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The strength of the West in the field of liberal arts lies not only in the all-round development of the public opinion circle and the saturated offensive against Chinese public opinion, but also in the near-zero trial and error cost under the liberalism framework. They can try to launch an offensive against China from any angle and any aspect. Even if it is from this perspective, the Chinese, and even all Chinese are the most immune, such as drugs. In the past ideological offensives, from discrediting the Chinese for eating dog meat to using chopsticks to pollute the environment, as long as they work, it is a great breakthrough; if the discrediting is invalid, there is no cost, and no countermeasures. Our liberal arts position is like an Ali server that suffers 300 million hacker attacks every day. Ordinary people, from eating to dressing, are always under the guidance and “education” of the West, and behind this guidance is slander in the disguise of “scientific facts.” Using Chinese bloggers to slander China as a drug producing place is just a failure and botched one in a saturation attack from our point of view. From the point of view of the attacker, as long as the words China and the drug-producing place are linked, and the world is stamped, they will have succeeded. Because as long as China can’t survive, we will be recognized as the largest drug producer in the history books a hundred years from now. “According to the historical records in 2021…” It’s impossible for us to counteract, because as long as you Even if one or two foreigners are wrongly marked in the content of the content, they will be immediately criticized and cleansed by other Chinese people under the title “Big Explosion of Rumors.” Will such foreign organizations that arbitrarily label China as the place of origin of drugs be criticized and condemned by just American netizens?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Exposing the KPI pressure problem coexisting all over the world. The young people on the other side generally have low political positions and lack creativity and enthusiasm. We can only use “human rights and democracy” as the core of the narrative to discredit, and then pile up all imaginable materials, and strive to win with density to cover the entire field. After so many years of work, the topic selection has become more difficult and easy to handle. Their “predecessors” have all done it and have been occupying it all the time. Newcomers can only behave if they want to get ahead. I know one person who is so rough as to save the entire section of the “meal saving” kind of public service advertisement recorded by our local TV stations, save the whole paragraph, change the title and content, and send complaints on the Internet every other paragraph, and water a KPI. Faced with tg, this rare basic dish of left-wing coordinated nationalism. Their tactics have long been messed up. Strategically, both sides are afraid. The feedback to the actual struggle is obvious-“The situation is getting more and more urgent, but the level of the opponent is getting worse and worse.” There will be more and more such funny things in the future. I also hope that people of insight can study hard. Come on top soon.

6 months ago

This shows that the United States has become less and less aware of China. As a person of the age of no doubt, let me sort out the various tricks Americans have used against us! In fact, at the very beginning, in the 1990s, we were really innocent about the so-called slander. At that time, we even took the initiative to give people a handle and give them big gifts. For example, a newspaper in a coastal city in Cong Province, the operation of the show that year was also very shocking: At that time, a government department advertised in the newspaper, asking for land use permit or paying utility bills, and issued an announcement. , Write clearly the address names of many arrears units, and many arrears units have one thing in common, that is, their superior units belong to the navy department. Your product, your fine product, and a slightly trained spy, can quickly analyze whether these units are garrisons, radars or submarine bases through this announcement and the content of the arrears. Of course, it turned out that the media was backed up, and many of the newspaper’s colleagues were laid off. This matter, to put it bluntly, has something to do with our weak consciousness at the time, not just media people, but more government units. Around 2000, it was probably discovered that we did possess a certain level of awareness, and the United States began to personally discredit us. The most famous one is my province. The American Twisting Times or which newspaper is actually obliged to advertise blue shit internationally. It does not mean that this training school has a military background and is a training base for military hackers. For Lan Xiang, Bo Sao’s operation is really a huge fortune. A large wave of inexplicable traffic has come, and it has made the great cause of Lan Xiang. Now you are always joking about Lan Xiang, but do you know that? Da Lanxiang’s reputation has been contributed by media people who twisted the waist! Later, it was probably the Americans who also learned well. I guess that in all likelihood, they bought our teachers’ books, and finally realized that “the fortress was conquered from within”, so there was a wave of coin throws and invitations. A bunch of so-called public knowledge. Bring the rhythm on Weibo. If you bring the rhythm, you can bring the rhythm. Do you do a good job of confidentiality? Take a look at the public knows you invited, cheating, cheating, cheating, cheering, and writing these well-known names in the annual summary and posting them on your official website. This wave of pornography really made people Very speechless! Now, Americans have probably learned how to use prostitution, and they want to ask our bloggers to slander us without spending a penny. Well, I look so anxious. People with IQ understand your little ninety-nine, you Speaking of yours…seriously, the U.S. war was abrupt, and it was a thousand miles away from the game! It’s okay to come to us here to download some of the video, take it home and study hard!

