[US$1.2 billion to buy lithography machine SMIC and Asmar’s revised purchase agreement, the capital expenditure in the previous three quarters also “exploded”] SMIC announced on March 3 that it had already cooperated with Asmar (Shanghai). ) Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ASM Shanghai) signed a revised and restated bulk purchase agreement, with the term extended to December 31, 2021. #中芯国际 Signed a purchase order with Asimk#

In addition to the extension of the term, SMIC disclosed the previous purchase amount in the announcement. According to the bulk purchase agreement, SMIC has signed a purchase order with the Asim Group for the purchase of Asim products for the production of wafers during the 12-month period from March 16, 2020 to March 2, 2021. The total cost is approximately US$1.2 billion.

Although the “lithography machine” is not explicitly mentioned, the “ASM product that produces wafers” is obviously a lithography machine.

The “Daily Economic News” reporter noted that with the surge in downstream demand, SMIC has also accelerated the pace of capacity expansion, especially in 2020 SMIC’s capital expenditures will also be correspondingly “exploded.” According to SMIC’s disclosure, capital expenditure in 2021 is expected to be approximately US$4.3 billion. (YM)

I can’t remember the specific time. It was probably 2017. A company in Wuhan ordered an euv lithography machine. At that time, the company also put the news on the headline of the intranet. At that time, a big brother decided to go back to China to develop in the company branch. The eldest brother’s skill points are all on the euv lithography machine, originally thinking of returning to China to form a new team and do a big job. Before leaving, he asked me if I wanted to go back to China. After all, I was not in customer service, so I hesitated and did not follow my eldest brother. Unexpectedly, he left with his front foot, and a fire broke out in the Dutch warehouse on the back foot, and the delivery was postponed. Later, there was a technological war, the new crown epidemic, the euv lithography machine was banned from export to China, and the euv lithography machine is still in the Netherlands. I don’t know what the older brother is doing now, it shouldn’t be too bad, but it must be quite different from what I expected. Many people don’t know that the euv lithography machine has been researched by the US government in the 1980s, and then it has become a profitable project for more than 30 years; there have been various solutions in the past 30 years, and countless companies have tried it. I built my own euv system, but in the end it failed due to various reasons. The huge amount of money was lost, and there was no sound; now the core technology of asml’s euv technology is the American cymer company, and Asml acquired the ability to monopolize euv lithography machines after the acquisition of Cymer, but these technologies are still subject to US export control. So if the United States is unwilling, then asml has no possibility to sell euv lithography machines to China. If it does not do that, the US government can block the asml company’s technology overnight, which is a devastating blow. In addition, what many people don’t know is, let’s not talk about building an euv lithography machine, just use it well, none of them can’t be done in two or three years; asml’s euv lithography machine, how many resident customer service personnel should be Hundreds of people. Don’t think it’s easy to hear the word “customer service”. Customer service is basically a master’s degree or above. He has a good background in science and engineering. What he does is not answering the phone and bargaining. It’s about entering the ultra-clean laboratory. , Assemble and debug, solve the problem. The 24-container instrument must be able to work, and the problem should be found as soon as the problem occurs. The water inside is very deep. In addition, the euv lithography machine consumes amazing power and must be in a super clean environment. The basic maintenance cost per hour is hundreds of thousands of dollars. In other words, it is a money printing machine if it is used well, and it is a white elephant that loses money every day if it is not used well. So it’s not that everything will be fine when you buy it. The cooperation between SMIC and asml should be duv lithography machine if there is no accident. As for the euv lithography machine, I am afraid that the neck stuck time is longer than many people think. The U.S. blockade of China is already a bipartisan consensus! And China’s current research and development on EUV lithography machines, alas, China’s semiconductors are probably two generations behind the Western world. To make an analogy, the f22 that flew for the first time in 1997 was also two generations ahead of Chinese fighter jets, and it made its first flight almost 15 years later. In 1998, China bought the shell of the current aircraft carrier Liaoning, and today the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is still on the drawings. The gap between Chinese semiconductors and the West is even greater than the two. When will we be able to recognize the reality and stop expecting a big news to be exposed in one or two years and get it done overnight, when will we be considered to be on the right path. Just like a Chinese aircraft carrier, it is a down-to-earth attitude to do things by first modifying it, then imitating it, and then designing it independently. Interested friends can see how much effort was spent in order to drag the shell of the Liaoning back to China in 2001, how many times it was blackmailed, and how much pain it suffered. In addition, there is one more thing that everyone may often overlook. The aircraft carrier that was towed back to China is not one! It is precisely because of this pragmatic attitude that I believe that the Chinese aircraft carrier will one day surpass the United States. Conversely, if large-tonnage nuclear-powered aircraft carriers were to be built as soon as the year came up, or there was inexplicable national pride, it would be ambition to say that we spent so much money to buy an out-of-the-box shell, whether it was difficult to build an aircraft carrier or to build an atomic bomb. ? What? We are going to build our own Ford-class aircraft carrier tomorrow. Then there is really no hope! Like India’s research and development of fighter jets, it refuses to steadfastly develop backward fighter jets by itself, and has to make it to the sky in one step. As a result, China has created the Xiaolong, the J-10, and India’s fifth-generation aircraft has not yet come out. China has developed the J-20 on the basis of the fourth-generation aircraft. India’s fifth-generation aircraft does not yet know where it is. Many things are like this, the slowest that seems to be the fastest. The same is true for the lithography machine. The duv is firmly established and can be produced independently. The main accessories are domestically produced, which is the basis for the development of the euv. If you don’t take this step, if you want to upgrade to euv directly and eat a fat man in one bite, there is a high probability that the current status of the Indians will be completed indefinitely! To some extent, the cooperation with asml in this news is actually because there is no mature and stable duv lithography machine technology in China. On the other hand, it also proves that the current duv lithography machine should already have a certain degree of self-production capability in China, so it can be bought. But this 1.2 billion US dollar order is actually urgently needed for the development of China’s duv project, but whose pocket has it fallen into today? This is the biggest dilemma for China in the field of lithography machines at present. It is difficult, expensive, risky, time-consuming, and vicious competition to grab your orders. When this kind of project is put on the market, no one will invest money no matter how loud the slogan is. No wonder so many people buy land under the guise of semiconductors. As water flows to a low place, capital will always go up the most profitable way. Really do semiconductors? Who cares if the pants are lost? It’s better to stock up a little bit and make two houses more reliable, isn’t it? People who don’t know how to do it, there are a lot of people who make money, a lot of people who beat chicken blood, and there are a lot of people clamoring about China’s awesome title party, but not many people do things down-to-earth. As soon as the big guys heard that this kind of project invested tens of billions of dollars at every turn, they had been losing money for more than 10 years. They started financial innovation every minute, and the game was broadcast live. Correct! Dad Ma, little target, it’s you guys! Really want to surpass yourself? Really want to prove yourself great? Really want to make a career? The ready-made road is here! This project is completed, that is the positioning of a national hero!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

