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The content of this theme song MV is not much, simple lyrics, catchy melody and animation of three snowmen images. The melody is derived from a 174-year-old American folk song “oh, Susanna”. The Michelle Ice City theme song is adapted from one of the rhythmic melody, and the style is lively and lively. The lyrics are the slogan of Michelle Ice City: You love me, I love you, Michelle Ice City is sweet. I Love You, You Love Me, MIXUE Icecream&Tea”. The three snowmen images in the MV represent Michelle Ice City, store employees and customers, respectively. The lyrics are the brand slogan “You love me, I love you, Michelle Ice City is sweet.” “”, the screen content is some of the existing products and ingredients of Michelle Ice City: ice cream, oranges, lemons, etc.. This theme song MV was first released in July 2020 and will be played simultaneously on TVs in stores across the country. Some friends may have My impression is that in June 2020, Michelle Ice City’s global stores exceeded 10,000. In these 10,000 stores, every customer who comes to Michelle Ice City can hear this sweet melody. It does not loop. When you want to watch TV, wait for the elevator, but only appear when you want to have a drink or have an ice cream. If we do something in the middle? Then we can only say that we do it steadily. Good every drink. Let everyone come to Michelle Ice City, listen to sweet music and drink sweet drinks, and have joy and happiness. It’s hot, and customers can buy a large glass of chilled lemonade without burden. Sweet and sour and refreshing to quench your thirst. Going deeper, you feel that it is cheap and delicious, and you can drink more at ease. Our lemon ingredients come from Anyue, Sichuan, which is the lemon capital of China, and 80% of the country’s lemons are produced here. . This year we went to shoot a video of lemon ingredients, let everyone see how the favorite “Chilled Lemonade” comes from. Every year in the lemon picking season, more than 6,500 fruit farmers exclusively supply lemons for Michelle Ice City. The day of picking After entering the factory, after three cleanings, one drying, and 40 X-ray inspections per second, the selected A-level fruits are packed in boxes and sent to more than 10,000 Michelle Ice City stores worldwide. Michelle Ice City owns The warehouse and logistics system control the cost to the greatest extent, and finally present it to customers in the highest quality and affordable way. Our corporate mission is to “let everyone in the world enjoy high-quality and affordable delicacies”, and we are doing it personally.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Let me say a digression. Why do I hate the marketing of luxury goods for daily necessities, because it is not just a simple matter of “investing in advertising and marketing at high prices, and then letting consumers pay for high-priced marketing at high prices”. For things like fruit tea, there is a supply chain of agricultural and animal husbandry products. Whether it is a dairy farmer or a fruit farmer, it is sold to you at the price of the place of origin. That is, their actual income is not much at all, and even in extreme cases, these brands will be manipulated and depressed after they monopolize the market. The principle is the same as sharing a bicycle, and buying food in an APP. So everyone is a laborer, so why pay for this kind of product that squeezes consumer wool and makes no contribution to the industrial chain. Are you more noble? Isn’t this falling into the “distribution problem” that the people are very concerned about recently? Of course there is reproducibility. If you sell a single-digit cup in one store, no one will reject you. Those who “sink the market” with one mouthful are really sick with little Bourgeois. The real cost of this kind of drink without the brainwashing premium is just a few dollars for a cup. If I buy a drink at a normal price, it will sink the market? The biggest contribution of street beverage shops like Michelle Ice City is not the success of the so-called consumption downgrade at all, and it has nothing to do with the half-cent of the PDD model. Instead, they removed the hypocritical franchise premium and advertising premium, and returned to what the beverage store should have been in this market full of scams using the normal beverage chain model. As long as the market is still full of these petty bourgeoisie IQ tax milk tea shops, this model can always be copied. It’s enough to rely on them.

6 months ago

It is more difficult in the milk tea field. The popularity of the theme song of Michelle Ice City is related to the popularity of the milk tea shop itself and its low-price positioning. If it is not popular, no one will watch it. If you don’t evaluate it, you will only think that this theme song is contrary to harmony. This theme song is actually just one sentence: You love me, I love you, Michelle Ice City is sweet, changed to sing Farah into a song, the tune is very cheerful, like childhood friends singing to each other A song that praises friendship. If you make such a theme song for a milk tea shop that starts with a cup of ten dollars, isn’t it full of violations? They should shoot Yayue instead of this kind of ballads, and Yayue wants to be so popular, unless it is langlang, otherwise it is very difficult. The point is, I don’t think you are poor, and you don’t think I am low, that is the key to our liking for this theme.

