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AD orders, in fact, formed an exclusive LOL logic closed-loop gameplay. The starting point for AD’s order placement is that AD itself has a certain degree of self-protection ability, the range is longer than the opponent’s, and most of the LOL’s advancement ability is limited, and can only be passively consumed, so AD order placement can exert pressure on the line and get the line right. And as we all know, you can’t get money if you don’t make up LOL. Therefore, the line right directly represents your economy. If the line is suppressed, if you control the line on the other side, you will get less money. If you take less money, you will be slow to install. Therefore, it will form a logical closed loop that uses hero characteristics to suppress → the opponent is suppressed and has no money to act as a target → more difficult to counter → AD advantage is further expanded. But this logical closed loop cannot withstand scrutiny when placed in the king: First of all, in terms of hero characteristics, the king’s map is relatively small, so in fact, there is very little room for players to pull on the line. When you play a shooter against the road, you have suppressed the opposite side, and someone backhanded your lizard/crab, and you should get second or second. Go to a stop next to the Bing Line. If you want to press the line, press it, just like I can’t get any money. The worst is the worst. You can just press down on the line. After clearing the line, I will go straight away. If you clear the line, you can’t kill me, but as long as I get a head, we will earn money. Rush and long-range consumption are rare attributes of the LOL list. There are not many that have one of them, let alone both. On the other hand, what about the king? The first thing I thought of was: Ma Chao, Charlotte, Tachibana Ukyo, right, some heroes can try to attack a wave of shooters when they reach level 2. How to fight? Therefore, the AD top laner in the king can’t play at all. Some people might think that I can’t hold the opponent’s single as a shooter, so I can always bring support! Hey~ Then I have to talk about S9. Before that, it was always a duo playing opposing laners, so the first laner started the era of the chaotic dance, and the first laner mechanism began to become more and more comprehensive. You can see that there is no one now. Battery life and displacement are almost ashamed to say that I am on the order. This is also a kind of damage to the balance of the king itself, so this kind of gameplay is passed by the government as it should.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Experience the dark age of S9, hit two on the road. What was Tongtianbian at that time? The 4th level prompt sounded the death knell of the opposite shooter, and under the repeated trampling of the opposite mid lane and jungler, he could not lose a tower for eight minutes. At that time, the shooter had no human rights to assist and follow. The four-level qualitatively changed heroes Cao Cao, Kai, Hua Mulan, and Yang Jian were originally prepared for single play two. I used to dare to kill at level 4 when I hit two, but now I am afraid of you alone? In the past crispy nightmare, how many are top orders or have a good affinity with the top units? Armor, if you dare to walk alone, I will be passive, endless + grandmaster smashed you with a single 999. Mozi, in the early stage, I cringed and scrambled to kill river crabs. In the later stage, if you dare to come out, you will be killed by me. Cao Cao, I’m waiting for the big move CD, what are you waiting for? Waiting for death, or waiting for teammates to be buried together? In the past, if the shooter didn’t help follow, then the top order would be grateful, and I can finally eat a mouthful of river crab in peace and stability. What’s more, sometimes the jungler will choose the shooter to take a red, and the top laner will directly face a second-level shooter, and he can also complete the limit of four bloody kills. Now, apart from Di Renjie, if any shooter dared to go on the road, he would definitely be used as a cash machine. The top laner who doesn’t have the economy is still a good team player, and the shooter who can’t develop is nothing.

6 months ago

In fact, a long time ago, not too long. Before S17, they were all Zhantan shooters. At this time, it was already a one-on-one with a Zhantan shooter. Earlier, it was a Zhantan against two shooting assistants. Later, it was discovered that assisting with the shooter would cause the opponent to not get out of the tower at all, and there was no advantage to the shooter. The auxiliary start started with the jungler, and then later with the mid laner. When it comes to fighting pressure on a single second, it is up to the fourth level. As long as you seize a wave of opportunities, you can take away the opposing shooter in front of the support, and even double kill. This shooter has no auxiliary protection, and the top laner can be extremely rampant. If you meet some ignorant shooters at the second level, you can kill him solo. Not to mention Mulan Dharma, sometimes I play a single kill shooter in Liu Bang’s early stage. When I play a shooter, I will try to suppress the opponent’s lane as much as possible. Because I know that once I can’t hold him down, he reaches level four (Mulan) or even level three (Yuange) level two (Sun Ce) as long as I make a mistake, he can take my life as a shooter. For Zhantan, except for hands. Basically, there is no advantage. Di Renjie and Da Dezhun kept their contract with the more troublesome. The shooter can’t compare the damage to the side of the war, and can’t compare to the side of the battle, and it hurts when someone hits you. And there are one or two seasons, it should be S9, no one chooses a shooter for the glory of the tank, who chooses the shooter who gets scolded. Even if the shooter is chosen, he will bring a punishment into the wild area. Later, in order to drive the shooter out of the field, the official revised the jungle knife (the passive with additional damage only works for melee heroes). In order to enhance the shooter game experience, the shooter has an appearance rate and cut most of the battle tanks. Now if the shooter goes to fight against Lu, the group of against Lu can be happy to die. The development road is not as intriguing as the confrontation road. If you line up with the confrontation road, you will be counted for a blood exchange. And some of the confrontations are from the old version of one-on-two against pressure to the present. One-on-two and defending the tower for seven or eight minutes is not a problem, not to mention it is one-on-one.