As far as I know, a small number of these 1.2 billion US dollars lithography machines are high-end models such as NXT 1980Di and NXT2050i for advanced technology. These mid-to-high-end equipment are very expensive, and the basic price is about 800-120 million US dollars. Others are mature processes that support 65-28nm, such as the XT twinscan series, which is $35-65 million cheaper than the price. Many XT twinscan series lithography machines are compatible with 8-12 inches, which are very easy to use and very cheap. Therefore, by visual inspection, you can buy 3 high-end devices for about 300 million yuan, and you can buy a lot of mid-range devices for the remaining 900 million yuan. According to the previous announcement, 8 inches and 12 inches need to be expanded greatly when they are mature. The basic situation is like this. As for EUV, it is not working yet, and we have to wait. By the way, SMIC currently purchases equipment from American equipment companies such as AMAT and LAM. They are designated models, designated quantities, and designated amounts. It is not what you want to buy if you have money. It is a little looser than before. The overall control is still very good. Strict, so it is good for non-US equipment.

7 months ago

At present, the specific model of the lithography machine that can be purchased with this order is still unknown. It is most likely to be a deep ultraviolet lithography machine (DUV), and the extreme ultraviolet lithography machine (EUV) is estimated to be subject to the export control regulations of the United States. . Here we must first understand a concept. What we call EUV or DUV is defined according to the wavelength of the ultraviolet light source. DUV can manufacture chips with the highest precision of 7nm, while chips with 5nm and below require EUV. Even if you can only buy DUV, it can be considered a good start, which can stabilize the manufacturing of mid-range chips, and at the same time, it will ease the pressure of chip shortages to a certain extent in the future.

7 months ago

This is a continuation of existing orders. I guess that asml was suppressed by the United States in the early stage and was not allowed to continue to ship to SMIC, which caused some orders that should have been completed to be delayed. Now the United States has released some restrictions and agreed to continue exporting. Therefore, this batch of orders will change from 2018-2020 to 2018-2021 December 31. This batch of orders will definitely not have EUV, you can rest assured that 100% can’t buy nxe3400. However, there may be nxt2050 in this batch of orders, which is the latest duv lithography machine from asml. When I first saw this thing, I felt that it was a model specially designed for the Chinese market. . Theoretically speaking, ss5nm (Qualcomm 888) can be achieved through SAQP in 2050, and there may be a chance for a higher density; if the process factor is suppressed well, the tsmc7+ process can also control the yield rate properly. The remaining orders are estimated to be models before 1980. After all, the mature technology of smic still accounts for a lot of revenue. Why did the United States suddenly let go? Want to relax? Or is the domestic lithography machine on the way? I guess both

7 months ago

Since ancient times, the export of things allowed by foreign countries to lift the ban has been a critical time for my country’s independent research and development. So, you think it’s a good thing, but I don’t think that a single order can sell 4 to 6 units, but it turns out to be 2 or even one. Originally, the production capacity was full, but now it can be a holiday. It was originally a 24 salary bonus, but now it is gone, but I have made up my mind to solve it. This is the general trend. At most, it will delay for a while, so it’s not all bad. Now the core shortage is getting more and more serious. With the advancement of 5g, IOT develops. Storage becomes larger, solid state is replaced, and so on. SMIC must rapidly expand its capacity to maintain its market share. Make money before you can develop, recruit people, and cultivate talents. As long as you don’t forget your original intention, don’t be fascinated by sugar-coated shells. Why not

