Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in an interview with reporters on the 25th that the Guangzhou epidemic is my country’s first response to the community transmission caused by the mutated strain of the new crown virus, Delta, which was first discovered in India. Phased results have been achieved, but other regions also need to advance. Take precautions. Judging from this epidemic, the Delta strain is highly contagious, and the establishment of an immune barrier is imminent.

①What is the delta strain? The Delta variant was named in May 2021, the new coronavirus variant strain B.1.617.2 discovered in India by the WHO. This variant was identified as one of the driving factors for the second wave of the epidemic in India. In early 2021, the epidemic raged in parts of India. Later, the “Delta” variant was further mutated to derive the “Delta plus” (Delta +) or “AY.1” variant. Initial data indicated that the Delta+ variant showed signs of resistance to monoclonal “antibody cocktail therapy”. The Central Drug Standards Control Agency (CDSCO) of India has approved the use of “antibody cocktail therapy” to treat new coronary pneumonia. On June 21, 2021, Maria Van Kokhoff, technical director of WHO’s health emergency project, said that the first variant of the new coronavirus strain “Delta” discovered in India has spread to 92 countries around the world. ②Which aspects will the fast spreading speed show? The characteristic of “Delta” mutant strains spreading fast, in fact, mainly refers to the time from effective exposure and infection to the appearance of clinical symptoms and the speed of onset. The time of onset has become shorter, or it can be said that between each generation, intergenerational Compared with past epidemic strains, the spreading interval has shortened the average incubation period by one or two days, and the speed is correspondingly faster. Finally, the BBC integrated data from Imperial College, The Lancet, etc., and compared the basic infection number of the new crown mutant strain with some other viruses, which is R0. The R0 of the “Alpha” mutant strain is 4-5, which means that without any intervention in epidemic prevention measures, a patient infected with the “Alpha” mutant strain can continue to transmit the virus to 4-5 people on average. . The R0 of Delta is 5-8, which is about 1.6 times that of Alpha. That is to say, the comparison between the two is approximately equal to the comparison below.


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6 months ago

From now on, honestly take the Delta strain and future AY.2 big brothers as god-level opponents to guard against. Now study, R0 is 5-8, which is better than smallpox. The version that can break the vaccine will spread at a terrifying speed. With the collapse of foreign epidemic prevention, the defense line supported by vaccines is likely to be defeated, and a third pandemic will occur. At that time, a case that comes in is AY.2 or some stronger version, and the vaccine can’t stop it. One person infects a large number. China has basically eliminated the new crown virus. People and objects that can enter are more dangerous than objects because the virus on objects has a limited survival time and can be disinfected in various ways, and people are a living virus maker. Therefore, the entry quarantine should be substantially tightened than it is now. The virus is so strong that it means that when an airplane comes in, a large number of infections will occur during the entire flight. If one person is positive, the nucleic acid of all the people on the plane is in vain. When these people get off the plane, the air they breathe at the airport has a high viral load. After the mask is filtered out, there is still the possibility of infecting other people. People who used to have close contact with the virus may now be infected in a building. The airport is also a building. If overseas passengers get off the plane with poison. Where will the air and aerosol spread? On other flights, is it safe for passengers who share the airport area? Entry management should be based on the characteristics of the Delta strain to isolate incoming passengers. The area entered by passengers should have a sufficiently high level of biological protection. The air should be isolated from other areas. Temporary isolation and quarantine stations should be built at the airport to handle procedures for incoming passengers in a closed area. The air and sewage in this area should be treated separately. Inbound passengers are not allowed to enter the airport buildings, and personnel handling procedures for inbound passengers should also be separated from other airport staff. After the passengers have completed the formalities, the vehicles will be closed to a dedicated quarantine hotel. Shenzhen is already building a temporary quarantine hotel. It is necessary to ensure that the passengers in the hotel will not infect each other, and the passengers and the attendants will not infect each other. The quarantine period may not necessarily be extended, but multiple nucleic acids are necessary. After leaving the quarantine hotel, home quarantine + multiple nucleic acids, and timely warning of a long incubation period. In addition, after the isolation of immigrants is over, it is quite unsafe to transfer via high-speed rail or plane. In the previous version of the virus, the high-speed rail was in the same compartment, and three rows before and after the plane could basically be solved. In the current version of the virus, if it misses an extremely long incubation period and frequently gets on and off the high-speed rail, it will infect thousands of kilometers and dozens of cities. Therefore, there should be a way to deal with the end of quarantine after entry. Local people say that home isolation is just fine. What about the foreigners? One way is to quarantine for 14 days in the field, and after 14 days, change to a hotel with fewer people to isolate, which is equivalent to home isolation. After 28 days, buy a ticket to go home. If it is not too far away, it can be closed for transportation. Sleeper car, eat and sleep in the car. When he arrives, his family or the local government arranges a pick-up and goes straight home for isolation.

