27-year-old female, IT industry, 985 undergraduate, working for 5 years. The monthly salary is more than 20k before tax, and it is just 20 after tax, which is not a year-end bonus. It will be a little bit more if you count it. The feeling is that the quality of life depends mainly on the accumulation of virtues from the ancestors. It has little to do with monthly salary. My family is a petty bourgeoisie in a second-tier city. My parents can take care of themselves without my help, but they have no spare capacity to support me. So as far as my peers are concerned, I should not earn less, but it doesn’t make much sense. Compared with the second-generation classmates in my hometown, my parents arranged iron rice bowls in the monopoly industry early, the garage was fully equipped, the delicious afternoon tea every day, the baby was born early, and even the second child was born. Or the ability and intelligence may not be as good as mine, but the classmates and friends whose parents are more likely to get married have arranged a good marriage early and have already lived the life of a rich wife. (Although I think this kind of life is not a long-term solution, but people do live very well.) Not to mention the first-line indigenous people I met after college and work. Going to work is really their hobby. Anyway, they sell a few houses. It is enough for them to retire at the age of 40. As for me, the sprint task of the family is on my shoulders. If I can’t break through, my child will continue my destiny and be a second-tier citizen, or I will work hard to make him a first-tier citizen. Whenever I think of this, I feel that life is really boring. Of course, once the monthly salary reaches this level, I don’t have to worry about eating, to be honest, what I want to eat. It is true that it is impossible to eat the delicacies and seafood of this grade every day, but it is actually meaningless to eat too much. For example, the hot fried cherries are free. If you buy a box of 300 yuan, you will buy it. However, after eating a box of geese, you will not want to come to the second box. You don’t have to worry about clothes. Of course, you haven’t bought luxury goods. If you insist, you can buy it with your teeth, but it’s really unnecessary. If I carry a bag of 10,000 to 20,000 or squeeze the subway in clothes of 10,000 to 20,000, I feel like I am crazy. Therefore, there are no more than a thousand clothes in daily life, but no more than five thousand bags. UNIQLO’s class does not look at the price, you can buy it as you like, and that’s it. Cosmetics are more casual. Make-up products are all open in Japan. Eyeshadows and blushes are of the kind that are less than 100. The most expensive may be big-brand lipsticks, which can last for a year. However, skin care products are more expensive. For SK II and Lancome, you can buy one can for one year. In fact, food and clothing are no longer interesting in my eyes. At present, it is the big items that can stimulate my desire, such as first-line cars and houses. But I can’t afford it. At the current rate of savings, I will be able to save enough money for the car in three to five years. At that time, my career is probably going to decline. Where can I earn my future mortgage? While not wanting to be a house slave, while eager to be a house slave. Worry, anxiety. This is my current state. The above is the original answer, if I remember correctly, it was created from March to May 2019. The following is the 2019.06 Update—this answer has many comments. Most people expressed the same anxiety as me, and a few people said that I don’t have to stay in first-tier cities. There are also a small number of people who say that I am starting from a good point, and I must be content. Everyone’s comments and the soaring number of likes for this answer really gave me a lot of inspiration and made me realize that there are still many people who are as anxious as me. Thank you for all the suggestions, complaints, and support you gave me. Many people say that I should find a boyfriend and work hard together. I think what you said makes sense hahaha, so I have started to work hard to find a reliable father for my future child. But at the moment I really want to stay in the first-tier cities. However, if I fail, I will go home. My parents were old then, and they would need me. But the child should still be born. It is good to let my parents take the child to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. But it feels really hard to find a marriage partner. I heard that Beijing has allowed mothers to register their children individually, and I hope that my hometown can synchronize as soon as possible. Think about it this way, the anxiety is significantly reduced. One point is one point, but if it’s a big deal, I will go home with a humiliation and look for my mother to hug