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When I was in junior high school, there was a vocational and technical school next to the school. We would meet a lot of people in this school after school. What impressed me most was that both men and women would smoke and spit. The high school class teacher often said to us, “I didn’t get a college entrance exam, what’s the use of coming out. Now I can’t find a job at the undergraduate level.” I went back to my hometown during the Chinese New Year. I heard the neighbor’s aunt talking about whose children went to college and came back infected. With white hair, I don’t know what to think. Another aunt said that he was not studying at a university, but a junior college. In the third year of high school, I studied hard and didn’t want to go to the college they called it. In the end, I still missed the undergraduate course by 20 points. Everyone persuaded me to repeat the course for another year, but how did I get here in the third year, only I know, compared to the suffering of the third year, I decided to go to a junior college. On the eve of the freshman year, I was frantically looking for non-smoking roommates in the freshman group. But most of those found are not professional. Forget it, it won’t work then I will move out and live. My roommates didn’t smoke at the beginning of the freshman year. I was a little surprised. From childhood to junior high school, the impression that I have given me is the image of a dull, hustler, and idler all day long. Got a junior college. My roommate A: Introverted, never argue with others, and never refuse others’ requests. My roommate B: I’m a great bargainer, an otaku, but the tidy stuff is the most tidy, and our garbage is basically cleaned up by him. My roommate B: Responsible for appearance. There are no advantages, but there are no shortcomings. The personality is a bit explosive, but he has never broken with us. My roommate D: I take good care of other people’s feelings. We often jokingly say that if I were a girl, I would marry you. The only drawback is that he likes to be praised. If you don’t praise him, he will always hint at you how good he is. My roommate E: I came back as a soldier. I thought it should be the most diligent one. Who knew it was the laziest one of us. It was a joke. He didn’t worry about anything, but he was very nice. Later, there were 6 people in our 612 dormitory, 5 of them applied for the college entrance examination, and all of them passed the exam. My impression of the junior college now: a junior college student can only show that he didn’t study well before, nothing more. That’s also the case before.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

You can actually think about derogatory words such as poor self-control, uselessness, playfulness and so on. And if there are no emergencies later, it will be like this for a lifetime. I know that there is a certain prejudice in this statement. To be sure, this is the general public’s perception of junior college students. However, why does the public have a prejudice against the survival of specialist subjects? You have to know that under this hierarchical system, some so-called ecological chains will inevitably be born. I have seen that a 985 college student evaluates college students in this way: 99% of the egoistic weak who are waiting to die, plus 1% of the students who are working hard to wake up! . . . . I have nothing to say. Individual cases do not represent all of them, but the environment does create talents. You have to be clear. When you are looking for a job, you may hear that now is an era of undergraduates that is almost flooded with talents. Why can’t you even pass the exam for an ordinary undergraduate? Sorry, our company does not recruit junior college students? In addition, 60% of the answers to this question may have to become junior college students! In fact, I am also a junior college, a 20th grade student, just a freshman, and have been a few months now. Do you know what my most intuitive feeling is? When I first entered university, I had a lot of plans, but as time went on, I gradually became tired and eventually drifted away with the flow. Relatives and friends look down upon us, even ourselves and our college students look down upon ourselves. Including now, when I was writing this answer to you, I was still being trained by my mother and felt that I was no longer useful. Killing me! Really, I laughed to death! Finally, let me send you some inspirational words. Maybe you and I have heard of vomiting before

9 months ago

No one can judge others at will. I have seen some college students, but they are really excellent. Regardless of whether they handle things with their own thinking or their attitude towards people and things, they all have their own ideas and are able to be recognized by others, and the evaluations of them are also very good, but they are not suitable Exam-oriented education only. Are they inferior to others because they are college students? not at all. At least I respect him very much, and people around me also recognize him. But is everyone like this? Not really. The overall environment determines that in fact, students in colleges and universities will feel that they are not motivated. why? It is because although some people are not satisfied with the status quo, but because most of the people around them are like that, they are slowly affected. So the environment is really important. So you see, no one can evaluate you, only you can define you. If you think you can, then you can. Don’t care about the opinions of others, don’t go with the people around you, do what you want to do. Go to the test, study for the exam, upgrade to college (of course, if you have any questions about the college upgrade, you can privately trust me).

