The old girl from a different place suddenly said that she wanted to eat cakes. How could she not be satisfied as a good brother (mei) and brother (kong)? However, the geographical difference made it impossible to take the girl to eat directly, so I came to ask the omnipotent Zhihu for help. What delicious cakes have you bought online? Cakes are the priority ~ other girls’ favorite pastries can also recommend ~ Thank you all! Let me add~ If there are some snack shops that other girls like very much, you can also recommend it~

As a “sweet food lover”, recommending delicious pastries is my strong point. Focusing on food for so many years, I will choose a few delicious pastries that are usually eaten. Friends who like are welcome to buy and taste. 1. Black golden crispy soil preferred Black golden crisp 50g*6pcs/box of pineapple crisp sea duck salted egg yolk crisp traditional cake Jingdong ¥ 39.90 to buy​Look at this photo, I don’t believe you will not drool, enjoy the triple deliciousness once, outside crisp The inside is soft, cuttlefish juice, pineapple filling, salted egg yolk, three layers of delicious soft glutinous mouth, sweet and delicious, tempting salty, delicious and not greasy, a great choice for casual snacks. 2. Old Beijing Jujube Cake Old Beijing Jujube Cake 5 kg Bread FCL Breakfast Red Jujube Pastry Cake Soft Waxy Dim Sum JD ¥50.90 Go to buy ​Old Beijing Jujube Cake Needless to say, many people should have eaten it, especially suitable for breakfast There are jujubes inside. It tastes sweet and delicious, and is sweet but not greasy. It is not dry in the mouth. It is suitable for all ages and can be eaten with babies at home. It is healthy, delicious and nutritious. 3. Yunpian Cake Yunpian Cake Black Hemp Pastry Dessert Food 5 packs of Yunpian Cake Jingdong ¥ 73.00 to buy​It is said to be a childhood taste, I should have eaten it when I was young, especially the black sesame flavor, it melts in the mouth and tastes Sweet but not greasy, you must not miss it if you like sweets, and this cloud piece cake is especially suitable for the elderly, especially those with bad teeth. It is very convenient to eat. 4. Waffles Waffles 500g FCL Breakfast Pastry Bread Wholesale Office Snacks Bulk Cake ¥ 88.00 to buy waffles with a strong egg flavour is a pastry that many people like to eat, soft taste, and want to be a “repeat customer” Ah, whether it’s breakfast or snack, it’s a great choice.


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8 months ago

Wenzhou specialty handmade sweet-scented osmanthus cake
“Crump the gold to be extremely light, and cut it into layers of jasper leaves.”
I love the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus and the beauty of moonlight, with a strong autumn mood, I suddenly felt like the boy in white with red sleeves on a horse, leaning on the bridge, drinking wine and admiring the Jiangnan moon, hahaha ! !
As a glutinous rice star person, I especially like the taste of glutinous jiji, and heal it with one bite~~
Recommend this Wenzhou specialty sweet-scented osmanthus cake. Open the package and you are full of sweet-scented sweet-scented osmanthus. It is chewed carefully, soft and delicious, soft and sweet but not greasy. The fragrance of rice and oil are wrapped in sweet-scented sweet-scented osmanthus, which is delicious and distinct. The taste is sweet and sweet, and the fragrant glutinous rice is accompanied by a hint of coolness, which is simply delicious~

8 months ago

Cheese Fairy Bean Cake. Also known as tiger skin pastry.
During that time, all the major social platforms were maxed out. Hehehe, I couldn’t help it, so I bought it and tasted it~ It’s a very beautiful brushed fairy bean cake. It has a variety of flavors and is not the same delicious. It can be applied to different groups of people. I ate this one with xylitol. The sweetness is just right and the calories are not high. You can also eat Jimei during the fat reduction period! This fairy bean cake is simply exploding and delicious, with thin skin and big fillings, and the finished product is square and square. After a bite, it is full of fillings full of happiness, and cheese that can be drawn. So heat it up a bit, while Hot eating is still wide and bursting, and a long silk can be pulled out with a gentle pull. Wow, this double enjoyment of vision and stomach is irresistible! ! !