me. Finally, although I am very anxious, I still have a passion for life! I hope everyone can also ignite the enthusiasm for life! It’s okay to be ravaged by life, standing up is another hero! ! Update again after half a year-today I was pushed by Zhihu about the topic of what is the experience of that monthly salary of 40,000, so I went in and watched. I found that the 40,000 respondents are obviously much lighter. Although there is some pressure, it is generally very calm and calm. It seems that my income file is the most tangled and uncomfortable stage: Actually, I have passed the food and clothing line, but I want to live a stable life. So, I have to double the income to be a little happier… Hey, let’s encourage everyone… Add it-Oh well, I have already found a boyfriend! The feeling of two people working hard together is indeed much more practical, which greatly relieves the anxiety. So everyone who is also anxious, bravely find the right partner! ! Wonderful effect! ! ——Update 202002, I hope the epidemic will pass quickly——The previous shared rent with a wonderful colleague and sister has been separated. Since I have already worked for 996, I don’t want to lower my living environment, so I changed from sharing to living alone, and the monthly rent increased from 1.5k (a mini bedroom) to 4.5k (a small single room). The 3k silver that could be bought every month has changed from contributing to shopping malls and Taobao to contributing to the landlord. I completely lost the freedom of Uniqlo… I barely maintained the freedom of daily take-out and milk tea… Hey… During the Spring Festival, I was stuck at home and couldn’t go out due to the epidemic, and I was very emotional. Ever since I left home to go to university at the age of 18, I have been working in Shenzhen since I graduated. The time I spend with my parents every year is pitiful. During the Spring Festival, I really found that my parents were getting old. I used to be so uncomfortable to sleep in and not clean up the house. Now I no longer criticize me, just let me be happy. Set a milestone for yourself: at the age of 30, if you still can’t live the life you want in Shenzhen, go back and build your hometown. 20200721 ​​update-broke up. But it was not sad, but a suddenness. I feel that we are getting more and more anxious now. Of course, I used to be like this. For example, how can I feel that I have not married yet at the age of 27, how can I have not bought a house at the age of 30, and how can I have not yet been xx years old. I now feel that I still have to face my heart and think seriously about what I want in life, and what I can give up in order to pursue this state. Hey, thinking about it this way, I feel a lot more open-minded. Of course, the house is still unaffordable, and it is no longer eligible with the Shenzhen New Deal. But it doesn’t matter, it can’t get worse anyway. Slowly save my money and wait for a turnaround~ I hope everyone can be less anxious. Recently, I have contacted a few people of the same age, both men and women. When it comes to marriage and love, I always care about how many houses, how much money, and how many resources my parents have, for fear that others will take advantage of oneself and lower one’s class. This kind of relationship/marriage is boring to think about. It is more than a tomb of love, it is simply the tomb of life. I hope everyone can live the life they like~20210305 update-After another year, I was really shaken when I came home for the Spring Festival this year, and I started to think about the value of deep drifting. My parents used most of their life savings to exchange for a big house in their hometown. They moved in before the Spring Festival. The decoration style is simple and bright. I like it very much. I also raised a puppy, my mother retired and went to walk the dog every morning and evening, and my father came home from get off work to tinker with food. I feel very happy every day at home. During the Spring Festival, I saw people of the same age in my hometown, some tinkering with motorcycles, some tinkering with bicycles, some skiing in teams, and some playing mahjong in teahouses. I think this is life, and I have almost nothing to live except for work and sleep. Now even buying and buying is no longer a pleasure. I want to go mountain climbing, swim, sunbathe on the beach, and breathe the cool air in the woods. Seriously feel: My current life seems too boring and boring. Will I escape Shenzhen soon?