This question is silly. It’s a bit like the oath taken by a secondary school boy, silly and cute. It seems, as long as you don’t get medical treatment, what if you lose? How to blow, how to come. I have 1 million, do you think I would like to spend 1 million to help my pet. Of course I would, because I don’t have 1 million damn right now. I have 1k savings, do you think I would like to spend 1k to help my pets? Of course I am willing because 1k is easy to earn. What’s the point of saving pets if you spend all your savings? You need to spend all your savings to save a pet. You shouldn’t reflect on it. What should you do if your family or yourself encounter problems? Zhihu has always had a very strange logic for pets like cats and dogs. It seems that if you don’t confess, you can count on loving it. If you treat it normally, it’s torture. Maybe even the eighteenth generation of your ancestors will arrange a scolding. Just I can’t understand that some people raise cats and dogs. How you raise your own is your own business. You give advice to others, and it’s your business. Others fuck, don’t listen, they have a relationship with you. what. Use it, crying and crying, bitches scolding the street. First of all, spend all your savings to help your pets. This is your personal consumption behavior. In a sense, spending all your savings with you, running a top restaurant, and having a meal is the same. Because your pet is here with you and the baby is with others, which might be a trouble. If you are not willing to help, there is no big problem. Don’t be morally upset because of what other people say. If you are wronged and don’t pay, it means you have no conscience to pay, and you feel uncomfortable. This is really just a pure consumer behavior. Do you think that in your heart, you pay for this consumption value. If you feel that you are also short of money, or you feel that your savings have more important uses, then you can live and die for life and wealth. Some people will not get treatment. What’s more, cats, cats and dogs, we like to watch warm endings, but in reality, sometimes it is so helpless. I hope that all cats, dogs and dogs can be treated with gentleness. I hope that everyone here does not need to save a pet and have to emptied their savings. Are you satisfied with this? I am a dog, hope you are happy


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The treatment quota I set for my cat and dog is 8,000 yuan per animal. That is to say, if my two cats and one dog are ill, minor surgery will be performed for minor illnesses, but if the individual medical expenses exceed 8,000 yuan and it is still not well, then they will not be cured. As for why I set this number, because the total medical expenses I reserve for them is only twenty-four thousand, and even a single one is eight thousand. Spend all your savings? Impossible, I also want to live

7 months ago

I really want to tell a story. The story is about a dog, a dog with decadent yellow hair, how it walked in a room burned by a raging fire with its old limbs, and its cloudy eyes caught a glimpse of it. The ceiling that falls from the top of the head will then hide. In the smog of the thick smoke, it picked up the unconscious baby and escaped from birth. In the crowd of onlookers, it proudly stepped out to greet the incredible cheers of the crowd, the owner’s tearful embrace, the glory of the dog generation, it is just such a pity, without this story, I have no dog house or overflight “Hey! Listen!” So, it doesn’t matter if it is not treated, it is already very old…” said the doctor. “Is it painful now?” “Yes.” “Then euthanize…” Under its cloudy eyes, the doctor slowly inserted the needle into its blood vessel. It didn’t hide it and spit out its tongue at me. Then slowly closed his eyes…

7 months ago

Look at the red line for this kind of thing. At the same time, this red line is also related to income and identity. If I were a financially dependent person, all my money would be pocket money. I have spent all my money and will not starve to death. Then this red line is all. If I were a financially independent person, my money would be used to save money, buy a car, buy a house, and live. Then I will think about it. Of course, the money I am willing to pay is far greater than the value of the cat itself. My eldest son, Daju, was sick three times and spent more than 7,000 in the hospital.
My second son, Xiao Wuhua, a beautiful short, 4 small kittens with monthly tumors, took seven or eight thousand dollars to recover. The third daughter, Xiaodouhua, has not been sick yet. So this kind of thing varies from person to person.
I can only say, try my best to treat.

7 months ago

When I was seven years old, I ran while crying, looking for my lost little poodle. My legs are all my savings. I can run for several kilometers with it, find it and bring the dog back. When I was ten years old, I looked at the poodle that had just been fished out of the lime pond and was dying. The two dollars in my pocket were all my savings. I didn’t have the money to take it to the doctor, so I could only buy some plastic paper bags. Get up and let it walk decently. Later, another big yellow dog I raised was stolen by a dog thief. I have two thousand savings, but I don’t know where to find it. Now, I no longer keep pets, but even if I have, I will not spend all my savings to treat it. One is because people’s emotions will become numb as they are lost again and again, and the other is because of being an adult. With more responsibility.

