The college entrance examination is an event of great concern to the whole society. At this year’s National Two Sessions, the suggestions made by Wu Renbiao, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Vice President of Civil Aviation University of China, are related to the date of the college entrance examination.

At present, the college entrance examination time is fixed on the 7th and 8th of June each year. These numbers are linked together and are jokingly called “admission”. However, Wu Renbiao has a new experience like other parents who have experienced their children’s college entrance examination. He said that if June 7th and 8th are not weekends, many parents of candidates will take time off to accompany their children to take the college entrance examination. In addition, if the test site is far away from the test taker’s home, parents will generally stay in a hotel near the test site because of concerns about traffic jams and delays. It will undoubtedly increase the financial burden of candidates’ families.

At the same time, in order to ensure that the majority of candidates can take the test on time, the city generally adopts traffic control measures, which will cause difficulties for other citizens to travel. In addition, other lower-grade students in the school where the test center is located will have holidays for the college entrance examination these days, but in fact the semester is not over, which will affect the study of other students.

Therefore, Wu Renbiao suggested that people-oriented, fine-tune the college entrance examination time to the first weekend of June, instead of the fixed 7th and 8th, the above problems can be solved. Moreover, because the time adjustment range is small and the adjusted time is fully known in advance, it will not bring too many changes to the examination and subsequent admissions work.

Wu Renbiao said that this suggestion is also suitable for the fine-tuning of the examination time for junior high school and middle school, that is, the examination time should be arranged on the weekend closest to the current fixed examination time. He said that there are already many places in the country where the senior high school entrance examination and the junior high school entrance examination are conducted on a fixed weekend of a certain month, so the above suggestions are not only necessary, but also feasible.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The proposal is very detailed and actionable, and small changes have a big effect. Representative Wu proposed to fine-tune the college entrance examination time to June from the three aspects of parents’ special leave to accompany the exam, the inconvenience caused by traffic control to other citizens, and the impact of lower grade students’ learning. weekend.

Note that it is just a fine-tuning. The original college entrance examination time on June 7th and 8th was flexibly changed to the nearest weekend. Just imagine that the college entrance examination on the weekend will avoid the peak period of work traffic and avoid traffic-induced tardiness. , Secondly, it will not affect too many people who go to work, and thirdly, the lower grades have holidays on weekends so as not to delay their study plans. Of course, many people think that it is not very meaningful, but it is because the children in the family have not taken the college entrance examination. In the lower grades, in order to organize the examination room for the seniors of the college entrance examination, it will disrupt the study plan; people who have experienced the college entrance examination Everyone knows that if it is not a weekend, you have to get up early, or even stay in a hotel near the test site, for fear of being late; when you go to work and suddenly arrive on the day of the college entrance examination, people who drive know that many roads are restricted, which is very inconvenient.

8 months ago

It is hard not to support fine-tuning: it will not affect the original intention of “cool weather” set by the college entrance examination time. The blessing of 678 homophonic is broken: no actual impact. I still remember that when I took the college entrance examination two years ago, I wished my family would take time off and blocked the school gate to pick me up. I was really embarrassed at the time. I didn’t think it was necessary, but just let him go for a day or two. I remember the traffic conditions of those few days clearly. I have never seen the whole street at the entrance of the school blocked, the whole street. The traffic police pulled the bar to prevent passing cars. Outside the horizontal strip, all kinds of private cars were blocked. It was an 8-minute drive home, and it took a full half an hour. That was the first time I felt “traffic jam” in a small county. In a small place, everyone is simple and honest. The taxi driver heard that the examinee didn’t charge money (it seems to be some association). The neighbors in the neighborhood saw me and gave me two lumps of candy. It’s so warm to think of… As for why I saw the college entrance examination for the first time, it was because I was not interested in watching other people’s college entrance examinations. During the holidays, I usually didn’t go out of the house to watch movies or read books. In short, I very much support this fine-tuning. Small adjustment, great convenience.

8 months ago

The CPPCC members’ suggestion is to reduce the pressure on parents and students of other grades in a disguised form. Because the actual work life and study pressure may be more important than the homophonic meaning. However, this proposal was opposed by many people at a certain blog as soon as it was put forward. These are understandable. After all, we are deeply ingrained in the three days of admission (6.7.8.). It has even become a kind of “conventional” to some extent. But if the actual problem can be really solved, then relative fairness and good luck may both understand this. After all, life pressure is true, and occasionally the color head is false. But understanding belongs to understanding, and acceptance belongs to acceptance. After all, the notion of convention has really taken shape. It even becomes a culture. If you really want to change, it will take a long time. If a college entrance examination culture is broken, then a new college entrance examination culture is bound to come. The new culture is bound to cause new waves. In fact, the previous culture, in our opinion, is a kind of convention, but in the eyes of many people, it is a kind of college entrance examination festival. The meaning is quite extraordinary, as written by a certain friend. Accept it. The implication: Read for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! Work hard and you will be admitted! And I still remember the sentence when the senior high school class teacher sent the exam, “Enroll, you will all be admitted to the ideal college in your heart.”

