According to Taiwan media reports, the new crown epidemic in Taiwan has slowed down recently, but the death toll has not declined, and the fatality rate has increased by nearly 1% in the past 10 days. As of the 22nd, the total number of deaths has reached 575, and the latest fatality rate is 4.06%, far exceeding the global average of 2.2%. The island physician Lin Yingran analyzed that the number of cases on the island has recently soared, and there are many elderly people infected, and there are also many chronic medical histories. Many people have to stay at home and wait for hospital beds, unable to be treated immediately, and even died of hidden hypoxia. He said that the amount of medical care on the island has been in a vicious circle in the past period of time. If the Taiwan epidemic can maintain a double-digit diagnosis within this week, a drop in the fatality rate can be expected.

Because the Taiwan authorities have artificially suppressed the number of confirmed cases, but the death toll cannot be suppressed, the death rate will naturally be higher if it is divided. If you look at Taiwan’s flight to the mainland, so many positives have been detected, and you will know how the screening is done in Taiwan. The Tsai Ing-wen authorities are accustomed to lying and telling Taiwanese people as fools. They thought that by making the numbers beautiful, they would be able to get through, but this epidemic will inevitably make the DPP’s habitual shift in the world eventually go bankrupt. If you want a vaccine without a vaccine, you want a general screening without a general screening, thinking that you can get through with the unfavorable political manipulation in the past. But the virus will not give them face. Once India’s new delta virus rages in Taiwan, this cover will never be covered. Taiwan is likely to follow in India’s footsteps.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This is the unique temperament of Taiwanese. Taiwan’s epidemic prevention has always been very good. Even if it has exceeded 4%, Taiwan still leads the way globally. Up to now, the death toll from the new crown in Taiwan has only exceeded 500. It is much less than the United States, Brazil and India. What’s all the fuss about this. What is the name of the Taiwanese, what is the commander? It has been said that Taiwan’s good epidemic prevention is due to the good temperament of Taiwanese. I think this statement is still very interesting. The problem in Taiwan now is not how many people have died, nor is it the 4% death rate. But how many really infected people are there in Taiwan? How many people are inspected in Taiwan and how many people are actually infected? This ratio will also scare people to death. The other is that Taiwan’s nucleic acid testing is voluntary and not mandatory. So how many people have not been detected in the detected areas one after another, and who can tell? Another number that everyone does not understand is the AZ vaccine. How many people have been vaccinated in Taiwan? According to the news I saw today, more than 130 people who received the AZ vaccine in Taiwan have died. Of course, this number is not the latest number. But how many people in Taiwan have received the AC vaccine, this data has never been disclosed. Let us be very confused about the true mortality rate of the AZ vaccine. Taiwan’s epidemic prevention data cannot be read, because you don’t know the most critical base data. How can you judge this percentage?

6 months ago

1. I solemnly apologize to the exterminator. Some netizens in the comment area said that this was the worst time that Fang Yanqing was hacked. It is true that although Fang Daxia is cruel, his three views are extremely righteous. I apologize to Fang Yanqing and Fang Fang. 2. Some netizens questioned how to calculate that there are still 10,000 new coronary patients who have not been diagnosed. The situation is like this: the global fatality rate of new coronary pneumonia is 2.1%, and the fatality rate is calculated as the number of deaths ÷ the number of confirmed cases. The fatality rate of about 4% in Taiwan Province is abnormal. Regardless of the case of death due to new coronary pneumonia but no diagnosis after death, only the number of confirmed deaths from new coronary pneumonia is used to calculate the fatality rate of 2.1%, indicating that there are at least 10,000 people who have been infected but have been infected. The undiagnosed patients have not been detected for various reasons and have not been diagnosed. It is the relationship between the numerator and the denominator. 3. The pseudo-government of the DPP treats all epidemic prevention as a political operation. The epidemic prevention process makes all kinds of absurd actions. The epidemic prevention and control are full of loopholes. After the epidemic occurs, uncommon screening is one of the magic operations, and it is not surprising that there is a missed diagnosis. 4. It may not be accurate to say that the people of Taiwan Province complain about people’s anger, but at least some people are like this. You can just look at the rise and fall of the polls by Chen Shitai, the commander-in-chief of the pseudo-regime. Lai Yingwen is now backed by the United States and Japan. In particular, the United States has sent Taiwan 2.5 million doses of the Modena vaccine, which has helped Lay Yingwen to stabilize public opinion a bit. The reason why the United States wants to give Taiwan a vaccine to Modena is because it is afraid that the public support of Lai English will decline rapidly. After all, Lai English is the extinct teacher dog of the United States, and the number one anti-Chinese warrior. If she falls, it will not be a good thing for the United States.

