I have no hobbies or specialties. I don’t understand what it means to be alive. Sometimes it’s really painful. Sometimes it’s because of some things. Over time, it’s piled up together, and suddenly it broke out because of something. , I feel very sad, sometimes anxious, even a little irritable, I don’t know what to do, I want to ask

Summarized in one sentence: On the basis of not violating public order and good customs, and not harming others, obtain the greatest inner peace and satisfaction of oneself. Whether it is realizing personal value or social value, it is actually considered for this. I wrote an answer before, which is one of my rare and relatively satisfying texts, and here is part of the thinking about “smart people” on “meaning”. (It is recommended to read this text after reading the link and answer. If you don’t read it, it will not affect normal reading.) Compared with other creatures, the human brain is too developed and has too much blank brain capacity and computing power, so that we can think leisurely. , Explore something above matter-meaning. However, as an existence at the level of consciousness, meaning is also an extremely subjective thing. Everyone has their own set of standards. Some people are very troubled, saying that the end of life is death, and everything becomes empty after death, so what’s the point? So these people began to pay too much attention to timely pleasure, or completely stepped into nihilism, because they found that death could not be avoided in any case. However, death is the end of life’s material level, but not the meaning of life’s consciousness level. Death may have many meanings, but these meanings are the meaning of death, not the meaning of life, after all, life is not only death. Lu You wrote a poem, dying to know everything is empty. From a materialist point of view, death means death. No matter what other things are, it will not affect it. But what was written after the poem that was included in the compulsory education curriculum? “But it’s sad not to see the same in Kyushu”, saying that his long-cherished wish was unfulfilled. “Wang Shibei set the Central Plains Day, and the family sacrifice never forgot to tell Naiweng.” He said that even if he died, he hoped that the scene he had hoped for would appear in the world. I especially like this poem because it tells me that even if we die, we have an inseparable connection with the world. Louis XV is also well-known for a sentence, he said: “Even if the flood is so great after I die!” Many people once regarded it as the motto. But if you think about it from another perspective, for human beings, our lives are better because of people like Lu You and Dong Cunrui who firmly believe that “the world is connected to the world after death”, and it is also because of Louis XV’s “how the world is connected with the world after death”. I have nothing to do” and become worse. The choices of the predecessors have a very direct impact on our existing life and meaning. Human beings can have civilization, history, and these words that I couldn’t restrain the trembling when I wrote them, are brought by people like “Lu You” one after another. For some people, I want to say that since you have enjoyed the shade brought by the predecessors, you are not required to bring the foundation for future generations, but please don’t destroy these beautiful things-purely on the material level, these do not belong to it. you. The premise of the existence of meaning is that you are willing to believe, if you are not willing to believe, then there is no meaning. My understanding of meaning is relatively simple, and I can distinguish between humans and animals. When a bird is about to die, its sound is also sad; when a person is about to die, its words are also good. This is the difference between humans and animals, and we hope that something can be extended beyond matter. As for the pursuit of meaning, my personal opinion is that ordinary people do not need to be too truthful. The reason is very simple. Once a person is too real, it will be difficult to calm the heart, let alone get the satisfaction of self-consciousness. It is not necessary to lose the value that meaning brings to us in order to pursue meaning. Finally, let me share the excellent comment section that I read from time to time in my great answer. Thinking about these words will help you understand the word “meaning”. (Because I’m afraid of @错人, not @, you can also go to the answer and comment area to find the commenters.) There is only one point, line and surface: “Maybe I should go home but he is too interesting, so we spent the whole night Walking in the city until dawn” is nothing more than an ambiguous fall in love, marriage and childbirth, but I am immersed in it with joy. LiQUA: Everyone in the world regards pain, loneliness, and sorrow as the realm, thinking that this is a profound life, but I don’t know that joy is the true meaning of life. , A person’s ability to gain joy is the truly useful ability. It’s too easy to break the spring and fall, and parting with melancholy. Just read a few poems, but it’s too hard to get joy, and you can’t do it if you are a man. Gu Long Carmen zhan: As a person who always has the insight to observe and see through the essence of things Man, he must lack one thing, that is his own happiness. This is what Zweig said of Tolstoy. Xiao Laiyang: Looking at the comments, I think many people have misunderstood what you said “transparent”, and I think I understand it. Some people think it’s just “not transparent enough.” In fact, there are only “transparent” and “impermeable”. It is very simple. People always have meaning in life. After being transparent, there is no meaning to be traced. It does not mean that we have to find meaning by ourselves. The meaning we actively seek is not the “meaning” we originally thought. But transparency can definitely make people think clearly and the path of life is also clear, and they will not be mediocre and dissatisfied with their desires. An orange: Fortunately, life is meaningless, so it can allow each to give meaning. If life is meaningful, but this meaning does not fit my ambitions, then it will be embarrassing and embarrassing. ——Muxin Hopeless Loop: There is no characteristic, I hope I can live an ordinary life. Do not hurt others, so I do not get hurt. There is no contention, so nothing is obtained. Do not stand on the cusp of the storm, live in the ordinary as if you merge with time, and finally quietly stop breathing. This is your ordinary life. But that is just a result. Most people don’t want to live such an ordinary life. They want to live an extraordinary life, but fail to succeed. The result is the form of an ordinary life. Therefore, from the very beginning, I hope to live an ordinary life, which is the most difficult-“The Realm of the Sky” I was born under the moonlight: it reminds me of Urquiola’s 22nd volume of “Reaper” Foreword: There is no meaning in our world. We who live in this world are also meaningless and meaningless. We think about this world and even know that there is no meaning. If you are too smart and transparent, know no matter how hard you work. If the influence on the whole world is too small, it will escape into nothingness, right? Ulchiola’s death label is nothingness. Senior sister: “When I was young, my mother told me to be happy. When others asked me what my ideals were in life, I wrote the word happiness. They told me that I understood the meaning of the topic wrong. I told them that they understood it wrong. Life.”