9 months ago

Not to mention the junior college, even the junior college upgrade may have some impact. One of the kids I recently recruited was a freshman who had just upgraded to a bachelor’s degree. My leader was surprised when he saw my choice, because the resume in my hand contains 985 and 211 master’s degrees, but I chose a junior college student, so you can see that the junior college is in the eyes of most people. None of them are very good choices. But the leader didn’t participate in the second side, so he gave it to him directly, because he knew that the instinct for the promotion of a junior college to stand out must have my reasons. Everything looks good now, exceeding my expectations. What I want to say is that your education is only part of it. The college degree is indeed a weakness, but if you can show your extraordinary ability, even if it is just a specialty, it will bring you hope. So low academic qualifications do not directly negate your future. After all, you are young and you still have time and opportunities to work hard. Of course, not everyone has such an opportunity, so after entering a junior college, work hard to get a bachelor’s degree, and then take a postgraduate exam, and spend a few years on your own to make up for the gap that you left.

9 months ago

I am a practical and professional person. My bones revealed my disdain for college, because I passed a lot of points in the college entrance examination. (I stepped on shit luck, I have never passed the undergraduate course in the previous exam) For a while, I felt so proud that no one had a nb of their own. At the beginning, all the errors were reported and all slipped, and then another error and the people’s failure to pass. Then he went to the specialist department with slipping gears. I look down on it again, reluctantly and feel inferior. In the first semester of junior college, I have a lot of experience. 1. Everyone has the same level of ability, and there is not so much sense of distance. The junior college gives me the feeling that there are not so many gaps, and the level of people is similar, and they get along more harmoniously. Basically, there is no such thing as a dog’s eye. Without a sense of distance, there will be more mutual help. 2 Excellent people have been working hard, even if he is a special person. Spicy chicken people are bringing specialties, and they are getting more and more spicy chicken. Because I joined the department and participated in many things, I met a lot of seniors and sisters at the same level. They were responsible. Their abilities were already visible to the naked eye, and they were constantly striving for themselves to stand on a higher platform in the future. Hard work. Some people study tapes, and they want to be masters. It can be seen from the naked eye that he is the worst for poor students, and he is rewarded with great rewards. Everyone sees him honestly and honestly surrendering the class committee to him but never participates in class building activities. For the whole semester, I stayed in the dormitory to fight for the glory of the king. I was greedy and greedy in the morning and had a very loud voice. I shook my face about things in the dormitory and never studied. Above, there is a bit of personal dissatisfaction towards him. Please understand. 3 learned to be a man. There is no need to please unnecessary people. When going out, everyone is more or less well-mannered and respectful, polite and friendly to others. There are always a few who will take these for granted, so there is no need to become flattering for these few people, do myself. Although you have a few nasty people, you have more friends. In addition, please don’t discriminate against college graduates. I don’t deny that there are spicy chickens, but there are really hard-working people. This is my gratitude for coming to the college, and my disdain at the beginning has gradually been wiped out by the rich university life. I am also working hard to convert my capital and strive to enter a better school.

