The U.S. government is expected to submit a report on “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAP) to Congress before June 25. After receiving the confidential briefing of this report, some members of Congress stated that UFOs will bring “national security problems to the United States”. “.

The U.S. military usually refers to UFO as UAP. The term UAP is used to refer to the phenomenon of “unauthorized, unidentified aircraft or objects being witnessed and observed entering or operating in various military-controlled training areas.”

According to the British “Guardian” report on June 17, some U.S. congressmen are deeply concerned about the contents of this most recent report. Rep. Tim Burchett, a Republican from Tennessee, said: “It’s clear that something is happening that we can’t manage.”

Who said UFO must be an alien spacecraft? Believe it or not, just a few rounds of hype will become a Sino-Russian aircraft. Reading the words I marked, there are still some problems? The military wants to report: Something out of control has flown in, frightening our military babies. The fragile national security of the United States is being threatened again. Please state funding! Having said that, it is entirely possible that it is the enemy’s black technology. First turn the public’s attention, and then further report that it is earth technology. Twitchy and use national security to imply who the enemy is. People who have been instilled in the China threat theory for more than a year heard this and they were almost at war. The UFO we usually say is UFO, Unidentified Flying Object. I didn’t say literally that this must be an alien thing. The term used by the military this time is UAP, its full name is Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, literally translated as “unidentified aerial phenomenon”, I dare not even say whether it is flying or whether it is an object. More emphasis is placed on the technological gap and the inability to identify, rather than determining which planet it came from. If this thing is an enemy aircraft to monitor you, and you haven’t figured out the principle, it’s not a national security issue. People who don’t even know whether the earth is round or not should not scare them into diapers. Do you think the military is always shocked and unrespectable? No, the officers who reimburse a coffee cup for thousands of dollars live a decent life. Also, don’t use your own thinking to mislead the Americans. Americans spare no effort when they pretend to be weak. Pretending to be weak is a spread weapon! Pretending to be weak is the code of wealth! In the most chaotic early days of the epidemic, Chinese people went to the door of their small town all day to frighten them and spread rumors. When talking about the China threat theory, it’s just a matter of brainstorming that the People’s Liberation Army has a star destroyer. If these masters write novels with these things, they can starve Chinese science fiction authors to death. You think shame is more important than anything else. Caogong laughs at you that you deserve to be poor. Even if this thing didn’t buckle the dung basin on the heads of China and Russia, the military would have to show a lack of money. Is it said that China has a phobia of insufficient firepower? Coincidentally, he has a phobia of insufficient funds. Chinese netizens don’t join in the fun, maybe they will find out after eating melons: the flying saucer is myself?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

When I was a little embarrassed, I pointed to the sky and yelled: “Look! Airplane! Or jet fighter!” The friends quickly raised their heads: “Where? Where?” The embarrassing situation was instantly opened. Things are not going well in the United States now, so I point to a lot of files: “UFO reveals the secret! The content is absolutely superb! Back then, President Kennedy wanted to make it public, but unfortunately got in a convertible, the current president is already in his senior years and has already penetrated it. Life and death, so I made a violation of our ancestors… Bah! Bah! A decision was made that violated the orders of the previous presidents of the United States of America, and the information of these UFOs has been completely disclosed! The opportunity is not to be missed and the time will not come again. Ah! Maybe it’s too late to keep the secret again!” The melon-eaters who were watching the American joke: “Hold it, there is this thing, you have to take a good look! What is the new crown epidemic? What is the evil life? What is the donkey? Controversy of elephants, what inflation, how can UFOs look good!” If I want to say, these files are stinky and long, and ordinary people who eat melons can’t appreciate it. The American official still organizes Hollywood to shoot more “Men in Black” The effect of the series of movies may be better.