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6 months ago

My answer is: it doesn’t make sense. But if you ask Malos this question, he may tell you “self-realization is the ultimate meaning of human life.” If you ask Freud this question, he may tell you “satisfy your life instinct and death instinct.” And eros instinct.” If you ask Watson this question, he may tell you “The meaning of life is to act and do what you want.” Please give me a dozen healthy and defect-free babies. Raised in my special world. Then I can guarantee that among the dozen or so babies, I can take out one of them and train him to become an expert of any kind-no matter what his abilities, hobbies, trends, talents, occupations, and races are. I can train him to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or an artist, or a business leader, or even a beggar or a thief. Watson, if you take this question to Wertheimer, he It may tell you that “the meaning of living is to be harmoniously integrated with one’s experience and create greater value” (1) The principle of logical-non-logical complementarity, that is, logical and non-logical thinking complement each other, interact with each other, and complete together Creative thinking. (2) Structure-integrity principle, that is, the integration of structure reorganization and meaning reinterpretation forms creative thinking. (3) Harmony-the principle of simplicity, that is, creative thinking pursues structural integrity, simplicity and harmony. …

6 months ago

The meaning of life is what people want. As long as you don’t approve of any meaning, as long as it is not what you want, it has no meaning to you. Anything you want is meaningless to others and meaningless to society, as long as it is what you need, as long as it is what you want, it is meaningful to you. So it doesn’t matter whether it makes sense. Whether you live a meaningful life, the key to you is whether you find what you need and work hard and pursue for it.

