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Xiaoqing: Sister, such a rude man is still a monk, so you can repay your favor. How can you give up and marry him? Xiaobai: Sister, I don’t know. Sister, I have practiced for thousands of years. I have seen so many good skins, but I have never seen such an upright and righteous heart. In order to seek justice for poor people who have never met, I can fight my own life. Don’t… …Although the Xianggong is rude, he is really a living bodhisattva. His sister loves him so much. If you can stay with him for decades, it is better than being immortal and immortal. Xiaoqing: My idiot sister… It’s nothing, I don’t bother to care about you! If you want to marry him, it’s up to you, but I am going to be a maid with you. If he dares to bully his sister, I will take his dog’s head anyway! Xiaobai: Sister, you can’t beat him… Fahai: Bai Suzhen, you finally got my way. From today onwards, you have to practice and regret under this Leifeng Pagoda. Xiaobai: Great monk, I know that you are not a bad person by nature, and my sannyasi is also a living bodhisattva… Fahai: (Interrupt) It’s useless for you to please me, and don’t cover up with your sanny. I won’t let you go! Xiao Bai: (Anxiously) I didn’t mean that! Great monk, you have caused a disaster! You still abandon the mountain gate and quickly lead the apprentices to escape! Run! Silly boys, run! ! ! Suddenly, a little novice ran in pissingly: “Master! Disaster! Disaster!” At the same time, outside the mountain gate, there was a roar like a thunder: “The lady who is still going home!!!” The words did not fall. With two bangs, the heavy mountain gate powder shattered. Like a furious giant bear, the chubby man jumped in with two altar legs. Several undead fire workers held their sticks to stop them. Wherever they could stop them, they were snatched by him, and made a hand like a green onion. He slapped King Kong on the leg at the door twice again, and the King Kong crashed down, shaking the price. Xiaobai: (covering his face) You are done… Fahai: This benefactor… Ruda: Wu, that thief is bald! Just return the lady of the Sa family, otherwise the Sa family will razing your bird temple to the ground! Fahai: The benefactor doesn’t know something, Mrs. Zun is a fairy… Ruda: So you caught her? Fahai: The monsters have different paths, so naturally they should be caught… Ruda: Bah, what is the reason for this? What about the fairies? Damn fairies? On the day when the Sajia and my wife met, she had already told the Sajia that she was a white snake, so what? My lady is kind-hearted and has never harmed the people. On the contrary, she has a lot of help. Last year, there was a severe drought and a pandemic. It was my lady who asked for rain and stole the celestial grass, spreading decoctions, and saved the people in a radius of thousands of miles. Without her, here and now, it would be a thousand miles away to eat! Where were you waiting for the bald donkey full of benevolence and morality? Fahai: I…I…Ignorant villager, dare you… Ruda: Shut up! You will only use hell and retribution to deceive the people’s support, and that foolish man and a foolish woman bankrupted her family and promised you money. When you are really in a catastrophe and want to starve to death, you will say that people are sinful in their previous lives. When suffering, I only need three buckets and three liters of rice gold to read all the scriptures. It’s too cheap for future generations to use. Is there anyone in the world who is more greedy than you? Sajiayuan has also been a monk, you Dao Sajia doesn’t understand bald donkeys! ? Although there are a few good people in the monk like my master Zhizhen elder, but to save the people, the bald donkey is useless, you have to really spread your body like my lady to do things for the people! The Sa family respects my wife, she is a fairy and a good fairy, and the Sa family prefers not to be a monk, but also to marry her. On the contrary, you bald donkey, shaking your lips and making your tongue break my relationship between husband and wife, and you can’t help but say that my beloved wife is imprisoned, just to satisfy your own arrogance. You alone have the final say in the truth of the world? How many beloved people have been broken by your thieves! Fahai: …huh, stubborn! Today I will walk for the sky! Daweitian…ooh! ? A fist as big as a sandbag! ! ! Ruda: Zhiniang thief, dare to answer! The Sajia will kill you silly villain today! If Sajia hits you, it’s hitting this fucking world! One punch oil sauce shop! Two punch silk shop! Three Punch Water and Land Dojo! Fahai: (dying breath) I should have known that you are not a human… Xiao Bai: I told you a long time ago that my grandfather is a living bodhisattva, the one who descends the dragon and subdues the tiger…


