The research topics of Li Xiang, a professor at the Military Culture College of the National Defense University, are: conform to the development trend of the information age, innovate and develop advanced military culture, develop military online games with independent intellectual property rights and our army’s characteristics, and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of officers and soldiers.

“Military online games have become a battleground that must be seized in the online ideological struggle. We must be willing to invest and make high-quality goods.” Li Xiang suggested that in the context of the accelerated development of the domestic game industry, strengthen funding and policy support, and clarify the market-oriented product orientation , To attract the participation of domestic head game companies and launch high-quality military games with our military characteristics. In the process of game development, we should focus on exploring the rich historical and cultural resources of our army, rationally embedding our army’s red genes, focusing on the situation and tasks of preparing for war, highlighting the realistic theme of strengthening the army, showing a good image of our army, and promoting national defense education.

It’s hard, there is a huge gap between what players want to experience and what producers can do. In military history games, this gap is called “historical nihilism.” The simplest question is that since it is a game, there will definitely be failures. For example, after the player commanded our party to fight the war of liberation, after the Song Huizong act was passed, our party was directly reputed by the Kuomintang in 1947. What about the intermediate incident do? If the main army is lost, should a central officer be responsible for stepping down? When the Kuomintang troops approach the Sino-Soviet border, will the Soviet Union have limited intervention? Will there be internal divisions, betrayal and liquidation after repeated defeats? Who is responsible for being Liu Chan or Chongzhen in the end? These events are impossible without, who will play a game that can only be won? But to do this, there must be historical figures in charge of being a “harlequin”, you see who is suitable. Overhead war games, such as the “Another World Line of Soviet Attacks on the United States” such as Red Police, also have similar problems: It is not appropriate for you to make our country the invader, and let our country be the invader. What about the failure? Burn the Forbidden City or nuclear-level Pudong? Failure events are not easy to do, so, do a pure military game with no plot? It is unrealistic to want to be popular. After it is made, only a few hundred people are online at the same time. Isn’t it at a loss to burst? It’s good to have this idea, but the scale is too difficult to control. Unless it is organized by the country itself, or endorsed by the producers who are willing to make such games, so that the producers can not be approved by the group, otherwise it is unlikely. Make a good product. If you have to pick a subject, it can only be to resist US aggression and aid Korea. The failure of this kind of local war is relatively insensitive, but this subject has already been done by companies.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The domestic game industry may not be able to support this big problem. This is a problem that a big company is not easy to touch and a small company cannot touch it. Attracting “head companies” is useless. The market and the needs of the troops are completely two things, not that it must be. Taking the immersive route, only from the perspective of entertainment, there are so many excellent products that already exist on the market. Another “Glorious Mission” to re-invent the wheel is not pleased, but there are certain gaps in games with certain immersive elements. The tactical FPS that follows the immersive route is still okay, and the gun car ball has always been a hot topic

7 months ago

Professor Li Xiang read this passage a bit… Well, it is too much like the policy essay I wrote by practicing Shen Lun. Speaking of military games, I don’t know how many people can think of the glorious mission of Iron Horse Studio. What is still fresh in my memory is that Gu Kai and Fenrir Wolf exchanged comments on Weibo every few days. (Crossed out) Speaking of business affairs, the glorious mission gave me the feeling that I learned from others. The shooting feels like Battlefield 2, and the map design is like COD: WWII. But I personally feel that instead of thinking about making a game “with the characteristics of our army”, it is better to think about how to make a fun game first. Entertainment is the most important aspect of a game. Now PC players are different from ten years ago. Whether you are doing a new game well or not, everyone will compare it. The glorious mission of a high-definition remake in 2021 is to be disastrous. Scolded to death. If you want to attract young people, it’s better to have all kinds of weapons that the people like to see and hear. On the computer screen, as a soldier of the 15th Army, you jumped down from Yun-20. Pick up your 12.7 caliber and pull the sniper 700 meters away one by one. Then switch to the QBV191 with 75 rounds of drums. The squad leader yelled: “Enemy vehicles!”, you ran to a bobcat and took out the Red Arrow 12, and shot Bradley. Isn’t this cooler and more capable of fostering patriotic enthusiasm than what resources or genes?

