On June 27, on the eve of the party’s centennial birthday, the National Space Administration released a series of real shots of the landing and patrol exploration of my country’s Tianwen-1 Mars exploration mission, including the parachute and descent process of the landing patrol, and the departure of the “Zhu Rong” rover Landing platform sound and Mars surface moving process video, Mars global environment perception image, Mars rutting image, etc.

As of the morning of the 27th, the Tianwen-1 orbiter has been in orbit for 338 days, with a distance of 360 million kilometers of ground fire. The “Zhurong” rover has been working on the surface of Mars for 42 Martian days and has traveled 236 meters in total. The orbiter and the Mars rover are in good working condition, reporting safety from Mars to the party and the motherland, and sending distant blessings on the centuries of the party’s founding. In the future, the rover will continue to carry out movement, perception, and scientific exploration as planned, and the orbiter will continue to operate in the relay orbit to provide relay communications for the rover’s patrol and exploration, and carry out surround detection.

What else will the Mars mission bring us? Academician Ye Peijian said in an interview during this year’s Space Day; I put together a video screenshot to make, and the video screenshot comes from our space interview with Academician Ye during this year’s Space Day; the site of the China-US talks on March 18-19, 2021, because The talks were full of gunpowder on both sides, and the tough statements of Chinese diplomats caused a sensation. However, what is less known is that during this meeting, the U.S. representative mentioned Mars exploration. At that time, Sullivan said that “we are all on Mars” refers to soft landing Mars + Mars rover inspection and exploration. This is the current human Mars rover. Prior to this, only the United States had achieved the two points of “moving + patrol” at the same time. Because during the China-US Alaska talks, Tianwen No.1 had not landed on Mars, so the U.S. representative would treat China so arrogantly. The representative made a speech. But now, we have also achieved Mars soft landing and Mars rover patrol exploration, becoming the second country after the United States to master these two technologies at the same time, although there is still a gap between the United States and the United States in some configurations (such as our Mars The car still uses traditional solar panels, and the United States is already using nuclear batteries), but in general, in the field of Mars exploration, we are basically on the same level as the United States, or there is no generation gap. Mars rover three stages: 1. Primary stage: Orbital exploration (U.S., Soviet Union/Russia, Europe, China, India, UAE) 2. Intermediate stage: Soft landing + Mars rover (USA, China) 3. Advanced stage: Sample return (Currently not implemented by humans) It can be seen that both the United States and China are in the second stage. From now on, we will see who can complete the Mars sampling and return first. The timetable announced by CNSA is similar to that of NASA. So I want to say that now, at least in In the field of Mars exploration, we can confidently say to the Americans: “You are not qualified to talk to China from a position of strength from a high position.”


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The tasks of Tianwen and Zhu Rong are basically perfect, the pictures have been posted, the film has been watched, and the voice has been heard. The latter is scientific exploration. Scientists care about how many scientific research results can be produced, and we don’t understand what it is. Zhu Rong was on the side of the lander on June 2. The number 6 was about 22 meters away from the lander, the number 11 walked more than 80 meters, and the number 27 was 236 meters in total. This average speed of 10 meters a day is really good. The next step is to wait two months for the day after tomorrow to change orbit again and enter the scientific exploration orbit. At that time, the perigee relay was probably abolished, basically relying on the apogee relay to work. The total communication capacity may be half. In addition, it is also a challenge to spend the winter afterwards, I hope I can survive it smoothly. After that, I will wait for 28 years of Tianwen 2 Mars to sample and return, but I hope that before that, every window will send some probes to Mars for preliminary technical verification. For example, 3 ton direct EDL, Mars ascent and intersection docking and the like. It stands to reason that there should be, but it seems that the country’s investment in the Mars mission is still not large enough. (This time the picture and video are far more focused than expected, maybe there is a purpose to get funding?) In the next two years, there seems to be no new mission for deep space exploration. Now just wait and see, maybe there is a separate panoramic camera on the SkyWen Orbiter. In addition, the Chang’e 5 orbiter should still have more than 100 kilograms of fuel, and it can also act as a demon. Going to Venus is not a big problem.

