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The first province for the new college entrance examination has come out! It seems that this score is not very low, but I feel that science may still be more suitable for students in many professional groups. If it is the kind of physics, the requirements are not high, or it is basically acceptable. The overall minimum score for the follow-up undergraduate is basically It is lower than before. It shows that the combination of practice and theory of the new college entrance examination is in place, and it can distinguish between levels and student levels. High-scoring candidates seem to have more liberal arts with history. I feel that students with two liberal arts majors in physics will be more popular. And this problem has become that liberal arts are generally going to collapse this year, because all kinds of liberal arts students this year are really too difficult. If you look at the score of physics, this is equivalent to a pure liberal arts, history, geography, and a physics zone. The difference between the two political geography is more than 100 points, and I feel that there are too many people in history, and there are still too many liberal arts. If you choose science, there is really a little physics, so it is good to go to a prestigious school And in fact, there are not many choices for majors in history this year. Applying for volunteers is too difficult for liberal arts students in Liaoning and this year’s new college entrance examination. There are too many monks and porridges, so it seems to be adjusted. The disadvantage of the new college entrance examination is to get together, that is, it is very likely that there will be a bunch of students who may just choose the right subjects to go to high-level colleges and superior majors, but many of the students who get together in a certain project group do not have schools to apply for, this It really depends on whether students can balance the arts and sciences.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Just before the results were completed, the cloud was light and windy. After the results, the sky broke and the ground was broken, which was thirty or forty points lower than expected. I really dare not face my relatives in another room, children from poor families. They may think that I am the only hope. My dad is relieved after reading it and said it’s okay, but I’m really sad. I didn’t expect my medical dream to be so low… My medical dream was broken. The head teacher asked to report his grades in the group. It seems that my test is not as good as mine. The test is higher than me. This gap is really amazing, my dad and my milk. It’s good to say that it’s okay, my mother smiled bitterly and didn’t speak, really wanted to cry but didn’t dare to cry in front of them. Thinking about how hard I am usually, I dare not say how hard I am. At least I am confused, but I get such results when I study honestly. But thank you guys in the comment area, time will let me and I will come out slowly

6 months ago

Dalian, Liaoning. For the first new college entrance examination, history is the first choice. When I lost the candidate number, I was nervous and excited! The score was 576, which was 42 points higher than the first line, ah, ah, super excited! I feel that this year’s Liaoning question is very difficult except for English and Chinese composition. Many questions are inaccurate. The lowest score for myself is 510, and the highest score is 575. I am so happy to see the real results! Especially mathematics and history! It makes me so happy! I passed the mathematics twice from high school to high school. Hahahaha! Thank you Liaoning for choosing Hainan roll instead of Shandong roll. Haha; in the history of the entire high school career, there are only a handful of 80 times, this time it is 80, and finally I didn’t give the goddess Bobo who liked me (my history) Teacher) Shame; hehe, but I still feel that the college entrance examination cannot determine my future life. It must be my hard work every day that really determines my life! I hope I will continue to live actively and work hard!

6 months ago

The new college entrance examination has widened the gap between liberal arts and science (that is, now physics and history). Liaoning Physics undergraduate course line 336 this year. The historical undergraduate line is 456. The difference between the two scores is 120 points. One of the two candidates chooses physical and chemical biology, and the other chooses calendar and chemical biology. The scores are the same for foreign students. Select zero points in physics test and 100 points in history test. Those who choose physics may enter the undergraduate course, but those who choose history have not. For ordinary students who are about to enter the new high school, the impact is that more physics will be selected, and history will be less. Now the students who are going to be in the second year of high school, and those who choose history, especially those who are in history, will regret their deaths. Now the students who are going to the second year of high school will change courses a lot. To be honest, it is really unfriendly to the candidates who choose history.

6 months ago

Candidates of 18 years who graduated and went abroad to study but did not finish their studies. They returned to China to catch up with all kinds of things… This year’s Chinese New Year is temporarily planning to take the college entrance examination. Time is relatively tight, but I did not work as hard as the third year of high school. After all, the learning status and atmosphere are different. , And there is no systematic mock test. The results are not ideal. English and mathematics are 10 points lower than expected. I really don’t know what’s wrong in English. I felt that the test is invincible and simple. It’s just that point. Physics is even worse. Physics is the only subject. Almost every day I make up lessons and learn the most earnestly. In the end, did you answer this time with your eyes closed? Hey, 20 points more for the Liaoning University will be stable. This point is really annoying…

6 months ago

Do you still remember the moments when you were mixed with tension, excitement, entanglement and other emotions when you scored in the college entrance examination? After more than ten days of intense scoring and scoring, the 2021 college entrance examination results that everyone is looking forward to are coming out! Just now, the Liaoning college entrance examination score line was released! General history subject special type admission control score: 534 points Undergraduate control score: 456 points junior college (higher vocational, advanced college) Control score: 150 points General physics special type admission control score: 503 points Undergraduate control score: 336 Sub-specialty (higher vocational, advanced college) control score: 150 points for sports history subjects, college cultural performance control scores: 150 points, professional score control scores: 45 points for sports physics subjects, college cultural score control scores: 150 Sub-professional performance control score line: 45 points, art and history subjects, undergraduate cultural performance control score line: 342 points undergraduate dance, dance performance, dance choreography, performance (Peking Opera performance only) professional cultural score control score line: 230 points special subject cultural score control Score: 150 points, art and physics, undergraduate cultural performance control score: 252 points, undergraduate dance, dance performance, dance choreography, performance (Peking Opera performance only) professional cultural score control score: 225 points, junior college cultural score control score: 150 points High-level sports team cultural score control score: 456 points for history subjects, 336 points for physics subjects. A small number of candidates with outstanding sports test scores. Cultural score control scores: 319 points for history subjects and 235 points for physics subjects. Soon Liaoning candidates will be able to I have successively inquired about my college entrance examination results! In the face of the needs of many parents, I recommend a voluntary application artifact “2021 College Entrance Examination Volunteer Application Card”. Big data analysis recommends colleges and majors to solve the problem of voluntary application.

6 months ago

It feels that the new college entrance examination is useless. The previous college entrance examination has a poor literature and science by more than 100, and it is now. Mathematics is obviously the same paper, so liberal arts students are slightly at a disadvantage and don’t mention it in small classes, but can they get so many points from just one subject of history? It’s outrageous, I feel that the new college entrance examination is just a joke

6 months ago

I feel that it’s ridiculous. I’ve never taken the exam so badly. It’s probably my fate. It’s obviously better than me in my college exam. It’s better than me on the Internet surfing exam every day. I’m extremely psychologically imbalanced…. Maybe the exam is really metaphysics, right?

6 months ago

5:56, playing the 7 times holy water mode of royal war and tribal war on the bed to release inner anxiety. While slapped, my dad came and said, “It’s a point, you 499.” I’m still a bit regretful, because I didn’t study much in the first year and second year of high school. I stayed in high school and didn’t play anything at night. Classes plus one night of self-study, the third year of high school struggled for a while, but there was no one in the end. I chose physics

6 months ago

First of all, Liaoning does not distinguish between liberal arts and sciences. As a candidate for history, I am very sad. I am only a little higher than the undergraduate level. If I study physics, I can go to an undergraduate course. This reform is false. I said that there is no distinction between liberal arts and science. I believe it, but it is actually the same as liberal arts. Dissuade history.

6 months ago

I think this depends on what subject you are in, and then it depends on the subject requirements of each college, as well as the professional subject requirements. There is no way, just say so.

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