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What used to be a luxury food, but now reduced to food for the poor, is of course instant noodles. (There is now a luxurious version of instant noodles, which cost more than 50 yuan per bowl, which is beyond the scope of this article. We will only talk about the most common instant noodles.) According to historical records, although instant noodles were invented by a Japanese in 1958, China has already produced instant noodles in 1964. The following photo is of instant noodles in China in the 1970s: However, because instant noodles are too expensive, they have always been luxury foods: either only in special foods for foreigners or returned overseas Chinese. Stores called “Friendship Stores” are only available for sale; or they are only sold occasionally in the most high-end food stores in the two big cities of Beijing and Shanghai. The price is naturally very high, and not everyone is eligible to buy it. ,why? Because instant noodles are food, you need food stamps to buy them. At that time, the food stamps issued by China included national food stamps, provincial food stamps and city food stamps. Corresponding to their scope of use. The average person can only get food stamps from the city every month, which can be exchanged for food saving stamps or national food stamps. If you need to buy them, you may not be able to buy them, because they are specially used for poor people. Therefore, even if a Guangzhou native has money, he ran to Shanghai and saw that there was a luxury item-instant noodles, wow, come and try a pack! No show, there are only Guangzhou food stamps in my pocket. Without Shanghai food stamps, I can’t buy them! A Nanjing native, holding the food stamps of Nanjing City and Jiangsu Province, went to Shanghai to buy instant noodles. Nope! Shanghai does not belong to Jiangsu Province, it is a municipality directly under the Central Government! So, what was the price of instant noodles as a luxury food at that time? For example, the following instant noodles were popular all over the country in the 1980s and tasted almost the same as the current instant noodles: the price at that time was 25 cents per pack, and two or two food coupons were required. How much is 25 cents equivalent to today? In the 1980s, the average Chinese’s monthly salary was about 36 yuan, and a pack of instant noodles was about 0.83% of the person’s monthly salary. In 2020, the national per capita disposable income of residents was 32,189 yuan, and the per capita monthly salary was about 2,682.42 yuan. What is 0.83% of that? It is 22.26 yuan. Isn’t that the price of “Zhong Xuegao”? In the 1980s, should you spend the equivalent of 22 yuan today to buy a pack of instant noodles like the one above? Are you talking about luxury goods? We haven’t counted on spending money to buy food stamps that can be used in that city! Instant noodles, undoubtedly used to be a luxury food, are now reduced to food for the poor!


