In October 2017, Ai Fukuhara gave birth to the eldest daughter. She was so sick that she vomited seven times a day, and sometimes couldn’t swallow what she ate. What kind of behavior did Jiang Hongjie, as her husband, behave at this time?

Jiang Hongjie reprimanded his wife and said, “The child should be out of nutrition.” After Ai Fukuhara was able to eat after the morbidity period, he blamed him and said, “You should get fat, don’t eat.”

But Ai Fukuhara blamed herself for saying that it was a hormonal imbalance.

For those who are bringing children for the first time, every day is a fierce battle. Although he made the mistake of throwing diapers into the washing machine, Ai Fukuhara gradually got used to it. But the husband kept nagging. He criticized her every day for not cleaning up, but he hardly helped with the housework.

At the time, Fukuhara Ai said this to another friend:

“The child is really cute. I thought I could work hard to raise the child. But Jiang Hongjie always scolded me with filthy language, which made me feel a lot of pressure. I have been bleeding unconventionally for a while…”

When his wife was busy raising children, his husband Jiang Hongjie joined the Ryukyu Asteeda team in Okinawa on a two-year contract starting in April of the second year of marriage.

Industry insiders in the Japan Table Tennis League said that this is probably because the team has taken into consideration the intention of the main sponsor and has expectations for his title of “Husband Who Loves Sauce”. However, Jiang Hongjie was always lazy when practicing, and once used the fact that Ai Fukuhara became pregnant as an excuse that he could not come to Okinawa. His 18-year doubles record in the league was one win and five losses. After 19 years, he failed to participate in the competition due to lack of strength.

Ai Fukuhara, who originally aimed to “comply with table tennis and parenting”, also announced that he would retire in October 18th due to the reason that “the next generation of athletes have achieved tremendous growth.”

Both the couple withdrew from the front line of table tennis. At that time, they attracted people’s attention in completely different aspects from before. That is the online program “Trio of Happiness” which has been broadcast in China since July 18th. This is a reality show that tracks and shoots three couples living far away from the city.

They appeared in this show, let the audience see the blushing intimacy scene. At the request of Jiang Hongjie “I want to kiss a hundred times a day”, the two kissed 61 times in front of the camera from morning till night. The appearance of the couple flirting in bed was also made public.

The staff of the show confirmed:

“This is a project brought by Jiang Hongjie himself. He also forced Ai Jiang to say,’Since I am a wife, we must help her husband’. It is also on the Internet social platforms, saying,’I want to post a blog on Ai Jiang, it is also a promotion to me. She posted an intimate group photo of the two of them. Thinking of’for the sake of the child’, Ai Fukuhara obeyed her husband’s words.”

Ai Fukuhara, who suffered severe mental violence in the family, lived a life of being forced to show the harmony of husband and wife to the public. However, this kind of life has been twisted and “fettered” by her husband.

What Ai Fukuhara can never forget is when she went to see the dentist in the spring of 19th. Jiang Hongjie hates that Ai Fukuhara wears gorgeous and fashionable clothes in her daily life. After he changed Ai Fukuhara into plain clothes, the two went to the dental clinic together. However, on the way home, Jiang Hongjie yelled at Ai Fukuhara:

“The way you open your mouth is like trying to seduce someone. You whore!”

Not only this day, in September 19th, after the photography of the essay photobook was over, Ai Fukuhara went to embrace the photographer Noribu Sasayama who admired her like a father. It is said that Jiang Hongjie, who saw this scene in the photo afterwards, scolded like this:

“Why do you want to take pictures like this with someone who takes nude pictures of others? I’m going to cheat on other women too.”

Ai Fukuhara learned from her mother-in-law how her husband likes to eat spicy fried pork and other dishes, and her mother-in-law helped her bring the children. The mother-in-law is the only person Ai Fukuhara can rely on in her increasingly isolated home.

But after the mother-in-law finished her words of thanks, the next speech was unbelievable.

“Come here, our family has made a lot of money. You are our family’s chicken that can lay golden eggs”

After listening to these words, Fukuhara Ai faithfully conveyed to her husband the feeling that “I was scared by the words of my mother-in-law.”