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6 months ago

Promise with your body.
However, unlike Xu Xian’s body-based promise, this time he had to use the physical body of Xu Lu Zhishen’s five internal organs temple.
After all, Lu Zhishen once said, “Tuanyu can also be eaten at home, so what’s the eel?”
That rice eel can eat, but the white snake can’t eat it?
And I really can’t imagine, according to Lu Zhishen’s character, under what circumstances can he save the life of the white snake.

6 months ago

Xiaoqing, “Sister, it’s been a thousand years, and your benefactor has been reincarnated for several generations. How do you make him remember you?” Bai, “My benefactor was a shepherd boy. I was injured. He saved me. Yeonggong is a good person, so I decided to reappear in a scene, maybe it will bring back memories of the old gentlemen thousands of years ago!” Xiaoqing, “But, he seems to be an adult now, if you suddenly turn into a human form, will you be scared? He?” Bai, “Xiaoqing, do you know what love is? It can cross race and time.” Xiaoqing, “Fahai doesn’t understand love, how can I understand it!” Bai said, “Okay, okay Now, Xiaoqing, you will cook your food at home, and wait for me to lead En Gong home.” Bai Suzhen saw a huge man sitting under a pavilion from a distance. Bai said, “My benefactor was born so burly, he must have a strong body, and it’s not a problem to have ten or eight.” Thinking, Bai Suzhen appeared in his original form, cast a spell, and changed a wound on the tail, with deep bones visible. Lu Zhishen was drinking wine and suddenly noticed that the grass not far away seemed to move. “What kind of bird stuff is it, dare to scare you Grandpa Lu and see if I won’t punch you out.” Lu Zhishen held the flask and slowly approached Bai Suzhen. Bai Suzhen’s breathing was rapid, and his heartbeat accelerated. “I’m going to see my grandfather soon. Is this the feeling of love? It’s so wonderful.” Lu Zhishen pushed aside the grass and saw a huge long worm lying sideways, his tail seemed to be seriously injured. Blood was gurgling out. Lu Zhishen didn’t get the slightest fright. Instead, he poured a few sips of strong wine, his eyes rounded, and he shouted, “You stinky bug, you are so fat and plump. My mouth is fading out of my mouth on Wutai Mountain. Today, you are fine. , Bring it to the door, and watch your Grandpa Lu make a charcoal grilled worm.” After that, Lu Zhishen raised a fist as big as a casserole and slammed towards the head of the white snake. Suddenly, the white, cyan, and yellow ones, A burst of brain burst out…