9 months ago

College students who are currently preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, talk about their thoughts. Because I was a junior college student before, as a member who broke away from this group, let me briefly talk about my personal feelings. Let me sum it up with a few approximate proportions. A large part (80%) has no goals or goals that are unrealistic. In fact, there are quite a few people in this part who still want to work hard, but they are limited by self-control and self-doubt (feeling that they can’t do it). The result is “intermittent hard work, continuous mixed eating and death”. Another part is that you have hobbies or goals other than studying, for example. I know a friend from a five-year college who is studying Chinese education (should be the name of this major). He takes less than a few classes in a semester and learns jazz dance at a local dance training institution at other times (maybe he is also a teacher. , 1600 a month, listening to what she said), and then simply moved out of the dormitory and rented a house off campus. Although as a friend, I don’t quite understand this choice with all due respect… Maybe people like it. I don’t agree with it, but I don’t make any comments. Some (10%) have their own goals or expectations from family members, and are working towards a certain goal. Some students want to be teachers, some want to test for civil servants, some want to get an undergraduate degree, and some want to take all the certificates that can be tested and others. I’ll talk about it later. These students may belong to the more progressive category, and they have some immediate or long-term goals, so I won’t give an example. Good luck. The remaining 10% can be summarized in a few sentences. People who play games all day long from morning to night, carry a power bank, and walk around playing games. I remember that there is such a talent in my class… and a small part of it. I don’t know what it is.. I don’t know what to do in the currency circle and the wool. I probably just think of a way to make money. In fact, having said so much, what I want to talk about is still related to undergraduate upgrading. In the comment area under this question, I saw many students entangled with the question of “Should I upgrade undergraduate?” In fact, to be honest, it’s not about entanglement at all, but entanglement about whether it works or not. In my opinion, as long as it is not the kind of person who “plays games all day long from morning to night” as I mentioned above, I think that if you study carefully for half a year to a year, you can definitely pass the exam. Note that the six months and one year I mentioned here have already included the differences in intelligence. If you feel that your brain is not good, you should review it for one year, and if you feel smart, you should review it for half a year. Even at this time, what I said is still very conservative, if you really don’t have the heart, you won’t be able to pass the exam. Let me talk about myself. I took the college entrance examination in 17 years. The score is 240 for undergraduate and 348 for junior college. Among them, I remember 47 points in mathematics and 51 points in English (this score is still my supernormal performance in the college entrance examination, I believe there are not many people who can score lower than mine). Pressed the score line of a publicly-run specialist to enter. I am still very interested in my professional courses. In addition, the school courses and exams are very watery (after all, specialist courses), the final exam of the freshman year of professional courses is easily 98 points. But when I was a freshman, because I always hated mathematics and couldn’t go into it, I wanted to sleep when I looked at the high math book in Tongji. The final exam has 18 points, all of which are scores for multiple-choice questions. In the two and a half years of junior college, I never read mathematics again. It was not until April 20, when faced with the question of “going to work or continuing to study after the epidemic ended”, that I started preparing for a college promotion. I wrote more than a thousand words and wrote it for a few hours… I wrote it very random, deleted, edited, and changed, first write to the toilet here, some people like it, and I will update it… I also wrote a similar answer before No one looks at it, it’s uncomfortable.

9 months ago

We can easily find a lot of topics, about preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, and preparing for the college entrance examination. How many bitter tears, how much bitter I ate, moved articles and shared posts like myself. However, there are few articles about how hard the candidates prepare for the college entrance examination. Some people will say: How competitive is the college entrance examination? Can it be compared with the college entrance examination and postgraduate entrance examination? But I think all efforts deserve to be respected. For junior college students, the college entrance examination and the college entrance examination are equally important. I have spent a long time in the undergraduate education industry and have met all kinds of students. Some students didn’t study well in high school, and realized the importance of learning after entering the junior college, only then remembered to take the course. They have a very poor foundation, and review is not so easy for them to memorize, and they have to make up a lot of basic knowledge. Like those students with poor English, they don’t know the phonetic symbols or words. When they see the English test paper, they really don’t know anything. If they want to go to an undergraduate degree, they have to learn little by little from the most basic things, which requires much patience and perseverance to persevere. Another student approached me at the time and said that he was in a junior college agreement class and could be assigned a job after graduation. Parents told him that’s it, don’t toss about it. The same is true for finding a job directly after graduating from a junior college. Is it necessary to upgrade to a college? The relatives around me think so too. My friends also don’t understand why I have to accept this book. But he just thinks that going to a bachelor’s degree is very important. If others don’t understand him, he won’t explain it. Try to convince your parents. He was studying when everyone was playing at the party and he was also studying when everyone was playing games. He slowly became a lonely person. But it was this loneliness and persistence that allowed him to successfully take this ashore. I have seen many college students who work hard. They are self-motivated, hardworking and polite. They have a grateful heart to treat others. Many times a word of praise and encouragement will rekindle their fighting spirit.

