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I admit that I was very uncomfortable watching the scenes of Liu Watermelon and Ning Yi in the last few episodes. But I can understand this feeling, yes, feeling. Some people say that there is a problem with the screenwriter’s change, and it still cannot be separated from the nature of the original male-frequency novel. I believe that Ning Yi’s feelings for Liu Watermelon are very complicated. He thanked her, it was Liu Watermelon who protected Ning Yi’s life time and time again. Ashamed of her, Ning Yi had never told the truth to Liu Watermelon and used her. Ning Yi clearly knew that he already had a wife. Facing Liu Watermelon’s dedication, he was very clear-headed, knowing that he could do something and not do something. This is a kind of maturity. Did Ning Yi give up his principles because of Liu Watermelon? No. Does Ning Yi know that Liu Huagua likes herself? know. Has Ning Yi been using Liu Watermelon all the time? Yes it is. I saw someone saying that Chen Fan and other brothers should be added to Ning Yi’s memories, so that it appears that Ning Yi and Liu Watermelon are brothers. I think the editing of this memory in the play is not wrong, but very good. Because if it weren’t for Liu Xiagua, Chen Fan and the others would have wanted to kill Ning Yi. Ning Yi’s most sorry is Liu Watermelon. Ning Yi’s victory was behind Liu Watermelon’s all-round loss. Human emotions are very complicated. There can be love between men and women, but it is not only love. Ning Yi’s love for Su Tan’er is already too obvious-in order to find her drinking unconsciously, whoever bullies her will have to pay the blood. In the same way, Su Tan’er had unconditional trust, companionship and support to Ning Yi. This is something that many people cannot do. At the end of the season, Ning Yi and Su Tan’er had a happy ending, but the core of comedy is tragedy. Lao Geng is undoubtedly one of the tragedies, so is Liu Xuanhua, and so is Fang Tianlei. It was these countless tragedies that led to a happy ending for everyone. Different positions, different pursuits, and different principles are destined to be a tragedy for Liu Watermelon to like Ning Yi. It is reasonable and unavoidable. Art comes from life. It is impossible for all of us to not encounter temptation after we are married, even people who like ourselves and give a lot for ourselves. A young and beautiful girl has gone through the storm with you. She is kind and righteous, and even treats all your family and friends kindly without asking for anything in return, but you have been using her, even using her likes. Anyone who has a conscience will feel guilty, right? This kind of sentimentality is more than courtesy, and it is very rare for people who have not let down their wives, but it is unrealistic to say that there is no change at all. However, art is higher than life. Liu Watermelon loves chicly and walks free and easy. Ning Yi only ends in esteem, stops in courtesy, stops in friendship, and finally forgets each other in the rivers and lakes. I think that such an example of resisting temptation is almost rare in life. I admire Liu Watermelon’s chic and perfection, and I also admire Ning Yi’s loyalty and determination to his wife, and admire their forgetfulness. In this respect, they are all very cute people.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

First of all, I will knock Suning myself. But I also shed tears for the watermelon behind. I put myself in my mind, Ning Yi’s feelings for watermelon were too complicated. From the beginning of life-saving grace, after getting along with them, I found out that the bandits of Tyrant Dao Camp were not heinous people. On the contrary, they were sometimes simple and cute, and later they knew Ning Yi. The lady was lost, and she helped him find her for a banquet. In the end, the fake marriage was just to save his life. Having experienced so many things together, I am grateful, guilty, and I think I also like it. If there is a girl who is straightforward and does not ask for anything in return, it is good to you, to your wife and family, and who never wants to destroy your family, or is your lifesaver, would you not like it at all in your heart. I saw many people spraying watermelon on the Internet and spraying Ning Yi’s spirit to cheat. I feel that Watermelon didn’t do anything to miss from the beginning to the end, neither did Ning Yi, and of course Tan’er did not. No one has done anything wrong, as fate dictates. There may be many people who have good feelings or likes in a person’s life, but there may be only one person who is deeply loved. Compared with liking, love involves more giving and responsibility. I feel sorry for the love of watermelon and can’t make it silently. At the same time, I also appreciate Ning Yi’s beginning and end for not letting down Tan’er.

