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I didn’t expect an anonymous answer to have so many praises, so I added and explained some basic rules of college entrance examination by the way. Each volunteer college reported by Parallel Volunteer is similar to a shuttle bus. The number of seats in this bus (admission plan) is determined in advance. The examination institute will sort the candidates in the province according to the priority of their scores, and arrange for them to go to the corresponding shuttle bus (college) according to their first choice. Theoretically speaking, the files are cast sequentially, but in fact, with the help of computer technology, the files are cast simultaneously. The so-called parallel volunteers and score priority means that when you are ranked, your first choice will be met if there are not full people registered. If the first choice is full, look at the second choice, and so on. Zhao Wumian’s transfer to the college is no matter whether you obey the professional adjustment or not, you will always transfer the file. The analogy to getting on the bus means that as long as you have a ticket (scores that meet the college’s cast line), you will be arranged to get on the bus first, and then you can discuss the matter of choosing a seat (choosing a major). If you can’t meet your professional requirements, you have to do it again. Please get out of the car (back gear). But when you get off and return to the station, the other cars have already driven away. You can no longer enjoy the policy of parallel volunteering. This is commonly known as slip or shift. Heads-up or Xiaobalu Candidates with the highest rankings in the province can clearly know whether they can be admitted to a major in Peking University/Tsinghua University. Because the enrollment groups of these two schools actually performed a simulation of the files manually. This means that these two colleges and universities will work hard to obtain very high scores (the first three) test takers’ scores before the scores are awarded. This work is often based on internal relationships. And, on the day after the score is released, the results of the online candidates (the ranking of the total number of admissions in the Top 2 batch) are obtained. This task is to screen and inquire one by one. Generally, many high-scoring seeds are tracked in the early stage. Then call the candidates one by one. Beijing has the largest amount of tasks, so the teachers and volunteers in the Beijing admissions group of these two schools are also the most. As for the admissions team, how come there are candidates’ phone numbers? If you don’t take the National People’s Congress, you don’t change your name. If you can’t even handle this, then the admissions team is too weak. Because these two schools need to confirm the candidates’ colleges and professional wishes from the first to the next, the one with the highest score will receive the call first. However, candidates who have passed the line will generally receive a call on the day they are released. One very interesting thing is that other colleges and universities next to the top 2 score line, and some will call the Top 2 admissions team on the second or third day after the score is awarded, “How is the fight between your two families? Our general situation, we can start to fight.” Of course there are special cases, for example, I noticed that the user did not come up with a name to answer this question. In fact, it is the result of a very typical game. If my college entrance examination score is high enough for Tsinghua University, will the teacher in the admissions group call me in advance? -The answer that the user did not come up with is probably the story behind this answer-Tsinghua: This student’s high school has a bad relationship with us, so we won’t tell him the line. The vacant places can be given to other high schools that we have a good relationship with. Peking University: This student is enough for Tsinghua to raise the grade line, but we don’t need to tell him, because this may increase Tsinghua’s grade line by one point. Hand in: We want this student. Of course, we don’t tell him that he can go to Tsinghua University.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Personal experience, divided into schools. I am the sixth in the college entrance examination of a certain city in a certain province, and the 99th in the province, and finally 1 point higher than Tsinghua’s original batch of adjustment lines. However, no call was made. Because it is not a well-known school in the province, the high school is still a bit contradictory with qh (the first place in the previous year was also the second place in the province and was fought very hard, but in the end I went to Peking University) and was not called. , I didn’t even think about approving in advance, but Peking University has been in active contact since the time when the points were released. I felt that I didn’t make a phone call. I didn’t take the initiative to ask the admissions team. I applied to a men’s technical school. I regretted that the shift line came out. The naked score exceeded one point, so I missed top2. But my roommate, a very famous high school in the same province, was called if he scored one point higher than me in the college entrance examination. Of course, fate made us meet in the end.