6 months ago

The Delta mutant strain is currently the most transmissible mutant strain, and the Delta+ mutant strain not only inherits Delta’s transmission ability perfectly, but also has the K417N mutation of South Africa and Brazil mutant strains, which means that the virus can reduce vaccines and antibodies. The effectiveness of the drug. The following is a detailed introduction to the Delta mutant strain: the new coronavirus mutant strain B.1.617, which was first discovered in India at the end of 2020, so it is also called the Indian mutant strain. After the mutant strain was discovered, it quickly spread to dozens of countries, including the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, and has a tendency to become a major epidemic strain in some areas of these countries. Many people previously called the B.1.617 strain a “double mutation” because it was discovered that there were two mutations L452R and E484Q on its spike protein, but the mutations on the B.1.617 strain were not the only two, such as causing amino acid changes. There are as many as 13 mutations. The previously identified Indian B.1.617 variants have three subtypes: B.1.617.1 (the “earliest” B.1.617), B.1.617.2, and B.1.617.3. The three subbranches of B.1.617, including Delta, all have L452R mutations (this mutation also exists in the Epsilon mutant strain B.1.427/429 that was first discovered in the United States), and D614G mutations (many highly infectious mutant strains) All carry this mutation, such as Alpha, Beta, Gamma mutant strains, etc.), P681R mutation. Unlike the other two subbranches, the Delta mutant does not have E484Q, but has a T478K mutation. Later, in order to avoid the stigmatization of the mutant strains of the new crown virus, the WHO named the mutant strains of the new crown virus with Greek letters on May 31: according to the new naming system, the B.117 mutant new crown virus first discovered in the United Kingdom will be Renamed Alpha variant virus, B.1351 first discovered in South Africa will be renamed Beta variant virus, P1 first discovered in Brazil will be renamed Gamma variant virus, and B.1617, first discovered in India, has 2 branches and belongs to the variants of concern. B.16172 will be renamed Delta variant virus, and B.16171, which is a variant to be seen, will be renamed Kappa. As far as the Delta mutant strain or the B.1.617 strain is concerned, the D614G and P681R mutations may increase the ability of the virus’s spike protein to bind to the human ACE2 protein, leading to an increase in virus infectivity. The L452R and E484Q mutations may not only increase the binding force to the ACE2 protein (increase infectivity), but also cause a certain degree of immune escape-specifically, the effectiveness of some monoclonal antibody drugs currently developed against the original virus strains has decreased. , The immune protection obtained by natural infection with the original virus decreases, and even the effectiveness of the vaccine may decrease. The previous outbreaks in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan were all related to the Delta mutant strain B.1.617.2. At present, the Delta mutant strain has three main characteristics, one is strong infectivity, the other is immune escape, the third is high viral load, and the one is highly infectious. The Delta mutant has been widely spread in 92 countries in the world, and its transmission power has been significantly enhanced. , And more likely to have severe cases after infection. According to information released by the SARS-CoV-2 mutation tracking database Gisaid, this variant is 50% more infectious than the Alpha variant found in the UK. Delta variants cause 50-150 new cases in France every day, accounting for 2%-4% of new cases. On June 18, local time, the Public Health Agency of England issued a report stating that the transmission power of B.1.617.2 was nearly 60% higher than that of B.1.1.7 (a mutant strain found in southeast England at the end of 2020). The rate is 220% higher. The number of people infected with the Delta variant in the UK has increased by 33,630 since last week, bringing the total to 75,953. The Delta mutant strain B.1.617.2 has now become the most important variant in the UK. The latest data shows that 99% of the UK cases were sequenced as a Delta mutant strain. 