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6 months ago

Say a few things that were once extravagant, but are now very popular food. 1 Summer ice. Ancient ice cubes were collected in winter and stored in cellars. They were reserved for use in summer. At first, only princes and nobles had the opportunity to get them. In the summer, the emperor will give ice to the officials, and the size of the ice cubes are divided according to the official position, and ice cubes are often seen in various summer pictures. There are also special ice containers, such as ice trays and ice wares. Later, due to the rise of private ice picking, summer ice gradually became closer to the people. For example, there are guise such as “Bingyinzi” in “A River on the Qingming Festival”, but not everyone can afford it. Now ice is basically a must-have for every family in the summer, thanks to technology. Regarding ice, some people mentioned the use of nitrate to make ice, saying that this method was very mature in the Tang Dynasty (there is doubt here, and no relevant literature records have been found). However, the cost of this method is very high, and the ratio of water to nitrate will be almost 1:1. According to the demand for ice in the entire society at that time, it is very difficult. This method is generally used by small vendors who sell iced drinks and snow soaked water. It is used to eat and drink with ice through the utensils, and cannot be directly added to the drink. Because the nitrate-made ice tastes bitter and cannot form large chunks, like adding ice crumbs to porridge popular in the Tang Dynasty, iced melons and fruits cannot be realized by enlarging ice cubes in ice trays and ice mirrors in all kinds of summer summer pictures. And if this method is really easy to use, then the profession of bullying would not have to exist until modern times. 2 Leek in winter is difficult to grow leeks in winter because of the backward planting technology in ancient times, so it is very difficult to eat leeks in winter. During the Western Jin Dynasty, Shi Chong and Wang Kai fought their fortunes, and they provided guests with “Leek Ping” in winter, which is a side dish made with leek as the main ingredient. Later, Wang Kai bought out Shi Chong’s chef and asked that Shi Chong did not use real leeks, but mashed leeks roots and mixed them with tender wheat sprouts. So his family also began to provide customers with “Leek Ping” in winter. . Until the end of the Qing Dynasty, thanks to the application of greenhouse technology, many people could eat leeks in winter, so thanks to the advancement of science and technology. 3 Jelly Jelly was first seen in luxury banquets in Europe. The early jelly was made by boiling the gelatinous material with rich gelatinous ingredients, and then adding various flavor substances, such as fish skin, beef bones, and trotters. Henry Eighty once used rose-flavored jelly decorated with gold leaves to entertain his knights. This kind of extravagant jelly is only compared to Europe. In China, people have already mastered the methods of making jelly, such as fish jelly, skin jelly, etc., and in the Song Dynasty, there was also a jelly made of cheaper fish scales, called Sober up with ice. This kind of food is mentioned in various hotels and pubs recorded in “Tokyo Menghualu”. It was a very common food at that time, and the elegant ones would sprinkle petals when the frozen is not frozen, which is very pleasing to the eye. 4 Honey In the time of Emperor Caesar, honey could replace gold to pay taxes, and honey could also replace money to pay various fees. In ancient Rome, the Sicilians had to pay a certain amount of honey in order to be exchanged and maintained from the hands of Roman soldiers. Although honey is still not cheap, it is already a more common food. 5 Litchi Everyone knows that “A ride on a red concubine laughs, but no one knows that it is litchi.” In ancient times, Concubine Yang had so much trouble eating a litchi, let alone ordinary people. And we modern people are far away from the hometown of lychee, and can eat fresh lychee in the season of lychee. We have to thank the advancement of insurance technology and long live science and technology! Some people also mentioned sugar. In fact, sugar was not a rare thing in ancient times. The real rare thing is white granulated sugar. Yeast is mentioned in the Book of Songs, which is the very important sugar before sucrose enters people’s lives, called Yeast. The “Book of Rites” mentions jujube and chestnut syrup honey. Not only syrup but also honey is mentioned here. Honey was also a very important source of sweetness in the lives of ancient people. During the Warring States period, sugarcane entered people’s lives, and there was pulp, which is sugarcane pulp. Until the Tang Dynasty, there was a very famous sweet food called wild rice with sugarcane pulp. (Wild rice is now called Superior wild rice, at that time wild rice). This plant can still produce seeds, but because of a disease, it will no longer produce rice, but water bamboo was born), which is iced sugarcane pulp poured on wild rice. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, various documents mention Shimi and Shamu, which are all kinds of sugarcane products, probably lumpy sucrose and crystalline sucrose. It is mentioned in “Liangzhou Foreign Body History” that Shimi is the sugarcane juice decoction and exposure, making it condensed like a stone. During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, there were vendors on the streets of Chang’an selling honey raised by sellers, and the technology of beekeeping enabled honey to gradually enter the public eye. In the Tang Dynasty, icing appeared in Sichuan. I don’t remember who invented it. Until the Tang dynasty, glutinous rice was still the most important source of sweetness for the Chinese, but after the Tang dynasty, it was basically the stage of cane sugar. In Song Dynasty, sugarcane began to be planted in large quantities, especially in Sichuan, sugarcane planting accounted for more than one-third of the entire planting industry. At this time, the sugar-making technology was also greatly improved, and even white sucrose was produced in Fujian, but it should be yellow rock sugar, yellow granulated sugar and the like. “Tokyo Dream Hualu” mentioned that there are vendors selling sugar snacks in the Bianjing Night Market. Later, the Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty continued to improve the sugar-making technology, which greatly improved the yield and quality of sucrose. “Tiangong Kaiwu” also recorded the famous yellow mud water drenching method. Moreover, in the 17th century, the amount of cane sugar exported from Fujian to the Japanese devils was as much as 170,000 catties each year. In particular, the Qing Dynasty monopolized the sugar industry in Southeast Asia, which directly affected modern sugar technology. Even though sucrose has penetrated into people’s lives, white granulated sugar is still very expensive. The snowflake sugar mentioned in “Dream of Red Mansions” is what we call granulated sugar. This sweetness is still a dream of most people. Some people also mentioned meat. To be honest, the life of the ancients was not as hard as we thought, and it was easier to eat in the era of social stability and economic development. Take the Ming Dynasty as an example. It is mentioned in the “Miscellaneous Notes of Wan Shu” and “Ming Hui Dian” that the official price is 4 catties and 5 cents of silver for beef, 50 catties of pork for 9 cents of silver, and two ducks for 6 cents of silver. But in life, like some stolen cows or cows that have died of illness, beef only costs more than ten to twenty cents per catty. In Jiajing, a chicken of three catties was six cents of silver, a goose of five catties was nine cents of silver, and a pig’s head was six cents of silver. A penny is between one hundred and one hundred and fifty liters. In fact, it is not outrageously expensive. The public can still accept it, and ordinary people can’t afford it. Moreover, some of the meat is repeatedly mentioned in the notes of novels such as “Jin Ping Mei Ci Hua”, “Heroes of Sons and Daughters”, “Tokyo Dream Hua Lu”, “Awakening of Marriage” and so on, which is not unattainable.