6 months ago

Killing me. This is the nth time the wolf has come. Let me help you recall that last year Americans played gimmicks similar to UFO clips. One year later, why haven’t aliens come to the world? How many UFO enthusiasts in China look forward to it every day and can only fight against others in Zhihu/Tieba to dispel loneliness. When I was in junior high school, I liked reading UFO articles and bought a lot of UFO magazines. Then I lost interest. The reason is that I found myself looking at these only for excitement, and after the excitement, no matter how convincing these outrageous “realistic novels” are, they have not changed the slightest reality, and there is no definite evidence. They are just better-looking novels. . So the point is not how sensational the report produced by the Americans is. Even if the Americans give us an on-the-spot anatomy of aliens, it is of no value. The key lies in whether the “aliens” in its mouth interfere with reality (there is real evidence). Species). If not, then the report counts as a ball. All kinds of reports written in the United States can be read as novels. They spread rumors about Xinjiang. You don’t believe it. If it says aliens, you believe it? Did the Americans still say that Saddam had chemical weapons? Evidence must be told in everything. Here is the difference between storytelling and science. And the “videos” of this era are basically jokes, and the up on Douyin can create three UFO sighting videos for you a day. Where do you think the UFO stories on the market now come from? The Americans make up this professionally, and most of the so-called unsolved mysteries of the world are made up by Americans. And the contributors are mainly journalists and novelists, not serious scholars. No matter how the United States writes it, the first question you should ask is “Why is it written like this?” The United States, a country where civilians are generally lacking in education and superstitious, is just eating this set of weird powers. We don’t have to dance with it, just move a small bench and wait for the show. We have all received nine years of compulsory education. We must talk about evidence and science. Don’t be led by the Americans. Otherwise, we will be sorry to the teachers in elementary and middle schools. By the way, the U.S. government also likes to use this alien report to divert public attention. I have done it once last year, but I don’t know why the cooling time is so short. It’s coming this year, and I even played a preview. Some people say what kind of attention this can attract? Look at the comment area of ​​the various answers below this question. A bunch of compulsory education slips tell you why this thing attracts the attention of Americans. Given the level of education in our country, a group of people have attracted attention from this report, not to mention a country where the United States has a lot of supporters. The one who laughs the most at me is to refute my “This person who can’t divert attention” is the person who believes in UFO aliens the most and is indeed the most attracted person. Before you refute, can you look in the mirror first, won’t you be attracted by yourself? If everyone treats this as a joke, they won’t be caught. Fortunately, various agencies of the U.S. government need funding. Since they want to set up funding, they need to compile something. Now, if you want to use UFOs, you need funding.

6 months ago

We Chinese are different. It’s almost hard to meet aliens and watch more American movies. I found that aliens invaded the United States and were defeated by American soldiers with a variety of low-level weapons. Or aliens came to help Americans fight. In addition, early science fiction movies were about aliens being defeated by Americans, but now science fiction movies are mostly aliens helping Americans fight. For example, S.H.I.E.L.D., an organization set up by the people of the earth, the director is an American, and it manages a lot of super Heroes and aliens. According to Chinese habits, managers should be better than subordinates, that is, it is more reasonable for a lion to manage a group of sheep, and the structure of S.H.I.E.L.D. is equivalent to a sheep managing a group of lions. Probably American blacks have In the early days of the bonus, the aliens were defeated. The time point coincided with the US-Soviet hegemony. The US defeated the advanced aliens with low-level weapons. Isn’t it the same as the US Cold War to the Soviet Union? The steel torrent of the Soviet August 1st military exercise can scare Europe and the United States very much. It is a bit of a fight for survival in the Jedi. Now aliens are helping the Americans, not far away from the far end of the universe sitting on a flying saucer and working tirelessly. To the earth to help Americans fight-street crime? What spirit is this? This is the spirit of cosmic civilization. Like Thor, Captain Marvel, carefully ponder, how to say, this state of mind is too lofty, it should be moved by the noble moral sentiments of the Americans. Therefore, change Captain Thor Marvel. Their story is that Americans are hardworking and simple. The covenant spirit touched the gods in the sky. When Americans were in trouble, God sent his angels to help the Americans in the whole religious story. Because we Americans believe that we are kind, there must be angels to help us. On the other hand, because we believe that someone will help us, we must work harder to unite and persist until the moment of being rescued. This reminds me of the old movie “Guests on the Iceberg”. The villain believes that the Americans will come to help them, so Dare to rebel and use this method to strengthen the consensus. I did not expect it, but because people themselves are based on religious beliefs, they can only use this method to God bless the United States. Therefore, aliens will also help Americans, fight street crimes, and clean up trash from the sea. , Repair electric cars, mobile phone film.