6 months ago

“Why do people live?” I actually thought about this when I was eleven. I am a person who has no dreams. When I was in elementary school, when I wrote essays and wrote “my dream”, I always wrote “doctor,” “police”, and “astronaut” for occupations that I often hear. At that time, my thoughts were naive. In fact, I just thought that these professions contributed to society. At that time, I “choose from a thousand choices” and happily said to my mother “I want to be a doctor when I grow up.” Mom said, good. But after growing up, I lost this idea again. Regarding dreams, I think I should choose what I like, and also consider various factors. It is too sloppy to say this alone. But what do I like? When it comes to what I like, I think about it, and I don’t seem to like anything in particular. However, when I was a child, I liked to paint everywhere. The walls at home are full of my graffiti. There is white paper at home so I can paint. I paint my own little world, the villain, and the blue sky and white clouds. When I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, my mother thought I liked painting and wanted to cultivate my hobby, so she enrolled me in an interest class. I was very enthusiastic about painting at first, but then I got bored. Finding all kinds of excuses not to go to the studio, stomach pains or oversleeping… In fact, I find it not only annoying, but also because I don’t like to learn from others. I only like painting villains by myself, and I don’t like Copy. Look, I don’t really like painting either. I’m just interested. It really asked me to paint seriously. I don’t do it yet. Is this like it? But I paint every day, filled with one book after another, one after another, and I can’t laugh or cry. Maybe, I really like it, maybe it’s just that I don’t have a clear definition of what I like? Here comes the problem! I’m confused again, even if I like to paint, I don’t plan to be a painter when I grow up. So what am I doing, what is my dream! My friend asked me, “What is your dream?” My family asked me, “What is your dream?” My teacher asked me, “What is your dream?” I don’t know. So at this time, I began to doubt life, and I began to think about the meaning of life. Did you ask me if I figured it out? The answer is meaningless! Even if it is truly meaningful, it is also the meaning given to it by humans. At that time I thought, why do people want to make money? What if there is more money? It’s not going to die yet. Why do people eat? It’s not about to die yet. What’s the meaning of houses, money, cars? Parents make money and raise children. After their children graduate, they will get married and have children. Then the children will make money for his (her) next generation. His (her) next generation will be his (her) next generation…? So human beings live, sleep at night, then wake up and suffer during the day? I have experienced some bad things myself, the things I cannot say here, may be a little desperate for life. I feel more than others that it is meaningless to live, and I was even depressed for a long time. I… Damn it… Then I adjusted for half a year and walked out. Do not! I don’t want to commit suicide! Not today, not tomorrow, not in this life! What’s the use of escaping from reality? What about being frustrated with life? Why should I care about the eyes of others? Why should I be shrouded in life and the pressure that others put on me? I want to live happily, laugh and cry if I want to laugh! My life belongs to me, I live because I live! I remember that in a composition of “My Dream” in junior high school, I wrote a dream that seemed absurd-I want to live happily. I don’t remember what comments the teacher gave at the time. In short, the teacher was shocked by my composition. Maybe, you think I have misunderstood the meaning of “dream”, but isn’t a dream just something you want to achieve in the future? A person’s dream is a reflection of the meaning of life he has chosen. I can’t come to the world, do nothing, and grow old with regrets. Quietly, Mimi, in fact, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I officially decided to engage in art-related work in the future. If this road doesn’t work, I might choose to be a teacher. After all, I am still in school. The teacher who is closest to me every day is the teacher. I think teaching is also quite good, and I would like to express it better. So I have to study hard. I believe in a mythical truth: Only when I live and work hard enough can I die. In fact, at this point, I still can’t answer this question. But why should we pursue this meaning? Might as well put it aside. Cherish the moment. Every morning when I get up from the warm bed, the warm sun shines through the window into the house, the air is filled with the sweetness of dew, and my mother is still sleeping as always (I start to go to bed earlier than them every day and go to bed later than them, haha), Without preparing for the morning, I made some black sesame paste by myself. The warm and rich fragrance came to my face. I went to school, and my shoes accidentally stepped on the puddle left by the rain yesterday. I smiled and scolded myself for recklessness. I squatted down and wiped it helplessly. The security guard at the door stood guard as always. , The black cat crossed the road and jumped into the bushes beside the road. The aunt at the breakfast shop asked me, “What should I eat today?” Ah, I have to work hard today, and work hard every day from now on. No matter how unsatisfactory life is, there is no hurdle that cannot be crossed. Even if it cannot be crossed, life is not going to continue, no one will wait for you! Nothing will be eliminated by society, and doing nothing will only get closer and closer to death.

6 months ago

People live without meaning, because there is no answer, so they are all looking for answers. Human life is a process of experience, the difference is the length of time experienced, the attitude and treatment of experiencing life are different. Everything else is the same, from birth to death, everyone is the same. Just like we look at farmed fish, from fry to fish, it becomes the dishes on the human table, then whose dishes are humans? We don’t know, so when a fish is alive, we don’t know the meaning of being alive, that is, looking for food in the water to eat. You have to ask what is the meaning of a fish’s life, do you laugh. So there is a saying that when humans think, God laughs. We don’t think of ourselves too much as human beings. We are just one layer in the food chain of the universe. Don’t think too much, you should eat, what should you do, the simpler the better, simple is happiness, because you can’t change the world, you can only accept the various rules that the world makes for you, and you will be kept in captivity. In these rules, we should try our best to live comfortably and happily on our own, just fine, without thinking about anything.