6 months ago

Tremella. De Ling once said in the section of the Imperial Dining Room: something like white fungus, its market price is extremely expensive, often a small box of white fungus costs one or twenty taels of silver to buy. They are a kind of inferior plants that parasitize on old pine trees, but it is not easy to find good ones, so the price is more expensive for no reason. Moreover, if ordinary people or officials are willing to spend a lot of money to buy it, it is not easy to get the best; the reason is that the best white fungus has become a patented product for those who are officials in Sichuan Province to honor the Queen Mother. ; They hired a lot of workers and searched for the best white fungus all the year round and used them to curry favor with the Queen Mother. When the white fungus is shipped, it is always dried out, and according to their value, they are packed in various brocade boxes; the most exquisite brocade boxes are often worth it. Several taels of silver each. You can imagine the value of the white fungus contained in it! But even though the value is so noble, but the taste of it, I really don’t know where it is. It is neither salty, nor sweet, nor fragrance; in short, eating it is equivalent to eating nothing. So it is always cooked in chicken juice or other fresh soup. It was originally a rare item listed as the eight treasures of the Imperial Palace of Shanggong. At the end of the day, I went to Daxing’s artificial cultivation technology. Gutian white fungus was rampant all over the world, and now it has become a rotten street dessert. Looking at the bird’s nest that was mixed with rice in a bowl in the past, it is really a good comparison. It all depends on Hu Jianren, and it’s a pot of stew!

6 months ago

I think it must be the lychee. Concubine Yang can only eat it when she mobilizes the public. Nowadays, everyone can try it. I made lychee wine some time ago, and suddenly thought of the poem “I ride the red concubine laughs, no one knows that it is lychee”, Yang Guifei’s hobby for lychee is actually to the point where it hurts the people and money. The chubby and bright red lychees, carrying clear dew and branches and leaves, gently peeled off the slightly rough shell, and the gelatinous flesh of the fruit jumped out, like the skin of an 18-year-old southern girl who can be broken by a bomb. The mouth is full of sweetness, crispness, tenderness and juicy. Lychee, formerly known as Lizhi, was first recorded in the “Shanglin Fu” of Sima Xiangru in the Han Dynasty: the hidden husband 薁棣, answering the lichi (Jin Zhuo’s note: Lichi, as big as a chicken, skin glutinous, peeled, muscle If the chicken is yellow in the middle, the taste is more sweet and the meat is less), in modern Chinese, the fruit is big, round, tender and sweet. To leave, which means to cut off the branches, to leave, is a verb. Perhaps the ancients also understood that litchi, a fruit that is perishable, needs to be taken with the branches when picking it, so that it can be preserved for a longer time. Because the lychee is not easy to keep fresh, “If you leave the branch, the color will change in one day, the aroma will change in the second day, the taste will change in the third day, and the outer color and fragrance will disappear in the fourth or fifth day.” This makes it far away from the place of production. The Chang’an Meiren from abroad was in trouble. Just knowing that Concubine Yang and Su Shi love to eat lychees, do you know how many types of lychees are there? 1. March red; because this variety matures in late March of the lunar calendar, it is named March red, which is the earliest mature variety. The fruit is heart-shaped, with wide top and bottom tip; the lobes vary in size, are arranged irregularly, and the sutures are not obvious; the skin is thick and light red; the flesh is yellow and white, slightly tough, the tissue is rough, the nucleus is large, and the taste is sour and sweet. There is residue after eating. 2. Round branches; round branches, also known as Shuidong or Shuidong Heiye, mature in late May or early June. Distributed in the suburbs of Guangzhou and counties in the Pearl River Delta, it is named because it is suitable for planting with more water and the leaves are sharp and long, similar to black leaves. The fruit is short ovoid or crooked heart-shaped, with high shoulders and low sides; the lobes are slightly flat and wide, dark red, and the flesh is soft and juicy, sweet and sour, slightly fragrant.