6 months ago

The Chinese astronauts never give up and strive to catch up. This is the best gift for the party’s centennial birthday. Whether it is absolute number one or not, as long as there is, it is awesome! Here, I do not want to comment on the Bald Eagle. He is a big agricultural country, a powerful country, and its geographical location is super superior, not to mention that the political system is very different from that of our country. The equality of all people is the equality of personality. Where is the so-called equality of background. In such a difficult environment, it took less than 20 years for China to complete the achievements that others have gradually achieved in 40 years. I actually admire it, and I am very proud of it, and I want to say “Thanks for your hard work” to all the astronauts who have paid for it here. It’s never shameful to chase others along the way they’ve walked. Is it a self-harm? There is something that I don’t know if it’s an Easter egg, but I can’t see it clearly because of overexposure.

6 months ago

Listening to the voice from Zhu Rong repeatedly, it feels terrifying. Reminiscent of the percussion sound that Yang Liwei said when he entered space for the first time, the analysis of the reason for this sound may be based on the following reasons: First: This terrifying sound must be produced by the Zhu Rong movement, and everything on Mars is silent, and it will amplify Zhu Rong. Second: the Martian atmosphere is extremely thin, and the sound produced by Zhurong cannot diffuse outwards, and the superposition of the front and back sound waves produces a self-excited effect; third: the electromagnetic environment and atmospheric environment of Mars are unknown, and the sound conduction of Zhurong is different from that of the earth. , The sound wave will be deformed.

6 months ago

We can see such detailed information pictures and images, thanks to the various “cameras” and “recording devices” carried by the Tianwen-1 and Zhurong rover. The parachute-opening surveillance camera, fire-fall monitoring camera, and obstacle-avoidance camera carried by “Tianwen No. 1” recorded the parachute bombing, parachute opening and throwing, dynamic deceleration and obstacle avoidance. The “Front and Rear Obstacle Avoidance Camera” of the “Mars Rover” recorded the entire process of leaving the landing platform and reaching the surface of Mars to start patrolling and detection, and the recording device of the Mars rover acquired the sound data of the departure process. The audio includes live sounds during the process of turning on the driving mechanism of the rover, driving on a ramp, and driving onto the surface of Mars. The sound of the rover moving away mainly comes from the driving mechanism, the friction between the wheels and the ramp, and the friction between the wheels and the ground. The “Landing Platform and Mars Rover Group Photo” was taken by the Mars rover WIFI separate camera. The camera recorded the retreating movement and in-situ turning process of the Mars rover. This is the first time that humans have obtained images of the movement of the Mars rover on the surface of Mars. According to the parameters such as the field of view and focal length of the WIFI camera, the staff planned the location and travel path of the camera separation. After the rover reached the separation point, the WIFI camera was released and moved back to the photo spot. The camera took a photo of the landing platform and the front of the rover. The rover makes a turn, facing the camera sideways, and takes a photo of the landing platform and the rover sideways. In the follow-up detection, the “front and rear obstacle avoidance camera” of the rover can capture the clear rut and surrounding environment of the rover, which provides help for the path planning of the follow-up scientific exploration of the rover. All kinds of “sensors” and other scientific “detection devices” carried on Mars will continuously collect Martian surface topography, landform, soil information and atmospheric environment information, and provide more information for Mars exploration and research. In addition, the rover is also equipped with a “Mars composition detector” and a “mineral spectrum analyzer”, which will carry out high-precision scientific exploration of elements, minerals and rocks on the surface of Mars. (If there is a special phenomenon on Mars, there should be photos or information released, which is worthy of follow-up attention) Another whim-I don’t know if the “Zhu Rong” can detect a soil environment that can grow vegetables. After all, in 2040 Musk is going to send us to Mars!