6 months ago

The shooter can take a confrontational path, but only when changing lanes. A reasonable lineup is impossible to select a bilateral double shooter. KPL has kept the contract and walked, but the main task is to play long-range poke, rather than the strong continuous output of the traditional shooter. The role of the master of the middle lane and the general is the same. Plus a vision effect for the Lanling King/Guiguzi. What is a reasonable lineup? The first is economic distribution, generally cannot exceed 3 cores, 4 cores is an extremely unreasonable lineup. Nuclear, as the name implies, eats economy and resources and can turn it into the core of output. The common ones are the jungler Ake Xuance, the mage Diao Chan, almost all the shooters, the winger Ma Chao, and the assistant Cai Wenji. The second is the ability to open a group / frankness, there is at least one front row, which can be auxiliary or frank side. Must have the ability to start a group/control, and can be an auxiliary side mage. There is also the line-up ability, which can be line-side, or auxiliary with line-transfer function (Sun Bin Daqiao). So far, don’t you understand why there is almost no double-shot lineup? 1. Economic distribution, the shooter is all about economic resources, and it has 2 cores. If it happens that the mage jungler is also a core, how should the resources be allocated? 2. The ability and frankness to start a group, without the side of the battle zone, all the important tasks are given to support. If the mage hasn’t controlled the skill, the pressure of the support will increase instantly, and once the support is suddenly killed, there will be no team to fight. 3. The ability to bring the line, there is no doubt that there is the support of frankness and the ability to start a group, there is no ability to transfer. How does a shooter go out and bring the line in the middle and late stages? Almost all junglers that can bring the line are wild cores, and they are back to the first one. How do multi-cores allocate resources? It is a pity that as long as one of the shooters is replaced by a battle tank against the road, it will be solved perfectly. So why doesn’t anyone take a shooter to top lanes. Confrontation is not just as simple as “confrontation.” It is not an online shooter that can use the superiority of the hand to overwhelm others and penetrate the crystal.

6 months ago

I still remember that when King of Glory had just switched lanes, my winning percentage on top lane (against lane) plummeted, and it almost fell below 55% all the way. Before changing lanes, I almost pressed the opponent shooter after level four. As long as our shooter didn’t jump, I would win a lot. After changing lanes, I seldom pull my hips between the fighters and the line fighters, but I seldom play an absolute advantage. To a large extent, winning or losing depends on which shooter is better developed. At that time, there were not as many humans and machines as it is now. The overall probability of our development road being dominant is about half. In addition, I will introduce ancient artifacts, refreshing crystals. I used to buy two of the heroes who played recovery tanks in the beginning. With these two crystals, I rarely dropped the tower four minutes ago. At that time, it was not possible to synthesize witch cloak, but it could synthesize Overlord and Phoenix, which was very friendly to recovery tanks. For example, Bai Qixia and Hou Dun.

6 months ago

Mark should be the best shooter to fight the battle tank.
But in fact, before the end of the world, Mark was really not that easy to play in one-on-one combat. When the real injury hasn’t been hit, sometimes you don’t have a lot of replies, let alone replies and blood packs.
The pressure of the tower is too deep and it is particularly easy to be caught.
The shooter hits singles and fights against the road, not as good as a violent Miyue.