However, the husband’s reply turned out to be: “What can’t stand this. I’m praising you for your ability. You think negatively about everything, is your brain broken?” Such indifferent words.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

When experiencing or using emotional abuse in a relationship, the closer the person is, the more likely it is to do so without knowing it. Celebrity news only amplifies these problems. In fact, emotional abuse exists in our lives, such as cold violence (closed), face-saving, accusations, abuse, suppression, labeling, use, betrayal, etc. This is the toxin of a relationship, but it is also the only way for us to learn to love. This toxin can make people numb, confused and painful. If they can’t get over it, they will always be trapped in the victim’s cage. Once you have borne this toxin, you will have antibodies in your body, and you will also understand what true love and respect are.

7 months ago

Seeing the news of Fukuhara Ai’s suspected marriage change, there is now a lot of emotional abuse, and the dog-blooded scene of being scolded by prostitutes. I have always liked love sauce, and I am still a bit sad and regretful to eat melon here. The relationship between her sister and brother Jiang Hongjie was very sweet at the beginning. Both of them were table tennis players and met very early. At that time, it was also a sweet pet. But now there was only a sigh. In the entertainment circle, the love between sisters and brothers has become a great story. We can see with the naked eye many examples of sisters’ faces full of happiness. Cai Shaofen, Chen Songling, and Yi Nengjing are all, but in the end, there is only one chicken feather but more, Ma Yili, Hong Xin, Gu Sun Hye, Song Hye Kyo… Then why do some sister-in-law loves can be sweet and consummate, and some brother-in-law loves are destined to end dismal? What are the decisive factors? Many entertainment news comments will always say that lack of confidence + love brain + sister and brother love = looking for abuse. Ai Fukuhara said that her dream is to get married and have children as a housewife, not independent enough! Hong Xin has always been a stupid woman. Looking at men, Hye-sun’s insecurities and control rights are completely ignorant. Normal people will be suffocated. You can’t blame Ahn Jae-hyun. What about Ma Yili? Where is Song Hye Kyo? Where is Li Xiaolu? It seems unexplainable. A very weak girl is basically looking for abuse in a sibling relationship. But for a girl who is completely indifferent to the weak, there is no guarantee that siblings will succeed! Yes, this is the fact. We are about to get in touch with the nature of the relationship between the sexes. The relationship between the sexes, whether in love or marriage, has a basic principle, that is, it must be the cooperation of two people. So no matter how good you are, you can’t rely on your own efforts to determine the direction of the relationship. This is where feelings are different from reading and work. Therefore, in any relationship, not only do you become better, but you must also judge and screen out the right teammates. What is the standard for the good or bad of the emotional object? Very simple, just look at 2 points. This person’s mental maturity and TA’s determination to love someone for a long time use these two standards to test any relationship, and you can see the essence. If two people have the desire to achieve a relationship, they are mature in their minds. Then this is a very ideal feeling, the gods and the relatives. Ranked second is that both people have a desire to achieve a relationship, one of which is mature and helps the other grow up. Secondly, there is a difference in emotional concentration between two people, but the one with a low concentration is mature in mind, so whether the other party is mature or immature, you can use [firmer love] to make up for the difference, which is the difference in emotional concentration between two people, but The high-concentration party is mature in mind, and is willing to take all grievances and injuries with [love], drag the other party forward, and expect the other party’s mind to grow over time. Of course, the premise is that the one who loves less can’t be too outrageous, and hit the bottom line to destroy the emotions and contracts between the two. In the above four situations, there are opportunities to achieve a good long-term intimacy. But there are two other situations that I didn’t mention. The first is that the two people are immature; the second is that neither of them has the determination to achieve a relationship. Then you don’t need to read it at all. No matter how sweet the relationship is at the beginning of the relationship, there can be no results at all, and you will leave after marriage. If you understand this rule, you can also see that the relationship between all siblings is going. If it meets the most ideal and second ideal situation, then don’t worry, two people in love can get a lot of happiness from this relationship. There is also the growth and abundance of the soul. If it is the third situation, it must be the immature one who loves more firmly in order to maintain the relationship. If the younger brother is immature, he must love him more. What if it is the fourth type? The mature is the older sister, and the older sister is the one who loves more. If it is such a love affair. Tired is the inevitable result of my sister. Because it is my sister who is dragging the other party forward. It’s just that one side drags the other side, and the dragged side is more suitable for men to do, which is in line with evolutionary psychology. If the one who is dragging forward is the older sister, there is a high probability that she will not grow up. This situation is why some very good, mature and powerful women still end up in failure in their relationships with their younger lovers. It’s just because the teammate chose the wrong one. Therefore, I don’t think Ai Jiang is being used. I believe that the two people who fell in love back then really fell in love, but the true mental level gradually exposed under the test of time.

