Between the age of 120 and 150, the body’s “elasticity”, that is, its self-resilience, will be completely lost, and the upper limit of life will come. With the advancement of medical technology and the development of related biotechnology, human beings will be getting closer and closer to the life limit of 150 years old.

For me, 150 years is too short to be enough. Even if I don’t want to do anything special, it takes a half-infinite time to continuously observe human civilization and the universe. However, the so-called upper limit of lifespan given by the study mentioned in the title “or be” 150 years old is obtained by counting several blood cell data and drawing an extension line on the chart in conjunction with the all-cause mortality model. It has no special value. If you change the data set to do the same statistical research, or wait a few years to see, the results may be different, so don’t worry about it. The copy of the title “Between 120 and 150 years old, the human body’s elasticity, that is, self-resilience will be completely lost” is an extremely loose hypothesis. As far as we know, this statement is a part of the human body. Cells are absolutely not applicable. The serious media should not describe such “maybe OOO” research in this way. Take telomeres, which are often misunderstood as “life indicators”. The telomere length of somatic cells in different tissues in the human body shortens at different speeds over time. Telomeres from testes, ovaries, cerebellum, skeletal muscle, vagina, and thyroid have no age-related relative length changes. Human cardiomyocytes and brain nerve cells divide only a few times in a lifetime, and their function decline is more from acquired damage and decreased coordination, rather than programmed aging. At present, there is no conclusive evidence to prove that there is or no so-called upper limit on human life span. According to research in the past few decades, the natural life span of modern people may be 125 years [1] to 150 years [2]. There are certain individual differences, and there may not be a strict upper limit. Some statistics show that the annual mortality rate after 110 years of age is about 50% (more specifically, about 54% per year for men and 44% per year for women). Some scholars believe that this may mean that humans are not strict. Natural life limit. Of course, it is suspicious to promote every statistical law at will: the maximum age of the centenarian group surveyed by these statistical data is about 120 years old. No one can guarantee you that people can maintain this law after they are over 120 years old. . This is especially true for blood cell data: you can’t find the blood or bone marrow of a living person over the age of 120 for your research.


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6 months ago

How could it be possible that at the age of 50, menopause, at the age of a hundred, it will be trembling and trembling. If you live for another 50 years, you will be deaf and blind, you can’t move on the road, and your brains are not working well. Where there is still quality of life, it is rare for a person to live for seventy years, eighty or ninety years old is almost the same, and a hundred years old is a human being. This is the law of nature. Unless you decode the human aging code, find drugs and change human genes, you may be able to extend your life and even live forever, no matter how old you are, your physical appearance is the same as when you were young, so you can have the quality of life.

6 months ago

Some people say. Live to be 150 years old and old. Also plagued by illnesses. Stool on the bed. What fun is there? Playing shit? Some people added. If the body functions remain youthful forever. Has been at the level of 20 or 30 years old. It’s still fun to live 150 years old. but. You also think about dementia. I am taking care of the elderly recently. Increasingly feel that it limits the effective life of human beings. It’s not physical fitness. It’s the memory capacity of the brain. Is there an upper limit to memory? If a person lives 150 years old, two hundred years old, three hundred years old. How many teenage things will you remember? Long-standing memories will continue to compress. Save the important. Selective forgetting is not important. But there must be a full day. No matter how big the hard disk is, it won’t hold up my fast internet and full website. Not to mention the human brain composed of flesh and blood. When the brain is full. Does life really have any meaning to continue? In short, I don’t believe that there are any creatures that can live for thousands of years and are particularly wonderful. The life of long-lived creatures. It must be very unpretentious. And boring.

6 months ago

I saw a news a few days ago that an old Xinjiang grandmother is 135 years old, and she is full of children and grandchildren. She is very happy! Without dazzling eyes or deafness, you just cannot move freely and need someone to take care of it. I think the old man is very happy. Switch to me, but I can’t tolerate myself like that. I need to move freely and do something. I can’t imagine, nothing happened, what is the value of my own existence? This will cause my confusion. Always let others take care of it, maybe I won’t be happy either. Without fangs and claws, I can’t fight in the society. I still find it difficult to accept. It seems that it is the destiny born to run for life! Especially, without the vigorous hormones and vigorous vitality, what life would be like, I was shocked. I don’t even feel the beauty when I see it, it’s scarier than a horror movie! If you have been in the middle-aged state, it doesn’t matter if you have a longevity. If the body is severely disabled, it is suffering. Of course, this is my current thinking. Perhaps, the hormones are exhausted and the world outlook has changed, which is hard to say.

