At 4 pm Beijing time, the finale of Disney+ launches. I am going to update my answer while watching. Take a seat first! The following is a spoiler: Wanda attacked Agatha at the beginning of this episode with a total length of 49 minutes. It was found that Agatha was able to absorb the energy of others. The purpose was to force Wanda to use magic and absorb the ability of scarlet witch. White vision appeared and attacked Wanda. Vision appeared in time, and then it was the famous scene of save our home in the trailer. Dottie’s real name was Sarah. He had an 8-year-old daughter. Agatha rescued her and many people from Wanda’s control. I didn’t expect Peter to be Ralph and Monica. A necklace was pulled from him, as if the magic had been lifted. Under the threat of Agatha’s hostage, Wanda opened many cracks to Hex and let the residents leave here. During this time, Sword broke into Hed. The two children are responsible for solving the SWORD, Hayward shoots the children, and Monica appears to save the two children. After Hayward tried to drive away, Darcy drove him into a car. Vision restored the memory of White Vision. White Vision said “I am Vision” and then flew away, leaving suspense. After several rounds of battle, Agatha almost sucked away all of Wanda’s magic. Just at the moment, Agatha found that she couldn’t use magic anymore. It turned out that Wanda had set Runes around Hex. Wanda sucked all the magic and imprisoned Agatha in the role of Agnes forever, and Agatha became the Nosy Neighbor again. At the end, Wanda began to shrink and dismantle Hex. The family of four returned home. After saying goodbye to the children, Wanda and Vision began to bid farewell to the abuse. Here Wanda also explained that Vision is actually a memory created by Mind Stone in Wanda’s body. Eventually Hex was demolished and Wanda returned to the empty foundation. The ending egg is the appearance of a Skrull. To sum up, this drama did not disappoint me. Whether it is production or creativity, including the first few episodes of sitcom, it is very interesting. The only drawback is that it is too short! The next step is to look forward to the Falcons and Winter Soldiers in two weeks’ time! Oh yes, about the easter eggs that everyone has been guessing. Sure enough, the guy Paul Bettany smashed everyone, the actor he was talking about was actually his own lol. Doc Strange did not appear, and Professor X did not appear. Waste my feelings! After all, I have been looking forward to it for a long time. Update: Damn, there are two easter eggs this time! Almost missed the second one! As soon as I looked at the length of time, the Ending credit still had 7 minutes to be unreasonable, so I continued to look at it. The second egg is Wanda learning Agatha’s magic book in a hut in the mountains. It seems to be called Darkhold in the play? Then I heard Billy and Tommy calling for help.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Complete but tragic: guard the magic red! It seems that there are some routines, the evil is not suppressing the righteous family happy ending: Wanda vs. Agatha, use a trick “UNO reversal”, use his own way to heal his body, and use the secretly learned protection curse. Arranged in the Hex world, Agatha was packed away. Vision vs. Baiyunshi used a “Lü Xiucai-style philosophy” to persuade Bai Wanshi and also awakened his memory. Gemini & Rambo vs. Heavenly Sword Game, the opponent is too good to take it easily.

7 months ago

After reading it, I understand why I was vaccinated and said that the finale would be disappointed. How to say it, compared with the foreshadowing and characters of the previous 8 episodes, the finale is indeed a bit disappointing. Everyone thought too deeply about various theories, but found that there was no such thing as the “changing angle” of fast silver… the results of the two villains, Agnus and Haywood, were too simple. But this is only the first season after all, and with the movies in many plans of Marvel, the whole season may be the beginning and foreshadowing of the grand story. When I saw Vision and the two children almost disappeared, I thought to myself: Oh my goodness, it’s too sharp! Then found it was okay. But in the end…Wanda goodnight to the two children, and goodbye to Vision…Blade! (Of course, we viewers know that there is still White Vision.) The whole season is still quite powerful, and it is definitely a very special existence in today’s American TV series. By the way, in the end, Monica’s mother’s good friend should be Captain Marvel, right?

7 months ago

Somewhat inexplicably, the director yelled “we going in”, thinking that there was some special equipment, but it turned out to be a gift. Anyway, you also chased several episodes of the show, knowing the level of the other party, and you can’t even beat the two dolls. Bai Huanshi just flew away? No matter whether he is awakened or not, this slapped ass is totally unreasonable. The previous two phantom spas were inexplicably embarrassing. Is there any way for both parties to effectively attack each other? In the end, the boss felt a little bit of a villain, but it was a sloppy loss. No wonder the plot was not made into a movie. If it were cut into a movie, it would definitely hit the street. Alas, maybe there are a few episodes in between that have pushed people’s expectations too far.