7 months ago

Recently, I just paid attention to the literature on pua and mental manipulation. Here are some signs of being pua and ways to get out of it. I hope you won’t have the time to use it: Gaslighting is common in emotional abuse or psychological devastation. The purpose of the form is to slowly dissolve the self-confidence and sense of self-worth of the manipulated. I believe that whether it is from news reports or in real life, everyone has already understood the PUA (pick-up artist) style of communication. To this day, the lessons learned by the victims with their lives are still clear, but similar tragedies wander in hot searches every other time, and they have not disappeared from our vision. So, why would anyone still be harmed by PUA, knowing that there is such a thing? In addition to the unfortunate childhood experience (see “The Formation and Stop Loss of the Scum Physique” in “The Origin of Love”), the inherent instinctive needs of human beings are also one of the driving forces behind the scenes: the need for acceptance is for the need for being loved. The understood needs have these needs. The positive side is that they prompt us to establish a close and loving bond with others; the negative side is that when these needs are combined with certain tendencies, they make us vulnerable to mental manipulation. s damage. These tendencies include: self-doubt, tendencies to please, tendencies to avoid conflicts. For individuals with these tendencies, it may be necessary to pay special attention to PUA that may exist in interpersonal relationships. Mental manipulation is more likely to occur when we enter a relationship that contains a substantial environment or power inequality-such as individuals who are in a disadvantaged position for fear of losing their job, or are particularly “fearful” due to previous experience/trauma being abandoned”. (See “Object Persistence and the Fear of Abandonment” for details.) Having said that, the real problem is not that we want to be loved, liked or understood by others, but that these needs are intertwined with specific tendencies and habits that make Some individuals are more likely to become prey for mental manipulators.

7 months ago

After reading the marriage change news of the national idol Ai Fukuhara, I just want to say that even if you are a national idol or a world champion, you should never use the idea of “full-time wife/housewife” casually, let alone unclear boundaries with the other party’s native family. . I watched the news before and said that although Ai Fukuhara was the first world champion in Japan to win an Olympic medal in table tennis, she gave up her career completely after marriage and worked as a full-time housewife at home. She is a traditional Japanese woman in marriage. The biggest dream in life was to cook for my husband every day, and then when my husband came home, he would wait for him at the door.

7 months ago

However, the breakdown of this marriage saw signs from the beginning. Ai Fukuhara was wrong. The boundary was unclear, causing the other party and the other’s original family to cross the line: 1. The other party had long been mentally violent towards her and had a strong desire to control Ai Fukuhara. Strong. In 2017, Ai Jiang was pregnant with her first child. At that time, her morning sickness was very serious. At one time, she had to brush her teeth seven times when she vomited, and she couldn’t even swallow what she ate. But instead of caring about her body, Jiang Hongjie accused her of vomiting too much and no nutrition! There is also an incident of seeing the teeth. Fukuhara loves to see the teeth. Jiang Hongjie insults Fukuhara Ai for no reason. The man’s mother said, “You are the golden hen of our family.” (You are the way to make money for our family.)

7 months ago

Sure enough, everything is traceable. Just a few days ago, I wrote that Fukuhara Aijiang’s marriage was obviously wrong, and the news of their marriage change in these two days spread to the world. All previous guesses have been confirmed. A brief review of the previous tips ↓ is that Ai Fukuhara was found to have stopped interacting with her husband Jiang Hongjie since January this year. The speech on the social platform was very sad, expressing nostalgia for the happy days before, and even the wedding ring that never left her hands A new company was set up in Japan. It plans to bring mother and two children back to Japan to live in Japan. From life to business, they will return to Japan, which is equivalent to cutting off from Jiang Hongjie, who is developing in Taiwan and the mainland.