2. Immune Escape The Lancet magazine also published an article, reporting that the serum after two inoculations with BNT162b2 affects the South African mutant B.1.351 and the widely concerned second-generation Indian mutant B.1.617.2 ( Delta) neutralizing activity. Compared with the wild type, the neutralizing activity of the sera of 250 vaccinated healthy subjects against the Delta mutant strain (B.1.617.2, India mutant) was reduced by 5.8 times, and against the Beta mutant strain (B.1.351, South Africa mutant) Decrease by 4.9 times and 2.6 times for Alpha mutant strains (B.1.1.7, British mutant strains). Of course, this study also has certain limitations. First of all, there are only 250 people in the study sample, which is too small. In addition, the decrease in neutralizing activity does not mean that the vaccine has completely lost its protective ability. Because the actual protective effect of the vaccine in the human body does not only depend on the existing neutralizing antibodies in the serum, but also on memory B cells that can be mobilized at any time to produce antibodies in large quantities, and can directly eliminate virus-infected cells and stop the virus. Killer T cells expanded in the body. So more critical is whether we have observed a decline in vaccine effectiveness in the real world. For example, compared with unvaccinated people, what is the risk of the vaccinated person being infected with the Delta mutant? Whether there is a change in the risk of infection compared with other virus strains. The British public health department has also recently announced the results of tracking the effectiveness of the vaccine against the Delta mutant after continuously tracking the sequencing results and vaccination status of the local new crown infection. According to previous studies, although the Alpha mutant strain has strong transmission ability, it has no immune escape phenomenon. That is, the new crown vaccine developed against the original virus strain does not have the problem of reduced effectiveness for this mutant strain. In the above study, the population who received two doses of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and AstraZeneca/Oxford University vaccine were 93.4% and 66.1% effective against Alpha mutant strains, and 87.9% against Delta mutant strains. % And 59.8%. This result shows that in the case of complete vaccination, the vaccine is still highly effective against the Delta mutant strain. For people who received only one shot of the vaccine, according to the calculation results of the study, the above two vaccines are still 51.1% effective against Alpha mutant strains, but for Delta mutant strains, the effective rate is only 33.5%, which is a significant drop. Integrating the serum neutralization experiment and tracking the effectiveness of the vaccine, it is not difficult for us to find that the vaccine is still highly effective against the Delta mutant strain, but it is extremely important to complete all the vaccination. In the case of incomplete vaccination, the vaccinators may be greatly protected. decline. 3. Delta mutant strain with high viral load. Its viral load in the body is about 10 times that of ordinary strains. The incubation period in the body is relatively short. It will become ill within 2 to 3 days, even some people. It will develop within 24 hours. The results of a large-scale study in The Lancet on June 14 showed that compared with the Alpha variant, the risk of hospitalization for patients infected with the Delta variant is twice as high. The Delta variant is more transmissible and will also Cause more serious diseases. At present, the Delta virus has derived the Delta+ (Delta Plus) virus, also known as the “AY.1” variant. The characteristic of Delta+ virus is the K417N mutation, which is related to the enhanced ability of the virus to evade the immune system. Therefore, the newly emerged Delta+ not only has all the characteristics of the original Delta variant, but also has a mutation called K417N that was originally discovered in the South African Beta variant. It is important to know that when mRNA vaccines face Beta variants, the neutralizing antibody activity of 26% of vaccinators drops more than 5 times. However, since Delta+ has just appeared recently, the research is still relatively small, and the follow-up still needs to focus on. At present, at least 8 countries have discovered Delta+ virus. Delta+ is resistant to the monoclonal “antibody cocktail therapy” just approved by the Indian government. It is very likely that the Delta+ mutant strain will cause another outbreak in India.