9 months ago

I think I should also ask a question, just as a junior college student, what do you feel when you see the problem? I am a full-time junior college student and I am still studying engineering surveying. As a result, I am now a career editor in my hometown. Then I actually plan to pass the law test to become a lawyer. Do you dare to believe it? The first question is why I am a junior college student, because I scored more than 40 points in English for the college entrance examination, and the results of my strengths have not been well developed, so I had three courses at the time (three courses are expensive), and I went to a college and studied. A mass grave (construction major is really tiankeng) major, graduated from a state-owned enterprise (a company under the China Construction Second Engineering Bureau) and worked for half a year, feeling that life is hopeless, far away from home, drifting on the construction site every day, so After working for half a year, I chose to resign barely. I couldn’t bear any hardships (the students who graduated from our company the same year and I were in a construction site and others insisted on it). After resigning, why did you take the exam for civil servants and institutions? I remembered me. I graduated in 15 years and resigned after the Chinese New Year in February 2016. I bought pirated books on the Internet at the beginning of March and looked for free videos online. I signed up for a civil servant position and a public institution. I took the exam in April and ranked first in the public institution. First, the civil servant ranked second, and the public servants came ashore. I gave up the interview for civil servants and didn’t go (because the county economy of the public servants is better than that of the civil servants). Then I went to work in the public institution. After half a year, I felt this kind of work. It’s time to work in my hometown, so in 2017, there were more than 2,000 people who applied for the exam in my hometown. The Latong ranked 3 recruits and got the second place. The first place was higher than me after adding more than a dozen points. The result was again Go ashore. In 2018, the county unit was tested again, ranking first, because the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau refused to issue a certificate of consent for the test, so it was abandoned. In June 2020, I will also buy pirated books to watch the free video test. At present, I have passed the objective questions and wait for the subjective questions. A stable job in a small county in my hometown, the annual income is about 90,000, the provident fund is more than 1,800, the job is simple, and the statutory holidays are closed. It should be content for many college students from ordinary families. Besides, I am still a junior college student, I graduated It’s been five years. I spent half a year studying the law exam this year. I read books when I was free from work, and went home from work to watch videos and take notes and endorsements. For 5 months every day, there were no weekends, no holidays, including this year my wife gave birth. I took the books to the hospital and took the time to endorse. Among the hardships, I believe that all students who have participated in the law examination should have a deep understanding. So I have to ask about the feelings of college students. What I want to say is that they are pitiful. Unfortunately, if I don’t take the English test, I will be at a college level, but if I take the English test, I will be at a college level. However, there is no if, under the current system, The society is full of discrimination against low academic qualifications. It is precisely because of the restrictions on academic qualifications that many highly educated talents can get high-paying jobs. Even if you have a high level in the future, no matter how hard you work, it will be difficult to change society’s discrimination against academic qualifications. You were stupid or you were a gangster if you were not attentive at the time. However, what I lost was the education system, so I went to take the civil service examination. In the reform of the legal examination, students who will not have a legal basis in the future will basically lose their qualifications for the examination. Isn’t the difficulty of continuing discrimination? They think that they have not experienced special education, the influence of the law, and their efforts are in vain. Why do you ask this question? The subject may think that all the college students should go to play Douyin. If you don’t know how to play, I will not discriminate against others and say that the money earned by a student is not that I graduated from the college. Many, I don’t want others to discriminate against college students, so what is the significance of this question?