8 months ago

I took the college entrance examination last year. Everyone knows that the college entrance examination last year was postponed unprecedentedly. When the postponement was announced, we had not yet returned to school. At the time, I was at home, and I was very anxious because I felt that I was not at home, the learning effect was not good, and I spent a lot of time on electronic products. Coming every day. My thoughts at the time were: I am not ready yet, and I still have a lot to review. It would be nice if the college entrance examination was a little later. Later, the news that the college entrance examination was postponed for one month was announced, which was just what I wanted, and I was back to the stage of the Hundred Days Oath. At that time, I felt that as soon as the postponement time increased, the time spent on the Internet in the next few days was extended instead. Soon after June 8th, I was too annoyed by the high school review at that time. At that stage, I kept thinking: if the college entrance examination is not postponed, then I will end the college entrance examination and I can enjoy a good summer vacation. . This idea continued until the end of the college entrance examination.

8 months ago

In fact, what we need is imagination. Why do some parents prefer to take leave to pick up their children? Why does the whole society choose to make concessions for the college entrance examination these days? In the years since the college entrance examination system has been implemented, the college entrance examination culture has been deeply carved into social memory and the feelings of the masses. If June 7th and 8th are not weekends, can we set these two days as legal holidays? On this day, the theme is going to school, expectations for a better future, and most importantly socialist fair education. We often see all kinds of documentaries, in which parents ask for signing to worship Buddha and burn incense in the Confucian Temple for the success of their children’s exams. The students work hard every day, hoping to become famous relatives in the college entrance examination. The college entrance examination has gradually become a unique culture in the world, easily recognized by overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese, and worthy of export to the West. Fine-tuning the time for the college entrance examination is indeed convenient for parents, but it is not ambitious enough. It’s a pity to change the time.

8 months ago

feasible. Every year in Wenzhou City, the time for the high school entrance examination is basically set on the weekend, which is basically the weekend after June 14. Because the previous involves the college entrance examination on June 7.8, the middle school entrance examination is not well arranged on the weekend before June 14. It is too close to the college entrance examination and the preparation work is too urgent. But there is also a problem. For example, if June 14th is Monday this year, then the next weekend will be June 19th. From the follow-up work, it is a little late, so this year can only be scheduled for non-weekend June 16.17. If the college entrance examination is fine-tuned to the weekend around June 7th, it may be one or two days earlier, or it may be postponed by one or two days. I think it is very suitable.

8 months ago

Object! This is an exam, the more you treat students specially, the more nervous they are. Only the whole society does not pay much attention to the incident of the college entrance examination, and regards him as an ordinary final exam. The students are as light as a swallow and the society does not have to be under pressure! There is no need for special care, road closures and traffic control in individual areas are really hard to understand! There are ways to deal with various situations, and you can solve the problem with yourself without blindly taking care of it.

8 months ago

I agree that from a fairness point of view, this fine-tuning basically does not affect fairness. After the revision, the annual college entrance examination time is basically only a few days away. From the point of view of the convenience of students and parents, I think this idea is very desirable. Not every parent can easily ask for leave, but most parents will have the idea of ​​participating in their children’s college entrance examination to cheer for them. And for volunteers participating in the college entrance examination, their pressure to participate in voluntary activities will be less. For other people in society, the commuting requirements of the college entrance examination will basically not affect their work and life. But also pay attention to the adjustment of student status. When I was in high school, I think our school’s approach was more promising. Basically, the school will adjust the vacation time in the next semester of high school. Assuming that the college entrance examination time is Wednesday and Thursday, the school will arrange the weekly vacation to start on Thursday night, which will help candidates to keep studying during the college entrance examination. In addition, parents of candidates should pay attention to it. It is good if you want to cheer for candidates and want to participate in your child’s college entrance examination, but don’t put too much pressure on your child. Try to keep the pace of life during college entrance examination consistent with your usual study life.

8 months ago

Why don’t you suggest giving parents two days off for their children’s exams? . It’s totally unnecessary. In some areas, the college entrance examination takes 3-4 days for the new college entrance examination, but you asked them to take the exam on the first weekend of June? Or is it an irregular day every year, how fair is this for the college entrance examination candidates who are on the 1st weekend in June? As for the fact that there will be traffic jams when taking the exam with parents on weekends, wouldn’t it be even worse on weekends? What are you thinking about ​? Speaking of accompany exams, I thought that when I went to register for graduate exams, many people were accompanied by their parents. At that time, the teacher of the examination institute stood at the door and shouted: How old are your children, do you still have to accompany you on this matter? Yes, all the children taking the postgraduate exam are at least 20 years old, so they should arrange their own affairs. Therefore, in fact, the college entrance examination does not need to be accompanied. ​

8 months ago

Xie Jiao. I am 18 years old. I just finished my college entrance examination last summer. Yes, I took the exam in July. The biggest feeling I felt was that I was tired and I just returned to school after the online class. I saw the college entrance examination sprint board changed for more than 60 days and became a hundred-day oath. The change in my state of mind is very subtle. I feel like I have changed from cucumber-flavored crisp raw potato chips to an elongated marshmallow, and finally in that hot and restless July, the heat melted into a sticky stuff. Looking at it now, I feel that at that time, the physical and psychological state was actually more important. Because consciousness reacts to matter, it is possible to refuel by keeping one’s inner righteousness. The influence of time seems to be second. Summer and summer pass quietly, leaving little secrets. But whether it is feasible is not so important. July left me with a small regret, but no matter how the time changes, just don’t change it by yourself.

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