6 months ago

1. The data of the Guangzhou epidemic shows that the delta mutant strain is highly transmissible. 1. The intergenerational transmission interval of the virus is short, and the R0 is as high as 6. Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said at the epidemic press conference held on the afternoon of May 31, Fast transmission speed, short incubation period, and high viral load are the three characteristics of this epidemic in Guangzhou. These are completely different from the overseas imported epidemics experienced by Guangzhou in the past. All three characteristics have accelerated the speed of intergenerational transmission of the virus. The superimposed effect of the makers has also accelerated the development of this round of epidemic in Guangzhou. [1] Zhang Zhoubin said, “The epidemic that Guangzhou is facing this time is an unprecedented opponent, and the difficulty is unprecedented. This requires us to take more resolute and decisive measures to deal with it.” Zhang Zhoubin said, “This time The average incubation period of the local epidemic is about 4 days. The real-time R0, which reflects the transmission rate, remained high after reaching 5 on the 26th. It reached the maximum value of 6.06 on May 29. It dropped to 4.19 for the first time yesterday (May 30). “The epidemic has been transmitted for 4 generations in 8 days [2], and my country usually looks for close contacts and secondary close contacts of the case. This requires that my country’s virus must be in close contact and sub-close contact within two generations, and there is a higher requirement for the speed of flow adjustment. The original new coronary pneumonia virus has an intergenerational interval of 5.7 days. 2. The viral load of the patient is large, and there are many patients with obvious fever symptoms. About 80% of the patients have fever; the viral load is very high, and the rate of decrease is very slow. A high viral load has a high probability of infecting other people. 3. The epidemic has developed rapidly to severe illnesses. Zhang Zhongde, an expert in the medical treatment team of the Guangdong Working Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council and the deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the common feature is that there are more elderly patients and the patient’s condition progresses quickly. , Critically ill patients or severely ill patients become severe after 3 to 4 days of onset. The symptoms of the patients are more obvious. In other places, the main symptom is fever. There are not so many patients. There are, but not so high. About 80% of the patients here have fever, and it is very high. The viral load is very high, and the viral load decreases very slowly. 4. The rate of severe illness is high. Guan Xiangdong, an expert from the Guangdong Working Group of the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Comprehensive Team, and the director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said that it is related to more than 20 local clusters of epidemics since the Wuhan epidemic and the following. Compared with patients, the proportion of severe and critically ill patients is relatively high this time, and this batch of patients is about 10% to 12%. In the past, some were 2% to 3%, some were only 5% to 8%, and some were 8% to 10%. [4] Second, the slopes of the two waves of outbreaks in India also proved that Delta spreads quickly. When the second wave of outbreaks broke out, the original strains had already ebbed, so the two peaks represented different strains. 3. Prospects for the epidemic Views 1. It is necessary for Guangzhou to build a special isolation point instead of an urban hotel; if the isolation hotel is in an urban area, it does not rule out the occasional spread of the hotel and surrounding residential buildings. 2. To ensure complete isolation of international and domestic passengers, it is necessary to decentralize international flights. On June 24, at the Shenzhen epidemic prevention and control press conference, Chen Fanhua, general manager of Shenzhen Airport Co., Ltd., introduced that in terms of international passenger flights, Shenzhen Airport also Corresponding adjustments have been made to retain only individual cities for navigation, strictly implement epidemic prevention requirements, and implement full-process closed-loop management of international passenger inbound flights, which does not overlap with domestic flight guarantees. [5] In some cities, a large number of international flights are intensively received, which puts great pressure on local guarantees and is likely to cause prevention and control loopholes. Therefore, the number of flights should be planned reasonably and a reasonable number of international flights should be received according to the city’s prevention and control capabilities. 3. When the threat of the epidemic is getting bigger and bigger, we should insist on “collecting everything that should be received” and resolutely resist the voice that “the country will open soon”; the impact of the epidemic is equivalent to a world war, forced in most countries When work stops, excessive currency issuance, and severe inflation occurs, only a few countries such as my country can maintain normal monetary policies and maintain full production, forming an attraction to world capital. According to data released by the Ministry of Commerce, in the first five months of this year, the actual use of foreign capital across the country increased by 35.4% year-on-year, and it also achieved a 30.3% increase over the same period in 2019. Experts said that the strong performance of foreign investment shows that foreign investment is still optimistic about China. Unswerving reform and opening up and vigorous market demand will be China’s long-term advantages in attracting foreign investment in the future. [6] In this war, our country has won more than half of it, and letting go is nothing.