6 months ago

Hahaha, I found myself sloppy up in Versailles, but it’s all true. I’m very grateful to the school leaders for helping us worry about everything. Otherwise, I’m definitely going to Shanghai to go to school. Of course, I left Beijing for the Yangtze River Delta as soon as I graduated. The weird engineering professionals in the next door mixed up as an obscure little legal affairs and were drifted by people who had called. In 2006, they were still the landline at home. When they answered the phone, they tried to correct their crappy Putonghua. His grades were average, and his scores ranked naked. At 60, I can only go to Tsinghua’s weird engineering majors. Peking University has some options. Finally, the principal chartered a car and took me and another classmate with the same score to the computer in the admissions group of the province, and looked at the front. For the students’ grades and volunteer choices, they chose a major at Peking University that they felt was not a loss. After the freshman year, I transferred myself to a major that seemed to be unable to find a job. Another student went to Tsinghua University and seemed to have joined the army. Working in a certain missile research institute, now that I was missing, I think back then that the major and the school should have been negotiated by the school leader and the admissions team. The principle is that admission must be guaranteed. In that year, the college entrance examinations of the same school did not perform well in the language of several great gods. After 80 or 90 minutes of the exam, they could only go to Zhejiang University and Fudan University. To keep me and the other survivor, we must be a Tsinghua University and a Peking University. The majors are free…

6 months ago

The scores are still several days away. Yesterday the senior of T University called me. He is a senior who graduated from the same high school as me, and his previous Chinese and physics teachers are the same as those in my class. I just learned from the grapevine yesterday that I might get a 20-point bonus for casting through the P-big dream building project. As a result, the senior student mentioned it on the phone. On the phone, he repeatedly emphasized that although he was responsible for enrolling students in the region this year, he did not call me to “grab students” or something. “After all, T is not bad for these people,” he said. He knows that I am more determined to apply for a P major, so he called me to hope that if my score is not much higher than the score line, I can swing between the two schools to negotiate terms on both sides and strive to get a better major. .

6 months ago

Not only will the naked students be able to make phone calls, but the admissions team of the strong foundation plan will be contacted by phone. Everyone has always had a big misunderstanding about the admissions team in Qingbei, thinking that they are just for each other’s top pick. But in fact, their role is to make the students who apply for Qingbei a professional zero adjustment as much as possible. After the scores are given, they will understand the target volunteers of candidates who are interested in applying for their school, and then combine the situation of the candidates who are ranked before the candidate, and give the candidates some suggestions on the voluntary application. For example, an examinee ranked 21st in the province after his scores, and he intended to apply for Peking University. His goal is economic management and computer science. At this time, the admissions team of Peking University learned that ten of the top 20 candidates in the province were interested in applying for Peking University, and eight of them were interested in management. At this time, the admissions team will suggest that the candidate give priority to the computer when applying for volunteers, and avoid being transferred to a major that he does not like or is not suitable for. For those candidates who can’t get the naked score but can make a strong foundation, the admissions team will suggest that they try it, and will help the candidates analyze if the strong foundation can’t get to Qingbei, then volunteer to apply for which universities and professional development prospects are better. Many of Qingbei’s recruiting volunteers in a certain area are candidates from previous Shangqingbei sessions in this area. Many of them participated in this voluntary work with the heart to help the younger students and the development of their hometown.

6 months ago

Yes~ If it is the champion, it will even be earlier than the score. My impression of my class was at 7 o’clock in the evening. In the afternoon, the teachers began to wait for the top2 call. We knew that the top pick was out of the game even after 6 o’clock. The top 2 phone calls were made on the same night after the score was released, and I was about to meet and talk about the professional the next day. At that time, I was fourth, a science student. The science students in our province rushed to Tsinghua for the first five years. My dream school was also Tsinghua, so I saw only Tsinghua teachers at that time. When I met, my parents said that I would like to take care of it. Teacher Tsinghua said that I can’t give it to the next place. I was asked to leave. Other majors are fine. I said I want a medical laboratory class because I want to study medicine too much… Confirmed After the medical laboratory class, the admissions team said that you can just go home and fill in the volunteers, so you go home to fill in the volunteers… Peking University called my parents the same afternoon (it didn’t call me, I didn’t even know the whole process), Tell my parents that I can report to Guanghua (my parents want me to study finance with Tsinghua), because the top three have chosen Tsinghua, so there are no professional restrictions on me at Peking University. Without telling me, my parents directly agreed to Peking University and rejected Tsinghua University. Later, we had a big fight about it… the result was that I was too young that year and never had a home, so I went to Peking University to study finance. The next night, the University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong also made Chinese phone calls. The University of Hong Kong said that it could choose a major but did not have a scholarship. It was rejected by Tsinghua University and selected the Hong Kong Encyclopedia Award. The University of Hong Kong has only one full prize in our province. I feel sorry that the tuition fee did not go. . Hong Kong Chinese said that it would give all awards + choose any major, but I only had Tsinghua University and Hong Kong University in my heart that year, so I didn’t go.

