According to Interfax on Wednesday, citing the Russian Ministry of Defense, Russian warships opened fire on the British Royal Navy’s “Guardian” destroyer after it entered the Black Sea, and a Russian fighter-bomber was still on its route. Drop a bomb as a warning.
The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the British destroyer “Guardian” entered the waters of Cape Fiorente for 3 kilometers and left Russian waters shortly after the Russian side issued a warning. “This destroyer was warned if it crossed the Russian Federation. At the border, Russia will use weapons. It did not respond to this warning.”

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that a Su-24M fighter-bomber dropped 4 bombs in the direction of the British destroyer as a warning.

Interfax news agency reported that the military attache of the British Embassy in Russia has been summoned by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The “Guardian” destroyer belongs to the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer and is part of the British aircraft carrier strike group. According to the Royal Navy website, it is on mission in the Black Sea.

According to the latest report from Agence France-Presse, the British side denied that its ship was warned by the Russian side. The Press Office of the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom responded on Twitter: “We believe that Russia was conducting a shooting exercise in the Black Sea. The shooting was not directed at the destroyer “Guardian”, and we do not admit that any bombs were dropped on the “Guardian” sailing route. The British side added that the Royal Navy ship “was sailing in Ukrainian territorial waters in accordance with international law.”


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I remembered a joke. In the Baltic Sea in 2020, a Su-24 fighter jet flew at low altitude over a NATO destroyer, causing tremendous pressure on the NATO crew. After NATO strongly condemned Russia’s dangerous behavior, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov responded: “After Through investigation, we have determined that the guilty one is Captain Sidorchuk. At present, Major Sidorchuk has been reprimanded for this. If Major Sidorchuk does this again, we will severely reprimand Sidorchuk. Colonel K. “Although it is just a joke, it clearly reflects Russia’s attitude towards the West, that is, a fly will not swallow it. Count on the Russians to suffer, unless you can put them down on the wine table. So if Britain really dares to provoke toughly, then when the Russian army encounters a British ship next time, Lavrov’s response will become “Major General Sidorchuk scolds us severely”.

6 months ago

According to the Associated Press, this is the first time since the Cold War that Russia admitted to firing live ammunition on NATO warships and forcefully expelling British warships. Anyway, looking at Russia’s announcement, Russia was very angry. Fighters swept through the array and guns were loaded. The situation was once at stake. 1. According to Russia, the destroyer of the British Royal Navy invaded Russian territorial waters at noon on the 23rd for 3 kilometers, close to the Russian naval base Sevastopol in Crimea. 2. After the verbal warning was invalid, at 12:06 and 12:08, the Russian warship issued a warning to the British warship, “If you do not change the course, I will fire.” 3. The Russian Black Sea Fleet also dispatched Su-24M bombers. At 12:19, they threw 4 OFAB-250 uncontrolled navigation bombs in front of the British warship. Please note that it is live ammunition. 4. Soon, 4 minutes later, the British warship left the waters. Looking at the video released by the Russian side, the British warships have indeed been shooting and targeting by the Russian side. 5. Russia’s anger still remains. Zakharova, a spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has criticized “British blatantly provoking international law” and said that Russia will also call the British ambassador to Russia to protest. 6. The military attaché of the British Embassy has been summoned to the Russian Ministry of Defense and received a scolding at the table. The Russian side also requested that your British side immediately “conduct a thorough investigation of the conduct of the ship’s personnel.” 7. What is surprising is that in the same incident, the British Ministry of Defense said completely opposite: British warships did not enter Russian territorial waters. “We believe that the Russian side was conducting an artillery exercise in the Black Sea at that time, and they sent their message to the maritime community in advance. Activity warning. No one fired on the Guardian, and we don’t accept the claim that (Russian side) dropped bombs on the “Guardian” channel.” 8. British Secretary of Defense Wallace also declared that it was all Russian Propaganda tactics, “We often see (from the Russian side) that we are not surprised, we are not surprised, we have been preparing for propaganda.” 9. The BBC accompanying reporter on the British warship revealed that there were indeed more than 20 at the time. An aircraft hovered over the British ship, and two Russian ships were trailing. The Russian side issued “If you don’t change the course, I will fire”, and heard the fire in the distance…10, Ukraine, naturally criticized Russian aggression and provocation. Uzbek Foreign Minister Kuleba said that it was Russia’s “occupation and militarization” of Crimea that posed a serious threat to Ukraine and its allies. “As I said before, NATO’s Black Sea allies need to establish a new alliance with Ukraine. Cooperation”. Understand? Russia: I fired live ammunition to destroy the British warship. UK: I didn’t hear it, I didn’t see it. Ukraine: Russia is too arrogant, we need to cooperate more. The soft ones are afraid of the hard ones, the hard ones are afraid of horizontal, and the horizontal ones are afraid of death! Forgiving them is a matter of God, and all I have to do is let them see God! –fighting tribe

6 months ago

This is very interesting. Think about it, if China opened fire around British warships (not to mention dropping bombs), what would the UK say? It is estimated that all Western media will refresh China’s military threats in the headlines, saying that China’s actions are unprofessional, dangerous, and even provocative. However, Russia not only warned about shooting, but also Su-24 hovered overhead and dropped live ammunition on the waterway. Britain actually denied it! It shows that the British Empire and the globalized powers are also guilty of Russia. This also shows that the so-called big countries in the West are actually paper tigers. Bullying the good and fearing the evil, bullying the soft and fearing the hard, this is their portrayal. When facing the West, we must not only be reasonable, but also powerful. To put it bluntly, they are savages, and they don’t make sense. They can only understand with a fist. Britain wants to send its aircraft carrier to the Pacific Ocean, and there is a high probability that it will also come to the South China Sea or even the East China Sea. Russia has given a typical example of hospitality, which we can learn from. On the other hand, Johnson’s statement that Britain will be a globalized power is actually a bold statement. The live ammunition in Crimea at least let the whole world see the weakness of the British military. The global power immediately took off a leg. Through the United Kingdom, we must also see what kind of virtue the group of allies that the United States has pulled up! It’s okay to be brave and yell, and you can sign and curse. This is the case in the United Kingdom, France and Germany are half-hearted, but Australia and Canada are not the same? Regardless of the fact that the United States has formed an “anti-China alliance”, it is really just that. The big brother of the United States looked at it and felt cold: brothers want food and money, but they are not soft. If you want a real gun, you can’t count on it. If this is the case, we will also look down on this anti-China alliance. In fact, it is just a polished rod in the United States. Crimea fired a cannon and shot out Britain in all sorts of ways. International affairs are really interesting.