6 months ago

Experts disclosed the treatment plan for people infected with delta variant strains. The experts from the Guangdong Working Group of the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanisms Comprehensive Group Medical Treatment Group said in an interview with reporters on the evening of the 26th that in this Guangzhou epidemic, some of the characteristics of people infected with delta variant strains have given clinicians Treatment brings challenges, and it is critical to stop patients from developing into severe illness in time. At present, the treatment of patients adopts a cooperative plan of Chinese and Western medicine, and the treatment situation is generally good. According to experts from the medical treatment team, from May 21 to June 26, Guangzhou Eighth People’s Hospital admitted a total of 166 patients from Guangzhou, Foshan, and Zhanjiang, and 91 cases had been discharged as of the 26th. (Xinhua News Agency)

6 months ago

Translation is that some people’s narrow vaccine science and technology decisive theory is not feasible. In fact, I am quite puzzled. This should have been the basic common sense in the field of epidemic prevention, but now it is explained by a specialist. It seems that some people really post too many articles and want to be crazy about the Nobel Prize, even the industry has forgotten it. Up. Could it be that if you temporarily cooperate with the public opinion of the decisive victory of other people’s science and technology, people will not “betray the Chinese scientists”? Everyone also grew up with the education of the People’s War, so why is there such a big difference in awareness among people? If you don’t feel angry, don’t say anything, don’t say anything, if you don’t take the three corners of it, then you won’t stop.

6 months ago

Academician Zhong talked about the Delta strain. In fact, the most shocking thing is this: “For the Delta strain, the concept of close contact has been changed. The Delta strain has a high viral load, and the infected person has a high concentration of virus, and the intensity of infection is high. Because of this enhancement, the concept of close contact in the past is no longer applicable. In the past, the family members of the infected person, colleagues in the same office, and those who ate and held meetings within 1 meter of the infected person were close contacts. For the Delta mutant strain Those who have been with the infected person in the same space, in the same unit, and in the same building 4 days before the onset of illness are all close contacts. Because of the change in concept, different control modes such as closed and closed control have been formulated at different levels.”

6 months ago

After reading the latest report, it was said that in the same space, if there is no contact, if you pass by at close range, you will be infected. The breath you breathe is poisonous, and you get infected when you breathe it in. What is strange is that when dining at McDonald’s, people passing by can be infected, and children living under the same roof are not infected. It may actually depend on the person’s resistance. Otherwise, if so many people pass by at the same time, why is he/she infected if no one else is infected? Therefore, it is better to exercise more to enhance physical fitness. Even if you are infected, you can have more chances of winning. In fact, in the first version of the virus last year, there were also cases in the same building. The only contact between the infected and the infected was that the two walked up a staircase one after another. Therefore, I think the virus has always been so powerful, and it can be transmitted without contact. It was discovered last year. The original version of the virus last year already had this feature. Why is it that the Delta Virus has this terrible characteristic as if it was a discovery of the New World? And at the time when Wuhan was the most serious, the reports of cases found in other provinces and cities were basically all describing “have been to Wuhan”, “go shopping”, “have eaten in a restaurant”. At that time, I thought it was strange, why are they all? Have you been to Wuhan? What they did was not ordinary things, nor did they deliberately come into contact with the cases in Wuhan. They just did the most ordinary shopping and eating, walking on the street and getting infected? Just got infected? Is it possible that this virus can still spread through the air? Is it possible that the breath exhaled by a case can be infected if someone breathes it in? After that, the experts said, “After research, it is found that the virus can spread by aerosol.” Hasn’t this “aerosol transmission” been discovered long ago? It has always been the characteristic of this virus. How could it be the characteristic of Delta virus that has only been discovered now? Also, looking at the reports at the time, the cases that broke out in other provinces and cities were basically those who had been to Wuhan, and then they just did the most common shopping and eating. I thought, since the virus can spread in the air, why? Those people are infected? There are so many people on the street and so many people in the same restaurant on the same day. There must be more than one person who has been infected from outsiders who go to Wuhan to travel or go shopping for dinner. Why is he or them infected? Are the others okay? Why didn’t they all pass through that street or visited that restaurant, or even stayed in the same space as the case at the same time, but that person was infected and the other person was fine? After much deliberation, I can only come up with one conclusion, that is, people with strong resistance may not be so susceptible to infection. Those who are infected may have poor resistance. Later, the report really said that expert research has shown that most of the patients are people with underlying diseases or poor health or elderly people. So I thought, to prevent the virus from invading, the first is to go out and go out and eat less, because I don’t know who has been in contact with whom, or where the people in this space have been, and the second is to strengthen exercise. , Strengthen nutrition, enhance physical fitness. Third, pay attention to personal hygiene, wash your hands more, and wear more masks. So, when the initial version of the virus last year, wasn’t it already summed up? How could it be that the Delta virus is serious, has more harm, and is more contagious? The only difference is that maybe Delta gets onset faster, is more concealed, and is more likely to become severely ill, right?