7 months ago

Coincidentally, during the Spring Festival, I watched some interpretation videos about the period of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea and the Long March. There are too many stories that can be used for scripting. If combined with more fashionable artistic performance, it will definitely make a very good game. Let young people understand the stories of those years internally, and export culture externally (like Hollywood US military propaganda films). In his early years, Xishanju also tried “Anti-Japanese Landmine War” and “Decisive Battle against Korea”. I have talked with my colleagues, and everyone is actually very interested in getting involved in this subject. However, the risk of over-examination of the version of this type of subject matter is too great, and people don’t have the courage to try…-Going back to the problem itself, this sentence says “conform to the development trend of the information age, innovate and develop advanced military culture, and develop independently Intellectual property rights and military online games with characteristics of our army enrich the spiritual and cultural life of officers and soldiers.” That is, the purpose is to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of officers and soldiers. That’s actually very different from the purpose I expected above… Hey… It’s just for the service of officers and soldiers. The market is too small and the relative investment will be low. The final result is that the quality is not enough and the officers and soldiers don’t like to play. Battlefield, COD, CS, OW…

7 months ago

This is mainly because the Military Commission nodded and set up a special unit. One of the intriguing things is that the game pursues freedom. You will definitely sacrifice certain historical facts when you pursue freedom. How to define this boundary, or to keep the core ideas in general, and others can be played freely. There are many military chess games in China. If they are really open, the transition to these games is still very good. Battlefield fps can indeed attract many young people, but I don’t care about it. I only care about whether the prints can be painted well and the lost stories can be told well. This is very important, and the Western world can no longer be allowed to discredit history.

7 months ago

It should be said that our country started late. When fps games were the hottest in 2012, Nanjing Giant also cooperated with the local military area to produce a game called Glorious Mission. In fact, there was not much publicity for this game at the time, and there was even no decent announcement. In 2012, only a few posters could be found in the post bar. But at that time, because the troops had just changed to the Type 95, it was not long, and the Sino-Japanese Diaoyu Island incident heated up during that time. fps players still have a lot of expectations for this game. Although I didn’t find a regular distribution channel, I tried this game through a friend who works in an Internet cafe. Let me talk about the experience of this game: the game experience was very uncomfortable at the time: flashbacks, freezes, and entry time is so long that I can play backgammon with my classmates. The arrow keys are not sensitive after entering, and some enemy weapons cannot be picked up. Some display “press f to pick up” but can’t pick up after a flash. I quit after being abused by this game for half an hour. I even persisted in not completing the first level. Then this game disappeared in the dust and smoke of history. But I still think this is an improvement in Chinese games. This is an active attack on our values, as the great man said: If you do not occupy the position of propaganda, the enemy will occupy it. The early games were not without games based on our army, but limited by the level of technology, there were only a few war chess and tower defense games. Aside from the failure of “Blood Lion”, there are still several works with good reputation, such as “Anti-Japanese: Bloody Battle in Burma”, and “Decisive Battle in North Korea” by Xishanju. However, these games have become less attractive with the development of game engines, especially when European and American game manufacturers have made more and more detailed characters, the ability of games to spread values ​​has become stronger and stronger. Just cite a few examples to know how many private goods the Yankees carry in the game: in the “Call of Duty” series, Castro is portrayed as a negative image. In reality, Custer was the subject of repeated assassinations by the United States. The game setting of “Homeland Defense” is that an Asian country invaded the United States. When it was released, the enemy was determined to be North Korea. But everyone knows whom he wants to insinuate. “Rise of the Dragon” directly portrays our army as an enemy. And “Glorious Mission” is almost the first time that the People’s Liberation Army has appeared as a concrete, realistic and positive image. Here, the People’s Liberation Army is no longer a number, but a concrete figure in a military uniform. They conquered the fortress and slayed the enemy bravely, becoming a positive image. What we lack now is this positive image. Wu Jing created a cold front, and was ridiculed by the Douban party. And Tom Cruise’s explosion all over the world has become Hollywood’s violent aesthetics. But as a Chinese gamer, who doesn’t want to play as his own soldier and experience the blizzard on Songgu Peak? Which Chinese player doesn’t want to try to capture an artillery battalion with three people? Which Chinese player doesn’t want to try to create the miracle that the number of kills is the same as the number of his own troops with a Mosin Nagan without sight? There is a lot to do in this market. What’s more, if we don’t speak up, who knows whose flag will be changed on Yankee’s Twitter.