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Xiao transparent knows the first answer. I am very touched by the replies from so many enthusiastic netizens. I am very grateful for your suggestions. I have read every suggestion carefully. Thank you all. Recently, my mentality has improved. It’s really a credit to everyone. When answering the questions, it was really stressful and depressed during that time. Many netizens also mentioned that they have improved a lot recently. I really appreciate everyone’s concern. It may be that when my husband talked to the boss about performance last time, he clearly stated that he was not satisfied. His boss said last week that he would apply for another salary increase in the middle of the year. It seems that the salary increase on my side is also a bit eye-catching. Although it hasn’t come down yet, my supervisor said it should be soon. Regarding the two more controversial points, I will explain them together. 1. My husband is not in the Internet industry. It’s really not that he doesn’t work hard. He is not the kind of person who eats and waits to die. For example, if he takes two days off during the week, he will have to work overtime at the company every weekend. Check the email and worry. It was precisely because he was serious and responsible that he delayed important work. The boss said that he would apply for a salary increase again in the middle of this year. He is a core member of the team. Their product is also very stable and the market is very good. To be honest, if the pressure is not great, he can work until retirement, but he also knows that our economic pressure is high and has been seeking breakthroughs, but the salary is The industry is inseparable. He has been looking at new opportunities years later, and there are many headhunters looking for him, but when asked about the salary, most of them are not as high as he is now. It is really not as good as 30% of the Internet giants. In order to increase. 2. Regarding travel, I may not have said too much. We are actually very economical people. I have no other hobbies. I have no requirements for food and clothes. I am not interested in the bags, clothes and food that girls like. , I usually spend more than 1,000 points a month on my credit card, including meals, transportation, family expenses, etc., and all the rest is deposited in Yu’e Bao, saving up to pay off debts, friends in Shanghai know how low my expenses are. It’s the same with my husband. We never spend money randomly. Our only hobby is to go out more when we have time. Funds are also very limited. The farthest one went to Japan, or I robbed it on poor travel. The price is very cheap. We are not the kind to go out to experience various local food, shopping spree, etc., and we don’t go to scenic spots. Most of the domestic scenic spots are expensive. My colleague was surprised at the cost of my trip and asked me how I did it. It may be that the pressure is too high, and I have developed a habit of walking. I think walking is very decompressive, and climbing is also very decompressive. I’ve always wanted to go to Huangshan, but the tickets are so expensive that I haven’t been there. I want to go to Wuzhen because I haven’t got the tickets, so I usually go to places with better natural scenery and free of charge, such as Erhai. Rent an electric car around the sea for 100 yuan, bring some dry food, and travel around Erhai for a week. landscape. For another example, when we went to Shangri-La, we didn’t go to Pudacuo Forest Park. The tickets were too expensive. We rented an electric car for 50 yuan and traveled around the Napa Sea for a week, and our eyes and soul were in heaven. The toll is the preferred overnight train, so it is not time-consuming and convenient. It is really impossible to buy discounted air tickets two or three months in advance. I am more experienced in this area and can basically buy at the reserve price. My idea is that it’s good to go to a place you haven’t been to, and you don’t have to go to artificially circled attractions. This is my concept. Of course, many friends think that to go out to play, you must stay in a good hotel, eat a variety of food, to enjoy, this is not a problem, I think it is normal for my personal ideas to be different. Some netizens think that saving money is still necessary. I think this theory is very sad. We can use a very, very small part of the money we earn to satisfy our own interests and hobbies without affecting our lives. Fatigue and pressure at work, if this is considered luxury, what is the meaning of living? My husband and I have also discussed carefully, and continue to see if there is a possibility of skilled immigration, and work hard for two or three years. If the salary has not improved much, I will prepare to have children (the average salary in Shanghai is high and the number of childbearing incomes is high) , And then back to the second line. Everyone is right. Life is only a few decades. Only when you have a home can you get something. You can’t be too greedy, do what you can, and be contented. I sincerely thank every netizen who has never been masked. I wish everyone a smooth job and a happy life in this impetuous and stressful era.