6 months ago

It is worth asking, this Mars mission will certainly bring us surprises and pride. If possible, I hope “Zhurong” will find “Perseverance” and cut its wires, haha! Closer to home, let’s briefly talk about the Mars exploration missions of the “Zhurong”: 1. Analysis and identification of Mars minerals and rocks, and analysis of their elemental composition. 2. Obtain topography, geomorphology and geological background information around the landing site, and conduct spatial analysis. Obtain visible and near-infrared spectroscopy data of rocks, soil, etc.; collect various day and night sky images for specific atmospheric, meteorological and astronomical research. 3. The rover moves and finds the target of interest (rock/soil, etc.); compares the ground images they have taken to calibrate the real situation of the Martian surface; finds the target or area of ​​interest for other scientific payloads. 4. Subsurface radar detection, through the high and low frequency channels to penetrate the depth of 3-100 meters, to detect the subsurface layering and thickness of the Martian soil. Continuously collect underground radar signals, detect the size and distribution characteristics of underground materials, and constrain the underground layered structure in the vertical and horizontal directions, and restrict the distribution of ground water ice and volatiles (such as hydrated minerals, etc.). 5. Detect the Martian surface magnetic field, the Martian magnetic field index and the current in the Martian ionosphere. Analyze the evolutionary significance of the interior of Mars. 6. Mars meteorological exploration, monitoring the time and space changes of Mars surface temperature, pressure, wind field and sound. Before landing, collect temperature and sound data on the ring fire orbit. The design life of the “Zhu Rong” rover is 3 Mars months, which is equivalent to about 92 Earth days. But we all know that this is only the design life, and its life will often be greatly prolonged under no accidents. For example, our “Yutu II” successfully landed on the surface of the moon on January 3, 2019. Its design life is also three months, but it is still operating normally so far and has greatly exceeded its design life. So if nothing else, the “Zhurong” rover will work on the surface of Mars for a long time, and it will bring us more surprises in the future. Let’s wait and see!

6 months ago

This idea is very good. Come on, China, because we haven’t done enough. We just crossed the river by feeling the white-tailed eagle, but we didn’t exceed the white-tailed eagle. A three-step plan for Mars exploration was proposed on the 23rd, which shows that there is still much we can do. The early establishment of a Mars base and a lunar base is not only of great significance to the development of my country’s aerospace industry, but at the same time, if a base is established and landed earlier, a certain degree of sovereignty over this place can be declared earlier. The era of allowing other countries to divide the earth from the moon has passed, and China also needs to have a territory in space. It has been almost two years since the new crown epidemic has continued. Emotionally speaking, I hope that China will control the epidemic better and better. In fact, China is also doing very well. At the same time, I also hope that the epidemic will cause trouble outside for a while, and a few more years. The COVID-19 pandemic is a small war. Many people don’t feel any feeling when I say this, but many people will experience it in a few years. Anyone who can control the epidemic as soon as possible and make good use of the opportunity to develop their own strength is likely to make changes in the world after the epidemic. At the end of January last year, at the beginning of the epidemic, many people around me went abroad to give birth to children, some ran out for refuge with the whole family, and YYGQ me. I felt that the epidemic would definitely be a mess. The epidemic is of course a mess, but it’s not in China. But these people are also necessary to convince the United States that China cannot control the epidemic, which is beneficial to China. So emotionally, I hope their whole family will be Karma, but now we must be rational, and we need them to sing us out. The Type 003 aircraft carrier has been a hot topic in military fandom for more than two years. People who know it say it is very low-key, indeed low-key. Why don’t I discuss motivation? No need to measure its main dimensions, 330 meters or more, such aircraft carrier tonnage will not be small, and use electromagnetic ejection. Also, apart from the spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense and the chief designer, no one has the ability to tell the truth. People like Bureau Zuo, Du Wenlong and Fang Bing can only say that I guess what I think they have the ability to tell the truth. ? To be honest, ten out of ten are great jumping gods. I originally speculated that the 003 aircraft carrier was delayed for at least one or two years due to the epidemic, but unexpectedly, it will resume work in May, and almost all sections will be completed in July. It is very difficult to ensure that such a large-scale project will not stop for too long at a special moment like the epidemic. 003 is not one type of one ship, he will have at least two ships. That said, 001, 002, and 003 are all experimental. The United States is not rich enough yet, and with so many types of aircraft carriers, it is not afraid of logistical abuse. The tonnage and performance of 003 is destined to be an ocean-going aircraft carrier. China says it will not engage in an arms race. I believe we will not engage in it, but the United States does not believe it. Tianzhoutian and Shenzhou 12 were completed in one year. This is equivalent to building a space station independently in one year. I only understand this sentence now: Who is the most fanatical military fan in China? It’s the so-and-so that we respect. He is really a hardcore military fan. Now, even if the reputation of the arms race is realized, space stations, space exploration, aircraft carriers, and nuclear weapons cannot be left behind. After all, arms race is not a derogatory term, a neutral term. The Kaiser has a politician that I admire very much, he. His famous saying is outdated today. What’s more, the proportion of China’s military expenditure is much lower than that of the United States. If there is no idea of ​​a navy that is half open to the United States, then don’t develop a navy. After the launch of 003, the United States will either directly suppress China through a head-on confrontation, or compare dumplings with China and launch rockets. The two must be one of the two. I said in the previous article that the new crown epidemic has exposed many problems that would have appeared after 2035 early, such as: China’s publicity disadvantages, public opinion disadvantages, and high-tech industry disadvantages. For example: How long can the United States’ high welfare and high social security and the US’s world’s largest military power consume huge resources? The reality of the earth has failed to achieve controllable nuclear fusion, and its involution will still exist for a long time. The problem will come sooner or later. It is better to come early than later. The US dollar hegemony is based on energy and military. As long as the US cannot dominate military affairs and the US dollar is decoupled from energy, the US dollar will lose its status in the past. Whoever can be the prime minister of Kaiser Wilhelm will be able to take the lead in the world after the epidemic. From this perspective, I hope that the epidemic abroad will only subside in a few years. Give us enough time to serve 4/6 003,004 to build a larger space station, and it is best to achieve a Mars base. Shiraito is only a country, and it is unreasonable that he has always been the world’s first. Those who ran outside to YYGQ me at the beginning of the epidemic, I don’t care, they’d better sing badly until after 003 has served two ships, after China realizes the construction of a Mars base, otherwise it is not a good thing to leave too early.