7 months ago

Energizer treatment and doing what we can. My cat had a cat-to-abdominal infection at the beginning of the year. When the disease was first confirmed, the doctor said that it might be expensive and might not be able to save life. It was very uncomfortable at the time. I couldn’t sleep well at night and eat and eat. However, the atmosphere at home was very depressing. In the end, we decided to give it a try. We found a reliable medicine to treat the abdomen, and the cost was acceptable. All the costs together were about 10,000 points (including injections, medications, examinations, etc.) There are also supplements). Now it has been cured. Mao’s child is already a 13 catty fat cat. He survived. Our family is very happy.

7 months ago

It is not enough to spend all your savings, and try your best to save it. Disease name: Babesia Babesia infection caused by a tick bite. Cost: Thirty-five thousand before and after. Because my parents and I don’t have a clear separation of money, and as a single dog, we don’t have a separate household, so we can’t talk about all our savings. After the National Day in 18, the dog suddenly became listless. He thought it was gastroenteritis and so on. He took it to a nearby pet hospital. It was confirmed that he was bitten by a tick. At that time, I said that there are two treatment options. One is non-stop blood transfusion, because my dog ​​is a big fat golden retriever, weighs more than 100 kilograms, and uses a lot of blood. It may require a lot of dog blood. The dog blood industry is more chaotic than human blood. Spending a lot of blood is almost the same as replacing other dogs. Although it’s not my family’s, I couldn’t bear it, and the condition of the laboratory tests was quite serious at the time. This method has a lower cure rate. The other is to take medicine, and one is called Ah. The medicine of tovaquinone is very expensive. The pet hospital asks for 250 yuan a piece. The dosage is calculated based on the body weight. A dog of 100 kg is 10 pieces a day, plus auxiliary medicines and various liver-protecting medicines and injections (the medicines can hurt the liver Side effects), more than 3,000 per day, usually 10-15 days treatment period. At that time, I didn’t think much about it and I chose the second one because it was difficult to buy. I bought it for 6 days, and it was no more than fifteen thousand. Later, thanks to Wanneng Tieba and Taobao, I found a seller of this medicine, the price is 150 yuan each, because the seller is also in Nanjing, and has a good reputation in the pet circle. I bought it for another 8 days and spent it again. twelve thousand. Adding in a bunch of other medicines, tests, and nutritional supplements, the total cost was almost 35 thousand.

7 months ago

After reading so many answers, I feel that with the exception of very few people who regard pets as mobile phones, and think that they are not worth the effort to protect, everyone cherishes the little lives that come to them because of fate. Everyone has their own life reality. Everyone is not required to treat pets, but there is a red line-that is, you must cherish this life that has come to this world with the same hardship as you. As long as you do your best on this red line and have a clear conscience, even if the cats and dogs return to their planet in the end, they will definitely bless you in the sky. I feel that the most different answer is family factor. The attitude of your family to your pets determines how far you can go. After all, everyone is not yet a year old, and all savings are only money on hand. If you have a solid, warm, and Tolerant family, it is not difficult to persist until the end.

7 months ago

It is completely understandable for the adoption agency to ask such a question. It is very likely that this little life was rescued by someone from the agency who went bankrupt. Of course, I hope that they will not suffer from being abandoned due to illness in the future. I recently picked up a small milk cat with cat plague. I couldn’t stay due to family pressure. Fortunately, I found a kind adopter who was willing to accept her. I am now worried about her eating and drinking Lhasa for almost three meals, and I promised the adopter if If her condition deteriorates, I am willing to pay the treatment fee to treat her to the end. The adopter’s sister is very kind to her, and the milk cat is also lively and cute, but I still can’t help but every day I can’t help my sister dd ask her if the cat has eaten, pulled or pulled, is it parkour, and sleeps well. . The children who have been rescued once are the treasures of someone. Although there is no way to keep them for various reasons, they still care about their lifelong peace and joy from the bottom of my heart.