6 months ago

Canned fruits and luxury foods that have been used for decades are not considered luxury foods, but nowadays, even ordinary people don’t like to eat them. In the age of underdeveloped non-staple foods, canned fruits existed as gifts, and were circulated in visiting relatives and friends, visiting patients and giving gifts, and were as noble as malted milk extract. Its absolute price is not very expensive, but as a fruity syrup that is only enough to eat a few bites, it is not an ordinary family that can afford to buy it frequently and eat it on its own. At that time, there were many kinds of canned fruits, the most common oranges and pears were available, no matter what kind of canned children were fascinated by it. I am no exception. I grew up in the south, even if the materials are not abundant, it is still a sea of ​​fruits. Obviously immersed in the ocean of citrus and lychee, I would still serve a can of canned oranges. The canned lychees are so greedy and rolling. At that time, there were too few snacks to choose from. I still remember the first time I ate canned grapes and canned cherries. Nowadays, in addition to the bug of canned yellow peaches, many canned fruits have disappeared, and there are too many foods that can replace canned fruits. Even if I often complain about the high price of fruits, all kinds of fruits are eaten anytime and anywhere throughout the year. Except for canned yellow peaches, most of the chicken ribs of canned fruits are stored in cheap cake shops and dessert shops for people to complain while eating.

6 months ago

Wine was a luxury item that was properly secured more than 20 years ago. Few people have the spare money to buy wine and drink. Generally, it is someone who has something to do with it. Next, I will talk about how my father used to drink alcohol on behalf of my mother. Dad also likes to drink when he is young, and most of the friends who like to drink also like to drink. June and July are the off-season for weddings, and no child is over one year old. The wine bugs in the belly of these drunkards have begun to cause trouble, and there is no spare money to buy wine and drink. Having fun in bitterness, a bucket of sweet, cold water is brought up from the well to play cards for drinking. Although cold water cools down, there is a problem, it is difficult to urinate after drinking too much. Several people played cards for a whole afternoon, and their stomachs were full of drinks, but they couldn’t drain water. It’s not like doing this every day, I have to find a way to drink some wine. After thinking about it, I didn’t expect a good idea. Just when everyone was at a loss, the second uncle patted his thigh and got it. These people are really hurt! The old sow of Uncle Wu’s family had just given birth to a litter of piglets some time ago, and this litter is quite large, with a total of 17 piglets. This is relatively rare, usually about ten babies are born, and occasionally there are many, but it is not easy to survive. But Uncle Wu’s piglets were not only numerous, they all survived. If you survive, the piglets can be sold for money. Forget the days, tomorrow will be exactly one month. A few people got up early and found a suona, gongs and drums, anyway, it was the same set of tools that we used for ceremonial occasions a few years ago. Those who beat gongs and drums go to Uncle Wu’s house. By the way, I don’t know where I picked cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and other vegetables. These are gifts. The good name is to give piglets a full moon. When Uncle Wu Zi understood his intention, he couldn’t laugh or cry. How could this give Piggy the full moon? This gift is also a bit too embarrassing, right? After some conversation, it was understood that these rascals were jealous of their piglets, and wanted to come and drink. If you can’t hide, then come, go out and buy a few bottles of wine, and don’t make any vegetables. Since you don’t spend your gifts freely, I will use these gifts as a snack. Take a slap of cucumber, add some sugar to the tomato salad, and add a little extravagance to the eggplant and chili, add some oil and fry it. That’s how the wine bureau started, and a few people would be content if they had a drink. It didn’t matter whether the food was not the food. I heard my old lady say that those few drinks that day can’t find Bei, but sister-in-law Wu Zi went to these restaurants one by one. Then some wives pushed a flatbed cart to push these dead pigs home. After that, giving the piglets a full moon became a joke in our village after dinner. After the living conditions were better, some of the secret signs that they wanted to drink were also giving the piglets the full moon.