6 months ago

My warmest congratulations, this is the first photo of Mars taken by us Chinese, and we applaud China’s space flight. Finally, I saw the photos of the ground on Mars taken by the Zhurong rover. It was very exciting, because this was the first photo we took on Mars. The National Space Administration released the images taken by the Mars rover during the landing process of my country’s first Mars exploration Tianwen-1 mission probe and the rover after the landing. I was very excited after seeing it. On May 15th, after the successful soft landing of the Tianwen-1 mission landing patrol icon on the Martian Utopia Plain, the rover established ground-to-ground communications. On May 17, the orbiter implemented the fourth near-fire brake and entered the relay communication orbit, establishing a stable relay communication link for the Mars rover, and successively sending back image data, which is what everyone sees. At present, the rover is preparing to leave the landing platform, and will select an opportunity to drive onto the surface of Mars and begin patrol exploration. This time, the Tianwen-1 Mars exploration mission will be a complete success

6 months ago

In view of the fact that the college entrance examination results and score lines have just come out, it is time to fill in the volunteer; the image is released at this time, maybe it is also the admission advertisement of the aerospace college? Young people are the future, the foundation of brilliant achievements ten or decades later. The established goals of this Mars mission seem to have been accomplished smoothly. Personally, I hope that Zhurong will walk and stroll around as much as possible, and take as many photos and videos as possible without affecting the scientific research work. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if a Martian creature or a Martian UFO is photographed?

6 months ago

Traveling to Mars in the future is just around the corner. I hope someone is planting potatoes on Mars, haha! Come on, China, the Chinese people can develop it, which shows how smart and hard-working Chinese people are. You can test Raven’s intelligence test to see if your IQ is equal to our astronauts, maybe the next one is you! The Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM) was created by the British psychologist J.C. Raven in 1938 and is still used in countries around the world to test a person’s ability to observe and think clearly. It is a pure non-verbal intelligence test, so it is widely used in borderless intelligence/reasoning ability tests. It is an asymptotic matrix chart. The entire test consists of 60 pictures and consists of a progressive matrix composition of 5 units. Each unit has different requirements for smart activities. In general, the structure of the matrix is ​​becoming more and more complex. From one level to multiple levels, the required thinking operation is also a gradual progression from direct observation to indirect abstract reasoning. Process [1]. Click below to take the test. After the test, the professional comment of the psychologist is attached. Remember to watch it.

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