I am the wife who doesn’t like sports. If she cares about her appearance and appearance, you don’t need to enlighten her, but if she doesn’t care, enlightenment is useless. I am a girl who cares about her figure and appearance. I like sports, but my metabolism is fast at a young age. I have a height of 170 and have maintained a weight of 100 kg. I have never deliberately exercised to lose weight or diet. At that time, my husband was still a boyfriend who regarded fitness as his life, and always asked me to exercise because of this. I quarreled because I didn’t exercise and I kept my figure pretty good, but…where is the dividing line…………After 25 years old, I’ve been 27 years old since last year, and I found that my figure has changed a lot. I gained 2 jins in weight and accumulated fat on my abdomen. My thighs became thicker. After my arms changed, the vigorous girly feeling disappeared. At this time, my boyfriend had become a husband. He stopped persuading me to exercise, and I saw Looking at myself in the mirror, I saw a picture of my 20s. I felt a sense of crisis. I decided to start exercising and insist on doing it for five days a week. Now my figure has almost recovered to the previous state, so I can tell you from my experience that for a woman, if She doesn’t know her well, she doesn’t pay attention to her appearance, but her boyfriend’s persuasion will make her rebellious. If she doesn’t quarrel with you, it’s already a scent

Laziness is written in genes and is born with it. Being lazy will not arbitrarily change the will. Whether you talk about health, body shape, beauty, or use money as a reward like the boss above, it is impossible to make a lazy person hardworking. Especially when it comes to fitness, she thinks it is not important. You just tell her straightforwardly that you like thin girls, and she will not lose weight for you, but will have a rebellious mentality. If you don’t become fatter, you will burn. Gao Xiang. Don’t say how much a woman loves a man in a relationship between the sexes, and how much this woman will make for a man. Those are all fairy tales, and there is no such selfless feeling in this world. No matter how much you show you are a girl who likes fitness, she won’t work out just to make you like her, don’t dream. You said you like thin girls, then you go find them! If you can’t find it, just endure it with the fat old lady. Thinner? It is impossible to become thinner, and you will never become thinner in this life.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I recently discovered that my wife has suddenly changed from not exercising at all to a little athlete who keeps 1 hour a day. Asking the reason tentatively, she said that retirement at the age of 65 had been settled, and she was afraid of dying at work and not getting her pension. Coincidentally, during a meeting on Monday morning, the smoker leader who I never exercise told me that he ran 9 kilometers over the weekend because he had just finished the hospitalization for a friend of about his age and felt the importance of good health. It only takes a small opportunity to start exercising.

7 months ago

After arguing with her many times, I don’t dislike her for being fat. I said that you should have a certain amount of exercise every week and maintain a healthy body. It’s ok if you don’t run or exercise, and you can go to the playground for a walk. As for her, she walked too far to the playground and didn’t want to go. The skirt she bought for her felt a little tight on her own. However, she just felt a little tight and didn’t. Then she often looked at herself and disliked herself, never Make any changes. Even if you do something, there will be no news after three days. Sometimes you tell me that I’ll get fat and don’t despise me. I can only smile and sincerely hope that every girl will not be too eccentric. Don’t be too ecstatic. Ninety-nine percent of the entertainment gossip you see every day has nothing to do with you. If you have that time, you can improve yourself and exercise. Finally, I don’t know what you think of those who complain about here and there all day long, but never make changes.

7 months ago

Husband has grown from fat to big and doesn’t like sports. When I graduated from college, I lost a lot of weight by running and fitness with me. However, after being together, I basically didn’t take the initiative to exercise. I only took a bicycle to the gym, so I didn’t have a physical examination at the age of 30. It is already moderate fatty liver. After marriage, the two places have been separated for more than three years. They shared various fitness articles, videos, and even tearfully persuaded him to worry that his physical condition will be prone to various problems when he grows older. I hope he can continue to exercise for good health. However, there is no use for eggs. A person close to two hundred catties still dislikes my unpleasant words, and thinks that I should act coquettishly and praise him and encourage him to be right! ? The good things have been said in the front and there is no change. What patience can I have in the back? A lover loves himself first, and keeps saying that he loves his family. Is it so irresponsible to himself? After writing this answer, I ended up arguing with him about losing weight, and I felt like I was about to give up! The body is sub-healthy and I have not yet realized it! Forget it, you can never wake a person who pretends to be asleep and persuade her husband to exercise, then he must have this drive himself. The internal cause doesn’t work, the external cause can’t be beaten by thunder!