7 months ago

It’s not bad, but it’s a bit regretful. In the end, I thought there would be a cameo by some awesome characters, but it didn’t happen. In the end, the villain is really Agatha, the fake Kuaiyin is really an ordinary resident, and Hayward is really a stupid brain. I watched a bunch of analysis of the empty head and brain. In addition, I am very entangled in why Wanda didn’t reduce the barrier to his own house or find an open space to rebuild. In this way, although the scope of activities has become smaller, the husband and children are there Ah, why don’t you just wipe out the enchantment…

7 months ago

Speaking of the second egg, Zhihu said that “Tommy and Billy in the comics are actually the soul fragments of the boos demon Mephisto”, the last few calls of help from the child should be played by the boss through his evil spirit book It was sent by the two children to induce Wanda to enter the world of dark magic and use the evil and side-effect power similar to Domam to control Wanda. Since it is a superpower of the same department with Doctor Strange, the official also said that there will be a wanda scene in Doctor Strange 2, then it is possible that in Doctor Strange 2, Wanda got stuck while studying the book of evil spirits and was discovered by Doctor Strange. Part of the plot will be from Doctor Strange to recall Wanda and then fight the big boss demon. /doge is all speculation, if Marvel thinks it is reasonable, just shoot like that.

7 months ago

Speaking of the plot, it involves spoilers. Wanda defeated Agatha and sealed it in the image of a female neighbor. Bai Phantom had all the memories of Phantom from its birth to the third of the reunion, and then flew away and disappeared. Vision and the children disappeared with the release of Wanda’s magic. The residents of the town were released by Wanda. Hayward led the Heavenly Sword Bureau to attack Wanda and failed. Wu was arrested by Monica and overpowered. Quick silver and disarmed his magic, found that he was Ralph Wanda leaving the town credits one. There was a female officer of the Sky Sword Bureau who was a Skrull, and Monica was not surprised. The Skrull mentioned one. People, but I don’t understand who it is. The Scroo pointed to the sky, Monica looked up and looked at the very anticipated end of Easter Egg 2, Wanda learned the skills of the soul out of the body similar to Doctor Strange, drinking tea at the door of the body, learning the magic book in the soul house, the soul is learning When I heard Tom Billy calling for help. Then it’s gone. To sum up, the degree of completion of the plot is still very high, and it is definitely not unfinished. Simply speaking, the plot is still good and worth watching. I just think that maybe some people, including me, who were fans before, may have been expecting too much. It is Multiverse, X-Men, Magneto x Professor, and Doctor Strange, Mr. Fantastic, came on stage, and Fast Silver is reappearing. The one dedicated to Quick Silver Time was nightmare and Mephisto’s, but in the end there were no good guys. The actor who Vision said is himself, and the mysterious role Wanda said is also Vision. I vomited, but I can’t blame Marvel for being a fan. After all, people have never promised anything. We, as fans, have been talking nonsense. , I feel like we are just like fools who blindly crushed the goddess in adolescence and actually just moved themselves. . . . I feel mixed and sour in my heart. It is clear that there is a Doctor Strange, why not? ? ? Don’t you have long faces in the cast? . .

7 months ago

spoiler! ! ! spoiler! ! ! I can only say that it is rather disappointing. I still hope that Agatha will follow a bit of the original work and appear as Wanda’s mentor. It may be that the first few episodes were so well laid out, which filled my expectations for this show. After watching Raw Meat twice, there is no Magneto, no Professor, no Quicksilver, no Doctor Strange, no Mephisto, and no surprise characters. I would really like to thank you if the Skru people who pointed to the sky were the surprise characters. . And after Xijing Vision awakened the Baiyun Vision point, what the hell was Baiyunshi flying away, obviously he had restored his memory, and he didn’t recognize Wanda, so he took off directly from Wuhu, NB. You said that the ending is touching and not touching. It is indeed touching. Knowing that the two children are gone after closing the door. Watching Wanda helplessly watch his vision disappear in his own eyes. It is indeed very sad, but it is epic. Are you sad? I really adjusted my expectations too high in the early stage. After reading it, I felt a little speechless. When the raw meat comes out, I will comment again (just an old Marvel fan’s point of view, welcome to discuss.)