6 months ago

He doesn’t cultivate good fruits all his life, but loves murder and arson. Suddenly he opened the golden rope, and the jade lock was torn off here. A letter from the Qiantang River came up, and today I know that I am me. It is said that when Lu Zhishen was sitting and turning, he reminisced about his whole life in his mind. Punch the town of Guanxi, make leopard heads, make a big fuss in Wutai Mountain, burn Crock Pot Temple, fight for loyalty in the wild boar forest, gather flocks on Erlong Mountain, conquer the four bandits on Liangshanbo, capture Fang La alive! He thought of the people who died under his own hands in the past years, thought of the Buddha far away in the west, thought of the unpredictable master, thought of the worshipping brothers, thought of the heroes on Liangshanpo! My whole life seems to have been spent in madness, fighting and killing, and now I am leaving this muddy world, but I feel a little bit more regretful in my heart, it seems that something has not been completed yet. I remember that when I went down the mountain, the old monk said that he would have a relationship in the future. At that time, he felt that the old monk was talking nonsense, thinking that he was a big five and three rough, which girl might be blind to see him, let alone Sajiagu There is one family, the whole world is home, and the girl is required to do a lot, and my heart said that this old monk was also a six-rooted impure master. I never thought that at the time of dying, there was an inexplicable image in my mind. Could it be that the Bodhisattva came to meet the Buddha’s house, and it was all explanatory to see the Buddha, and finally it was time to go! Buddhism is magnanimous, and his heart is melancholy. Lu Zhishen walks on the road leading to the world of Buddhism, surrounded by benevolent arhats, or vajra with cross-brows, they are so real, yet so illusory. This is really the life the Sajia wants, Lu Zhishen asked involuntarily, thinking of his reckless life, even though it was drifting across the world, it could be regarded as a happy enmity. Now he is about to become a Buddha and become an ancestor, but he thinks of the mortal world. If you don’t want to do what you want, what is the use of becoming a Buddha and being an ancestor? After thinking about it, he shouted at the Buddha who seemed close at hand and out of reach in front of him: “Buddha, my disciple still has regrets. Where do I need to go and be your Buddha in the future.” !” After saying that, without waiting for a response, he jumped out of the Buddhist path! Go! Above the nine heavens, nothingness is illusory. Look at the beauty of West Lake, Hangzhou in March, the spring rain is like wine and willow smoke! On this day, a walking monk came to the Jinshan Temple, calling himself the Sajia Lu Zhishen.

6 months ago

Refer to Li Kui’s axe to smash Luo real person, Lu Tiju does not have the strength to fight Fahai, without reliable power, the real Arhat will be imprisoned by Fahai, so don’t waste your brains on Lu Zhishen’s strong wife protection, or return to the king’s way Lu Liangshan’s only hero is deliberately ignoring Zhu Ni and Zhishen to eat soft rice. According to “Legend of the New White Lady”, the white snake repays his gratitude not only to marry the other party, but also to help the other party accomplish their life goals. Let’s look at Xu Xian’s life goal first. When White Snake asked him why he didn’t study for fame, Xu Xian said that the officialdom was too dark, and he just wanted to heal and save people. Then Bai Bai Snake helped him exceed his life goals, not only helped Xu Xian open a large pharmacy, but also helped Xu Xian become a famous doctor. But does Xu Xian really don’t want to test for fame and become an official? I don’t think it is necessary. Xu Xian, who can’t even pass the exam, understands the darkness of Mao’s officialdom. He can only make excuses for his inability to read books and test his fame. At that time, Xu Xian didn’t know that the white-clothed woman in front of him was the wishing dragon. He made a wrong wish for the face of not worth a lot of money. If Xu Xian at the time said that he also wanted to test his fame and become an official to do something for the people for the country, but his reading level was really not good enough, I am afraid that he could only be a low-status doctor all his life. After hearing this, White Snake would definitely find the fairy medicine Lingguo to open up the wisdom of Xu Xian, and help Xu Xu to become the top official after he was admitted to the champion. In this way, even if Xu Xian could not become a person like Wang Anshi, at least he could become a person like Su Dongpo. If Xu Xian said that life is short, it is better to practice medicine and collect medicine to live a long life. Maybe when he goes up the mountain to collect medicine, he can meet an immortal to find a way of longevity. After hearing this, White Snake will definitely take Xu Xian to cultivate together. In this way, Xu Xian wouldn’t be able to become an immortal of Lu Dongbin’s level, and it was not difficult to be a small celestial immortal. To get back to the topic, if the white snake repays his gratitude to Lu Zhishen, Lu Zhishen’s life goal can be divided into four stages: In the first stage, when Lu Zhishen is still a military attache, his life goal is nothing more than making meritorious deeds. With the assistance of the White Snake, Ruda can’t even become a general who opens up and expands the territory. He can still do it as a general defending the city. The White Snake can’t be as good as Huang Rong. Maybe the White Snake is involved in the defense of the Song Dynasty, and Jin Guonan invades. It will be blocked for thirty or forty years, and Bianliang will never be hit. And even if Fahai had a magic weapon given by the Buddha, he was only the abbot of a temple. How could he have the guts to imprison General Lu and his wife successively. In the second stage, after Lu Zhishen became a monk, his goal in life was nothing more than to be in the monk group. With the assistance of the White Snake, Lu Zhishen became the Buddhist leader of the Song Dynasty, and he might even go to Song Huizong, who favored Taoism and hurt the people and wealth. But Fahai and Lu Shenmon were leaders of Song Buddhism. He was the opponent’s subordinate, so how could he dare to provoke him. In the third stage, after Lu Zhishen fell into the grass, his life goal became to walk for the sky. With the assistance of White Snake, Lord Lu led the Sanshan Allied Forces into Bianjing and taught Song Huizong that even if Song Huizong could not be killed for various reasons, it was okay to beat him and kill the traitorous officials around him. And Fahai, is his Jinshan Temple stronger than Bianjing? In the fourth stage, after Lu Zhishen and Liang Shan were sent to Zhao’an together, the goal in life is estimated to be to protect the brothers of Liang Shan. This is difficult, it depends on whether the Nine Heavens Profound Girl gives the White Snake (Avalokitesvara) face.