6 months ago

Last year I was a recruiting volunteer and was responsible for the work of our county. Roughly speaking, I got a list of top students from the teacher. It is mainly students who performed well in the previous model tests. The conditions are very loose. Most of the people on this list will not go to Qingbei. Of course, there are a small number of model exam performances that are generally not on the list, but the college entrance examination performed supernormally. Last year, a student who was not on the list, finally went to the Peking University School of Medicine. Then the volunteers in charge of this area will call to ask about their estimated scores and real results after the college entrance examination and after the scores are released. If the students or parents have questions about the relevant policies, they will also answer. Some top students or the vacillating student admissions team will also fight for it, but it is not very strong within the scope of my understanding.

6 months ago

I was ranked second in a certain college entrance examination province. I received a call when reading books in the library the morning before the score was released. I didn’t tell me the ranking, so I hurried to get the score immediately (this is a strategy, because there are no college entrance examination candidates. Can refuse to look at the score first-hand… If you tell me the ranking, then I may have to wait for top2 to contact me separately before going through) Later, I also participated in enrollment, basically the students were circled in advance. In recent years, the management has become more and more strict, and the scores are getting worse and worse. I got the scores in advance. Before, the top students got the scores the day before and then caught people quickly. Now the top students call to circle first, and then leave after the scores are awarded. Half of it is left and the other is to tell the truth. The expressions and moods of the students with unsatisfactory grades walking out of the hotel room are all… In twos and threes in the room, they are happily walking towards the glory moments of the first 18 years of their lives. Outside the house is scattered, watching the former classmates walking towards themselves. I remember the book I read at the school that I was thinking of, I remember very clearly now. I just saw the Wu Tao part of “Six Secret Teachings” when I called, so that I haven’t finished reading this book until now.

6 months ago

Will do. At that time, I called as soon as I found the points, and then picked me up. In the end, because my score was too low, the admissions team basically ignored me. I waited until the evening, and then I was told that my score was too low to reach their line. But I’m not sad. I didn’t even think about going to Tsinghua University. Although I waited for a long time, I still had a meal for nothing. This wave is not a loss. In the end, I went to Peking University with extra points.

6 months ago

At that time, I always wanted to go to Peking University, and I had extra points for Peking University, and the possibility of being admitted to Peking University was relatively high. My score was actually very dangerous, and I was more concerned about the choice of major, so I didn’t think I could Going to Qingbei, on the contrary, I think I have a greater chance of resuming diplomatic relations. On the day of the resumption of diplomatic relations with Zhejiang, they all called and promised to choose their majors. Peking University did not call me. It seems that my score is really low, so I took the initiative to find Peking University that night. The two admissions offices are in different hotels, but they are not far away. I went to the admissions office of Peking University with two other students from our school. Sure enough, I couldn’t go to the admissions office of Peking University. The teacher asked me to wait. Divide, discuss professional matters slowly later. After I got home, my parents told me about the situation on the resumption of diplomatic relations with Zhejiang. In fact, the resumption of diplomatic relations with Zhejiang is also very good. I don’t have any Qingbei complex, and it’s not bad to sign a hand-in computer. Therefore, I signed a contract with Shanghai, and Qingbei was unable to sign with me.

6 months ago

No, I am actually very uncomfortable. My high school is neither in our provincial capital nor the famous high school in our city. Only a quarter of the people can go to the same line every year, but our high school style is very positive. The teachers are very nice. I am the second Tsinghua University in the decades since the establishment of our school. Generally speaking, there is a 985 in the province every year. I am a high-level complex at home, specializing in mathematics. My college entrance examination scores have reached the Qingbei line, and I am sure myself. Later I saw that those with more than 680 points also entered Tsinghua University. But Qingbei never called me, so I was particularly uncomfortable. It was the second day after the resumption of diplomatic relations with Zhejiang. On the first night, I sat with a dead face. I couldn’t sit still until 9 o’clock in the evening. I called the former head teacher and kept crying. At 10 o’clock, she contacted Tsinghua University. The way, I have been comforting me, promised to find Peking University tomorrow, and then she asked me to dial and try, and then I picked up, and then exclaimed that there is a student here. Then I woke up the next day and there were a few missed calls. It was a call from Peking University and Zhejiang. The next day I called me should be hopeless. The National People’s Congress and the University of Science and Technology of China also called me. As for why Qingbei will call me. Leave me out at the same time, I don’t know qaq

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