6 months ago

In fact, I have always had a guess, that is, will the “Dragon” be an alien vehicle. “The dragon can rise and hide; the big one will rejoice in the clouds and the fog, and the small one will hide the shape; when rising, it will fly in the universe, and the hidden will be lurking in the waves. Fang Jinchun is deep, and the dragon is changing with time.” Can fly, but without wings, can swallow clouds and spit fog, can be invisible, soar into the universe, and can dive. If it is a kind of life, it is outrageous, but if it is a three-dimensional spacecraft, it is normal. The dragon is likely to be an alien spaceship. We know that dragons are often associated with dynasty luck, and most of the true kings of the past dynasties have legends related to dragons. For example, Huangdi has Yinglong’s help, Dayu’s father Gun incarnates Huanglong, Liu Bang’s mother Tanaka Yulong… Perhaps the story behind this is that these legendary characters, because of their uniqueness, acquired the alien creation “dragon” With the help of him, a great dynasty was created. Where there is a dragon, there is luck, and if there is luck, you can become a powerful country. The dragon chose China in the past, and therefore, only the dragon is recorded in Chinese classics. Even in the West, this kind of dragon is called the Chinese dragon. It doesn’t appear in other places. This shouldn’t be reasonable. After all, such a magical and huge creature, there is no reason not to go to other places on the earth, so many civilizations, as long as you see it, there is no reason not to record it. But slowly, the dragon ceased to appear, especially after the Manchu Qing entered the Central Plains, the dragon disappeared. The protagonist of the world began to change from the ancient China to the new America. The United States has made so many achievements in modern times. It can be said that the luck of the past one or two hundred years has been in the United States. This may also be because extraterrestrial life is helping them, propagating the presence of UFOs, which is a way for them to strengthen themselves as the chosen children. UFO is the “dragon” in American culture. After all, dragons are gods, and in their literary works, gods are aliens. Looking at the shape, if the Chinese ancients looked at it, it might be regarded as a tortoise shell, and then called it 赑屃. U.S. lawmakers said that something they cannot control is happening, which shows that UFOs are no longer under their control. UFOs are leaving them, maybe this is why they are targeting China. And we can also discover some new things from this UFO, which only appears on 9.36 million square kilometers of land in the United States. Damn, I can’t make it up, so be it

6 months ago

The biggest enemy is actually inside the United States. The frequent appearance of UFOs in the United States is not accidental, but inevitable. As the world’s largest military power, the threats it faces come from the mysterious Northeast Asia, the Middle East, and the vast outer space. Before the United States was unaware, aliens had already infiltrated the United States and established secret bases in the United States. And this secret base is just below the Yellowstone Volcano. Aliens have terrible high-tech. They can build bases under the magma of the Yellowstone Volcano, and there is no way for the US military to interfere. This is what the congressman said is happening that we cannot control. Therefore, the United States should shoot missiles into the Yellowstone crater in large quantities, and use the chemical reaction between the detonation of the missiles and the magma to wipe out the aliens who are eyeing on the earth. Then there will be no UFOs, aliens, and environmentally friendly distilled water. Then the world will return to peace.

6 months ago

June 25 is bound to be regrettable. The focus of scientific research is that we can reproduce these phenomena called UAP. However, with the exception of videos and photos, people have never reproduced them. Scientists have no effect on this issue. A few facts: 1. The official U.S. government’s consistent official voice for such phenomena is UAP, which is an unknown atmospheric phenomenon. UFOs have never been used on formal occasions. There are no official documents or statements related to UFO. 2. The news sources of most fans are from media such as the New York Times, and there are many people who eat melons, who read the news reprinted by the domestic media. These news are very unreliable. I think that even if you don’t listen to the opinions of the scientists in the investigation team, you should at least listen to the opinions of media such as “Scientific American.” 3. West, a science writer who specializes in helping the U.S. military analyze UAP videos, said that radar system defects and mirages are the main causes of these videos. Mysticism is very bad at solving such problems, which will cause some unmanned people. Factors such as machine are ignored or difficult to identify. We should treat these videos with a more serious attitude, but not push them to aliens. 4. Hartman, a scientist at the Planetary Science Institute, has done a lot of research on UFO reports. He said, I can prove that most of the classic photos and events circulating now are fake. I hope to see multiple photos taken from different angles, different cities, and different witnesses. Only such photos have research value. But unfortunately, it is not there yet. Add one of the most disappointing facts: The reason why the US military studies these problems is to assess whether these UAP incidents have an impact on military operations. The focus of the military is obviously different from that of UFO fans. Obviously, if the U.S. government knows what these UAP incidents are, then there is no need to grant money to the military for research. However, the military did not research anything and had to write a report to the government. And when the government discloses these information, there is obviously nothing to eat in it. Because no aliens have contacted the US government. The US government is the father of Party A who spends money trying to understand what UAP is. In my opinion, the US government’s money is probably spent in vain. Deserve it.