7 months ago

It should be! Most of the various military games we are familiar with have invisibly strengthened the image of mold invincibility, which is soft marketing. If it is said that the open strategy game of the battle may cause major historical misrepresentation, then the battle-type game can be considered. Specifically, it is similar to Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. There is a story line. You can choose different strategies in each level, but there will be no enemies to win the final victory, which will not deviate from the general direction. If it is an anti-Japanese theme, you can have different arms and use different strategies, such as tunnels and landmines. Imagine a small game, each level uses limited resources to build mines to kill the most devils, refer to bridge building games. Anyway, it would be nice not to let players control the Japanese puppet army. You can also consider topics such as anti-terrorism and fighting aliens. For counter-terrorism, joining the army of other countries, weapons and equipment are natural. Players can use different armies and different equipment to complete tasks. If you want to have a great game, don’t change the policy frequently, and the rules are simple and clear. For such subjects, tax subsidies can be appropriately reduced.

7 months ago

The Chinese are creative. But after all, humans have their limits. Humans are not gods, nor are Chinese people. We are not omniscient and omnipotent. There will always be areas where the Chinese have shortcomings, either here or there. I believe there are two things that China is not good at: one is football, and the other is developing military-themed games. From the direct reason, the development of excellent military-themed games lacks two ideological foundations in our country. One is that we must frankly recognize the color of human blood. The second is to acknowledge the enemy’s intellectual normality. From a long-term perspective, it is necessary for Lu Xun to regenerate, to fight again for China’s cultural route, and to pull a series of war cultural products including anti-Japanese war dramas and war games from the pit of national defense literature and return to the essence of popular culture. . I personally dislike putting hope on a dead person-because it means giving up hope for a living person. But the field of military-themed games has to be so.

7 months ago

Very good, I also agree, but how to do it? The game is interactive and open, so some historical facts will inevitably be sacrificed. Our land and resources cannot be retreated even an inch. There is no problem. But in the game, can you kill and conquer the territorial resources of other countries? I very much agree with this question. The answer from other military areas is that, in the final analysis, we must open the scale and relax the censorship of these literary and artistic works. Naturally, there will be good works and come into being. Indeed, who doesn’t want to be the founding marshal? So cool and heroic. But if you restrain your feet on the one hand, and say why you don’t run faster on the other, it will be very difficult.

7 months ago

As long as the standards can be relaxed, for example, the player will play the role of the founding marshals, or a certain military god who has no marshal name… Then it is only 100 years since the founding of the party, our party and our army have demonstrated much in history. The epic battles are enough to make countless classic games. For example, the survival war during the Red Army period, the guerrilla warfare during the Anti-Japanese War, the “decisive battle” of the Liberation War, etc., players can either act as a strategic commander, strategizing the overall situation in the fog, or as a frontline soldier, completing tasks by continuously upgrading ; Even be a good “chef” in the name of logistics personnel… In addition to history, if we can show us a work based on contemporary military equipment and fighting against certain “imaginary enemies” that the people like to see and hear, I believe that it can also become a hit, and even the tactics developed by the players can be applied to reality, providing a reference for certain liberation actions that will inevitably be staged in the future. Just thinking about it is enough to excite players. Who TM doesn’t want to be the founding marshal? Who doesn’t want to drive a J-20 and use Dongfeng Express to target them? These games will surely have the effect of entertaining and entertaining, and even in the current atmosphere of learning party history, more and more ordinary people will spontaneously understand history, join the army, and gain nutrients to achieve the goal of a strong army through entertainment.

7 months ago

The biggest problem is actually the problem of purpose, not other problems. Other problems are easy to solve. As long as the People’s Liberation Army Headquarters can really take the lead in making the game and give the relevant reviewers a hundred courage, they will not dare to stop them. As long as there is an endorsement from the relevant department, even if there is a problem with small details, those are not considered major issues. They will also know that they will shut up. The problem is the purpose. Don’t mention the three-three system, this system and that system. What is the specific purpose of your game? The content mentioned above is empty, very, very empty. If you want to train squad platoons to fight, you can do armed raids. If you want everyone to learn from the glorious moments of revolutionary ancestors in history, Call of Duty, World War II, and Battlefield 1, are all role models. If it is not easy for you to learn those wars in our army’s history, the war game series is there. If you want to show off your country’s prestige, modern warfare series can be changed, and our ideology can be used. If you want to experience the difficulty of guerrilla warfare, so many tactical and strategy games are not easy to imitate? Don’t think about solving all problems with one game. What a game can solve is only to deal with higher-level errands, such as the honorable action… So, your purpose is very important. As long as the purpose is ready, the rest is just a certainty. I just said this: the nationwide system can’t handle things well. In most cases, it’s just that the first-generation undertakers don’t even want to do things well. If the first generation undertaker has a clear mind and understands what to do, the money will be enough later, and you can come up with whatever works you want. Therefore, the key is that the person who confesses the target has a clear head and the undertaker has a clear head, and this can be done.

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