7 months ago

I’m relatively vulgar. My girlfriend and I told me to exercise and walk more if I can’t run. She’s lazy, I use money to entice her to be caught. I watch the WeChat campaign every day. The price is clearly marked, 50 yuan for 10,000 steps, 100 yuan for 18,000 steps, and 150 yuan for 25,000 steps. It’s impossible for someone as lazy as my girlfriend to exceed 25,000. Do you want to say that if it were you, you could ruin my family? No way, I have such a girlfriend who thinks about me everywhere and is afraid that I will become poor. The policy has been implemented for a month, and a total of 200 yuan has been given. I am also very helpless. Saying let me smoke less, saying that I would be in a wheelchair when I smoke, and pushing me to the park to dance with other old men made me stare. My body is not bad now. Her body has always been like a glass physique. I asked her to exercise. I bought two pairs of running shoes. One pair was ugly. The other pair was basically hidden in the snow after running once. In addition to the above reward policy, it is still in vain for me to pay the price like this. This is the fact that there is a lazy female friend like this. Now we are in different places. When we finish living together in different places, I must take her to run for at least one month a day every day, telling her nothing else, so that she can be healthy and healthy until she grows old. Let me see with my own eyes how she danced with the old man in the park that day!

7 months ago

I have a girlfriend or wife who doesn’t like sports. How can I guide her to exercise? I personally think: First of all, you have to love sports. Let her see and hear you exercising. People are affected by the environment. As long as you exercise every day and she sees more, encourage her again and find some exercises that both of you can take part in. She can also participate in exercises that are not very intense, and she will slowly start exercising. To be honest: physical exercise is addictive. Once you become addicted, you will feel uncomfortable if you sweat when you are not active. As long as you start, change the pattern and persist for a while, and it won’t take long, and without your guidance, she will take the initiative to exercise. And based on my experience, I suggest that when you first start, start with light activities and proceed step by step. Be sure not to do some high-intensity exercises, or it will hurt her body, so that the gain is not worth the loss. The recommended exercise rhythm is as follows: 1: Stay with her in the community, or go for a walk in the park or waterside. This is the slightest exercise and is the least likely to be rejected by her. 2: After walking for a few days, start walking briskly. This is recognized as the healthiest way to exercise in the world. 3: After adapting to brisk walking, run slowly on the basis of brisk walking to gradually improve cardiopulmonary function. 4: After adapting to slow running, change to skipping rope. Not only did the exercise intensity increase, but the damage to the knee was minimized. 5: If you can jump rope 2,000 times a day, it means that the foundation of physical fitness has been laid. Then you can do more intense sports, such as swimming, fitness, badminton, shuttlecock, football, basketball and other activities. Having said so much, in fact, this is how I slowly persevered. It turns out that I am a big fat man over 200 catties. I’ve been skipping rope every day to lose weight for 3 months. While skipping the rope, change the way of exercise every other time, kicking and kicking the ball. After trying a lot of exercises, I still feel that skipping rope is the most convenient and trouble-free weight loss tool. Not only is it the most helpful for me to lose fat quickly, but it is also the exercise that allows me to stick to it the most. There is no one.

7 months ago

The subject of this idea needs to think twice. Many years ago, I only liked watching football with my boyfriend, and watched him play football with peace of mind as his little girl. I don’t exercise myself, and I don’t know how good or bad he is. Later, he became my husband, and he wanted to take me to exercise together and took me to the badminton hall. In mixed doubles, I clearly remember the multiple shots. Just before I was fighting with him, I finally squatted down and played. I haven’t tried it, but I’ve become addicted ever since. Since then, I have looked for coaches, trained hard, and even went to the gym to specialize in physical fitness. Later, I fell in love with fitness, and later I discovered that my sports cells grew uncontrollably like tumor cells. Of course, time and wallet have become difficult to control. He started to regret it and couldn’t help it, but he couldn’t go back to that afternoon, the afternoon that took me to the arena and won the multiple shots and was awkward in front of me. I am a competitive person, and now he is no longer my opponent in badminton.