7 months ago

Before buying a second house, I wore Wanguo, wore Burberry, and personally customized a cashmere coat. The car was low-key, and the luxury version was Mengdiu. The key was fuel consumption. The city was 16 per 100 kilometers. . not give a damn about. . . Draw the big profit group or dominate the country. The mobile phone is changed from Apple to Samsung, ordering takeaway without blinking, and often asks Corey’s colleagues on the night shift to drink milk tea. . . The cupboards in my lounge are full of snacks, Jingdong plus, always chops hands. Just like this, I watched the increasing deposits, and I still sighed how I spent this money. . . After giving birth and buying the second set, I checked the credit card bound to the takeaway today, and then decided to bring a meal. . . Such a month can save more than 2,000. . . Now when I visit JD.com, I basically buy toilet paper, toothpaste, and soy sauce chicken essence. I fancy a pair of Nike shoes, more than 1,000, my teeth are clenching, and I didn’t buy it. Two days ago, my daughter-in-law asked me if I wanted to change my phone again, but I said no. My daughter-in-law said, oh, then I was dreaming. I dreamed that you were going to change your phone again, and I started fighting with you. . . I was shocked in a cold sweat. I didn’t want to change my phone. I just fancy a Jaeger-LeCoultre master. . . With the moon phase, only more than 60,000. Forget it, it will make you happy. Oh, by the way, the mortgage is now more than 15,000 a month. . . The price of the sky is really true. . . . Which expert said to stimulate consumption? Which chicken soup says that consumption downgrade is irresponsible to oneself? Stand up for me, just the last round of house price increases, which have doubled, and income has not changed much. How can you tell me how to upgrade my consumption? I spent this way before, and I couldn’t spend 180,000 a year.

7 months ago

At the age of 30, he is a 985 postgraduate student in Coordinate Magic Capital. He has worked for 5 years. Without buying a house, there is a 1-year-old child. My monthly salary is 30k before tax, and my wife is 25k before tax. Not counting the year-end bonus, it should be considered in this rank. The year-end prize is about 25w for two people. If you have a house in Shanghai, this income may be able to live a lot. But in Shanghai, where housing prices are everywhere 5w/average, life is still very stressful. 1. Eating: Because the elderly bring their children here, they basically eat at home, and occasionally go out on weekends to improve their meals. Basically, it can be done within 500. Usually one month for the elderly to dominate shopping for 2k. 2. Housing: rent a house, 50 square meters, the landlord’s living room changes to a bedroom, which can basically meet the demand, the rent is 5k/month. I have a house in another place, with a monthly repayment of 7k, a pure commercial loan, and an unused provident fund. 3. Clothes: I am very casual, mainly comfortable, basic shirts, trousers, leather shoes come standard, not big brands, basically within 1k can be done. My wife spends a little bit more on clothes and cosmetics, and I haven’t counted it. Basically, she buys what she wants. She has not discussed the cost. 4. OK: I have a car. Because of the difficulty of parking, I usually use the subway to go to work. It costs 8 yuan to go back and forth every day. My wife basically takes a taxi to get off work, about 60 yuan a day. Both of them belonged to rural children and had no background. It would be more difficult to settle in the capital. I currently have some cash on hand. I plan to finish the year-end bonus. I will work hard to pay a down payment in Shanghai next year. Together with our provident fund, it should not be much higher than the current rent. It is really heartbreaking to pay a rent of 5k a month. At present, the primary goal is housing, followed by Hukou, and then children go to school. Each stage has different goals. When I was young, I always looked forward to growing up, and when I was young, I envied the innocent time when I was young. The devil has his charm, and I am also working hard to gain a foothold in this city…

7 months ago

I found that there are not many things these years, and the most leveraged essence, it may be the reincarnation of lemon essence. 1. Questioning income: This is part of the year-end bonus I got in 18 years, and I transferred all of it to my wife the next day. Although she didn’t know how to manage money without me, she said: let me put the money here, you teach me how to manage money Enough! 2. Saying that my wife spends money: I repeat, every family has its own situation, no one should use his own set to demand others, let alone use his own set to judge others, who’s family Who spoils the wife! 3. Reasons for insufficient down payment in Shanghai: I have worked for 5 years, my wife has 6 years, and my income has been increasing with work experience. The current income is also the situation in the last year. When I just graduated, I was 7k and my wife was 5k. And I bought a house in other places in the early stage, the market value is 200W+, of course, many family members support the down payment, so now Shanghai is still working on the down payment. 4. The elderly and children live in a 50-square-meter house: I really find it difficult to adjust. We are currently renting a 50-square-meter house with three adults and one child, 2 bedrooms, 0 living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom. I think it can be tolerated during the transition period. My wife and I live in the house. The old man lives in the second bedroom with his children, and the other old people live in their homes. 5. How can 2,000 yuan be enough for buying vegetables: Maybe the elderly secretly make up for it, and we haven’t paid too much attention to it, but we usually go out to buy vegetables or eat out on weekends. These are our own expenses and we give the elderly shopping cards from time to time. So it should be OK. 6. Ask the masters not to take advantage of them. In addition, if you have research on Shanghai real estate, you can send me some suggestions by private letter. Shanghai real estate really doesn’t understand it at all. Our situation: 1.5 million down payment, belonging to the second set, mainly considering children going to school, both of them work in Pudong.