6 months ago

I don’t think that the problem should be too complicated. In fact, this matter is very simple in nature, because the preliminary publicity work has been completed for a long time. The propaganda work is divided into five stages: into the eyes, into the brain, into the heart, into the behavior (behavior), into the system (system). Now for some people, the notion that “the West is powerful and correct, we are all problems” has long been in our minds and cannot be changed. So people don’t need to start popular science from scratch. Gasoline has been poured everywhere, and now only a pinch of gunpowder is needed. Why are we arguing on the Internet every day? Why repeat these basic common sense over and over again? Is it because the Americans came to know? It is because at least a group of us who have a large base are really willing to fight inwardly. Please pay attention to my wording, infighting. It does not mean that he is really a spiritual American, but that he just likes to sing the opposite, reflect on it, wake up for a while, or can’t understand this or that, and take some opportunity to say Some consciously dangerous key political words. You have to say what purpose does he have, what good suggestions and ideas, and what pragmatic way to change the status quo to break through the dilemma? Really not, just to spit, to be ironic, to remind, many of them are also in the government agency system, but it is to know that surfing talks about yin and yang, hey, just play… and outside of this group of people Many people who don’t actually have a stand, think it’s fun to watch the excitement. For a long period of time, many people have been confused about the boundary between “unanimous external” and “self-reflection”. We often see a person who, in order to satirize a certain phenomenon or problem in China, feels that he is not strong enough to address the current malpractice. I have to pull the flag, create a virtual utopian country, and make violent rumors that criticize the entire society, even if the facts do not exist, but he thinks my purpose is good, my mood is good, and the methods are dirty. , You should be considerate of me. But his heart is still very full, he thinks that this is for the good of society, for the good of the people, and protect this pure land in his own way. To break the sky is to say, if there is, then change, and if there is no, we will encourage it. It means that flies don’t bite seamless eggs. If you say Potian, without saying you, why are you in a hurry? But in fact, a lot of public opinion continues to accumulate in this way, and a lot of history is fabricated in this way. If you don’t tell the truth about this matter today, in a few years, the rumors will turn into old-fashioned old cellars, they will turn them out and say, you don’t even know this? China has been the birthplace for many years. China is the root of everything. You know how to cut it. At that time, there will still be a group of riddlers who are speaking specious and eloquent words, indicating that this matter cannot be said too detailed, this matter is too complicated, the water is too deep, you can’t grasp it, you just need to know the whole thing. Net blockade, you know and I know, don’t talk nonsense. But what about the facts? The fact is not important anymore.

6 months ago

Exposing the field of culture and entertainment, every inch of land is the front line.
Those who don’t have the backbone of Teacher Chen are “people who you thought could not be stunned, in areas where it’s impossible to get stunned, and have become stunned”, “people who should not share the same spirit are stunned and dressed in different skins. Being the same beast”…

6 months ago

Not only is China not a global drug production center, but a country with high contribution to global drug crackdowns, blocking the Golden Triangle Golden Crescent, as well as the routine operation of China’s daily anti-drug work. I will not say that everyone basically knows it; let’s say you don’t know. Thanks to the increase in pork last year and the reduction in dimensionality to crack down on drugs; many drug dealers in the Golden Triangle suddenly discovered that the profits of trafficking fat pigs and live cattle smuggled into China for sales were much higher than drugs. Drug dealers seized their heads and pigs seized them. Fines, high profits and low risks. This business is great, so many drug dealers started to switch to armed trafficking. According to not reliable news, the drug dealers have been fighting for this business. The Golden Triangle of drug dealers have done several battles, so thank you all friends who love meat. Thank you. You have contributed to the world’s drug control