6 months ago

History has proved that good things can be put on fire after being put out for more than a hundred years. Two hundred years ago, in 1847, after the song “Susanna” was composed by Stephen Foster, the father of American pop music, it premiered in an ice cream parlor in Pittsburgh, and then went viral in the United States. In 1933, Li Jinhui, the father of Chinese pop music, filled the tune of Susanna with “Su San Don’t Cry”, which was sung by the then popular singer Wang Renmei and recorded and released by EMI, which became a big hit in old China. Zhang Ailing mentioned in the prose “The Whispers” that at the edge of the yin and yang border, you can see the sun, hear the bell of the tram and the big sale cloth shop blowing “Su San Don’t Cry” over and over again, in that sun there is only lethargy. It can be seen that in the Republic of China, this brainwashing divine song is also the favorite of businessmen. In 1976, Xu Guanjie, the godfather of Cantonese pop music, added a Cantonese word to “Su San Don’t Cry”. “There is wine and now drunk” is popular in Hong Kong and Liangguang. People who can speak Cantonese can sing this song out of ten. In 2021, this ancestral melody was again filled in an advertisement for Michelle Ice City, the main ice cream cone, and it became popular four times in 200 years. It went from an American ice cream shop to a Chinese ice cream shop. History is an interesting cycle.

6 months ago

MKT case review——-Michelle Ice City viral marketing; On June 3, Michelle Ice City released the brand theme song MV “Michelle Ice City Sweet Honey”, which successfully carried out one-time low Cost viral marketing. Just take this case to share the relevant knowledge of viral marketing, for your reference, and enjoy it. Knowledge point: Viral marketing uses the enthusiasm of the public and interpersonal networks to spread and spread marketing information like a virus. Marketing information is quickly copied and spread to tens of thousands and millions of viewers. It can act like a virus. The same goes deep into the human brain, quickly copied, quickly spread, and spread the information to more audiences in a short period of time. Case analysis: 1. Main goals ①Improve brand voice and promote product sales conversion. ②Further shape the brand image of “people-friendly and affordable”. 2. MV features ① The screen takes the IP image “Snow King” as the protagonist, and the three snow kings dance magically in the screen, increasing the exposure of the brand’s IP image from the visual level. ②BGM is adapted from the English folk song “Oh, Susanna”, with only one line of lyrics: “You love me, I love you, Michelle Bingcheng is sweet…”, the rhythm is cheerful, very brainwashed, and has a viral effect. 3. Marketing Highlights ① Earth-flavored MV, grounded marketing: The melody is simple and the lyrics are short and magical, with a slight “earth flavor”, but it is consistent with its “people-friendly, low-price” brand tone, and has a grounding effect. ②Universal UGC, the second creation carnival: After the release of the MV, it caused a large number of netizens to create UGC, cover the theme song in multiple languages, adapt the lyrics, original choreography, etc. These UGC works caused a sensation on the social media platform and frequently appeared in hot searches. It’s a UGC carnival. ③The Guan Fang ends and the second dissemination: Michelle Ice City is not only active in the comment area of ​​netizens’ UGC works, but also collects the second creation works, released the theme song in 14 countries and 20 languages, and carried out the second dissemination of the theme song. 4. Dissemination channel ① A zhan: As a super-active community for young people’s cultural fertile ground and cultural exchanges, its content is high in quality and users are highly sticky, which is very suitable for the dissemination of such viral materials. The video of the theme song of Michelle Ice City is currently playing 1000w+. “Mi Snow Ice City is very bitter”, “Underworld Michelle Ice City” and other users’ UGC works have more than one million views, and they are popular on a certain station. ② A yin: As an entertaining short video community based on creative and interesting content, it is also the best choice for the spread of such video viral materials and user UGC creation. At present, the theme song of Michelle Ice City has been widely disseminated in the community, the scene of Michelle Ice City’s death; Wang Sicong’s quotations version of Michelle Ice City’s theme song; and his mind is full of Michelle Ice City and other topics have also been on a certain music hot list. ③A bo: As a highly interactive pan-entertainment community, Michelle Ice City’s official WeChat account reposts users’ UGC works, interacts with netizens, and actively ferments various communication topics to help the spread of viral materials. Have you been brainwashed successfully in this viral marketing?

