administration of Labor for the record. Article 8 The treatment of family visits for employees of collectively-owned enterprises and institutions shall be determined by the people’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government in accordance with the actual conditions of their respective regions. Article 9 This regulation shall come into effect on the date of promulgation, and the Interim Regulations of the State Council on Holidays and Wages for Workers and Staff Members Going Home and Visiting Relatives on February 9, 1958 shall be repealed simultaneously. Have you ever seen someone take this fake logging? Red header files work well, and communism has long been realized. The plan of this initiative, if not implemented, is waste paper. Going to work in a public institution is generally called “going ashore,” and the onshore treatment has not been met according to the regulations, right.

6 months ago

I think the paternity leave for men is at least one month. This can replace the feudal dross of mother-in-law to take care of confinement. When a person is most vulnerable, it is very against human nature to find someone who is half-life unfamiliar with oneself to take care of oneself. It is very embarrassing and inconvenient! Couples share maternity leave, and the longer the better, of course this is true. But in many cases it needs to be improved little by little. Give men a month off first and take care of the confinement. Moreover, in the personal test, two with a baby can be very calm, and the arrangement will not be like a war, with busy feet hitting the back of the head. Yuesao and mother-in-law are not as necessary as everyone thinks. Everyone has worked, who doesn’t know who! Many things are that one monk carries water to drink, two monks carry water to drink, and three monks have no water to drink. It is very common for three people to do a job in a mess, and it is common for two people to do it without rush. Having given birth to a second child, because of the experience, two people with two babies are also competent enough. For the third child, forget it. For ordinary families, the second child is the limit. I really feel that taking care of confinement by husband is much more beneficial than taking care of mother-in-law and confinement. It can enhance the relationship and grow together, and it is easier to be warm and sweet. The child grows very fast within one month. It is a very beautiful thing to watch the child grow from wrinkled and beautiful. Everyone says that there is no point in not enforcing paternity leave. I think it makes sense, so I have an idea. Our usual five insurances and one housing fund are paid according to the base of the contribution wages and a certain proportion. Therefore, the contribution ratio of the maternity insurance unit for male employees can be increased, the labor cost of male employees can be increased, and the gender disadvantage of women in the workplace can be substantially reduced. . For example, if the pre-tax salary of an employee is 10,000, the unit labor cost is almost 15,000. If the ratio of maternity insurance contributions is adjusted, the labor cost for men becomes 16,000 and the labor cost for women is 14,000. Then, the increase can be achieved under the premise of ensuring equal pay for equal work and not increasing the comprehensive labor cost of the enterprise. The labor cost of male employees in enterprises, and reduce female employment discrimination. Of course, this will turn the discrimination against women in the workplace secretly into discrimination against men on the surface, which is suspected of overcorrection, but it is indeed very easy to operate, simple and rude, haha!

6 months ago

The policy is very good. Serving. Company: Who will do your maternity leave? Interview. Company: Don’t take maternity leave, which will affect the company’s profits. Every employee has an output value. With all due respect, there are currently no conditions to promote extended maternity leave. In fact, it is necessary to fundamentally solve the problem of labor law enforcement, otherwise it will only continue to deteriorate, and ordinary people can see it. Forget it, I have unlimited support for policies, unlimited expectations for the implementation, and unlimited doubts about myself. Doesn’t it matter to the employment environment? Don’t you understand 996 Fubao? How can I make a villain when I’m tired? In addition, small towns like Baigou are the mainstream without any holidays all month and two days a month. Haven’t seen a lot of questions about sleeping on the hot list? It’s all about how to be energetic without sleeping. Sleeping has become an extravagant hope. How to make a villain without sleeping? The above is what my friend asked me to say, and it has nothing to do with me.

6 months ago

For dual employees who have already released three versions to cover the summer vacation (regardless of the cost or relying on the manpower of the elderly), now they only care about how the organization that sends the money can survive every winter and summer vacation without paying, as long as it is legalized. -There are schoolchildren for a year and three months-Five insurances and one housing fund are reserved-Unpaid leave-Flexible choice is to support the raising of children and raise their own children by themselves (no conflicts at work) landing in reality, really crying (not relying on the elderly… (80% of the reality is that they have money, and they also rely on the elderly. How to assume the main responsibility of parental parenting in the current market environment is the real effective topic! It depends on parents and doctors + own bosses to get time. Compatible with educational needs, right?

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