8 months ago

Shaanxi Red Star Soft Crispy
Thanks to my naive roommate, who actually brought me their Shaanxi specialty, Red Star Soft Heart! ! !
Shaanxi people should be familiar with Red Star Soft Fragrant Crisp? This is an old brand for many years. It is definitely a must-have product for visiting relatives and friends. It is very cost-effective and has a good taste. It is loved by many people.
First of all, the packaging is very antique, full of Chinese style, and it looks very big overall, exuding the atmosphere of the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty. After opening, the packaging is also very detailed.
I love the stuffing in this puff pastry too! !
Not to mention that Xi’an people have no resistance to the fragrant and sweet puff pastry, my brother is the same.
Crispy and soft, sweet and sweet, I bit into the pastry meringue with satisfaction, feeling the sweetness slowly spreading in my mouth, and adding the aroma of pastry, it seems to carry the taste of the years, that kind of happiness is beyond words of…
The fragrant and crisp xylitol pastries not only have super high packaging value, but also have a variety of flavors. Whether it is visiting relatives or friends, or eating for breakfast, it is a good choice!

8 months ago

Distilled buns and steamed buns are the most common staple food in daily life besides rice. Hehe, what about distilled buns? The fermented steamed buns are really super delicious. They are small, smooth and delicate on the surface, like white and fat Xiaokuai, glutinous QQ, soft and delicious, more fragrant and sweet than usual steamed buns, thick sweet wine Taste, bite down, wow, it’s really delicate and fluffy! ! The original taste tastes a bit like fermented wine, and it smells a little bit sour, and it will be sweet in the mouth. This pure natural food is naturally fermented and absolutely no saccharin is added! The method of eating is also steamed in water, so it is very convenient~ (ps: steaming in water tastes the best, it is naturally delicious, and microwave heating will cause water loss. Of course, it depends on how convenient you are!)

8 months ago

Barbie bear raisin cake is another cute little cake. The golden skin is bright and dripping, and the sweet and sour raisins make you want to stop~ It’s made from natural wheat flour and has a delicate taste. The soft, fresh taste from nature entangles the mouth with a long aftertaste. High protein, great fullness! ! Sweet and sour, sweet and glutinous taste, as sweet and sour as eating thick cheesecake, and can also chew dried cranberries and dried raisins~ If it weren’t for the roommate who killed a thousand knives to grab it from me, I would be able to Eat it up! ! ! Lazy breakfast with breakfast, rushing to work or class to skip breakfast is bad for your health, remember to bring a can of milk and two Papillon cakes, it saves time and does not hungry! !

8 months ago

Yunnan flower cake is the flower cake of Naopo’s family, hehehe! ! I’m half of Yunnan, and I have eaten a lot of flower cakes, but Li Ziqi flower cakes are my favorite no matter the packaging or the taste. Hahaha~ Li Ziqi’s flower cakes, the name is really Chinese. The charm of the wind: picking up the flowers in the evening, I feel that the flowers inside must be particularly delicious. This national style packaging really grows in my aesthetics! ! The box is lavender, there are ten packs in a box, the weight is very pressing, the texture is great, and it is also excellent as a gift! When you open the package, you can see a faint floral fragrance. The ten-thousand-layer soft meringue made of rose flowers has a soft texture and will fall off with a touch. There is a light milky fragrance in the entrance, and the filling is lightly sweet and floral, sweet but not greasy and fresh, you will feel the petals burst in your mouth when you taste it carefully. Doesn’t the fragrant concubine in Qiong Yao’s play have the fragrance of flowers? After eating, I feel that I am a beautiful woman with the fragrance of roses! Come on, little bee, little butterfly, hahaha~ This flower cake is really the best choice for afternoon tea. The taste is not too sweet and greasy, suitable for all ages, low-fat and low-calorie make Jimei during the fat-reduction period feel relieved to eat~

