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Yesterday I didn’t know what to do, so I especially wanted to eat the braised pig’s knuckles, spicy and sticky, so I went to the vegetable market after get off work. After buying fresh pig’s knuckles, I thought about buying some eggs. Many people bought something for dinner. Just waiting in line there to weigh and check out; in front of me was an old grandfather with silver hair but very awkwardly managed, every strand of hair reveals his spirit, think about myself occasionally being lazy and sloppy, Bibi! A grandma standing on the right hand of the grandfather is also full of silver hair. Although her face is indeed old, it can be seen from the bottom that the young person is also “the kind that makes the elder brother at the entrance of the village cry”; these old couples, envious! Soon, it was Grandpa’s turn to check out. He tremblingly took out his mobile phone from his pocket, and he wanted to scan the code! ! ! My eyes widened, my God, this grandpa wants to scan the QR code to pay! Judging from the shape and silver hair of the grandfather, it is presumptuous to estimate that at least 74 is up, because my grandma is 74 this year, and she is also very tough, but grandma does not seem to be as old as this grandpa; the grandpa is holding a mobile phone arm. Straighten it, and scan the QR code of the merchant, just like the old people with presbyopia, the sweep is very serious! I couldn’t help but chuckled. It was the same when I was old… Grandpa took the phone and scanned it several times, but it didn’t seem to respond. The payment page didn’t appear, and the scan didn’t work. He turned around and motioned to the old grandmother to see: “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” Grandma took the phone and scanned it in the same way, but the payment page did not appear. She was also very puzzled: “It was fine yesterday. Erni took me. I used it when shopping for food.” When I saw it, I stepped forward and looked at it: “Let’s take a look at it for you.” The grandfather repeatedly said “Okay”, beckoning his wife to show me the phone. I took the phone and scanned it. The screen is black and there is no scanning frame. I flipped over the phone and looked at it. Haha: There is a cartoon sticker on the camera, hahaha “Your camera is blocked by this, it’s okay if you open it!” Old couple I also laughed. It seems that the grandchildren have been mischievous to them~ Then the checkout went smoothly. The two old people expressed their gratitude, “Young man, thank you for your help! We don’t understand this, we just scan it, and then enter the password number” “It’s okay.” , Yes, you are polite!” After the checkout, I took the vegetables out of the market together. I was surprised that the two old people scanned the QR code to check out, so I asked how old the old man was, and the old man gestured to him and said, “82 years old. “Oh my God! It’s over 80, and scan the code on WeChat! ! My grandma saw my accident and said with a smile, “It’s not easy to get small change. We don’t look good when we are old. We can’t tell the real money or fake money. Last year, your grandpa was found to be 20 yuan in fake money. , It’s not good enough, so the kids taught us to use this to scan and pay, this saves trouble” “Oh, understand, you can check the back camera when you encounter this situation in the future, your phone is new, nothing else “Thank you!” The old couple nodded “Thank you!” Waved goodbye and went home. To the back of the two old people, I had a lot of thoughts at the age of 82. What have they experienced in their lives? What time has passed? In the old age, you can still use WeChat to scan the QR code to pay for grocery shopping! ! China, hasn’t it changed! The old man was born in 1938, the second year of the All-out War of Resistance Against Japan, the War of Resistance against Japan, the Four-year War of Liberation, the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, three years of famine, the Ten Years of Cultural Revolution, the counterattack war against Vietnam and India, then the reform and opening up, the crisis in the Taiwan Strait, and joining the WTO During the SARS period, the Olympic Games were held for the first time, the new era of China’s manned spaceflight, and the new crown epidemic until now… The lives of the two old people have reflected the struggle and struggle of the motherland for more than a hundred years from a small plane! Born during the War of Resistance Against Japan, the elderly who are now in their old age go to the vegetable market to buy food and can use WeChat to scan the QR code to check out. This is the change in China! China is really different! Besides, my braised trotters are okay, right? The first step for a good man, the kitchen has technology! See you in debt~