6 months ago

I did not feel that the British were subdued. Surfing in the Black Sea under the banner of international law, retiring to ignore Russia’s warnings and calmly, it shows that the officials of the British Empire are full of confidence and believe that Mao Zi dare not shoot. It is just a drill. I didn’t dare to measure it. This time Britain won at least three times. It’s numb () What do I admire most about Russia since the Cold War? Even in major incidents, I haven’t been tough on foreign powers, but I have to pretend to be very tough and pass this toughness on to my brothers.

6 months ago

Aying, forget it… This is shameful enough, let the queen go to say hello to Putin, everyone will treat it as nothing happened, and stop making hype. Otherwise, letting so many countries around the world watch, Ah Ying would lose face. Many things look beautiful before they are exposed. Once it is broken, it is a crisis of trust. When everyone found out that Ah Ying had already done so, don’t talk about other countries…what does Scotland think?

6 months ago

From a historical point of view, when Peter the Great reformed, Russia began to open its eyes to the world, and the Russians felt a sense of anxiety about being claustrophobic in a frozen frozen soil. Peter the Great and the Swedes fought for 20 years, just to obtain a port on the shore of the Baltic Sea that was navigable for only half a year. Since then, Russia has expanded in four directions, the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, the Pacific, and the Indian Ocean. Among them, the Baltic Sea is surrounded by powerful enemies, unable to open the situation. The direction of the Pacific and Indian Oceans is also subject to distance and traffic conditions, so the Black Sea has always been the main focus of Russia’s expansion. At the same time, it is also the soft belly of the huge Eurasian Empire. The wheat on the black soil of Ukraine has always been the most important commodity used by the Soviet Union in exchange for foreign exchange. The deep-water port is the gateway to the Soviet Union’s foreign communications. If a great power wants to beat up the Russian bear, but does not want to go deep into the plow to open the frozen ground, then attacking the coast of the Black Sea is the best choice, just like the British and French did in 1854. The Black Sea itself is a closed sea, and the Turkish Strait is its only import and export. If foreign powers can control this strait, they can block Russian warships and merchant ships inside the Black Sea, causing heavy losses to Russia’s economy and military. If, on the other hand, Russia can control the strait, not only can they ensure that their warships and merchant ships enter and exit the Black Sea freely, but they can also easily keep foreign troops out of the Black Sea in the event of an attack. The Black Sea and the Turkish Strait are as important to Russia as the North Sea and the English Channel are to the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean Sea and the Panama Canal are to the United States. If an empire is to rise to the world, it must be controlled.

6 months ago

Thousands of years of dung-stirring stick, without this strength, but forcibly put on the plug. For the United Kingdom, what it dislikes the most is that the European continent is calm, otherwise, its tricks of fanning the flames will have nowhere to be placed. For the Elizabethan aircraft carrier, even the minimum joint formation training has not been completed, and even the fleet of its own country cannot be assembled, so it hurriedly sailed around the world to declare force. Can’t wait to tell the world: Look, I don’t have impotence!

6 months ago

On September 1, 1983, the Soviet missile air defense force shot down a South Korean passenger plane that strayed into Soviet territory. There were more than 200 crew members and none of them survived. In 2006, the Russian navy opened fire on a Japanese fishing boat that broke into the four northern islands. , Killed 1 Japanese captain and detained 14 people; the Russian Navy did not hesitate to open fire on our fishing boats! It is said that the alliance of Sun and Liu will fight Cao together? Even China, a quasi-ally, is not polite, let alone your Britain? It can only be said that Lao Maozi’s obsession with territorial waters has deepened into his bones. On the Great Plains of Eastern Europe, there are no mountains and rivers to block them, and there is almost no danger to guard, which forces the Russian people to want to make their territory bigger and bigger. For the territorial waters of one’s own territory, it is more ferocious as a dog protects food.

6 months ago

Did no one notice where the incident happened? The Black Sea has always been a prohibition in Russia. The health resort along the coast is the Russian version of Beidaihe. The Black Sea is comparable to the Bohai Sea, but more closed than the Bohai Sea. In history, when the Black Sea Fleet was the strongest, the squadron could go out of the Mediterranean. During the Yom Kippur War in 1973, the Fifth Squadron of the Black Sea Fleet pushed back the U.S. Sixth Fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean. On this, there are still people who praise Russia for daring to fight hard, where are the positions, the bottoms have been seen by others, shouldn’t they be hard? What about fighting the nation? I feel embarrassed if something like this happens in Bohai Bay.

6 months ago

In the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, Japan went to war without any hesitation, because there was no risk if it was defeated. It might be beneficial to give Li Zhongtang some filial piety. In the Russo-Japanese War, Japan hesitated for many years, and finally dared to go to war with the explicit encouragement of Britain, because once defeated, the Russian army would kill more people than the Japanese. So, it’s time for shooting drills here. Now in this world, everyone thinks you have a barbaric side, but you are safer.

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