6 months ago

The contagious power of Delta virus has been explained thoroughly by several bigwigs. From the perspective of popular science, I will summarize it in plain language: First, it spreads quickly. The most vivid and vivid explanation is the “fourteen seconds” transmission event. During the investigation in Guangzhou City, it was discovered that the two people entered the bathroom one after another without any physical contact, staying together for only fourteen seconds, and the spread of the virus was completed. If this is a case, then from the overall situation of the current round of the epidemic in Guangzhou, the virus shows obvious characteristics of short latency and rapid onset. It can complete 5-6 generations of infection in just 10 days. The second is the large number of infected people. The New England Journal of Medicine published a paper on January 29 last year, analyzing the situation of the earliest confirmed patients in Wuhan, and believed that the basic number of infections of the virus in the early stage, that is, R0 was 2.2; follow-up studies showed that the R0 of the alpha virus was 4-5, while the delta The virus R0 is 5-8. In the early days, the virus could transmit 2.2 to one person, and when it came to Delta virus, it could transmit 5-8 to one person, indicating that the infectious power of the mutated new crown virus has not decreased, but has continued to increase. The third is strong breakthrough ability. Delta virus can break through vaccine protection to a certain extent and has been accepted by more and more people. There were also cases of infection of medical staff after complete vaccination in Guangzhou. Israeli Prime Minister Bennett publicly admitted that the Delta virus will infect people who have been vaccinated. Nearly half of the nearly 150 newly confirmed cases on the 23rd of this month have been vaccinated against Pfizer. Fauci, the chief medical adviser to the White House, also admitted that the effectiveness of Pfizer’s vaccine against delta virus has declined. The “Delta+” virus has a stronger breakthrough ability. Faced with it, the effectiveness of the vaccine is expected to decline even more severely. The World Health Organization has announced that the delta variant virus is by far the most contagious variant virus. The virus has spread to more than 90 countries and is the biggest challenge facing the global epidemic prevention and control. Relying on our strong organization and mobilization ability, we fought against the virus in Guangdong and won the first round. Can follow up? In particular, the epidemic has not been effectively controlled all over the world. Once the virus spreads in some populous countries, it may mutate into new and more destructive strains. This is what makes people deeply worried. Therefore, the development of the new crown epidemic has long since been no longer a purely medical problem, and it is impossible to solve this worldwide problem from a medical point of view.