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Just this past Thursday, we held a conference call. When everyone arrived, everyone chatted. A colleague living in Spain suddenly asked me: “What is the situation of the epidemic in China?” I said, “The country has entered a new normal long ago. There are cases, but most of them are imported. Occasionally there are sporadic local cases, but the response at all levels is rapid and can be controlled in a short time. People now have confidence in controlling the epidemic and no longer panic. All walks of life It also gradually returned to normal.” He asked again: “When did this happen?” I told him that it started to recover from April and May. Now everyone’s confidence is getting higher and higher, and domestic vaccine research and development. Good progress has also been made. Everyone believes that the country can quickly get out of the epidemic. After I said this, there was a short silence on the phone. Because most of the other participants are from Europe, you know. The colleague said: “Hey. Our side. It’s impossible to do it.”

6 months ago

If you know or don’t know, I’m doing consultation. This year, all places are busy with the 14th Five-Year Plan. Because next year will enter the “14th Five-Year Plan”, we are all looking for development and drawing blueprints. I was fortunate enough to participate in the planning of several central and western provinces, and I discovered that there are so many words, trillions, trillions of industries, trillions of economic zones, trillions of city clusters, trillions of markets, trillions of consumer circles… These words appear frequently. At the beginning, I thought to myself, all bragging, can it be implemented? What is the concept of trillions? There are only tens or hundreds of billions in the whole country. Your province, an industry, an urban agglomeration, and an economic belt account for one tens of tenths. How about the whole country? As a result, after careful investigation, I slapped my face. Don’t say, most of them originally had a foundation of 780 billion at the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Looking back at the beginning, during the 13th Five-Year Plan, 100 billion yuan was raised. Five years later, it has reached an order of magnitude. I really sigh. After sighing, I didn’t think about it carefully, as if it seemed quite natural. But I am afraid to think carefully. Look, how many countries in the global village are planning for five years, ten years and twenty years? Not many. Can it be basically achieved after planning it? It is a basic single seedling. Compared with what it was like decades ago on the west of the mainland and what it is now, what was said by the U-turn after four years on the other side of the sea is basically not realized, this kind of firmness and execution, this kind of courage to do what it says is too scary to say ? Thinking deeper, our nation is good at seeking long-term goals, our party is good at execution, and our people are willing to work hard. Can our country be different every five years, and will it really be different after five years… No Having said that, the feedback solicited from the masses of the people is back, just type on the keyboard…