6 months ago

Taiwan’s Epidemic Prevention Command Center announced on the 22nd that there were 79 new confirmed cases on the island that day, including 78 local cases and one overseas immigration, and 6 new deaths among the confirmed cases. Dongsen stated that although the number of newly confirmed cases in Taiwan has dropped, the fatality rate has continued to soar, increasing by nearly 1% in just 10 days, and has now exceeded 4%. Spreading out the fatality rate in the last 10 days, it was 3.08% on June 11, 3.22% on the 12th, climbed to 3.9% on the 20th, and exceeded 4% on the 21st. As of the 22nd, a total of 14,157 people have been diagnosed and 575 people have died. The latest fatality rate is 4.06%. And look at how the current person in charge is still covering his ears: Dr. Lin Yingran, the director of the Primary Medical Association interviewed, said that most of the deceased were diagnosed a week or two ago, and there was a period of treatment before death. “You can’t talk about the number of deaths. I think the death rate is so high, because death is the infection before the reaction.” Lin Yingran said that since the implementation of the three-level alert in Taiwan, the number of new cases has increased from double digits to more than 400 cases every day, even once. As many as 700 a day. Because the number of infected people cannot keep up with the number of hospital beds, and there are many elderly people and many chronic medical histories, many people have no surgery even if they are sent to hospital for treatment. In addition, some patients have to wait for beds at home or cannot be treated immediately when they are in the epidemic prevention hotel. As a result, they die of “invisible hypoxia.” Lin Yingran said frankly that the amount of medical treatment in Taiwan in the past can be a vicious circle, “Because you have more and more diagnoses, you can’t get a good treatment, and you will die at this time. Then everyone can be hospitalized, get intensive care, and have respirators. It can be used, I believe the mortality rate will decrease.” Lin Yingran said that if the epidemic in Taiwan can be controlled within this week and the number of newly confirmed cases is kept at a low level, the decrease in the mortality rate can be expected. Is it really so difficult to admit that your medical system has been penetrated? If any of the content described above happened in the mainland, I am afraid that overseas media can report it frantically, right? Why did it happen among the doglegs in the beautiful country this time, all of them were blinded? “I am optimistic about the world. Taiwan will only demonstrate once, and it will still be penetrated by the medical system in the summer of 2021.”

6 months ago

The latest comments of some relevant experts on the Taiwan epidemic have been collected from the Internet. The excerpt is as follows: Taiwan reported 129 new locally transmitted COVID-19 infections and 6 deaths on Thursday, bringing the total number of infections to 14,398 and 605 deaths. Although Chen Shizong, the head of Taiwan’s health authority, recently stated that the epidemic is “gradually subside”, he announced on Wednesday that the level 3 emergency alert will be extended to July 12. Freeman Chen, a professor at the Department of Science and Technology of National Taiwan University, said on FB on Monday that Taiwan’s new crown infection deaths (CFR) have increased, exceeding 55% in the same period last year, indicating that the actual number of infections on the island is much higher than the published figure. The professor believes that the actual number of infections in Taiwan must be multiplied by at least 2.55. He pointed out that the cause of the current disastrous failure is the “refusal of large-scale testing,” which not only serves the DPP’s face project, but also sacrifices the lives of innocent people. Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe said that since Taiwan’s medical standards are higher than the world average, the high fatality rate means a large number of undetected infections. Yang Zhanqiu, deputy director of the Department of Pathogenic Biology of Wuhan University, said that in general, high CFR is associated with high prevalence, which indicates that infected patients have not been isolated and treated in time. Taipei political scientist and Kuomintang Party member Zhang Yazhong said that the high fatality rate in Taiwan is mainly due to the lack of large-scale screening. The DPP authorities have not yet conducted a comprehensive nucleic acid test and set up temporary hospitals for quarantine, which means that there is not enough buffer zone to isolate mild and severe infections. Wang Jianmin, a senior cross-strait expert at Fujian Minnan Normal University, said that politicizing the vaccine issue has also worsened Taiwan’s high mortality rate. The mainland vaccine has been proven to be safe and effective, but the DPP refused to vaccinate for political reasons. However, it is reported that the side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine have caused some Taiwan residents to reject the vaccine. As for the COVID-19 Delta variant that has spread to more than 90 countries and regions, observers said that Taiwan cannot be an exception. Therefore, if Taiwan does not change its medical and screening capabilities, the number of deaths and even the death rate may continue to rise. And it seems that the DPP has not invested resources in epidemic prevention, even if they face such a high mortality rate. It can be seen that there are many problems in Taiwan’s new crown infection screening, vaccination and the construction of epidemic prevention hospitals. Finally, quoting Wang Qishan’s comment on the epidemic situation on the island: Wang Qishan said that the DPP authorities have been attacking the mainland under the banner of so-called democracy and human rights. However, in the current chaos, the most basic human right of people’s life has fallen. It was ignored in the face of the political interests of the DPP. “When people reflect on this period of history, they will hold Tsai Ing-wen and the DPP responsible for the fiasco and humanitarian disasters caused by their anti-mainland operations.”