6 months ago

If the report is issued by other countries, the content of the report still has a certain degree of credibility. Even nonsense is entertaining.
But the United States.
They are the ones who like to play UFO the most in the world.
It was this group of people who were talking about Xinjiang Cotton before. I have done a lot of scrabble and imaginary things, and I hope they will report something.

6 months ago

The real reason is this: in the face of various scientific and technological realities in China, the cornerstone of world peace between China, Russia and Iran, the de-dollarization of Russia, and the de-dollarization of the European Union, the US ruling stratum has adopted the Qing’s “wonderful and ingenious” methods. Brainwashing interferes with the acceptance of true and correct events by our citizens and people from all over the world, in order to achieve the goal of dying and struggling to prolong life a little bit. The United States has come to flicker again. During the last space war between the United States and the Soviet Union, this kind of UFO was flying in the sky. The reason was that the Soviet satellite went to the sky first and the United States was about to lose space. Therefore, the United States used a large number of UFO events to attract the attention of Europeans and Americans. American Aerospace made money to make excuses. With reference to the new crown, the United States is also experiencing a variety of weird, 5G infections and so on. Now, I am afraid it is the same method! The Chinese space station will become the only space station in the world, and the Americans will be the only space station that is not allowed to board. This will attract the attention of Americans and greatly undermine their self-confidence. Therefore, the United States is nothing more than grabbing attention and distracting the attention of the United States itself and the people of the world. At the same time, it creates public opinion asking for money for American aviation. Of course, there is another point to note behind this, that is, the United States is a dualistic society of politics and religion. People in this society are extremely vain, and most of their self-confidence is based on extreme arrogance. Laughing at Trump in the White House-it is this self-confidence that is based on extreme arrogance, including Trump himself is also extremely arrogant-no one knows this situation in the series better than Trump, so what about Biden? Biden is the same. His self-confidence is also based on extreme arrogance. Look at Biden’s self-confidence being shattered by Putin after he was crushed by Putin’s 100,000 troops. The assassin’s confidence is gone, leaving only a very, very embarrassing reporter who stubbornly asks if Putin is a assassin? The American ruling stratum has a standard island state mentality. It is generally narrow-minded and insecure, so it is sensitive, leading to bad eyesight, giving birth to a strong sense of crisis, and adopting ways that ordinary people find strange—600,000 people died in the new crown governance, and they did not learn from China. In this way, it can save people without buying Chinese medicines and vaccines, and deliberately discredit China to prevent Americans from knowing that we are doing well—in fact, we are ignorant of our own citizens. They also used superstitions to govern the new crown. The governance of the new crown in the United States is far away. The death of more than 600,000 people is not the bottom line. The new variants of India are beginning to become prominent in the United States, and a new round of outbreaks is beginning. The scenery here is unique. 100 F-20s are installed and Hainan ships are in service. The space station was successfully manned, and the Huawei Hongmeng system started a triumphant era…a series of advanced Chinese launches. The US government needs superstition to fill the media and force it into the Americans’ heads to achieve the goal of continuing to ignorance its own citizens. In other words, the United States has no more recruits, and it has begun to adopt the same methods as the Qing Dynasty’s ruling class-all advanced foreign things are uniformly called “splendid skills.” All history is the reality of today. Now we Chinese can figure out why the Qing ruling class is ignorant. In fact, they are the same as the American ruling class today. They know in their hearts that those things are really advanced and good things, but Because there is no self-confidence, in order to govern the power, output in an outrageous and ignorant way, the purpose is to deceive the people and prolong the ruling time. The Qinghua of the United States is not about to begin, but has already begun! !