8 months ago

Compared with the original work, the TV series itself has deleted a lot of things, and the original work has a lot of male characters, which is a bit open to the harem. In this regard, more deletions are made. Before the honeymoon part of the original book, Ning Yi and Nie Yunzhu’s emotional scenes are very heavy, layer by layer, and everything will happen; He Yuan Jin’er is an enemy’s evil fate; He Lu Hongti is an ambiguous ambiguity; He and Su Tan’er are married first and then fall in love. , Relying on strength to conquer the strong women; Chan’er also “tryed” the uncle for the young lady. Many images in this part are beautiful. For example, morning jogs, several stories high, goodbye wind chimes, “Suddenly looking back, the man is in the dimly lit place.” But the TV series was not filmed. It caused their relationship to be weird. Why is Ning Yi being so good to Nie Yunzhu? Why is Nie Yunzhu so trusting in Ning Yi. As for Liu Watermelon, the same is true. The scene is deleted, and the character set is reserved, but it’s not in the mist.

8 months ago

In the original book, the relationship between Watermelon and Ning Yi also experienced twists and turns, and finally gave birth to Ning Yi’s fourth daughter, Ning Ning, who accompanied Ning Liheng in rebellion and the affairs of the world. Liu Watermelon is a true idealist and aspires to achieve “everyone is equal.” She is the kind of personality that dares to love and hate. She is both bold and stubborn. After insisting on a belief, she can even To die for my own beliefs. I personally think that Ning Liheng not only loves watermelons, he even favors her a little bit. Regardless of the plot, just look at the original work, whether it was during the dormant period in the Miao Territory or after entering the Chengdu Plain, in the interactions between Ning Liheng and all his wives and concubines, Liu Xigua was the one who wrote the most. Sometimes, they quarrel about the philosophy and practice of everyone like a dragon, and occasionally they jump into the abandoned compound of other people’s home to have a barbecue together like a normal couple. They would fight like ordinary young couples. I remembered a clip that described Ning Liheng and Watermelon going outside to track Ning Ji when Ning Liheng accidentally tore watermelon’s clothes. . . If Ning Yi’s love for Tan’er is knowing, falling in love, and staying with each other, the love for Xiaochan and Xiaojuan is an ordinary life, and the love for Yunzhu and Jin’er is the throbbing in his heart, for Hongti His love is the respect of a mentor and helpful friend. I don’t know whether to talk about it or not to Master Li, but the love for watermelon is more of the truth between the young couple. From Tan’er, Yunzhu, and Hong to watermelon, some of them are strategizing, some are good at singing and dancing, some are beautiful and beautiful, some have iron swords and mountains, some have the world in mind. . . However, there can only be one fellow Taoist and companion, and it can only be watermelon. It can be said that watermelon is the bold side of Ning Liheng, doing what he wants to do but can’t do, bandits, bandits, arena, arrogance, equality, philosophy, practice, everyone is like a dragon.

8 months ago

The estrus is only the ritual should be above friendship and below love. Liu Watermelon’s character design is very good, pure and righteous, because the family hate has always followed the uncle to fight the world, her kindness does not harm the common people, but also has its own cognitive limitations. At this point, she and Ning Yi could not stand in the same position. Liu Huahua is a man of righteousness and takes good care of Ning Yi, even loves the house and Wu, controls his feelings, and takes great care of Su Taner’s family. The fake marriage also carries a trace of longing, but the night of the bridal chamber still respects Ning Yi. Such a good girl is indeed more eye-catching than Su Tan’er. But when Ning Yi used to deceive Liu Watermelon for the sake of the country, he didn’t have any mercy. Especially when Geng Zhiyuan died, he was more determined that he must quell the thieves. This kind of fierce determination is pure goodwill against Liu Watermelon’s righteousness. It seems too cruel. Ning Yi is not a merciless person. He understands the cruel damage to the watermelon and the betrayal of the brothers who are really protecting him from Tyrant Daoying, so Ning Yi said, he felt guilty. Ning Yi’s cry was also the guilt of this kind of feeling and the helplessness of hurting a good girl. He tried his best to make up for it and save Fang Tianlei’s life, that is, to save the life of Watermelon. I hope this good girl can survive in troubled times. Su Taner is Ning Yi’s true love, gentle and considerate, and understands what Ning Yi chooses to think, always stand with Ning Yi. This is what a married person should look like.

8 months ago

From the original work to this, Ning Yi didn’t like Liu Xiahua, only a good opinion, because Watermelon recognized Ning Yi’s idea of equality, and Ning Yi had a tentative mentality to let Watermelon try that way. Later, when Watermelon learned that the truth about Hangzhou’s broken city and caught up with Ning Yi, he had no other emotions, only guilt and helplessness. Ning Yi discovered that he liked watermelon when he was saving the Seven Buddhas. Unfortunately, he cut off the head of the Seven Buddhas with his own hands, and the two naturally broke apart. As for the version of the TV series, it is even more impossible. The screenwriters have abandoned Nie Yunzhu, Yuanjinger, Lu Hongti and even Xiaochan. How could they fall to the little Liu Watermelon? Guo Qilin must be single-minded.