6 months ago

Be clever! Mineral water is the one bottle of mineral water now! I heard it right, it’s this one. In my impression, when I was in elementary school, it was about 2007 (there is no memory, or the memory is not deep), 14 years ago. The mineral water sold in the store is particularly incomprehensible. There are still people buying this stuff, and it costs a dollar, which is really a dollar. At that time, you could buy 20 hot strips for one dollar (I remember two for a dime), think about it It’s all incredible. In 2009, I was a junior high school student and boarding student. I had my own food expenses (not much, 35 yuan per week, but 7 yuan per day). At that time, I felt a lot of money and happy. Here I want to talk about drinking mineral water. I haven’t drunk mineral water before. Don’t believe me. Basically, I just drink well water (the kind of pressure well). It was also in 2009. One day, I didn’t know my brain cramps. I bought a bottle of mineral water. The first time I drank it, I bought Runtian. I still remember the taste of it. It’s not good, and it’s not as good as well water, but In the tradition of spending money and having to finish it, I started to taste it slowly. Who knows, when I drank half of the time, a big SB spilled my mineral water, and more than half of it all fell on the ground. I was very distressed, very angry, and almost got into a fight. Later when I went to college, I drank more mineral water, not to mention now. The price of mineral water has not risen in recent years, everyone can afford it, and it is considered civilian.

6 months ago

I haven’t seen anyone talking about morels. I came to Kunming for seven years and saw the fresh morels drop from three thousand jin to four hundred one jin with my own eyes. All this is to blame for a man named Zhu Douxi who completed the artificial domestication of morels. By the way, flower mushrooms and bamboo fungus, these two mushrooms were out-and-out luxuries in the past, and they are now very cheap. (Many people have said about Tremella, so I won’t mention it) There are some short-lived ones, like asparagus and okra, which are mass-produced within a few days.

6 months ago

The first place in the impression is naturally kiwi! About 30 years ago, in the early 1980s when black-and-white TV entered the living room of ordinary people, I was still a child. As a northerner, I saw the southern fruit on TV for the first time: kiwi! I clearly remember that its price was as high as 200 yuan per catty at that time! Comrades, that was the early 1980s when the average salary was only 40 yuan! What is the concept of 200 yuan per catty? At that time, as a child, I had a deep-rooted idea in my heart: I must eat a kiwi in my life! Time has changed, and the original dream has finally been reflected in reality!

6 months ago

It is none other than ginseng. As we all know, anyone who has read martial arts novels knows that ginseng is the most magical and precious treasure. In Northeast China, books and movies exist like gods: nowadays, people only recognize money, but gods do not. Xi has caused a thin spiritual energy between heaven and earth, and ginseng has its own appearance. From a god to a bitch, only ginseng is cheaper than radish!

6 months ago

banana. I ate bananas for the first time in my fifth grade in my hometown in Henan, which was brought back by my father from a business trip to Shanghai. The bananas were packed in an artificial leather backpack that my father bought me from Shanghai after taking the train for more than 20 hours. It was so sweet and delicious. It was probably the most expensive fruit I had ever eaten. The artificial leather itself has some banana flavor, and the artificial leather schoolbags filled with bananas have a strong banana flavor. The sweetness of bananas when they take out the books in class, it has not been scattered for half a year. Bananas in Beijing supermarkets are not as expensive as sweet potatoes. ps: My purplish-red artificial leather backpack was the first double backpack in my school, and it was “leather”. The degree of pull is by no means inferior to holding a platinum bag.

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