7 months ago

The large-scale Xijing series has come to an end for the time being, let me talk about my feelings. The first one: When Wanda became the strongest state, Agatha said that you don’t know what you just released, and you need me to help you deal with this trouble. (But it is also possible that Agatha found out that she was going to be sealed and spoke out to deceive Wanda, but when thinking of the follow-up Doctor Strange 2, I personally think that what Agatha said should be the truth, and it is possible that the appearance of the villain will be buried here.) Two: the whereabouts of Baiyunshi. In theory, Bai Phantom was exactly the same as the real Vision. The Phantom created by Wanda helped him retrieve all the memories from being created in Fulian 2 to being killed by Thanos. But I don’t know why Bai Phantom just flew away, and there is no information left behind in the play. It stands to reason that I should not find Wanda right away, but considering that the final time of the show must be reserved for Xijing Phantom and Bai Vision may take some time to process the memory that has just been acquired, so it makes sense. At the same time, this also means that Vision will definitely have a follow-up (and it will definitely be better than Xing Jue and Kamo La), look forward to.

7 months ago

After reading the raw meat, I still feel a little disappointed, but fortunately, it is acceptable and there is no logical flaw. When I watched it at the time, I thought that Wanda would limit the range of hex to the range at home, but later she didn’t do so. Originally thought that such a large magical fluctuation on the earth would attract Doctor Strange, she was disappointed later. . . The heroes of Marvel in the new stage. I personally like Doctor Strange. The first egg is a secret invasion, probably because Captain Marvel wants to meet Rambo (help develop her ability? The second menu is Wanda heard the voice of the child. It may be that the villain in the future is making a ghost, but is it also possible that the two children are actually living in a parallel universe? Hex actually creates a mirror image of the parallel universe? Because there is a detail that Wanda smashed his Buick into Agnes’s face. Afterwards, the car was still intact when I left, but it is also possible that Wanda used magic to fix the car and move it to the side of the road?

7 months ago

Front row tip: Don’t miss this episode of double easter eggs. I won’t write the plot this time, I will write about my own experience of watching the entire season. The first is not to think too much. There is really “nothing” in this episode: no Doctor Strange, no Mephisto, no Magneto. Even Paul Bettany’s “object that has always been eager to cooperate” is himself. Really, my guess at the beginning is almost only Wanda is the backup of the soul gem, as for the rest, it is simply unbearable to look back. There are also circulated news about the return of Kuaiyin and the appearance of Magneto, all of which have been falsified in this episode. What’s interesting is that “Quick Silver is Mephisto” and “Ralph is the final boss” are exactly half of each other. Together, they are right. Second, this is indeed a landmark work. TV dramas have always been Marvel’s shortcomings before, and basically only S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and Daredevil were the only ones who took the shots. Moreover, although these episodes belong to the MCU, the linkage is basically one-way linkage. Wanda Vision, which was the beginning of the fourth stage, not only burst its reputation, but also laid a good foundation for subsequent films. I have to say that this is a perfect opening ceremony for the fourth stage. Maybe many people, like me, will feel unacceptable after watching the ending (we’ll talk about the easter eggs later). Again, let’s not think too much. Guessing is good, but over-interpretation will reduce the viewing experience. Finally, let’s talk about Easter eggs. The first one, this seems to indicate that Monica will go to the real headquarters of the Heavenly Sword Bureau and meet Nick Fury herself. Monica should become the Earth Director of the Sky Sword Bureau. The stimulus is the second one. Let’s first look at the place where Wanda lives in seclusion. It can be seen that it is in Nepal (after all, the Tibet Autonomous Region is not easy to go in and take pictures), close to the headquarters of Doctor Strange. Wanda himself studied the dark book of God, the banned book left by Agatha. (This is different from S.H.I.E.L.D., but the robots in S.H.I. Therefore, I boldly predict a wave of Doctor Strange 2: At the beginning, Wanda will use black magic to cause chaos. The nearby Doctor Strange is alarmed. After understanding the situation, she decided to take her to practice, aiming to supplement her basic knowledge of magic theory and eliminate darkness. The negative influence of the book of God. Wanda Vision is an exquisite appetizer given to us by Marvel. It is foreseeable that a richer meal is waiting for us. In the future, there will be series such as Falcon Winter Soldier and Rocky. If I have time, I will analyze them one by one. The show has just begun.

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