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If there is no red letter, be grateful to Dade. As long as the v agency thinks, you can do this at any time. I really don’t understand why a group of players who only have the right to use their accounts and don’t have the ownership to step on the red line, how dare they. Just remember one sentence that big things can’t run away, and small things don’t need to run away. The previous answer nemo: Those who are arrested now, I just need one sentence to be ready to be red-locked or just get red-locked on the spot. This means that you can apply for a new account. If your account has skin accessories, you can sell it, and you can buy new games with your new account. Because now the handle is in the hands of the V Society, if the country wants the V Society to show its loyalty, it will take you to sacrifice the flag at any time. This account is no longer safe at any time, and V agency will block it if it wants to block it someday. It is predicted that there will be a bunch of people who will engage in the so-called anti-lock zone measures. For example, if you ask you to change your mobile phone number, change your email address, and transfer to other districts, Taobao will even have so-called spending tutorials. I listened to my brother’s advice. Those are all fake, they are all virtual on the Internet. You can’t hold it. Basically, they spend money to buy peace of mind, but in fact there is no use for farts. Don’t make any falsehoods, just a single sentence. Big things can’t go away, little things don’t go away. Play the game at ease and it’s over. Everyone has come from the age of genuine Ranger and 3dm. What are you afraid of? And in fact, if the international situation continues to deteriorate, the country actually has a reason to ban steam, and the reason for the ban can be large or small. If it is small, it is a matter of review. At most, it will be an accelerator. If it is too large, it will endanger national security. Planting can only physically overturn the wall. And steam has indeed done these things. 16 years ago, the steam store could be used casually, and the accelerator will start to be installed in 16 years. The main reason is that some Hongkongers and Taiwanese have created some steam community discussion groups, and then, it is not easy to play games. Where to discuss the international situation, it was actually normal at the beginning, until the wind direction changed later. . And the language is getting more and more radical. How radical is it? It’s just that if you don’t know the screenshot of the chat, you may not even post it. “I (sha) loves (guang) this (suo) this (you) world (da) world (lu)” This kind of remark is already considered light in it. Excessive understanding, right? Some are even inciting incitement to do things. . At that time, V agency dealt with a lot of discussion groups for this, but it was still too late, and then I had to open the accelerator to get on steam. (If you want a screenshot, you can post it in the community to find out if there are any.) Combine the Hong Kong riots afterwards. Although the main battlefield is Twitter, steam is more or less sticky. And Twitter has been blocked, if the country wants to deal with it, it is actually feasible and reasonable. The steam platform is also an inevitable product. Friends who play online games and are in international service should know that some people abroad will climax as soon as they see the Chinese flag or Chinese, especially Hong Kong and Taiwanese. The above remarks and the original answer are that I want everyone to give up their unrealistic illusions about V society, because in essence, he is a capital company, and the capital company is to make money. It’s not here to play the game for you, and at the same time, be prepared for the worst case next. Don’t be tricked into unlocking the bound mobile phone number, or email address. If you do too many operations, you will have to ban your account, and there are also the kind of Taobao. What spends money to transfer to the district is basically to spend money to buy peace of mind, and there are risks in the account. Don’t lose money and count the money back to others.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This will happen sooner or later. Argentina has more registered accounts than the local population. So many people are definitely not happy to get fat. Moreover, this group of people is constantly showing off and propaganda. After they are not repatriated, they are all Argentines. It can be said that the cloud Argentines must be sanctioned for making the steam platform and the ordinary game players in the country unhappy. Do you know that when you posted and bought a batch of discounted games and spent a few hundred dollars and were still very happy, the Argentine jumped out and said that he had only spent a few dozen dollars to mock how disgusting you were. And the game manufacturers are not happy to find that most of their games are paid in Argentina. This wave is guilty of public anger, even if there are fish that slip through the net and are not repatriated, the follow-up will be intensified.