6 months ago

It is hard to say whether there is only one life. Is there meaning in life? What is the meaning of human beings? I said, life is meaningful, and human beings are meaningless. Asking whether the existence of human beings is meaningful is equivalent to whether the existence of Zaizhou is meaningful, and there is no answer. What is the meaning of life? Its meaning lies in serving the meaningless human beings, etc. Its purpose is nothing more than to make human life better and to continue. I am afraid that I will be opposed to saying this, but if you think about it, you may agree with me. Since life has such a meaning, we must live it well. How to live a good life. There is more reason to go. There are more ways of life explored in the history of human civilization for thousands of years. I think that there are thousands of things to do with irresponsibility, and the greatest meaning of life lies in work, that is, labor and work. Because only when everyone works, the individual can survive, the blood can continue, and the society can survive. Therefore, since a person has gained life and lives in the world, he has to work and work hard to make oneself survive, make the family multiply, make the society prosper, make the country prosperous and strong, make the world develop, that is, make the world prosperous. Human beings can exist and continue well. Therefore, the meaning of work in life is great! As for the existence of human beings is meaningless, there may be many people who disagree with this statement. We don’t have to start a debate about this, let alone put a big label on the other side. Because it makes sense. It doesn’t make sense, anyway, human beings are a real existence, and you are one of them. You have an obligation to make him develop and continue. As long as you do this, your life will have meaning, or value.

6 months ago

In fact, like you, I have been thinking about the meaning of human life. I remember reading a statement that I think is quite reasonable. In fact, when people come to this world we know, they come to practice and suffer, so they are born. Cry, but the day when you naturally grow old and die is mostly peaceful, because the catastrophe can already leave with peace of mind. I think it’s about being alive shouldn’t be constrained by those so-called rules and regulations The most important thing is to choose a way of living that you feel comfortable with. The old people often say that they settle down and get married and have children. Is this the meaning of human existence? I don’t think that the meaning and value of human existence is more reflected in my heart to create breakthroughs or be stable and flat. In the final analysis, don’t be constrained by things you don’t like. Choose what you feel longing for is the most important thing.

6 months ago

I often feel that one thing that is very different from others is that I have never missed the past. At the age of 30, the people around me miss whether they were studying or when they were children. They all think that only that time is carefree and happy. But I always feel that it is the best now. Although I have no income for two years, I earnestly find information and write a public account every day, but no one looks at it. Clothes are bought cheaply. My life is probably not a good one among my peers. If I put it on Zhihu, it would be a poor standard. But I am happy every day, because only now is what I am spending. The past is over, nostalgia is meaningless, and the future does not need to be considered in advance. If the problem comes, there will be a solution. So what I need to do every day is just thinking about living the present and this moment happily. The subject wants to find a meaning for life, that is, thinking about things that have not happened and thinking about future things. What does this have to do with your current life? If you can’t think about the meaning of living, will you die on the spot? Or if you think about the meaning of being alive, will every day in the future be spent strictly according to this so-called “meaning”? No, so why bother about things that are not in sight? If you want to play, as long as you have money to eat, go play. When you’re bored, just find something to do. If you need money, make money. What you have to consider is only your needs and feelings at this moment, and other thoughts are meaningless, and asking “what is the meaning of living” is also meaningless. Try it, be pure and simple, and you will be happy.