6 months ago

Lu Tisha: Lady, you and I are congenial! When I thought my family was in Daxiangguo Temple, my master had left me a pair of good friends. It is said to rise when meeting white, make trouble when meeting the sea, listen to the tide and round, and see the letter but silence. The lady’s surname is Bai, so I’m afraid it’s my master’s so-called meeting Bai! Speaking of this, Lu Tiju sighed again and Bai Suzhen said: Why does Xiang Gong sigh? Lu Tixue said: The lady is such a good man, but it is a pity that she is a woman! If the lady is a man, wouldn’t it be nice if you and I become brothers of different surnames at this time! Bai Suzhen sneered and said, Lu Tiju said, “Why does the lady laugh?” Bai Suzhen said: If Xiang Gong has this heart, what is the difficulty? When speaking, he pointed to Xiaoqing: This maidservant was originally the body of a man, and he wanted to be thinner than a certain, and be subdued by me before he became the body of this woman. If the father-in-law wants to form the friendship of Jinlan, and it is so troublesome, he laughs at Lu Tisha and bends and said: If this is the case, please also ask the wife for the righteousness of all brothers! Bai Suzhen concealed her face and smiled, before she turned into a naked man, with snow-like skin, an axle-like body, and Pipa’s thighs! Lu Tiju clapped his hands and smiled: Good! it is good! it is good! Sure enough, he is a hero! Bai Suzhen said sternly: In that case, why don’t you arrange wine and meat, brother, then you and I will worship! Lu Ti slapped his thigh and said: Just so! He took out his usual money from his shirt and handed it to Xiaoqing, saying: Brother Xiaoqing, please go under the champion bridge and find a meat seller Zheng Tu. You directly report the name of the family. He knows how to cut meat.