6 months ago

Don’t want to. Do you know why old people have “old man smelly”? Because the muscles are relaxed, especially the sphincter. What are the sphincter muscles in the human body? The bladder, anus, the pylorus between the stomach and the intestine, the cardia between the esophagus and the stomach, and the throat. These sphincters basically age at the same time. Therefore, the life of the elderly is like this: repeated hiccups and bad breath; sleeping cannot lie flat, otherwise the esophagus will reflux and will vomit; after eating, it will enter the intestines after staying in the stomach for less than a minute, which will cause enteritis; so the elderly only Can eat liquid food, but because it is not absorbed, it gradually loses weight; will incontinence because of the loss of elasticity of the bladder and anus. Yes, there is basically no “hygiene isolation” for the elderly from the throat to the digestive tract to the urinary system. The microbes in the body are disordered and eventually become incontinent. This is the real cause of the “old man smelly”. Some people say: Why not exercise more to strengthen muscles? Then I ask you: how to exercise the sphincter? There is barely a kind of sport called “Kegel sport”. But why do muscles relax? The source is the demise of “hormones”, which is the degenerative disease of the brain. Of course, older women will accelerate their aging process at a certain stage than the older ones. That process is called “menopause”-to put it bluntly, the eggs in the body are used up, and there is no period, the estrogen disappears more than half of the time, the uterus shrinks, and even Prolapse can be exposed to the body when going to the toilet…So, instead of being able to live to 150 years old, I am more concerned about how to “become stronger”, postpone menopause for more than ten years, and make the elderly life more dignified, is it more important?

6 months ago

The key is money and health. If both are enough, the longer the life is, the better. Ordinary people’s money comes from work, and they continue to work and make money. If they are still working at the age of 150, does it mean that young people are not enough? The fertility rate must be ridiculously low. In the natural environment, the high fertility rate means that environmentally friendly resources are abundant In the society, the low fertility rate is essentially a biologically harsh living environment. It is difficult to maintain a healthy body under a hard life. Isn’t it torture to live to 150 years of age under such exhausted physical and mental conditions? The rich are not short of money, and they will also face procedural aging. After 80 years of age, the body has given up on its own. What is the point of lying in a hospital bed for 70 years through technical means to linger on until 150? Rich people who have been genetically strengthened are still starting businesses and expanding their industries by the age of 150. It is terrible to monopolize a company that has been in business for more than 100 years. It is the hell of the poor.

6 months ago

To answer this question first: think! How many people don’t want to live long, so they can take a look at this splendid world? Unless we are born with no hope, and every day we live in the world is a painful struggle, why would we not want to live? Every day and every second we live in the world, we are experiencing and experiencing a wonderful life. The care of relatives, the fetters of friendship, the sweetness of love, and the interweaving of various friendships between people create different sparks for our lives; the passion of creation, the joy of exploration, the joy of learning, continuous accumulation and search bring us Pushing his life to a higher level one after another. As long as there is still the bondage of friendship and only the motivation to move forward, I am willing to continue to live in this world.

6 months ago

If only a few people live to 150, and I’m lucky to be one of them. So, just like the movie “Highlander”, when a person lives to 150, his family and friends may have already died, maybe they don’t know how many friends and wives died, first and second. The third, or even the fourth, if you still want to marry if you are still unwilling to be lonely. . Your great-grandchildren are almost gone. At that time you still want to live, how much courage does it take? Can you still look at the world with normal feelings? If most people can live to 150, according to the current 70-year-old retirement system, the country will have to support you for 80 years. This is so much more profit than working yourself, which is a loss. So, when you retire, you may be 140 years old, from 22 years old to work to 140 years old, well, you can experience it. I think, to solve the boring feeling of the world brought by high life, there should be some devices when meowing, so that people can experience more different life devices or leisure methods, and they can experience enough to live to 150 years old. A greasy casual way.

6 months ago

Apart from others, 150 years of learning physics is not too long at all. With the explosion of human knowledge reserves, digesting the achievements of the predecessors has become a huge challenge. Not to mention breakthroughs, most people understand the abstract and profound knowledge. It’s very difficult. Even a small number of geniuses spend more and more time accumulating knowledge. It is easy to find that those scientists who have made outstanding contributions have become famous for longer and longer, such as Newton Einstein. The age of the Cavaliers has ended, and now it is basically a group fight, so that now only a few people have won the Nobel Prize, and they are getting older. I have to say that the human brain configuration is too low. One is that the memory is small and it must be constantly reviewed, otherwise the files are easy to lose; the second is that it cannot be copied directly, and everyone must relearn at birth; the third is that the CPU speed is slow; and correspondingly, Nowadays, software is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more space is needed for installation. If these problems are not solved, it is difficult to make further breakthroughs. Even if it is a breakthrough, there are only a few people. In the future, either the human brain can be transformed and the learning speed will soar, or Greatly prolong the life span of human beings, and there is enough time to digest the existing knowledge.

6 months ago

This question reminds me of a post on the Internet. Original poster: Today I went to find a very clever gentleman for fortune-telling. The gentleman said I can live to 87 years old. I am only 23 this year, and I have more than sixty years to live. When I went home, I crossed the road and stopped watching the traffic lights. Anyway, I couldn’t be killed. Hot comment: Male, 23 years old, high paraplegia caused by a car accident, at the age of 87. To live too long is not necessarily a good thing. Only if the quality of life is good can there be longevity value.

6 months ago

Think, especially. Not only want to live to 150 years old, but also want to live healthy to 150 years old. So with this goal, how can we achieve it? It’s fitness, and I started running this year. Just pay attention to your diet. Start eating lightly this year, with less oil and sugar, and eating less and more meals. Just pay attention to your mentality, don’t worry, don’t be angry. Just pay attention to the environment, plant flowers on the desk to increase nutrients and humidity. Just pay attention to sleep, go to bed early and get up early. It is to pay attention to the physical condition, take regular physical examinations every year, and actively check the slightest problems, so as to kill the lesions in the bud. Just think of these for the time being.

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