6 months ago

1. Repetitive, magical, slobber, simple, composed of Michelle Ice City’s generation of slogan, which fits perfectly with the brand’s tonality. 2. The logo Snow King of Michelle Ice City for a long time, the Snow King inflatable doll that occasionally popped out in a few stores as early as a few times, and the various Snow King surroundings that have been on the shelves have made the cartoon character very acceptable. . The animated character “Snow King” and his siblings and girlfriends and other snowmen with slightly changed shapes entered the audience’s eyes and successfully matched the snow king with the Michelle Ice City logo in their minds. 3. The original tune “Oh Susanna” is in the DNA of the masses, and these masses coincide with the current main consumer of the milk tea market. 4. A surprise when it was adapted by various adaptations: Most of the adaptations “Michelle Ice City” these four words can only be retained. The brand name is retained, and the brand meaning of the other elements such as the Snow King, the store in the background picture, and the slogan are all retained, which leads to the complete Michelle Ice City theme song when the second fission is spread, rather than Michelle Ice. The city theme song is a re-creation in the background. Supplement: The communication event node in my eyes-the first stage: Xiaopozhan, various foreign language and dialect versions + programmer’s version; the second stage: still radiating from Xiaopozhan as the center, network hot stalks and topics Combination of music and collision; the third stage: Douyin, free of single class for various occasions. I think there are two reasons for the retention of the brand name in the lyrics. One is that the lyrics and music are too monotonous and cannot be changed, and the other is that the original language version was taken. 5. The blessing of Michelle Ice City’s own brand potential is a major factor in success. If Michelle Ice City is not a brand with a strong mass base, the existence of the above characteristics will not make this hot spot successful. 6. My guess is that the company has little plan for this communication, at least it did not plan the overall situation at all. At most, the language version of the theme song has traces of pushing hands, and the various combinations with Internet hot stalks are no longer controllable by the company; there are stores that launch free singing activities instead of company behaviors, which at most acquiesce; and then you can see The obvious company behavior is that Zhihu registered an official account, and Xiaopozhan sent videos such as lemon orchard while the iron was hot. 7. On the one hand, I think the company’s marketing is not good at “climbing along the bar”. Seeing the waves of enthusiasm, we are all complaining about why not seize the opportunity to bring the rhythm to the marketing angle we want; on the other hand, On the other hand, the more I look at it, the more I admire the company’s actions, that is, not doing the things that are hot now, responding cautiously in the face of the craze, and taking the mass line steadily without letting the moment see it…It is commonly known as accumulating. The above is only based on the theme song event to share a few views, and it has nothing to do with the product, price, franchise, etc. I am embarrassed if the comments are too annoying. thanks for watching.

6 months ago

Of course there is. There is no denying that Michelle Ice City really understands the Internet. Whether it’s been exposed to apologize to consumers in time when making drinks with overnight food, or now making a theme song for everyone to see, Michelle Ice City has captured the core of today’s primary business competition: respect for consumers. Rights and wishes. From the first incident. “Indeed, I used overnight food. I am guilty and I apologize. “Even if such an incident occurred in only a small number of stores, Michelle Ice City also came out to apologize as soon as possible. This shows that Michelle Ice City is treating consumers Respect for rights. Many people wonder if it is right to apologize for wrongdoing, and what is there to praise. It is true that this should be done on the basis of ethics, but the commercial market is not judged on the basis of ethics. “I don’t treat you as traffic, you are my little partner.” How many industries can do it? First cry for respect. The second one is the theme song. This is where Michelle Ice City is different from other milk tea industries. When other industries only spend their thoughts on promoting their new products on their official accounts or apps, Michelle Ice City has taken a different path. People always only see the splendor on the Guangming Road, but never notice the full of spring on the single-plank bridge. But this time, Michelle Ice City noticed. It has found a way to communicate with young people and a shortcut to business in this Internet age. Since profitable glib tongues can no longer please young people, perhaps we can be more nonsensical? Michelle Bingcheng boldly became this clown. Indeed, there are only a few snowmen dancing in the video, and the lyrics are simple and clear, “You love me, I love you, Michelle Ice City is sweet.” It is so simple and so nonsensical. Of course, we can’t judge the quality of the video, after all, the play is for people to watch. Does it look good? Not pretty. Did you lose school? indeed! “You love me, I love you, Michelle Ice City.” When I wrote this answer, the catchy lyrics have been echoing in my mind with my thoughts. I believe most viewers see “Honey With the words “Snow Ice City”, there will be a snowman walking towards you carrying a stereo with a magic wand. The nonsensical play, the naive snowman, walked in front of everyone in the least outstanding way, making everyone hahaha. Did you make it? Not necessarily, after all, he won the concubine’s smile, and he won’t be able to get well. But what I know is that in this era of big data, as traffic, we will still have a snowman holding a magic wand and saying to us happily: “You love me, I love you, Michelle Ice City Sweet honey.” The humanization of business is the answer to business competition. Whoever understands human nature better understands the Internet.