6 months ago

The ability to intervene in nuclear weapons paralyzes the US’s nuclear capabilities? What can this show? If it is true, then it is definitely the following situation: Article 13 is the most likely 1. Civilized technology surpasses the United States, can easily crush the United States, and interference with its nuclear capabilities is a sign. But people’s delay in doing so shows that there is no malice towards the United States. If there is, the United States will be destroyed in an instant. 2. This civilization will never be Russia. If it were Russia, the United States would have been liberated by Russia long ago. And it’s definitely not possible that this civilization is on earth, because human beings are not yet civilized to that point. If any known civilization on the earth achieves that kind of technology, it will definitely unify the earth. 3. We now finally know that there is no end to the earth, because the US nuclear weapons have been interfered by other civilizations. Perhaps in 1945, it was a dish. If it is true, the earth will not be able to launch a nuclear war in the future. 4. Human civilization may have been monitored by some kind of super civilization. When human beings are about to die, they will interfere. 5. This group of UFOs is very anti-war. Perhaps they are a group of people with the previous group of angels. If a country starts a war in disorder, it may really be annihilated by them in an instant. The United States is now the embodiment of freedom and democracy. They have brought love and peace to all corners of the world, because their masterpieces must be focused on. 6. The United States believes that UFOs are known civilizations on the earth, and it stated in the article that there is a country that will not be disturbed by its nuclear capabilities. Then I want to clarify one thing: If it were ours, we would have achieved unity a long time ago. 7. If the U.S. spreads rumors, it is defrauding national defense funds, forming an air and space force, establishing an earth defense mechanism, and taking the opportunity to suppress other countries from space; 8. If what the U.S. says is true, they want to build a better defense system , To resist that unknown civilization, just like trying to resist the gods. I think there is only one result in the United States: Sodom twice. I can’t even touch someone else’s flying saucer. Who gives him the courage to resist? 9. I’ve been thinking about why UFOs don’t come into contact with humans. Maybe they still have an ultimate trial to test human nature. Let mankind grasp the power that seems to be able to fight the “gods”, and if the trial fails, it will continue to be pushed flat. Because the other party holds the absolute dominance, and there is still no interference, that is a kind of self-confidence. 10. Or maybe this civilization is on the earth. Human beings have not discovered it. They don’t want to care about human life and death, but they don’t care if human beings will destroy the earth’s ecology, and even say that they are not allowed to nuclear the earth. 11. This may be our last lesson: be optimistic about the western melon, what its decline, street gunfights, anarchy and disorder, and the super freedom of the people will bring to mankind. When they are destroyed, we can learn many things from them, for example, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Eastern civilization and Western civilization? What is the model that is really suitable for human development. Moreover, the United States has been severely curtailed, reduced by the epidemic, and nuclear eggs have been placed under house arrest. Is it a coincidence that the two civilizations and the two camps are completely different? ? During this period, a lot of ideas will emerge, inspired by the contrast between the two camps, and they will start to stand in line. 12. If it is true, there will be more cults and liars in the future, and false prophets will start to jump, and they will be overwhelmed. I used to think that anyone would dare to mess around at this time? But please rest assured, we can never imagine the ignorance and fear of some people, just like seeing some posts and articles on Zhihu, each shocking the world. In fact, this evolutionary difference can also make us feel a lot. Why some countries can be so superstitious, such as the Indian state of Xianer, they almost maintain the original teachings, they are a living fossil. This is a treasure for studying folk customs and ideology. 13. The United States wants UFOs to back their hands. When they need to launch a nuclear strike against a country on the earth, the United States will say: its nuclear capabilities have been disrupted by UFOs, and they have nothing to do with them. They are innocent. According to recent news reports, they seem to be planning to engage in trouble in the South China Sea. It is said that they are going to pull all the nuclear bombs over, and the Americans have witty scapegoats. If they dare, a full-coverage saturated nuclear strike on the United States will completely liberate the earth. This is very sci-fi, and the United States releases very sci-fi, it is hard for us to believe. In any case, I stand in the spiritual civilization of the East, choose to listen to and follow the party, and actively recast the national spiritual backbone. The last sentence: Maybe the world is really wonderful! It may also be that the United States has written science fiction again. There are only things in this world that we can’t think of, and nothing that the United States can’t do.

6 months ago

Regarding aliens, it is nothing more than presence or absence. If they have, since they can come to the earth, science and technology will not say 10,000 years ahead of mankind, but there will always be a thousand years. After all, mankind has never been to Mars so close. How to control the aliens, just lie down and forget it. If not, those so-called UFOs are nothing but phenomena that are man-made or cannot be explained by humans. If they are man-made, it is estimated that only China, the United States and Russia can be made. There are a lot of movies about people. I especially remember that there was a movie called “The Evil: The Earth Strikes Back.” At that time, China’s main fighter plane was still the J-8, but I was shocked. I really thought that the United States could fight aliens. It’s good now, there is almost no generational difference in weapons between China and the United States. In the United States, if there is an enemy, we will try our best to exaggerate it. If there is no enemy, we will create one. Maybe the UFO is our own. The report they released at this time probably wanted Congress to make money. If it’s just a phenomenon that humans can’t explain, it doesn’t matter. And I’m very curious about one thing, why in the past there were few cameras, but so many people captured UFOs, but now everyone has a smart phone, monitoring all over the street, big things can detonate the Internet, and rarely see UFOs. The figure is gone.

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