8 months ago

Zhiweiguan mung bean cake hahaha, come to Kangkang’s excellent mung bean cake! ! Has been obsessed with traditional Chinese products with a century-old brand, and this “Zhiweiguan” has been hot for the past two years. A variety of Chinese dim sum traditional food combined with modern tastes is very popular. This mung bean cake is developed by pastry masters and uses peeled mung beans. Extremely delicate, suitable for all ages. And each taste has a delicate Chinese style, full of allusions, beautiful in shape like a work of art, it is a kind of enjoyment to look at, wow, I am not willing to eat it at all! ! ! Zhiweiguan’s mung bean cake is really fried chicken delicious, subverting my understanding of mung bean cake: the pastry is soft and delicious, the filling is delicate, the taste is very smooth, the mung bean cake is rich in bean flavor, delicate and fragrant, and it melts in the mouth. Matcha has both mung bean and matcha scent. This is the first time I have eaten the flower-shaped West Lake Longjing. It really has the fragrance of Longjing tea. I really love this kind of Chinese desserts. I have no resistance to this kind of cakes. It’s great! !

8 months ago

Durian Bubble, as a fan of the national clothes, has one thing to say, I really don’t refuse food, but durian…it’s not smelly, it’s a special taste. I still remember high school classmates chewing in the classroom. Special chewing durian candy may be too inferior, without the smell of durian at all, it is too terrible! But this durian Xuemei Niang is different. The small size has thick flesh, and the snow dumplings look very soft and waxy, and they are all bursting after a bite. The ice skin of the durian bubble is handmade by the master. The ice skin is crystal clear, and the thick flesh and ten ice skin are the perfect match. This snow dumpling was sent by SF Express. There is a foam incubator outside and an ice bag in it. The ice bag has not melted in the hand. After opening, the 4 white and tender little cuties are soft and waxy on the outside, and the thin skins are full of durians and they don’t need money! Still bursting! ! Really bursting! ! Durian is not bad! ! Not bad! ! ! The durian mouth bursts into pulp, just like the taste of ice cream, a bubble is refreshing all summer~~

8 months ago

The first phase of the taste of milk chocolate chip cookies The first phase of the taste is crispy German Lubeck milk chocolate chip cookies Taobao ¥ 38.00 to buy​This milk chocolate chip cookie has a unique production process and uses very advanced chocolate penetration technology. Milk chocolate is poured into the dry baguette, so that the silky smoothness of the chocolate and the crispness of the baguette are blended together. At present, this kind of biscuits is rare on the market, you can try it~ It will give you the crispy feeling of a French stick after a bite, and then there will be a silky sweet taste that slowly melts away. · Sabulei Soft Heart Cracked Cookies Sabu Chocolate Soft Heart Cracked Matcha Sandwich Cookies Taobao ¥ 11.80 to buy ​Sabulei Soft Heart Cookies can be said to be very delicious, crispy on the outside, rich in filling, soft inside Waxy and soft taste, moderate sweetness. Among them, the matcha-flavored soft cookies are the best among the matcha I have eaten. They are not sweet and greasy, and have a strong matcha flavor. In addition, the chocolate is also very good, I recommend these two. There are many other flavors of cookies, you can choose the one that suits your taste to try, friends who like cookies should not miss it~

8 months ago

Sweet-scented osmanthus wheat craft beer. Sweet-scented craft beer bird language flower fragrance sweet-scented osmanthus wheat full box Taobao ¥ 95.00 to buy this sweet-scented osmanthus wheat craft beer is very delicious, smooth taste and rich aroma. You can smell a faint sweet-scented osmanthus scent when you open the can, and the bubbles in the cup are very delicate and dense. When you drink it, you can taste the fragrance of flowers and strong wheat. The aftertaste is rich and sweet, and the slight bitterness is smooth and clean. It tastes much softer than the usual beer, not so clear. The beer itself has a refreshing taste, with a slight bitterness and sweetness. In fact, it was the first time I drank the sweet-scented osmanthus beer. I was pleasantly surprised. As a craftsman, it seems to have opened the door to a new world. It feels really good when paired with small snacks and slightly smoked. There is also an IPA that is also highly recommended. You can feel that a lot of fruity hops have been added. The entrance has a very obvious fruit aroma, which has a lower bitterness than the general imported IPA. The entrance is delicate and smooth, and the taste is mellow and light. It is recommended to drink it iced, it will be more refreshing~

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