7 months ago

Professional coding, ten years of work, more than three times the average wage of a Beijing code farmer. With the addition of stocks, it should be millions of people in certain populations who have gone crazy in life. I was so tied up in the usual days, I went out at 9 in the morning, squeezed into pieces of paper, and returned at 9 in the evening. Then relax depending on personal interests. I just read cartoons and comics, I have the right to practice listening, learn about different worldviews and values, and find some new music to listen to. It should be said that my vision is still quite broad and I am not picky. I watch all kinds of national dramas (although the number is small), Korean dramas, American dramas, Japanese dramas, Indian dramas, Japanese animation, American animation, and French animation. I went out to have a good meal with my roommate on Sunday. Sometimes visit museums, art districts, large parks in the suburbs. I still owe a book to the publishing house, and I am writing it quickly. In fact, the benefits of writing books are very poor in the sky, but this is also spurring oneself to forge ahead, although it is very slow (because this is algorithm-related, some difficulties will get stuck on me for a few weeks), and we must stick to it. In order to prevent being eliminated, now let’s brush the algorithm questions of LeetCode every day. This is the life of stagnant water, and the lives of most programmers are almost the same. Don’t imagine that life will be so colorful, otherwise we will not be fascinated by all kinds of thrillers and adventure stories. I think the advantage of having money is that the huge amount of funds can make you have a strong tolerance in the stock trading market, without any chaos, and you can rest assured that you can wait for it to come back slowly if you lose more than 100,000. In the morning, you can drink a cup of fragrant fragrance every day, and in the afternoon you can have a cup of coffee to relieve your troubles. When you change your books, you can buy more than 20,000 mbp in peace and contentment. In order to save time, I no longer search for resources around the world and download at a fast speed like before, and fill up Tencent Video, Station B, Baidu Netdisk, Xunlei, NetEase Cloud Music members. Due to the book I have written, my technical book spends very little time. The publishing house will send me 10-15 books every 1 or 2 months. I usually ask for 3 to 5 books. Box books can’t come over at all. As for the history, psychology, and economics books, I bought and read them on the kindle, which I started without blinking an eye. Because of my interest, the reading speed of these books is very fast and there will be no accumulation. Because of my industry, I have joined many immigrant circles, and I have a great vision for foreign life. Therefore, I am not interested in settling in big cities. Without the pressure of buying a house (although the money is enough), life is carefree.

7 months ago

For a long time, I have had a sense of impracticality like a castle in the sky about how I can achieve my current life. Because I don’t like to talk about my work with my classmates and friends around me (I think it will be a kind of show off), so use this question to sort out your own experience. Let me introduce my own situation first. In 1995, I graduated from the Shenzhen University of Economics. I didn’t like to study very much when I was in school, and because the living expenses of 1,200 a month were relatively tight (the consumption in Shenzhen is really high), I embarked on the road of part-time work. I have done various part-time jobs, selling phone cards for mobile phones at the beginning of school, helping people to exchange Hong Kong dollars, volunteering for events, etc., and finally found that college students are still the most cost-effective tutoring, especially in Shenzhen, where the hourly salary can reach about 100 yuan (high school). Therefore, starting from the sophomore year, I started to do 4 to 5 tutoring steadily on weekends, and I could get 4 to 5k of income as pocket money in one month. After the junior year, through the introduction of the parents of the students, the weekend time was gradually filled with tutors. It is normal to go out at 7 in the morning and come back at 10 in the evening, so the income has also risen, reaching about 12 thousand at most ( It was three months before the college entrance examination. A student dropped out of the school directly, and I was responsible for all his subjects full-time. In the end, he got his second exam as he wished). Since then, because I didn’t study the professional courses very hard, I began to regard training and education as my future career direction, and my focus gradually shifted to this aspect. Until I nearly graduated, I successfully entered a good training institution with an annual salary of about 150,000 (the monthly salary of training institutions fluctuates greatly). After working for 10 months, I began to feel that I could not learn anything here, so I skipped After I came out, I rented a house outside (I used to live at home), opened a personal tuition studio, and entered my current life.