6 months ago

In Western European countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy, and France, the death rate exceeded 10% at the worst time last year, and reached 14% when the death rate was the highest in the Paris region. Later, as more young people were infected with a large number of infections, all the people who were easy to die had died, and the rest were difficult to die…so the mortality rate gradually dropped to the current level. Taiwan is now in a period when the death rate of the European and American people who “will die” has not yet died, leading to a rapid increase in mortality.

6 months ago

Taiwan has no other skills, stocks trading horizontally. The so-called two “domestic vaccines”, the stocks of high-end vaccines have risen 10 times first, and today Lianya vaccines rose 7 times on the first day, which is really great. The high-end first said that he and Modena went out of the same school, and then said that he and Navavax are twin brothers. The second phase has not been unblinded yet, and the review hasn’t even scratched the character. Nainazi came out and said that it will be listed in July. It is simply the king of imperial stocks. This fucking stock market is really cool, I don’t know how many people in the Green Party make a lot of money. Lianya’s operation is even more supernatural. It went on the market today. The day before, it was hyped that Paraguay had placed a million orders. The order was placed before the fucking 2 phases. Is there a problem with Paraguay? The magical thing is that the pseudo-Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Wanwan went directly off the platform, saying that it was true, and that Paraguay really placed the order. Then today, after the increase of 7 times, Lienya immediately came out to refute the rumors that if there is nothing, the order is placed to the parent company, and the parent company is only an agent. The order may not be placed on Lienya, and it may buy other vaccines. I really vomited. I thought it was the most difficult to trade stocks in A shares, but I was wrong. It was difficult for the government, enterprises, media, and the trinity to cheat people together. It was too difficult. With this kind of government, thinking about how to reap the benefits every day, can the death rate be low?

6 months ago

People who died (mostly the elderly)/confirmed cases>4%>2% average level, A. Either the number of deaths is too high (impossible); B~ or the number of confirmed cases is too small. In B, either concealed reports, fewer diagnoses, or both. Tsai Ing-wen’s authorities have counted thousands of calculations, ignoring the fatality rate as an indicator, and exposing all the signs of failure. They still don’t forget to throw the pot and give it to the elderly… I can think of this. Regarding Taiwan Province, it’s hard to say. If you don’t pay attention, you will be wrong.

6 months ago

Why are all thinking about concealing and leaking? If you don’t believe me, you can ask the person in charge of medical treatment in Taiwan, or even if you ask about food, she will definitely tell you that they have not concealed it. Don’t distrust people, she said there is no if there is no. It is meaningless to entangle concealment, general screening, and small number of tests. It is purely a saliva lawsuit. You can only use the existing data for analysis. In fact, if you look at the global mortality rate of the new crown, many countries have surpassed Taiwan. For example, Somalia and the like, and the cause of this is nothing more than a problem with the medical system. Then the mortality rate in Taiwan is relatively high. The only reasonable explanation may be that there is a problem with the medical system. Simply put, Taiwan health insurance = African level.

6 months ago

Analyzing the problem is actually comparing the problem, so we have to go back to the factor to study. First, the virus of this epidemic is more fierce than the previous ones, it spreads faster, has a higher incidence, and the body of the virus is larger. The second is that the infected people in Taiwan are mainly elderly people who have insufficient resistance and are easy to hang up. The third is that the testing resources are not enough, and there are not enough vaccines and nucleic acid testing. There are many people who have not found that they are sick. They can’t be saved if they are too late to be sent to the hospital. Fourth, medical resources are run on, and some people have been sacrificed by various conditions and factors in the hospital. Taiwan is about relations and money, so this is better than luck. At the same time, Taiwan’s statistical data is relatively scientific and objective, and the mortality rate is relatively accurate, which is also one of the reasons. Taiwan’s Cai regime is the biggest cause of the high mortality rate.

6 months ago

According to the latest data, the cumulative number of infections in my country (excluding Taiwan Province, Hong Kong and Macau) is 1,18032, and the cumulative death is 5451. The calculated mortality rate is 4.6%. Most of the deaths are in early Wuhan (estimated to account for 80%). I can only think of this new crown virus. The explanation is the biological weapons developed by the Americans against the Chinese. In addition, we blocked the spread of the epidemic and lowered the denominator

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