7 months ago

For this kind of girl, I feel that guidance is really unconvincing, whether you use “body”, “money” or some other stimulus. For a lazy person, she will only answer you “do not want to move” or “too hot”. Although I keep saying “I’m getting fat again”, “I can’t wear clothes anymore,” “I’m so sad,” you know, it is impossible to reason with a creature like a woman, but if conditions permit, you can try to take a walk with a few people and take a trot to achieve basic exercise. You have to have a good relationship with her good people and then let her have no reason to refuse

7 months ago

It is not so much how to guide her to exercise, but how to make her interested in hyperactivity. Of course, interest training will be difficult at the beginning. It is difficult to do something that does not catch a cold by itself. Don’t expect self-driven to achieve it. There is only one direction, external stimulus and inducement. Of course, I would not recommend you to give your girlfriend a lot of benefits of popular science exercise. For so many years of test-oriented education, she hasn’t made a person realize. Can you count on your fragmented science information to make her realize? Let’s talk about how to be the first. You should know what your girlfriend likes. You can set the exercise process as a game of breakthrough. For example, your daughter-in-law insists on practicing for a week and gives her a reward. You can promise her one thing and grasp the difficulty by yourself. When a sparring practice for 15 days, then promise her one thing. When a sparring practice for 30 days, she will directly reward a long-awaited thing, which can be determined according to the actual situation. If the first level is successfully completed, that is, after 30 days of training, she should already have a different understanding of sports. People have magnetic fields. When you exercise, you will also affect her perception of sports. Don’t not exercise by yourself. , To expect your girlfriend to be what you expected. In one rush, decay again, exhaustion after exhaustion, at this time she has already gained substantial thought and reward satisfaction, and the next step is to cultivate interest, which is also the top priority of whether there is follow-up treatment. , What should I do? You should discuss with her more about the sports field. At the very beginning, you can feed some less complicated arguments and reply. If you approve it, you will agree to it. It will deepen her self-confidence. After this step is completed, to the ultimate lap jump link, your power will be limited after all. Carnegie said on the weakness of human nature that people have two innate desires. The first is sex, and the second is a sense of honor. The ultimate goal is to give her the title of sportsman, every city has many small sports circles, such as running, fitness, yoga, cycling, etc., according to your points of interest, to find this kind of community. Regarding how to add a community, you can go to QQ or Post Bar to find, add a lot, and then filter, find a few high-quality communities, pay attention to whether there is an offline meeting, bring your girlfriend to experience it, and chat online a hundred times. When you meet offline, the circle gradually gets bigger and you know more people, and many things you didn’t dare to think about before may happen.

7 months ago

I feel that instead of emphasizing the benefits of exercise to her, find a way to exercise that makes her happy. If exercise makes her unhappy, reasons such as health, shaping, and weight loss cannot prompt her to exercise. If exercise makes her happy, these are the bonus items. Take me as an example. I hate running, but if someone asks me to swim and badminton, I will go, or I will learn to dance or take her for a good-looking mv. Sports entertainment, such as mountain climbing, karting, etc. In short, you can move when you are happy

7 months ago

Uninvited, I was originally a girl who doesn’t really like sports. Under the influence of my boyfriend, I started a self-disciplined life path. A gentleman has himself and then asks others. If you want to guide your girlfriend to exercise, you must first do it yourself. Under such circumstances, the other party may be more willing to take the initiative to join in. My boyfriend is a very self-disciplined person. The most thing he does after studying is exercise. It doesn’t take long, 20-30 minutes, exercise once every other day. He has given me several exercise suggestions. He doesn’t require a slender figure. He just hopes to have a healthier body. I was very repulsive at first, and I really hated sports. After he realized that it was useless, he stopped talking. But when he told me that he was going to exercise again and again, I started to reflect on myself, am I too lazy? Don’t want to be underestimated by him. After repeated ideological struggles, I finally started the road to exercise. From the beginning of keeping training to the gym and then to the current shaping training, I lost 30 kg in weight for more than a year, and my physical fitness is much better than before. . During the period, I also had the idea of ​​giving up, but because my boyfriend urged me to exercise and clock in every day like a devil class, and sometimes he would drag me to the gym for two hours even on appointments, so I persisted. Do you ask me if I love sports now? The answer is the same no love, but now sports has become a habit. Finally, I would like to thank the devil boyfriend who took the trouble to urge me to exercise.

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