7 months ago

In 1992, sister paper, IT industry, graduated in 18 years, graduated and joined a giant Internet industry, working for one year, now 23K per month, coordinate magic capital. There are male tickets, male tickets have worked for more than 6 years, Internet products, after the recent salary increase, the monthly salary is 40K, and both of us have Shanghai accounts. My boyfriend and I came from a small place. In other words, I want to stay in Shanghai. My family is basically unable to help. The male ticket is better. I have bought a set at the end of 17 at home and with my own efforts. One bedroom. Now I want two people to work together to buy a larger second set within 6 years, and are working hard. It’s time to tell the story, and hope that the confused young people who are struggling on the front line will always have hope in life. Regarding work: I have good luck. Both my bachelor and masters majored in computer science, and the master’s degree is a school that is particularly good for employment in the Internet industry. After graduation, I came to this company. Everything went smoothly, thanks to the help of the nobles. I would like to thank Bixin and hope that the good people will live a safe life. The male ticket is more bumpy. Did he major in computer science? After graduation, he went to a state-owned enterprise with a strong professional field. Later, he felt that his salary was too low, so he jumped to the Internet. He stayed in several well-known Internet companies in Shanghai, and then jumped to the current one. the company. At the age of 30, I always feel confused about the future, feel that the product threshold is too low, and my current risk resistance ability is still too low, and so on. But I think the two of us are already very good, don’t think too much, you can carry you for a while when you are tired, and you can carry me for a while when you are tired, haha~~

7 months ago

Jack Ma: To be honest, I never thought about being the richest man since the first day, so I diluted the company’s shareholding to this way. But I still didn’t expect that even though I lowered my share to 8%, there would still be so many, which I didn’t expect. Many years ago, I had a chat with my wife and the company’s No. 2 employee Zhang Ying. I asked, do you want your husband to become the richest man in the future? She said, you are a ghost, you don’t look like the richest man. I said you want me to be a rich person or a rich person, or an entrepreneur who does not lack the cost of living and is respected at the same time? She replied, of course she was respected. We decided on this. At that time, I never thought about becoming the richest man in Xiacheng District or Cuiyuan Street, Hangzhou. I didn’t want to be, it was not what I wanted. Like you, I was curious about the richest man when I was young, and some people liked it.

7 months ago

I am an HR in the real estate industry, and I happen to be in charge of salary. When I see a topic related to salary, I can’t help but want to express my opinion. First of all, the focus of this question is the monthly income of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. If it is after tax, the monthly income before tax should be between 25,000 and 40,000 yuan. I want to talk about this income level first: starting from the city, if it is a first-tier city in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, if it is working in a company, it will be the income ceiling of more than 70% of those with a bachelor degree or above. If you still want to go up, you can only get promoted to the company’s middle management and above positions, but it is difficult to make breakthroughs without hard work in performance, ability, interpersonal and other aspects. I have more than ten years of human resources work experience. Looking at a company, if it is not for high-income industries such as finance, the Internet, real estate, and consulting, 80% of the employees in a company have a salary level of less than 25,000, and 90% of them. Will be less than 40,000. For the above four major industries, this standard can be raised to 30,000 and 50,000 monthly salary. In first-tier cities, many small merchants and small business owners have higher incomes than many white-collar and gold-collar workers. But often there are not as many gold-collar and white-collar workers. According to personal professional judgment, the income of 20,000-30,000 after tax can be regarded as the 75th percentile in the first-tier cities (that is, 75% of the people will have a lower income level than you). So this income level is very good. If you are in the second-tier and lower cities, it is considered a very high income. If the family has no other burdens, it is entirely possible to maintain a well-off standard of living, and if the native family has to shoulder their own responsibilities, it is another matter.