6 months ago

Classical myths such as the Legend of the White Snake are already stories of talented scholars and beauties of weak scholars in the late feudal society, rather than primitive myths from the ancient times of mankind, so they are not as powerful as those described in the ancient myths of the primitive times of human civilization. In ancient times, there were some myths and legends about giant snakes and giant pythons, as well as Hydra Medusa Yachi, etc., many of which were made into games and movies by modern people. Even though the Journey to the West tells interesting stories about officialdom, there are many routines of the middle and late feudal society, but there are still remnants of ancient myths, including the red-scaled python and the ancient god monkey. Look at the myths of various countries in the world. No matter which country in the East or West, the more ancient myths, the larger and more powerful the monsters involved. These ancient monsters are actually human beings’ huge fear of the mysterious and unknown world, because that’s what people talked about. It’s a simple and rough myth. The more later the mythology of the middle and late feudal society was mixed with humanistic and human social factors, the monster was just a virtual imaginary enemy established by humans and needed to be defeated, and the demons of mankind symbolized the conquest of the animal kingdom and nature by humans. It is a routine, lacking interest and vitality. The story of the White Snake belongs to this kind of later mythology, with too many humanistic factors. There are too many artificially carved ingredients, not primitive and rough. Even the name of the white snake is full of feudal remnants, so I won’t explain it in detail. The white snake that survives and grows and has practiced for thousands of years or even longer should not just add magic, in theory, but should add physique. It is conceivable how big the physique should be. These snake monsters tend to live longer and have more heads, which may have hundreds or thousands of heads. Even if she turns into a beauty, she only shrinks her body shape deliberately. For example, she was 50 kilometers long and could eat a stone that was the size of a big city. Now she forcibly compresses and shrinks herself into a miniature state of 1.8 meters tall. It’s a bit similar to Ultraman and Monster in the sci-fi movie Ultraman, where he forced his size to shrink with super science and technology. Of course, a simpler setting is to hide the body in another space and show the projection. From this point of view, the body of the White Snake should be very huge, so Xu Xian, a weak scholar with a wrist spanner may not be able to hold Guo Xiaoming, must not be able to hold it, even the strong Lu Zhishen can’t live for a second without superpowers. bell. Xu Xian didn’t change his name, Xu Qiang, and his body was not trained to become Kratos. It would be horrible, and he had to increase his physique and elemental resistance. Besides, the story of Xu Xian in the original The Story of the White Snake is nothing good. How does the follow-up story develop? It must be Lu Zhishen who obtained superpowers and evolved into giant monsters and white snakes gave birth to a bunch of strange monsters, and had a super monster war with the evil forces headed by Fahai, and it was the refreshing and powerful force to blast the evil forces.