6 months ago

“In the same space, in the same unit, in the same building, and in the same building, four days before the onset of illness, the people who got along with these patients were close contacts.” How should the current local epidemic situation in Guangdong be judged? What good experiences does Guangdong have in dealing with the first community transmission of Delta mutant strains in China? Regarding vaccination, should the vaccination work for minors and the elderly be accelerated? On June 25, the reporter had a dialogue with Academician Zhong Nanshan and made the latest research and judgment on the new crown pneumonia epidemic. In order to reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic, Guangdong has adopted the most stringent control measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Academician Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the National Respiratory Disease Clinical Medicine Research Center, said that in response to the epidemic, Guangzhou has quickly identified the source of infection and accurately identified the source of infection. Scientific response measures such as the transmission chain and updating the concept of “close contact” have achieved phased results in the first phase of the “epidemic” in my country’s response to community infection of the Delta variant virus. Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the National Respiratory Diseases Clinical Medicine Research Center: First, the source of infection was quickly identified, and the chain of transmission was quickly identified in Guangzhou. On May 21, because the provinces, regions and cities also received Reported that the source of the infection was pinpointed that afternoon. Subsequent high-quality epidemiological investigations, the epidemiological investigations were very timely. There were almost 150 patients, all of whom were genetically tested. This was not done in other places. After almost every genetic test, it was found that it was a grandmother ( After passing it, it is clear, and the transmission chain is very clear. It enables us to understand the whole ins and outs of the disease, its development trend, and how to control it, and provides us with a very clear data support. Second, corresponding to the Delta strain, we used to talk about close contacts, and this concept has to change. Because of the high load of the Delta strain, the exhaled gas is highly toxic and highly infectious. In the past, what is called a close contact? Two days before the onset of illness, the family members of the patient and the family have the same office, or have meals, meetings, etc. within one meter. This is called a close contact. But now the concept of close contact has to be changed. In the same space, in the same unit, in the same building, and in the same building, four days before the onset of illness, the people who get along with these patients are all close contacts. It is precisely because of the change in this concept that a number of different management modes, such as sealing, banning and banning, etc., will be adopted. Therefore, the change of this concept is to control our key crowds. Guangdong is very strict, as far as possible to prevent spillovers outside the province, so in order to reduce the risk of spread of the epidemic caused by the movement of people, especially to prevent the spread to other places in the province, and the outgoing province, May 31, the time of the onset, 6 On the 2nd of the month, the prevention and control headquarters in Guangzhou, Foshan, etc. all issued notifications, requesting that the green code of the health code should be used when leaving Guangdong, Guangzhou, and the Buddha, and there is a 72-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate; it will be increased by June 7 , Further shorten the nucleic acid negative certificate that takes 48 hours to leave Guangzhou and Foshan. So as of June 24, we have not spread it outside the province. Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Chen Jimin, five or six generations in 10 days? Infected within 14 seconds of contact? On June 11, Feng Zijian, a researcher at the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stated at a press conference of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council that from the domestic epidemic, the delta virus variant strain that first appeared in India was very contagious and spreading. Increased, the incubation period or the passage interval has been shortened, and the virus has spread for five or six generations in just 10 days, and the spread of the virus is accelerating. According to the Beijing News “Emergency Call” report on June 21, the Guangzhou police found in the process of contacting and tracing a four-generation key case that the third-generation contact and the fourth-generation contact completed the transmission in only 14 seconds. Entry personnel do not need to increase the quarantine time during the quarantine period. The frequency of nucleic acid testing should be increased. As for the current concern about whether the incubation period of the Delta variant virus is longer, whether entry personnel should increase the quarantine time and strengthen the isolation management, Academician Zhong Nanshan It also said that it is not needed. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhong Nanshan, Director of the National Respiratory Diseases Clinical Medicine Research Center: I don’t think there will be more. Because in general, most of the incubation period is not long, and a very small number of incubation periods are long. If you increase the isolation observation, it will do more harm than good. We should strengthen the nucleic acid testing of these personnel during the isolation period and strengthen the frequency testing. I think this is an effective method. Guangzhou will build 5,000 independent space international health stations. In response to the next epidemic prevention and control, Academician Zhong Nanshan said that for the possible recurrence of Delta variant virus infections, due to the extremely high infection intensity, the hospital’s fever clinics should be strengthened. Control measures and isolation sites should also be more standardized. Zhong Nanshan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of the National Respiratory Diseases Clinical Medicine Research Center: Due to the very high infection