7 months ago

willing. If I get a serious illness, maybe I won’t be able to treat it, because I am afraid of pain, and it’s okay if it’s cured, it’s really not cost-effective if I can’t be cured, it’s not a good deal… and it’s enough to live all these years haha~ But if my cat is sick, I will treat it too much. I can make more money if I don’t have any money. I need work and work, skills and skills. Can I still make money suffocated? But if the cat is gone, it’s gone. Buying another one is not my little cute one. It’s said that if the cure rate of a pet is very low, it’s better to be happy, but it doesn’t exist in my place, as long as it’s still gasping, it will be cured. ! I don’t care if the pet is uncomfortable, I only want it to live (*꒦ິ⌓꒦ີ)…I have already spent a lot of money on my cat. Whether it is medical examination or daily life, it is absolutely the highest standard, so cute It’s worth it! ! ! Hahaha~ I went to the annual physical examination two days ago. I always felt that it had problems with its hind legs. Occasionally, the hind legs would be stretched back twice when lying down for a long time or waking up. It was similar to stretching, but I don’t think it’s a woman’s. Intuition haha. I took a film by the way. I didn’t understand. The doctor said that the femoral head is not good, but it’s not obvious now. It’s because I found it early. The other shit shoveling officers basically went to the film to find out the reason when the bones protruded and the joints were unable to move. The doctor recommended that I feed chondroitin and calcium supplements, and I will have a physical examination to see the situation later. But it can only relieve it and not cure it. In the end, the bones should come out (╥﹏╥)… Two solutions, one is to cut off the femoral head surgically. The doctor said that the cut will not affect life. (But how can it not affect if the bones are cut off?!) The second is to do replacement surgery. It seems to be replaced by metal. The effect is definitely better, but the price is expensive. The current price is about 100,000, and it may be higher in the future. And you have to go to big cities, Shandong doesn’t have this material. I tend to do replacements. Although I don’t even have a thousand on my body now, hahaha, temporary poverty is not a big problem. I will have money in the future. Save money and change joints when it needs surgery~ The doctor complains that I don’t have to raise too fine. , Cats, cats and dogs… but I was raised as a child, of course I want to give the best~

7 months ago

I ran out of savings, so I didn’t save my savings. I didn’t want to say anything. I won’t keep any pets anymore. Before I raised it, I thought why I would give a pet so much money. I would change another one when I died of illness. But after raising it myself, I realized that I couldn’t do it. It is not only my pet, but also my child. Exaggeration, I would worry about its health and whether there is any good food. “Huge money” bought a beautiful short, and when I came back, it was cat moss and ear mites. After it was cured, I got cat plague. Other skin diseases or parasites may be saved. Anything that brings a plague. I knew it was out of help. But out of my heart, I didn’t give up even if it had the last breath. The injections in the hospital cost money like running water. I was already penniless and owed a credit card debt to Huabei, plus my parents. The cynicism, in their eyes, I am SB. I spent so much money on animals and gave cats injections for a few days. I sneaked out. As long as my mother saw it, I would chase and scold them and continue to go home. Scolding, scolding my prodigal or something. The situation is already very difficult. It seems that the whole world is persuading me to give up it. Even the doctor said that the cat is too small to be saved. The limbs are paralyzed, and the skinny remains. Three days later, I took the cat home and put it on the balcony to let it die. When I got home from get off work at night, I heard the cat cry next to the garbage dump. I saw it was stuffed in a plastic bag. When I went back, I found out that they thought it was in the morning. The cat was about to die and threw it away. It should be uncomfortable and hopeless if it was exposed to the plastic bag for a day in the sun in June. I brought it back again, knowing it couldn’t survive it, and I bought the cat plague package online. I was already dying. The round bun’s face turned into a very pointed face. My eyes were wide open. I saw it a few days ago. My eyes still turn, now I stare at the air as if blind, my mouth is slightly open, try to feed it glucose water, feed it and immediately flow out from the mouth, no breath, swallow, body temperature slowly drops , The temperature in the back leg is almost gone. I just used up the amount of 3 days and it finally died. Hey, it’s okay, it’s relieved. I looked really uncomfortable when I struggled like this, but my powerlessness to raise a cat is the shadow of my life.

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