6 months ago

On this day, Zhishen was enjoying the shade in the pavilion halfway up the Wutai Mountain. Because he had not drunk for half a month, his heart was upset. Seeing the two women descending from the mountain, one dressed in white and the other dressed in green, appeared. The woman in Tsing Yi looked like a maid, and she clapped her hands and smiled: “Well, Master Guanyin said: I have a chance to meet thousands of miles, and I must go to the heights of Wutai to find it. Sure enough, I found it, sister, this is the life-saving of your previous life. Benefactor!” The white-clothed woman looked at Zhishen’s appearance and felt unhappy, and said, “Xiaoqing, my benefactor is a cowherd boy, not this fat monk.” Xiaoqing smiled and said, “Sister, you know. It’s him, but I think he is ugly, and you deliberately deny it. You just like the romantic and handsome.” Zhishen heard it, his heart became angry, and he shouted: “Hey, you two women are so rude and self-conscious. You are here to enjoy the shade. You come here to be noisy in front of the Sajia, and you don’t think the Sajia is ugly! Hurry and roll down the mountain, otherwise you will annoy the Sajia, and kick you down the mountain.” Xiaoqing scolded, “You are also presumptuous. Don’t look at who my sisters are? It’s not because you and my sister are predestined, and immediately cut off your bald head!” Zhishen was furious, ran out of the pavilion, stretched out his big hand like a fan, and came to catch Xiaoqing . Xiaoqing didn’t give in, waved his palms to meet, and the two of them shook each other and withdrew three steps. Zhi Shen wondered: “I don’t see that you girl still has some strength, take another punch!” Xiaoqing hurriedly greeted him with a punch, and the two started a fierce fight halfway through the mountain. The woman in white couldn’t stop it, so she had to watch it nearby. In this fight, the sky was dark, the sun and the moon were dark, and the two fisted and fisted. On this side, the intelligence is profound to open up the mountains; on the other side, Xiaoqing moves skillfully to match the meteors. The two fought for more than a hundred rounds, regardless of the outcome, Zhishen was able to fight, and took off the monk’s robe, revealing his embroidered flowers, his fists smashed like a windmill. The white-clothed woman looked at it, and she felt disgusted in her heart, and said: “If I want to pair up with this reckless man in this life, it would be better than a soldier to rebuild!” Then she shouted, “Xiaoqing, go!” Throwing a ribbon and entangled it. Xiaoqing’s waist pulled her back. Grab her hand and rush down the mountain. Zhishen was playing happily, and suddenly lost his opponent, stopped and shouted that Xiaoqing should come back to fight Sanlily, but the two of Bai Qing had already gone far. After a fight, Zhishen sweated profusely and felt more thirsty, so he tied the monk’s robe around his waist and ran to the town below the mountain to find a drink. Under the mountain, Xiaoqing complained: “Sister, what are you doing to me? Although this monk is rude, but his martial arts is strong, I can’t beat him for hundreds of years. We finally found him, don’t you want to repay him? “Bai Suzhen remained silent, and said for a while: “You and I are not in a hurry to repay your gratitude in this life. You and I will follow him secretly, let him reincarnate as a gentle scholar and I will repay the gratitude.” Xiaoqing laughed and said: “Sister, you are so real.” I only love skins. I’ll give you a name called Yan Kong, and future generations of love like you will also be called this nickname!” Bai Suzhen blushed, and angered not to pay attention to her. Many years later, at Liuhe Temple in Zhejiang Province, Zhishen sat on the futon and said to the little novice: “What is the sound outside?” The monks replied, it was Chaoxin from the Qiantang River. Zhishen suddenly enlightened: “Master Zhizhen of the Sajia family, there was a verse in the past: “Go away in the green, reincarnate in the white, listen to the tide and be round, see the letter but be silent. Today, there is a tide of faith here, and the Sajia is the right thing to do.” I have passed away, I don’t know what this death is?” The monks replied: “You are a monk. How do you know that death in Buddhism is death?” Zhishen laughed: “So, the Sajia must be passed away today, and burned. Come with a bucket of soup and take a bath at home.” The monks only thought he was laughing and daring not to refuse. After Zhishen took a bath, they met Song Jiang, said something, and sat in the meditation room alone. Suddenly, two figures appeared in front of him, one green and one white. The door of the room was not opened. I don’t know how the two entered the house. Looking at it, Zhishen vaguely recognized the two who fought with him on Mount Wutai. Zhishen suddenly realized: “The Sa family understands, and they leave when they are young. After the Sa family fought you back then, they went down the mountain to drink and returned to the temple to make a big fuss. From then on, they walked down Wutai Mountain to have today.” Xiaoqing smiled and gave Zhishen a fist. salute. Zhishen went on to say: “Yu Bai reincarnated, the Sajia family passed away today. I saw you, a woman in white clothes, and I must be reincarnated.” Bai Suzhen said, “Exactly, I have a relationship with you for a thousand years, but I think you are rude. , I would like to reconnect with you in the next life.” Zhishen smiled and said: “So, the Sajia family has not broken the cause and effect, it is worth it, the Sajia will be reincarnated next to the West Lake in Hangzhou, and the next life will turn into a handsome young born. You will come to the Sajia again.” After laughing three times, a breath of fresh air broke through the Niwan Palace and left, Zhishen lowered his head and didn’t move anymore. Xiaoqing turned into a blue light, chased it out, and returned for a moment and said, “Sister, he has been reincarnated to a doctor’s house in Qiantang County.” Bai Suzhen nodded slowly, a bright light flashed in his eyes.