7 months ago

In this announcement, SMIC did not disclose the specific models it purchased. Caixin reporter learned from insiders that the batch of products does not include EUV lithography machines. The total transaction value of this batch of orders reached 1.2 billion US dollars. SMIC stated that in response to customer needs, the company will continue to expand production capacity and seize market opportunities and growth. The bulk purchase agreement and the Asmar purchase order are mainly for the purchase of related machines for the production of wafers. According to the agreement, SMIC will pay ASML in two steps, 30% when the purchase order is issued, and the balance after delivery. In addition, SMIC signed a revised and restated bulk purchase agreement with ASML on February 1. The old purchase agreement originally expired at the end of December 2020. After the re-signing this time, the term was extended to the end of December 2021.

7 months ago

Personally, whether it is DUV or EUV, as long as you can buy it, you can buy it first to meet the production needs, and then continue to develop your own lithography machine. The core technology of AMSL is in the hands of Americans. It took decades before and after R&D to successfully land the project and generate profits. There is no way, we can only catch up. Just like the Chinese Navy, you can think that in the 1950s, the only destroyers we bought from the former Soviet Union were a few destroyers. The tonnage was small and pitiful. At the same time, American aircraft carriers were like dumplings. People drove warships to the South China Sea. We I can only stare, but after so many years of development, the navy has developed. We have adopted the form of small steps, iterated generations of warships, and our own aircraft carrier battle group, but the first Varyag The journey back to China is also a lot of hard work (you can search for it if you want to know). Just like the shield machine used to repair the subway, when it is not localized, it costs hundreds of millions of yuan to buy one. If it is broken, no one can repair it and only hire an expert, and the cost of others is calculated from a foreign country. A few hundred dollars per hour is quite expensive. But after localization, the price is only tens of millions, which is much cheaper than the hundreds of millions of funds at every turn. There are also LCD screens. After BOE has conquered the technology, TVs of more than 50 inches can now be bought around 2000, which is at least double the price before. Therefore, while we can still buy it, and there is no complete blockade in foreign countries, we can buy it first, and when we have conquered DUV, I believe EUV will not be far away.

7 months ago

ASML’s official website has announced that DUV lithography machine EUV is temporarily impossible to sell to us. SMIC now has a lot of DUV lithography machines. Buying another batch will increase production capacity. But I heard that there is an NXT2050i, a high-end DUV lithography machine, and an upgraded version of NXT:2000i. It’s actually possible to punch 7nm with this, but it will be choking in the future. SMIC should first develop its own N+1 and N+2, and then engage in the real 7nm. Of course, it is not impossible to skip the 7nm node directly after N+1 and N+2.

7 months ago

What kind of existence is Asmer? What does it have to do with chip manufacturing companies such as SMIC, TSMC, Samsung, and MediaTek? Let’s put it this way, the manufacturing process of the world’s most advanced process chips is concentrated in the hands of TSMC, Samsung, MediaTek, SMIC and many other big-name companies. We also know that these companies are fighting and fighting in the chip field, and ASM is the strongest “master of weapons supply” behind the scenes. It is the overlord of the lithography machine market. Asim’s EUV high-end lithography machine with advanced technology below 7 nanometers has a market share of 100%, a mid-to-high-end market share of 84%, and a total market share of more than 60%.

7 months ago

What are DUV and EUV lithography machines? One of the core systems in the lithography machine is the ultraviolet light source. DUV means deep ultraviolet light, and EUV means extreme ultraviolet light. The shorter the wavelength, the sharper the lithography blade and the higher the precision control requirements for etching. Generally speaking, DUV can achieve the process below 25nm by the chip manufacturer, and some skilled “carvers” can use this “knife” to achieve the process technology of about 10nm, and if you want to go further, you can only use it. EUV. EUV can not only reach 10nm, but also can further break through to 5nm and 3nm. The current high-end chips such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and Kirin 9000 all use EUV lithography technology and 5nm process technology.

7 months ago

Heavy! Buying a lithography machine for 1.2 billion US dollars, 250 billion Chinese chip giants become popular, SMIC is in pain? On the evening of March 3, SMIC announced good news: The company has signed a large order with Asimer for a US$1.2 billion lithography machine! Stimulated by the good news, SMIC’s A shares and Hong Kong stocks both opened higher on March 4, and the gains have gradually reduced since then. As of the lunch break, SMIC’s A shares rose by 2.52% to 60.15 yuan per share, with a total market value of 116.5 billion yuan. , SMIC’s Hong Kong stocks rose 0.54% to 27.95 Hong Kong dollars per share, with a total market value of 166.5 billion Hong Kong dollars, and the total market value of the two cities was 255.4 billion yuan.

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