6 months ago

I heard that the G fat rectification district has been serving recently. Brothers, please use your imagination to make an essay. If you are Li Hua, you were forcibly repatriated to mainland China by Steam because you went to Argentina to buy Steam products. Please write an email to the company’s customer service complaint in English, no less than 100 words. The main points are as follows: 1. Explain the problems you have encountered 2. You cannot prove that I am not in Argentina and do not hold a permanent residence permit in Argentina 3. You discriminate against Chinese people 4. We have the freedom of cloud residents 5. Different pricing is your problem 6 .We have no money. You discriminate against the poor. The beginning has been written for you, and it is not counted in the total number of words Fuck you steam,

6 months ago

There are two points to look at: 1: Is it specifically to repatriate mainland IP, but treats them equally, all countries smuggled to Argentina and Russia are repatriated to their origins. 2: Isn’t it specially carried out rectification in low-price areas such as Argentina, but the smuggling to high-price areas is also repatriated. If it is not aimed at the mainland, then there is no big problem, and the daily crackdown on speculation is nothing more. If it is specifically aimed at low-price areas, it is not a big problem. There is no attempt to forcefully crack down on virtual transnationalism, and it is just a daily crackdown on speculation. So the current response strategy is to switch to the high price zone. Now that the environment is like this, it would be nice to be able to play for you, but still wishing that the more you play, the cheaper it will be?

6 months ago

Nonsense, zoning pricing means that Steam sets rules based on the economic level of each country, the purchasing power of players and other factors, so that players who are not wealthy at hand can also spend their money. Unexpectedly, a group of people pretends to be the poor and gathers wool, resulting in less money for steam and game manufacturers Now, even small game developers are hurting their books. Doesn’t this make steam jump? When the steam came out before, I thought it was impossible to lock the country, but just in case and in order to buy games and dlcs that locked the country, I also considered switching. At that time, I thought that if I move to the high-priced area and give money to Fatty, it will be too late for Fatty to be happy, but I am at a disadvantage. There is no need to pick up sesame seeds and throw watermelons. The price is affordable to switch to the low-price zone, and there is a risk of red letter to the wool. In the end I made a trumpet in the area. When I really tasted the sweetness of the low-price area, it was really too fragrant. I couldn’t help being greedy. In addition to butter, I also bought some other games, such as The Witcher III. I’m not very interested in Western Fantasy and haven’t bought it. A district is cheap and discounted. I really can’t control my hand… I didn’t play games in the past few days. Yesterday I saw the news at station b saying that I would transfer to the district. I checked my account and I am still in A district, but after looking through my consumption records, I found out that all the prepaid cards I bought on Taobao were in Vietnamese Dong! Now I’m panicked, afraid of being transferred back, and want to take advantage of Xia Ci to clear the wish list, or go back to the locked area, but I am afraid that Xia will be targeted too hard, really tangled.

6 months ago

When I returned to related questions, I said more than once that, whether it is lock zone, ban on parallel imports, and push digital version, it is a method that game manufacturers are very willing and very active to promote. Not after Sony closed its PS3 store a few days ago, Valve taught us another lesson today. If you still think that Steam China is just a castle in the sky, then you are too naive. So how to do it? Of course it is the opposite. Support cross-regions, support entities, don’t buy numbers, let’s play Daqing paid version if he prohibits parallel imports. Manufacturers have mace, we can’t just have a heavenly spirit cover.

6 months ago

This is just the first step. Sooner or later, steam will become like netflix. It must use special magic to cross the zone, or the low-price zone can simply be scrapped. The higher the price of the manufacturer in the whole zone, the higher the ecological status of the buyout system. The more difficult it is, why is it so difficult for ps users to gather wool, because ps has contributed to the largest purchasing power of the buyout ecosystem, and the comprehensive purchasing power of steam users has smashed all platforms of xbox and pc, becoming second only to ps In the case of a large platform, steam has become an important sales channel for third-party manufacturers. Users cross low-price areas to squeeze their wool. Although g fat has certain losses, the biggest losses are still developers and publishers, and steam has long been in position. It is not to the extent that selling one copy five years ago, so it is natural to rectify the behavior of scalping wool. As for why games in the RMB area are so expensive, it is very simple. The pricing of games has never been based on per capita GDP, but on purchasing power. China There are many poor people and many rich people. China has the world’s largest pc market. Do you really think this title is for nothing? No need to pay any price? Sooner or later, the price in the RMB area will be the same as that in Europe. That’s when epic and Microsoft Mall began to rise.