6 months ago

Fahai was sitting still in the cabinet in front of the door, watching the ten novice monks chanting sutras. Lu Zhishen walked to the door and yelled “Old Monk Fahai!” When Fahai saw it, he saw Lu Zhishen hurriedly came out and sang: “The monk, please forgive me!” “Lu Zhishen sat down and said, “We are in charge of the decree of the Great Manjusri Monastery in Wutai Mountain: Ten catties of vegetarian food, cut to be ashamed, don’t see the slightest miscellaneous on it.” Fahai said: “Make,-you quickly choose a good one. Ten catties.” Lu Zhishen said: “Don’t wait for the pickled servants to do it, you can cut it with me.” Fahai said: “That’s right, the old monk can cut it by himself.” I went to the room and picked ten catties. Su Zhai, finely cut to make glutinous seeds. The little monk wrapped his handkerchief on his head and was coming to France with a poster to talk about the White Lady, but he saw Lu Zhishen sitting by the door of the meat table, not daring to disturb him, so he had to stand far away and look under the eaves. This Fahai cut himself for half an hour, wrapped it in lotus leaves, and said, “Tip you, let someone send it?” Lu Zhishen said, “What to give! Stay here, if you want ten kilograms of meat, you don’t want it. If you see some green ones on the top, you must cut them into shameless ones.” Fahai said, “But the ones who are so talented. I’m afraid that there will be flames in the temple. What’s the use of vegetarian vegetables?” Lu Zhishen opened his eyes and said, “Preside over the decree and pay the spoils. Who would dare to ask him?” Fahai said, “It’s a useful thing, and the old monk cuts it off.” He chose ten pounds of solid meat, and also finely sliced ​​it into syrup, and wrapped it in lotus leaves. Tackling it early in the morning, but it’s time for dinner. The little monk dared to come over, even the pilgrim who was about to offer incense did not dare to come. Fahaidao: “The people and the eminent monks took them and sent them to the monastery?” Lu Da said: “If you want ten catties of gold relics, you should chop them into scumbags, and don’t see any meat on them.” Hai smiled and said, “Not here to entertain me?” Ruda heard it, jumped up, held the two packs of bashful in his hand, opened his eyes, and looked at Fahai and said, “Sajia specially wants to entertain you!” He put the two packs. Qianzi fought away, but it seemed like a “suyu”. Fahai was furious, and two angers rushed straight from under his feet to the top door. Unable to hold back the ignorant flame in his heart, he grabbed a nine-ring tin stick from the incense case and jumped down on the ground. Lu Zhishen stepped forward in the street early. There were a dozen novice monks among the neighbors, who dared to come forward and persuade. The people passing by on both sides stood still, and the little monk was also shocked. Zheng Tu was holding a tin stick in his right hand, and his left hand was about to grab Lu Zhishen; this Lu Zhishen held his left hand and rushed in, looking at his lower abdomen, kicking him down on the street. Lu Zhishen took another step, stepped on his chest, raised his fist, and looked at this Fahaidao: “The Sajia first voted for the elders of the Wutai Mountain Zhizheng, and it is no longer in vain to be called’telezhen’ to be the presiding officer of the Manjusri Dojo! You are a man. A beggar monk who sells scriptures, a dog-like person, also called “Fahai”! How did you force my wife to deceive?” With only one punch, he was hitting his nose, blood rushing, and his nose crooked halfway. , But it seemed to have opened a sauce shop, and the salty, sour, and spicy ones were all rolled out. Fahai couldn’t make it, and he threw the tin stick aside, and said, “Good fight!” Ruda cursed, “Straight girl! You dare to respond!” When he raised his fist, there was only one eyebrow around the eye sockets. The fist cracked the eyes, and the black beads burst out. It also seemed to have opened a colorful silk shop, and the red, black, and purple ones were blooming. Those who look from both sides are afraid of Rutisha, who dare to come forward and persuade him. Fahai can’t do it, beg for mercy. Lu Zhishen shouted: “Duh! You are a shabby! If you only fight with me to the end, the Sajia will forgive you! Now you are begging me for forgiveness, but the Sajia will not forgive you!” With just one punch, the sun is right, but it seems to have done it. In a whole hall of water and land, the chime, cymbal, and cymbals sounded in unison. When Lu Zhishen looked at it, he saw Fahai standing on the ground with only the breath out of his mouth, and he couldn’t shake the breath out of his mouth.