7 months ago

After reading the Japanese media articles carefully, Ai Jiang apologized, but Jiang Hongjie denied it, but both parties did not respond to the real status of their marriage. It’s hard to say “mental abuse”. If it is as reported by the media, Ai Jiang’s marriage status is indeed worrying. Many female netizens will say that “domestic violence” and “mental abuse” will definitely not marry. However, in many cases, the husband’s temperament changed greatly before and after marriage, and he could not believe that he was such a person before marriage. The woman also felt that she did not do a good job because she did not believe that “it was not his fault” that she slowly fell into self-blame and compromise. In fact, you are likely to have encountered a “fickle partner”-sweetness before marriage, domestic violence after marriage. I have such a friend by my side, her name is Aiwen.

7 months ago

In fact, as people who have passed by, they can fully understand the plight of their marriage, and they can also see that the ending is divorce. First of all, Fukuhara Ai’s Northeastern dialect and Taiwanese Mandarin are no longer the same language. This is a kind of cultural estrangement. This estrangement does not mean who is right and who is wrong. It can easily cause distrust of two people and reduce the intimacy of two people. Wang Nan and Xiao Ai are very close, Jiang Hongjie and Xiao Ai are a bit respectful, but they are actually talking about each other. Secondly, many mainland girls will feel aggrieved when they marry in Taiwan, but they themselves are not big stars or have high incomes, so when they are wronged in Taiwan, no one speaks for them. But Fukuhara Ai is different. She is the one who can afford it, and she is also the one who is much better than the man in terms of income and ability. When she suffers the same grievances as girls from other continents who have married in the past, she actually cannot bear it. of. In the end, the eldest sister in Taiwan thought that this younger sibling was just like other girls from the mainland who married Taiwan. She was a bit naive. Ai Fukuhara can be abused by the Great Devil, but sister, you really have no right to abuse. Being abused by the big devil is convincing, and being abused by you just want to say why? ? I still remember the old clothes that our relatives in Taiwan sent us by mail when we were young. We were really speechless. We knew they were kind, but it did feel that Wanwan was a bit sitting and watching the sky. Pineapple might be just the beginning. I have some sympathy for the Wanwan compatriots. It’s not wrong, but I’m so proud.

7 months ago

When I saw that I was vomiting seven times a day, I instantly thought that when I was pregnant, I vomited when I ate and even drank water. My husband didn’t dare to touch me. He only dared to stand at the bathroom door and wait for me with water. Because he was vomiting and caring about his words and so on, I would run away. Don’t talk about other limbs to comfort me, just say something hypocritical. At that time, I wanted to commit suicide every day… because of morning sickness. I also searched it on Baidu (it was not only me who had severe morning sickness, and it was not only me who wanted to die). Later, my husband was in a good mood and couldn’t stand it anymore. I said: Or just kill it, I don’t want children anymore. I really think it’s worth marrying him no matter what. I vomited in late pregnancy but I was like a grass mud horse. I spit in seconds. I played cards with others and spit a little bit of saliva. Everyone said they didn’t dislike me, but no one played mahjong for me anymore.. The saliva was similar to that of spitting. Bubbles, the taste is an aggravated version of the fairy water, a disgusting one, I will spit a thick layer of paper on my mouth at night and fall asleep unknowingly. It’s funny when you go out, take a plastic bag and throw up while walking. It’s really sad to think of it. As for the humiliation of the slut after Fukuhara loves giving birth, it is even more unbearable. Why is it that people play table tennis well like J? At that time, I was as fragile as paper. If I was mentally suppressed like Fukuhara Ai’s husband, it might be either I died or their whole family died. Really.

7 months ago

Married life is indeed like drinking water, knowing it is warm and cold, but it will not be too happy to be with someone who only knows to suppress oneself. Blindly forbearance will only make the other person look down on him even more, and eventually even lose himself. Zhou Yiwei’s attitude toward his wife Zhu Dan in Luyu’s talk show caused countless netizens to diss. Luyu asked whether Zhou Yiwei would take turns with his wife Zhu Dan to film and take care of the children because of his relationship as an actor, but Zhou Yiwei’s answer was yes. : “As if her filming is like filming, her filming is not a filming in my standard sense.”

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