8 months ago

The problem is not that you can’t open the harem, but that you don’t have the feelings of family and country. The original book is a very heavy novel. The imagination of history, class, industrial revolution, and social system in the novel is right or wrong, but I can see that the author has it. Thinking, these things are also a refreshing point of the male frequency history crossing essay, in fact, you don’t need to open the harem at all, you only need to show part of the above things, and make the second part “Celebrating Yu Nian”. In other words, yes, I just want to make a love drama between Ning Yi and Su Tan’er. I just want to shoot a fan. Then you can completely rewrite the plot. You can delete all Nie Yunzhu, Xiaochan, and Watermelon. Then the plot will go to the story of the promotion of the prince princess or the cute concubine driving to this kind of light comedy full of modern elements. You can freely edit the plot of the Academy of Male Virtue, and our male audience will not just hit the male boxing because of this. Look. To put it bluntly, this is the same problem as Chen Sicheng. If you are investigating the case, reasoning and suspense, you also need to have a family relationship, and there must be action scenes. Remember, you want to do “not only, but also, but also”, the premise is you You have to have this ability. If you can’t achieve it, please make a genre film.

8 months ago

As for this question, in fact, I can’t answer it. I just abandoned the show when I saw the sixth episode. What I have always said is, either you just keep the title of the book, or you really made your son-in-law in the style of “Moving Concubine” and “Prince Concubine’s Promotion” and I may still finish reading it. Either you use your brain, don’t change it randomly, you can change your wife, but you have to straighten out the logic in the plot. And is “Zuo Son” written in the harem Xiao Huangwen? They wrote about the feelings of the family and the country, the resistance of the little people, and a novel full of martial arts turned into a sweet love drama, you are enough. I have always wanted to say that since you are not ready to shoot or have many restrictions to film the various plots in the original, since you are always thinking about drastically cutting the plot of the original and the original creative brain-dead Mary Su plot, why don’t you write it yourself Original script? Can we not spoil the male frequency novel? In fact, the female frequency is also facing the same thing. You can watch the related Q&A of “Brilliant Hearts Like Jade”. What shocked me the most was that the screenwriter of the play also publicly devalued the original work? It’s really an ordinary and confident screenwriter. If you have the ability, you can also write a hot net article. What qualifications do you have to openly give pointers to other people’s works?

8 months ago

The last few episodes I watched are very complicated. Simply put, it is understandable, but not very acceptable. A girl like Liu Watermelon has a beautiful appearance and a bold personality, knows how to move forward and retreat, and treat others with sincerity. It’s just such a girl, Ning Yi has been cheating, betraying, and even using her love to do things she is sorry from the moment she entered the Tyrant Blade Camp. Such complicated feelings cannot be explained clearly by just two words of guilt. Many people think that it is more than friendship and less than love, but I think it is more like love and more than love, less than love and responsibility. For Liu Watermelon, Ning Yi will take good care of her, and for Su Taner, Ning Yi will take good care of her at all costs. I think this is the difference. Ning Yi’s choice is very mature, but the watermelon will leave a scar in his heart. Maybe this is something that even Tan’er can’t touch. They won’t be so carefree anymore, maybe at the same time. Fell silent. Some vinegar is something that Tan’er can’t eat, because she knows it’s not only feelings but also debts. Ning Yi’s sadness would not all be shown in front of Ning Yi, because she knew his love, so she was even more scrupulous. Putting yourself in the position thinks that I will feel this way, and it is probably these slightly hypocritical thoughts that make me uncomfortable.

8 months ago

On the day when it was broadcast, there was a hot search by Liu Xuanhua. When I clicked it, it was a curse. I didn’t understand it: one person, several times to save you, save your family and friends, trust you infinitely, for you and people in the same camp. Turning my face, I am still willing to fulfill you and let you go home, in order to save you face, fame and fake marriage with you (the drama version of Liu Huahua can see that he is a face-conscious person). Because I trusted you, people who were like my father were arrested, and most of my brothers were killed or injured. Not only did they not kill you, but in order to fulfill you, I gave you a divorce letter. Isn’t it worth your cry? ? ?

8 months ago

It’s unrealistic to be indifferent at all. A beautiful girl has gone through so many things with you, and she helps you, treats your wife without asking for anything in return, is kind and righteous, but anyone with a little conscience will feel guilty. So Ning Yi’s performance was normal. Those who have derailed with Ningyi’s spirit have not experienced the brutal beatings in real life, right? This kind of estrangement is more than courtesy, and the people who will eventually fail their wives are already very good. Non-vegetation.

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