6 months ago

The fat monk, lying on his back on a lazy stool, had his bald head and curly hair, bare breasts, and snoring like thunder. There were several empty wine jars across him, and a leg of lamb was still pinched in his hands. Bai Suzhen frowned and shook her head. How could this be good: Such a rough man can never marry, but without a reason to repay his gratitude, how can he marry? I can’t learn from those fairies, and go down to the world without shame just for love. Seeing her sister’s troubles, Xiaoqing explained, “Sister, don’t worry. Mortals have a short lifespan. I wait for a long life, and we will guard him. This is also a return. When he is reincarnated and reborn as a handsome man, we will…” Bai Suzhen was overjoyed, and Xiao Qingqian smiled and quit. Liuhe Temple, Qiantang tide. Monk Hua knew that he was dead, and he looked away and worshiped: “Buddha, a monk of the sajia family, I have never asked you anything. I beg you at the end of the day. In this life, Ruda is strong in righteousness. Although he is happy, he always feels that he missed something. The next life. Sajia is willing to make a small piece of fresh meat, hoping that the Buddha will complete it.” Zhishen sat and passed away. The monk in the monastery wanted to preach the master who passed away, but felt that his deathbed words were absurd, so he changed it to the deathbed verse.

6 months ago

In Weizhou City, Suzhen borrowed an umbrella from the official Lu during the heavy rain, and lamented that Zheng Tu did not repay the money he owed. The next day, Tiju made a mistake and the death of Boss Zheng. White Snake comforted “What a big deal, pay attention to it in the future”, and expressed willingness to follow Mr. Lu and Xiaoqing accompany him to run errands and wait for him. One man and two women fled, it was really wrong. Mr. Lu was worried that he would be blackmailed in the name of being unscrupulous by the hero of the green forest, so he became a monk in Mount Wutai. Suzhen was noncommittal. In Bianliang, Tokyo, Lu Zhishen won the appreciation of 800,000 imperial leaders with a set of rogue magic fists, and he became friends with Jinlan. Lin Chong’s Baihutang’s security check failed and was assigned. The White Snake pinched his fingers. The head of Lin had a catastrophe in the mountain temple. He cast a spell to save Lin’s life. Lin Chong didn’t know the inside story and killed people. Lin Chong, who had no way out, was forced to rush to the water with Lu Zhishen and his party. Liangshan. Liangshanjia Bai Xiaoqing has 110 heroes in total. So far, the people of Shandong are convinced that “110 is connected to the hearts of the people.” Song Jiang coveted Qingbaimei and was ashamed to confess. In order to defeat the fire, Song Jiang applied to Huizong for crusade against the revolutionary party Fang La and Suzhen. Forget it, and go south to the south, and to the south of the peach blossoms, he will also go out with the army. Fighting all the way, life and death match each other, and Fang La is finally captured, and the class returns to the court. Lu Zhishen has long seen through the counter-revolutionary nature of Song Jiang, decisively cut off his robe and righteousness, draws a clear line, presided over in Hangzhou Liuhe Temple, Lu Zhongde master Zhizhen elder experience, although the gift is high, beautiful women are difficult to raise, and the true love of white quality is in Hangzhou. , So a paper break to give white quality. The White Snake thanked the gods for a thousand graces and arrived at the shore of the West Lake. Xu Xian appeared on the stage with drizzling rain, vast smoke waves, a paper umbrella, and a Tsing Yi. During the same period, the Qiantang tide rises, the sound of the water is like a drum, Lu Zhishen’s thoughts are gone, and the disciples are crying and saying goodbye. Only the disciple of Lu Zhishen, Pei Wende, who is nicknamed Fahai, is unwilling and believes that the white quality has failed the master. Kindness, determined to avenge. A few years later, there was a Baohe Church by the West Lake, and a Jinshan Temple was erected in Zhenjiang Mansion…The origin of the void, trace the roots, look back on the grievances and grievances, they all point to Zheng Tu ~ the price increase of pork!

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