7 months ago

Renewed again after a long time, the new contract came down, and I have been in the company for 4 years. This time some additional options were issued, and I still have an old attitude towards options. I will temporarily use it as a waste paper without listing. Don’t hold out too much hope, lest the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Update the status again. Just now the boss asked me to communicate about salary adjustment. Although the entire industry is not good during the epidemic, the boss still applied for special approval with the company. The cash part has increased by 4k, and the monthly salary is now 4w, and some additional options have been issued. I am very happy. I have served in the company for more than 4 years. The leaders and the company treat me very well and value me. It makes me feel that in fact, sacrificing so much time for study and work in these years is not a waste of money. My wife and I were very happy and drank a little wine in the evening. After all, for ordinary people like me who work honestly and have no ambitions, wages are my main income. Every time wages rise, the economic pressure decreases by one point. For the first time, I agreed with Pobai. Everyone in the comment area also asked me a lot of questions. Here I will answer in a unified way. Neither of us elderly people came to Beijing to help take care of the children, so there is no way for the wife to resign. My parents can’t come because there is a 90-year-old grandfather who needs to take care of him. Her parents can’t come because her father is still working and her mother has to look after her grandson. So this is no alternative. As for her child’s job search in kindergarten, she hasn’t figured it out yet. We are colleagues, she also does software testing, but she belongs to the person who was corrupted by the early chaos in the software industry. She has never written code in her work and belongs to a purely manual tester. Such people are on the verge of elimination, and they are already in their 30s, and have stopped working for a few years after having children. So basically it can be considered that she has been eliminated in our business and it is difficult to find a job anymore. And even if you can find a job, the work intensity of our industry cannot be accepted, because after all, you have to take your children to and from school. It takes a nine-to-five job. So the next thing can only be said later. There are two types of extremes in the comment area. One thinks that I am showing superiority. The reason why I have a good mentality is that I am in the software industry and have industry dividends. I really think I think too much about this. I keep saying in this article that the salary is at a mid-level in Beijing. There is nothing to be proud of. The reason why I am in a good mood now is because my parents were able to use 1.4 million to help us pay the down payment. Without this 1.4 million, do you think you can buy a house in Beijing with your salary alone? In addition, the software industry in Beijing with a monthly salary of 30k is really a medium level that many people can get. Comparing the housing prices in Beijing, you will feel that this is really not high. I always think that the salary in the city is a hooliganism. The other extreme is to show my superiority here. I came up and said that you are not good. My monthly salary is 40. The annual growth rate of multi-k is 10% to 30%, and there is no pressure if there is no overtime. Or if there is hr saying that your annual salary is not good, the annual salary of my freshman is more than 20w. I really don’t know how these abnormal psychology of you people come out. Is it really too awkward in real life to find a sense of superiority here? And don’t you lie drafts? The maximum annual increase is 30%, and even doubles. Don’t brag too much. According to your current salary of 40k. According to the situation you said, I will calculate you a compromise level, then your annual salary increase is almost 1w. Will it be a super boss with a monthly salary of 100,000 in 5w this year and 6w next year? It is the communication industry of foreign companies that may lay off employees at any time. There is such a good thing, you quickly announce the company department for everyone’s benefit. I have been in my current company for 4 years, and I have renewed my contract with the company. I plan to stay for a long time. Why, because my job number is 20, I joined the company very early and have a lot of options. So I accept the low salary now and take a bet on the bigger profits in the future. This is my personal choice. So don’t tell me anymore that you are 33 years old now and your annual salary is low. What if you jump to xxxx? Don’t I know what you’re talking about? If I agreed to go to Ali Toutiao Baidu, at least a p7 level is very stable, and an annual salary increase of 20w or 30w is normal. The reason why I have refused many invitations to stay in the current company is not because I want to take a big gamble (of course, the work intensity of the current company is really irrelevant). If I win the bet, I will have no worries for the rest of my life. I lost the bet. Also recognized.

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