6 months ago

Not as complicated as you said. League of Legends: Determine the position before ranking the heroes. Unless the public screen is agreed, you will choose five shooters and arrange them as the upper, middle, and lower players. No one cares what you play and hit the singles, anyway, if you can’t win, you’ll be done. If you are shy brother, take a cat and punch the other side through, your teammates will also have to call your dad. King of Glory: I don’t know which way to play in the bp stage. If you choose a shooter first, and then say you play against the road, then your teammates may not choose a shooter again. Either you go to the development path, or you insist on changing lanes to fight the shooter. So dreaming back to s9 is that it is not popular because the king’s mechanism is not so good that you can support you in the shooter. Even if you are strong, your teammates are also possible. Will compromise. You go to the League of Legends to take a look and change positions? Impossible, even if I go 0-10 on the road, I can’t change positions with you. I have to play the top lane. What do you care about Laozi playing, eh? Play your ad honestly. Having said this, let’s talk about actual combat. In fact, there are only so few shooters in League of Legends who can hit singles all year round. Lu Xian, vn, Calista, cannon. Basically, there is displacement. Because the ad generally lacks control and has no frankness, it is necessary to play in the front row or steal the opposite shooter like Lu Xian. The king is also a truth. I personally feel that the only two shooters who can play King of Glory, Shouyue and Gongsun Li, are not suitable for others. Not to mention the short-legged shooting, the opponent can basically hit you at level four. Mark, Sun Shangxiang and Irene are left. Before the end of the world, Ma Ke was a younger brother. In fact, he often walked alone on his developmental path. He mainly used his developmental position. The line was blocked by pawns, so he could not play well in fights. Sun Shangxiang was even more miserable recently. He didn’t have a three-piece suit. It must be very touching, to be honest, it’s not as good as Di Renjie on the singles. Irene’s words, I feel that I can try, in fact, after Irene changed it, it looks more like Calista, but it doesn’t hurt like Calista. I haven’t used it, it feels like the one that just clears the line. The only role of the shooter is to suppress, pursue a single kill and then become an economic advantage, and later can single-band. Only Gongsunli can meet this point, and half of it is to keep the contract. Otherwise, choose a Houyi on the road to face the development? Then why don’t you play Development Road? Therefore, there are two reasons for the unpopularity: 1. The matching mechanism does not support 2. There are too few heroes available

6 months ago

Let me tell you. Play 10 games, half of the confrontation road is at the top. The operation of King Glory, I believe no one has left-handed skills and right-handed directions. And it’s the upper right direction? The core problem is that the right-hand operation skills block the field of vision. Look at the shooter, you need frequent AAAA, and the three attack keys are either A soldier or A man, or A tower, not counting three skills. Must have been pressing. And the shooter is more brittle, and the tower on the opposite side is directly cool. The fault tolerance is also low, and a mistake will eat blood. Therefore, the shooter is not suitable for top laner. When you see the jungler on the opposite side, the human monkey, Zhao Yun is already within the attack range. So the shooter is not suitable for top lanes. If I see the shooter in the jungle, I will be very happy.

6 months ago

Retro? Wasn’t it all the shooters on the top lane before? When the top laner is strong, at level 4, you can kill the shooter as an auxiliary side. If you are lucky, the shooter will kill you with assistance. For example, the former Hua Mulan, Cao Cao, Yang Jian, Miyamoto, Bodhidharma, Guan Yu… When the shooter is strong, you can keep pressing the top order without going to the tower, quickly push down a tower, and the top order dare to hesitate to join the tower. It’s all gone. Later it was changed to the development road and the confrontation road

6 months ago

I don’t understand the game mechanics of Glory of Kings. It’s very possible that I can’t explain it. It’s the mechanism of replenishing soldiers. Speaking of the other two games, for LOL, splitting is a customary rule. Generally speaking, it is the upper order half meat and half output. , Does not distinguish between melee and long-range, nor does it distinguish between mage and archer, after all, wandering mage, Jess, crab, and any bells and whistles can go. The middle lane is generally a mid laner, and it is not limited to role positioning, nor is it limited to physics and mage. After all, Yasuo, these physics can also play against a large group of APs. The bottom lane is usually ADC plus support, with two people on each side, and then there is a jungler with roaming function. Such a split is not so much a rule as it is an optimal solution, because the rules can be disobeyed and can be broken. You can also play ADC on the road, and you can play an auxiliary walking law system in the mid lane, and you can get out of the law. The piano girl, the wind girl, and Lulu hurt when hitting someone. You can even double play wild and catch someone gank. But it’s just a dude who has suffered and doesn’t know how to fight two people alone. And dota’s diversion is quite painstaking. The eldest brother takes the dominant road, the second brother takes the middle, and the third brother takes the disadvantaged road to resist the pressure. Two stinky soy sauces. There is a split of 343 on the map, and of course there is a phased 212 split. Because of the different game mechanics, the big brother will not be directly killed by the assassin as crispy as the ADC, so playing dota is actually a kind of resource integration. How to allocate resources reasonably to reach the optimal solution, so that people with output positions can develop

6 months ago

Because the shooter is too weak in the early stage, too much equipment and less replies, the fault tolerance rate is low
On the other hand, the side road itself is very cost-effective in the early stage of armor equipment.
The meaty side shooter can’t beat
Non-meat sideways, level 4, all kinds of seconds you
Mainly sideways and auxiliary to a certain extent
It also plays a role in deceiving opponent skills and fighting control, as well as suppressing vision.
Better space for C bit output and operation

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