6 months ago

As a user who has been staying in the country, I can understand the loss in the hearts of the repatriated personnel, but I cannot accept the superior mentality of some people. “You have a loophole, why don’t you let me drill it?” Isn’t that the equivalent of a patch now? What is meant by “players paying for the loopholes in the V club”? Obviously, I consciously took advantage of other people’s loopholes, and I didn’t get put together without knowing anything, and I put myself at the highest point of morality. I only hope that no matter what the v club does, it will not affect normal players like us to buy games and play games.

6 months ago

I thought for a moment. Although it was my question, there was nothing wrong with answering it. The conclusion is forward, for everyone’s convenience: This is the fact that Valve has opened a low price zone, but it can’t effectively control the player’s switch to low prices. As a result, developers lost a lot of revenue, and publisher valve also lost a large amount of rake, directly harming the interests of multiple parties. But they didn’t want to make things froze, so they began to repatriate users and extend the transfer period. Generally speaking, it is very unrepresentative. In fact, the player is paying for the vulnerability of valve, so valve did not use aggressive account banning to target players. In fact, they took a step back and sent you back to the country of departure, so that both parties Both are slightly decent. And don’t take the user agreement as an example. Have you negotiated this with valve? That’s certainly not true. In essence, they are not all legal overlord clauses. There may be 100 lawyers who write their legal documents to perfection, but you are just that person. However, there are still a lot of user agreements that have been overturned. The famous lawyer Wu Shengwei who knows that everyone knows before sued iQiyi and there was a result, so don’t treat it as the law. And engaging in regional pricing itself is a naked act of price discrimination. Price discrimination is actually illegal in many countries, and it is actually very difficult to accept from consumers. See the differential pricing of Didi taxis and the familiarization of various platforms. You will definitely understand this analogy, and taxis are still dozens of worse. The difference between meters and models, the binary code is not less than one byte. The price difference is definitely not as much as there are steam games in different regions. Didi Taxi, it is impossible for one person to take a taxi and only need to pay half the price of another person for the same mileage. It’s just that there is no such sanctions laws among countries in the world. In practice, exchange rate fluctuations and other factors will cause you to define this kind of price discrimination. It is difficult to define. Multinational companies can do this kind of thing grandiosely. This subjectively is not commendable at all. Just act.

6 months ago

Tell me about the data. The population of Argentina is approximately 45 million (last year’s data), and there are 230 million users of Steam in Argentina. Who are the extra people, why should I say more? In the past two years, Japanese factories have raised prices in low-price areas (national areas are regarded as regular-price areas in their eyes). Who are they referring to? Why should I say more? Not to mention the World of Warships international service activities some time ago, the Argentine area posted the old brother crazy scalping wool, leading to the collective title of WG, who is it aimed at? Let me say that this thing has been done very humanely, and it is not for you to use it. The solution is simple. Either the price will be increased to 60 US dollars (70 US dollars in a few years). If you think it’s too expensive, then lock the language. I don’t believe there are so many people who know Spanish.

6 months ago

There are so many honest people in the country. Private companies have artificially set a clause that violates the spirit of the Internet in order to maximize the benefits. There are so many people who lick it. It is worthy of leeks. If I were a capitalist, I would be ecstatic. Unfortunately, as a proletarian, I can only helplessly watch the Internet divided into isolated islands of information, and the leeks on the isolated islands are still dancing and thanking Dad. I don’t know that I have been manipulated like a puppet.

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