9 months ago

I am a junior college student. Let me start by saying that I didn’t look down on any of the students in the college, but I looked down on myself. I made a mistake in the physical exam and came to the junior college. Since the summer vacation of the third year of high school, I have been unable to accept the fact that I am a junior college student. I have worked hard for so long. I feel that I am inferior to an undergraduate. I am not reconciled and want to get an undergraduate. Let me talk about what I did in the first half of my freshman year. I was busy with the basketball team and the Youth League. During that time, there was no time from 6 pm to 9:30 pm. I used it for basketball team training + Youth League rehearsal, neither of which was given. False, can’t be pushed away. Because of the epidemic, teachers had to hurry up classes and assigned a lot of homework. During that time, they often turned around and didn’t have time to eat and sleep. Later, the body really couldn’t support it and retired from the basketball team. After retiring from the team, I had a lot of time and felt uncomfortable. I ran for five kilometers and vented a bit, but I didn’t expect to break my five-kilometer record. On weekends, I was soaking in the library to recite vocabulary, and when I was tired, I would read a book. Because of the epidemic, the winter vacation was set early. At the beginning, I slept one morning in the morning, went to the library in the afternoon, and memorized vocabulary in the evening until 2 in the morning. Later I felt that staying up late was not enough, so I changed to wake up at 4:30 in the morning and recite the words. It’s eight or half past eight. You ask me if I’m tired. I think it’s okay. It’s hard to get up at 4:30 in the morning, but what can I do without memorizing? After all, I have zero basic English (in high school, I’m a small language). When I first started contacting English words, I found it more painful, but I had a lot of memorization. When I saw simple questions that could be translated and made, I would also enjoy this sense of fullness. I am a college student, and I have always felt a sense of shame in my heart. I don’t know if I will keep working hard like this, but I hope I can get the admission letter in three years. By the way, I remembered something. In the first half of my freshman year, I passed the exam by the way. I didn’t know if I didn’t pass the exam. Young people, you should always be on the road

9 months ago

I am a junior college student, freshman this year. Study in a second school. I feel that the learning atmosphere is okay, and the campus is also beautiful. One of my favorite teaching buildings is the postgraduate entrance examination building (a gathering place for postgraduate students). Someone has been reading and studying from morning till night. In the second half of the semester, I also prepared a table and benches by the stairs (I also prepared this half of the semester, but I want better equipment). Because there are rules for bedtime in the morning and evening, bedtime is checked every day. I can’t stay in the teaching building unscrupulously, but I will definitely arrive the earliest in my own time atmosphere and see those who are earlier. I feel that there is no big difference between me and an undergraduate. I just failed in the college entrance examination. Maybe self-control is a bit poor, but I am climbing step by step. Since the beginning of school, I have not felt inferior because I am a junior college student. Some are just denying themselves before. Maybe I haven’t seen the difference yet! The college entrance examination scores of our junior college students are all above the undergraduate level. I feel that there is an excellent Austrian in a single subject. All efforts, encourage together. My self-control is not bad either. In learning from prestigious school students. College students don’t look down on themselves, some people look down on us. Similarly, we won’t look at them either. Also remember that we are junior college students, and our road is a little harder than that of undergraduates. After all, we always have to pay back when we leave. The universe is uncertain, you and I are both dark horses. It is to set a goal that undergraduates dare not even think about. Then do everything to achieve it. In fact, I did not have a good influence on junior college students before, but I would not deny myself. It’s all small talk, fast typing without thinking, no need to look carefully. Because I’m still busy reviewing the textbook again, taking exams in the afternoon and cheering on the exams

9 months ago

I failed countless times in my school days…the result of giving up. The worst result is that I even look down on myself~ but there is no motivation to change… The best result is ~ awakening and successful counterattack ~ such as Douyin and other specialist counterattacks. Doctor… Generally, it is to recognize the reality and find a practical job. This will be the case for the rest of my life, and then I will place my hopes on the next generation? As a college student, besides playing games, I seldom get angry and seldom feel angry because others scold me and insult me. My feelings have become more and more numb. I also had dreams. I like to make excuses and I like to leave myself behind. , So my days are getting worse and worse… I used to shine in the eyes of others, it is the goal others want to be… After all, I lost to self-giving up, low self-esteem… Every time I see a “college student” These three words, in fact, my heart is a little trembling, because I can think of arguing with a friend about a problem every time-in the end, I will more or less talk about my specialty. But so what? If I accept my fate, I will have to live for decades. If I don’t accept my fate, I may have a new opportunity. I can’t get rid of the three-year experience of a specialist. After all, he is a part of my life and it is not a stain, but I can’t live a lifetime of decadence. Because there is a difference between the social law and the reading law… I hope that in the future, specialists will work hard, undergraduates will work hard, masters and doctors will work hard, change the system, so that college students really have skills and undergraduates really have knowledge. Don’t talk hard, listen too much. That’s it, let it go and cherish it ~ not regretting late at night is the best explanation for the day

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