6 months ago

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, the ultimate human need is “self-realization”. This is generally understood by everyone. However, many people don’t know that Maslow discovered the limitations of this theory a few years before his death. At that time, many so-called “successful people” were depressed. These successful people have fulfilled their self-realization needs, but they have found that they have no goals in life. Just like mountain climbing, after conquering one mountain after another, after conquering Everest, after a short pleasure, the question arises: Where is the next mountain? At this time, confusion came like a tide, and the motivation to live disappeared instantly! In terms of the overall environment, in the United States from the 1960s to 2000, their income tripled in more than 40 years, but the number of depression patients increased tenfold. Moreover, the average age of patients suffering from depression for the first time, Also dropped from 29 to 14 years old. Depression not only drives away people’s happy lives, but also makes people sick or even die. The suicide rate has tripled. Is it familiar? That’s right, China is also on this road now. Maslow discovered this problem in his later years. After 1960, he gradually realized that blindly emphasizing self-realization cannot be the ultimate goal of man, and it will lead to unhealthy individualism and even self-centeredness. This leads to a bias that overemphasizes the self, which leads to narrowness and selfishness or solipsism. At the level of complete self-realization, we will become sick, cruel, empty, hopeless, indifferent! In 1969, a year before Maslow’s death, he published a working article on the “Z” theory. This is an epoch-making article, but unfortunately, due to various reasons, it has not been widely circulated in the world. In Theory Z, he revised his model and added a level of “spiritual needs” on the basis of “self-realization”. Why is it called Z theory? This corresponds to the previous theory and is divided into three levels. These self-transcendences who reach the theory of Z-pursuing spirituality often have the following characteristics: transcendence, individuality and humanity, even superhuman (no longer centered on human beings, but centered on the universe); it is a combination of nature and humans One; also platonic; spiritual, awe-inspiring, and mysterious; Maslow found that compared with ordinary people, the biggest difference between those who transcend themselves is the peak experience they have experienced, and this peak experience has become the most important in their lives Things. Peak experience is the most exciting and happiest moment in human life, the most enchanting, ecstatic, and highly concentrated experience of bliss. “You seem to have forgotten yourself and existence, time and space melt together, without boundaries, there is only a pure void all around, deep and fascinating…” So, from the ultimate research of western psychology masters, it can be seen So, the meaning of life is the pursuit of spirituality, the need to surpass oneself, and the pursuit of forgetting oneself! Pursue the need to be integrated with the universe. Back to the East, as a Chinese, the happiest thing is that the ancestors have already had many answers about the meaning of life. The Confucian “University” tells us that self-cultivation, equanimity, governance, and peace in the world. The Buddhist school tells us: Let all sentient beings be free from suffering and have happiness! Our party tells us: Serve the people wholeheartedly! Mr. Kazuo Inamori told us: The meaning of a person’s life is that when he walks, his soul has improved a little bit compared to when he came. Eastern wisdom is telling us: the meaning of life must not be about “self”, but about others, even not just people, but TA, including animals, nature, and the entire universe. Heaven and man are one!

6 months ago

What is the meaning of a person’s life? The meaning of life is originally given by each person or group, not an objective entity. The extreme terrorists said: The meaning of life is to follow Allah and to eliminate heretics who dare to violate the will of Allah! The parents of the baby chicken said: The meaning of life is that the child is admitted to the Ivy League school and becomes a master! Zhihu Da V said: life The meaning is millions of fans, and the flow is unlimited! What you have to do is learn to give meaning to your life, and then firmly follow the meaning you give. Two days ago, a friend asked me to complain that my wife and aunt were deep when they came, and went straight to the philosophical proposition, and began to ask about the meaning of life; my aunt left and was troubled: Is it LV or Xiaoxiang’s bag? Will it attract attention at old school gatherings? Is Korean or Japanese cosmetics more cost-effective? Wait for this kind of down-to-earth question. The month and the month are changing like this. My friends feel that if the aunt stays a few more days a month, maybe the wife will really be there. A breakthrough in the field of philosophy can also save money for losing cosmetics. So in essence, when a person starts to ask about the meaning of it, it means that he is messing up. In the same way, children never ask. What is the use of eating candy, playing games and watching cartoons? Whenever my mother urges to play the piano and do homework, she will torture and complain about the use of these. Philosophers are all depressed patients, and the Buddha is on the road to Nirvana because of depression. Therefore, it is recommended that friends who torture the meaning of life, if depression and anxiety can be relieved by the sense of accomplishment obtained by studying philosophy, then become a philosopher. If this path is not smooth, follow the Buddha.

6 months ago

Maintain the normal operation of body cells and ensure the reproduction of the population. Human beings, as higher creatures, cannot escape the laws of nature, such as the survival of the fittest and the strong eating of the weak. The money and desires that people pursue are nothing more than satisfying their superiority in courtship and distribution of social resources. Fame and wealth are nothing but life is real and equal. For example, whether rich or poor, high or low, must accept the arrangements of fate.

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