6 months ago

There is a manga “Backstreet Girl” in Japan. It is about three triads who were given two choices by the boss because of their negligence: going to China for drug trafficking and going to Thailand for sex change. These three people didn’t hesitate to choose the latter, because the former was tantamount to death. Many Japanese people who draw manga have no political knowledge, and everyone has learned it recently. They all know how much China hates drugs, don’t you say that the United States doesn’t? The black Chinese in the American TV series have smuggled firearms, home robbed, prostitution and gambling. They have even engaged in witchcraft on alien planets, and they have never hacked China into drug trafficking. It can be seen that anyone who writes plots in the United States knows that no one believes in drug trafficking in China. But there is one point, everyone has a consensus. Americans today don’t care about international affairs. The Americans here refer to ordinary Americans with votes in their hands. Many of them don’t even know where China is. In this regard, I personally believe that Chinese people should know their mentality best. After all, we were also a heavenly kingdom, and it lasted for many years. Do you say that the Qing Dynasty did not understand the world? The clocks and watches made by the missionaries for Lord Qianlong were exquisite. The embassy came batch after batch. Guangzhou has always been a trading port without interruption. Just like the United States today, the New York Times picks up the Big Era more than just underpants, and simply puts his prostate B ultrasound to the public. NGOs in the United States are located in every corner of the world. In the study of modern China, the United States will always be at the forefront of the Western world. Don’t forget that the first foreign journalist interviewing the Red Army was American journalist Snow. But the punishment is not the doctor, the courtesy is not the common people. After all, ordinary Americans are indifferent to the outside world, and they have the same virtue as ours in the middle and late Qing dynasties. Lao Tzu is the strongest, Lao Tzu is the best, Lao Tzu looked at the others are scum. The country next to the United States is either a kid or a poor ghost. The country next to the Qing Dynasty was either a little brother or a barbarian. It’s no wonder that ordinary Americans don’t care about China on the opposite side of the Pacific, just as it is hard to blame the Qing Dynasty people for not caring about Britain on the other side of Eurasia. At that time, Qianlong cared more about Bailianjiao than for foreign devils. Today, the Democratic Party cares more about Trump than the Chinese. There are people in the United States who know China very well, so why don’t you care about the votes? The decision-making stratum is always concerned about its own superiority and the persistence of power. Today, the U.S. Democratic Party is pushing hard to legalize marijuana nationwide, but it has been blocked by many American conservatives. American conservatives are mostly Republicans. Today’s CIA leader is William Joseph Burns. Please remember two key words about him: the Middle East and the Democratic Party. What is this called? Bing counsel, counsel one. Put the bears and bears in a nest.

6 months ago

They don’t need to know China, and no one cares how many bowls of noodles you eat. When the three become tigers, the United States only cares about making more people believe that China is black. Most of the time, other countries that eat melon will not take the initiative to judge that you are black and white. “Using false information, thief shouting to catch thief” can indeed achieve the political goals of the United States to a certain extent. China’s self-certification of innocence is too passive, and its voice is also difficult. Spread out, social media is in their hands. We should break into the enemy and let them value the democracy and freedom of their country. Then he exposed himself to the illicit materials, exposed his own illicit materials, trained foreign proletarian fighters, and convinced foreigners that communism could save most people. Give full play to the strength of the people abroad and become a staunch proletarian fighter

6 months ago

If the previous slander was “you ate two bowls of jelly but only paid for one bowl”, then this time the slander was “you ate two bowls of shit but only paid for one bowl of shit”. …Honey juice operation…When you feel that something is fascinating, it means that you are not the target user of it. This is not for the Chinese people at all. The actual target users should be those who may not be able to find China on the globe. At this time, if we scold the drug problem in the United States, it will not solve the problem. The United States will pull us to the same level as it, and then use its rich experience to defeat us. Therefore, I believe that if the United States fights against drugs, our publicity should be to directly publicize China’s anti-drug actions and law enforcement. In addition, the drug problem in our country has not been completely resolved. In recent years, new drugs have even shown signs of counterattack. This problem should not be underestimated. If drugs are found, they should be reported directly without being soft.

6 months ago

The three become tigers and have participated in the killings. Anti-China propaganda is not necessarily for the Chinese, as long as it can smear China’s international image. For nearly six billion foreigners, the image of China is constructed by the media. As long as most of the media say that China is the source of drugs, can there be fakes? It is even said that because people are more inclined to believe bad news instinctively, nine out of ten media said that China is vigorously prohibiting drugs, but one media said that China is the source of drugs. As a foreigner, you are more inclined to that media. (Or the reports of Chinese media interviewing domestic professionals in China) Is it a whistleblower?

6 months ago

Mainly because of the epidemic. Everyone recalled carefully, what was the general environment on the Internet before this epidemic? In the next life, the United States will have European superior parties everywhere. In terms of online public opinion, China has never been the upper hand, because there is a lot of “tap water” to help these foreign reactionary forces instigate emotions and attack China in all directions. It was not until the emergence of the epidemic that China became a top student in its own opinion and showed unparalleled cohesion to lead the world. These tap waters with conscience discovered that they were deceived. As a result, the moon in foreign countries was not relatively round. As a result, there was only a society with Chinese characteristics. Doctrine is the best form of government. To put it simply, in the post-epidemic era, even around me, I don’t know how many people who “disliked” China as bad and bad before “reformed” and became a determined spiritual party member. The simplest example is me. It is believed that if it were placed before the epidemic, the popularity of TV dramas like “The Awakening Age” would be at least twice as high as it is now. Now, not only the most critical but also the easiest to be “transformed”, the younger generation has re-understood China through this epidemic, and those adults who were previously “brainwashed” when they were young and who have been biased against China for a long time have completely changed their perceptions. When these “tap water”, which are no longer deceived, are less, “good” and “rebellious”, when foreign reactionary public opinion organizations find that it is no longer as easy to get wages as before. They will be anxious

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