6 months ago

Personally, I don’t feel much brainwashing. But what I have seen is that marketing is indeed very successful. Various marketing accounts from Douyin have jumped out to give you popular science. Mi Snow Ice City is more affordable and affordable. In addition, there is no dark history in the family itself, so the setting is lovable and then it becomes popular. This song was very familiar when I first heard it. Ah, isn’t this one of the songs that Mickey Mouse dances in my childhood songs cd. Then I turned to the comment area, oh yes, susana I liked it very much when I was a kid.

6 months ago

It is not the success of Michelle Ice City’s mv, but the success of Michelle Ice City, and the success of Michelle Ice City is to occupy the market at a low price in the milk tea industry, similar to MINISO.
I don’t have a lot of milk tea. Most of the time, I prefer Nutrition Express, ice cream, ice cream, popsicles, and cola…
Just among the milk teas that I have not drunk, I think Michelle Ice City is not very good.

6 months ago

The popularity of the Michelle Ice City theme song this time is not because of how brainwashed he is. There are more brainwashed and catchy advertising theme songs. He is so popular because he is Michelle Ice City. Coordinates a university in Guangzhou. There are various milk tea shops at the entrance of the school. A little bit, coco, books burn immortal grass… each has its own characteristics, and each has its own signature. But if you want me to say that the current price is the highest, it must be Michelle Ice City. Personally, I think the milk tea in Michelle Ice City is very ordinary. After all, it’s not expensive. Anyway, I don’t like to drink it. For milk tea, I definitely like it a little bit. But the sundaes and cones in Michelle Ice City are simply amazing. Even people like my parents who don’t eat cold drinks are amazed and praise his crisp cones. The most important thing is that it is very cheap. I haven’t eaten it for a long time, but he is the white moonlight in my heart. If it were to be replaced, if this time the theme song was Zhong Xuegao or Starbucks, would it be so popular? I don’t think so. Precisely because it is Michelle Ice City.

6 months ago

1. The animated MV was successful. Station B refreshed the screen, but there were many videos refreshed at Station B every day, including the advertising area. Refreshing the screen does not mean that the advertisement is successful. Is Michelle Ice City on fire? It can only be said that this MV is on fire, not the brand. 1. The animated MV was successful. Station B refreshed the screen, but there were many videos refreshed at Station B every day, including the advertising area. Refreshing the screen does not mean that the advertisement is successful. 2. The popularity of Michelle Ice City has been launched before, and the positioning is not clear. There is no unique label or positioning other than Hey Tea, Nai Xue, and Cha Yan Yue. What is needed now is this, or to reverse everyone’s prejudice against this brand (many people think it’s low because it’s cheap). This video didn’t make it clear, there’s no reversal. I’ve swiped the screen, I’m very happy after watching it, but I didn’t remember anything. Have you seen it, do you remember it? 3. This video is not as popular as the wave of the 2018 World Cup. Mafengwo, Zhihu, BOSS, etc., behind the first two are the Ye Maozhong team, which has been positioned, and more importantly, has broken the circle. Two companies are listed (there is still a hornet’s nest, the product is a bit weak, and more importantly, outbound travel and tourism have been greatly affected by the epidemic in the past two years, or the market will start in the morning). Of course, the World Cup really pays attention to the power level, and it is also unattainable. It’s a successful MV, not a successful advertisement. The times make good advertisements. If you use the video screen to measure the success of an advertisement, then advertising is too simple, go directly to B station (Tik Tok, etc.) to buy PUSH, buy open screen, buy homepage focus, etc., and then engage in so-called viral transmission Don’t you have it? But obviously, these alone are not enough.

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