intensity of the Delta variant virus, strict control measures should be adopted in fever clinics in hospitals. There are not too many hospitals in most cities across the country that truly meet the specifications of fever clinics: independent buildings, 20 meters away from other buildings… (Fever clinics) must have strict control, good physical isolation, and relatively independent , There are completely different entrances and exits from ordinary outpatient clinics, so you have to choose the position of the downwind direction. Although some high-incidence areas in Guangzhou have adopted the entire area to be isolated in hotels, this has solved many problems, but ordinary hotels are not qualified as isolated hotels. Probably more than 80% of the country’s tourists, and even close to 90% of foreign tourists are here. Guangzhou has decided to build a Guangzhou International Health Station covering an area of ​​250,000 square meters in the suburbs. There are 5,000 independent spaces. The rooms are strictly isolated (standards) and will not be infected with each other. This is called an isolated hotel. At present, the commonly used domestic vaccines are still effective against delta mutant strains. Everyone should call the academician Zhong Nanshan. He also pointed out: “Currently, the domestic commonly used vaccines are still effective against delta mutant strains. Everyone should fight against them.” Minors and the elderly should speed up vaccination. Academician Zhong Nanshan said in an interview about the current epidemic: In the spread of the delta mutant strain, the main and severe patients are mostly the elderly, but there are also children. Therefore, these two groups of people should be vaccinated. The following is an interview with reporters: After this round of the epidemic, do you think that in groups such as minors and the elderly, should the vaccination be accelerated? Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the National Respiratory Diseases Clinical Medicine Research Center: The elderly should be particularly strengthened, because a lot of research was done abroad in the past, and many of them abroad are fast, and the elderly have little progress. This data is not enough to support our elderly. Vaccination is safe. Therefore, the elderly were not mentioned in the indications at that time. But as more and more vaccinations later, hundreds of thousands of them have been proven to be very safe, so the elderly need to be vaccinated more. This time, the delta strain is mainly used for severely ill patients. They are elderly people and also have children. So I think the priority vaccination should be given to the two groups of people, and the booster vaccination should also be done. Reporter: At present, with the three vaccines on the market, do you have any suggestions for minors and the elderly in the selection of vaccination? Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the National Respiratory Diseases Clinical Medicine Research Center: It is impossible to make an absolute head-to-head comparison, so an absolute conclusion cannot be drawn. But now it seems that if more than 90% of all vaccines are inactivated in China, it is now proved that its biggest advantage is that it is relatively safe and has few side effects; secondly, it has a certain protective effect. In particular, I checked the delta strain. From the laboratory data and from more than 160 limited data in Guangzhou, it was found that the close contacts used the vaccine, and the vaccine was used for the entire course of vaccination and the whole course of the vaccine was not used. Its protective power It can be seen that it has a protective effect, with more than 60% protection against infections and close to 80% protection against severe illnesses. Therefore, this should be considered safe to inoculate a vaccine with inactivated whole virus. As for others, such as subunit protein vaccines and adenovirus vaccines, it will take some time to accumulate more information before we can have a clear view. Reporter: After we finish the vaccine, if it is said that after six months or after a certain period of time, the antibody drops or the antibody is not so strong, does it prove that the vaccine has failed? Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the National Respiratory Diseases Clinical Medicine Research Center: It is difficult to draw conclusions at present. Antibody is only one of the indicators, proving that it serves as humoral immunity. There are generally two types of immune functions, one is called humoral immunity, the other is called cellular immunity, and of course some are called memory immunity and so on. So since it is only a part of humoral immunity, if the titer of the antibody drops, it does not completely mean that its protective function has disappeared. Therefore, it is not enough to use antibodies as the only indicator. We are now discussing the functional indicators including humoral immunity, cellular immunity, cellular memory, etc., to illustrate the protective effect of a certain vaccine. Content Source: News Night Flight

6 months ago

First of all, we must treat the Delta virus strain rationally and objectively. Don’t be overly nervous and cause unnecessary panic for everyone. Don’t be blindly optimistic and underestimate the spreading ability of the Delta virus strain. As academician Zhong Nanshan said, the Delta virus strain in the human body has a virus load 10 times higher than that of the previous ordinary strain. The incubation period in the body is also shorter, and it will get sick in about two or three days. Many people will also have questions about whether the vaccine we are vaccinated against the Delta virus strain. The academician also specifically stated that the current domestic vaccines such as Kexing, Sinopharm, Zhifei, etc., all have a certain immune effect, and it is recommended that everyone should be vaccinated. Preliminary statistics on more than 100 patients, some preliminary observations of our (Guangzhou) City results, after vaccination, to prevent infection of close contacts, its efficiency is 69% higher than that of non-vaccinated patients, and it has a preventive effect. So what we have to do is to do a good job of personal protection, don’t gather together in public places, and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

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