6 months ago

In the past few years, I often went overseas to participate in exhibitions because of work, and the most visited was Hong Kong, because it was convenient to go back and forth, the cost was low and the effect was good. At that time, the company worked with a Hong Kong truck driver all the year round, because to go to Hong Kong, you must have a Hong Kong license, and the Hong Kong truck driver drove Toyota Alpha. We usually set off very early. The driver came a day earlier, slept in the car at night, and waited at the company gate at five o’clock in the morning. He is very humble, reliable, with a little bit of arrogance of local people. Once I didn’t know what to say about the beginning of the reform and opening up, he said with an afterthought that people like them really lived a fairy life in the mainland. One hundred Hong Kong dollars can do a lot of things, eat and drink, and then go to Dongguan, everyone. All understand. They are all uncles wherever they go. He was nearly fifty but had a Sichuan wife who was like a jade from Sichuan. He met at that time and gave birth to a son. He is now attending elementary school in Chengdu. Having said this, he couldn’t help concealing his loneliness and said, “It’s not working anymore. The mainland is developing too fast and making money is getting harder and harder. In order to save money, he usually sleeps in the car at night.” He doesn’t have much technology, and he doesn’t have a house in Hong Kong. The only valuable property is this car. It is very stressful to raise young wives and children. At that time, they, the lowest-level people in Hong Kong, rely on government relief funds and then live on the mainland. You can live very smartly if you just engage in a battle. If you were a Hong Konger at that time, you could be better than others in the mainland. He said this, I have no doubt, because 100 Hong Kong dollars at that time is equivalent to a few hundred dollars of purchase now, our pocket money is all based on fractions, two cents are a huge sum of money. For many migrant workers who are struggling on the assembly line in Guangdong, the wages of migrant girls who work day and night are only a few hundred yuan a month. At that time, Hong Kong stars were popular on the mainland, but now, except for a few who became famous earlier, the influence of the Hong Kong entertainment circle in today’s mainland is lackluster. If you have money, you have to have the right to speak, including Taiwan stars. The new generation is almost beaten by small fresh meat from the mainland. Northeast F4 can crush Taiwan F4. Nicholas Zhao Si can crush Taiwan Daoming Temple. This is the right of cultural discourse! Once I went to pick up a British guest. He was an immigrant from the Middle East. At the time of the Sino-US trade war, Syria started fighting. He asked cautiously, “Does the Sino-US trade war affect you a lot? Are you afraid of the United States? I replied that it has an impact, but we are not afraid to engage with the United States.” He immediately became excited. The whole world just dare to confront the United States. How we hope you can lead the world, then the world will be much more peaceful. Have you read the news in Syria? How much we hope that China can intervene in Syria, then there will not be so many wars. This client is one of the few youth apartments I live in Shenzhen without staying in a hotel in China. Because I like football, I always like to talk about football with my clients. He said that on his side he never dared to say that he supported that team because of the violence caused by many fans. It can be seen that his community environment is not good. He has such a high evaluation of China. Of course, I A little surprised, but not unexpected. When I was in Germany, I chatted with a guy who sells sausages. He said that China is about to buy us Germany. In those years, many domestic companies acquired German technology and companies. He said, you learned our technology and bought our business, we are almost out of food. I said, no, we are still a developing country and very poor! He stared and said, are you a developing country? ? ? ? What a fuck!! The foreigners I have met are generally friendly, and the praise of China’s economy and national strength exceeds our own knowledge. The only thing that is unpleasant is in the smelly port, even the security guard at the airport, just because I asked in Mandarin. Lu Er put on an expression of eating shit, which made me depressed for a long time. I’m so polite, no matter from which aspect, I shouldn’t be treated like this. On the commuter bus, if you block him from coming out or passing by, the young man will have a cold sentence: Excuse me. XX Gong and Port X slogans can be seen everywhere on the street. But the stinky face of Smelly Port is not important. Their masters have already realized that China is strong. Maybe this is the last pride after the poor relatives on the mainland became unwilling to become rich! To be honest, Hong Kong’s English has been learned since childhood. When the mainland was closed (sanctioned and blocked), I knew a little English. Every computer can make money through foreign trade. Hong Kong’s prosperity is based on this. Noda’s China imports and exports through this big place, whether it is foreign trade or international shipping, even just a translation can make a lot of money! Now the mainland is blooming everywhere. Even my generation is extremely poor and the poor N generation who often starved to death in my ancestors can also go abroad and become a foreign trade elite in a grand manner. Who will die if Hong Kong does not die? Have those foreign trade people in Hong Kong ever done us? The first-hand source of goods is comparable to three companies. Needless to say, the geographical and cultural advantages needless to say. Banana people eat shit! Without technological innovation, no industrial chain advantage, no physical manufacturing industry, why would you want to be an uncle? With professional quality? Give it to me if I have money, I can also spend the night, or there is no jet lag, and the customer will arrive at any time. How do you think the quality of mainland foreign trade personnel is so bad? After doing foreign trade for so many years, Ah San’s inquiries were ignored, and some Hong Kong handbag companies’ inquiries were ignored. I can do whatever you do. Why do I have to share your share of the pie, and it’s so much more than a foreign devil. Hard to serve! So Smelly Port, continue to toss, Shenzhen used to be a fishing village, but you are actually a fishing village in essence. One day, the foreigner of your family will call Dad in front of the mainland. As for you, your grandson will go fishing. Now “offensive and defensive change! Kou can go, I can go too!”. Now the RCEP trade agreement has also been signed. As a foreign trader, I have a dream that Chinese products will be dumped all over the world, so that they can go unimpeded, expand thousands of miles of waves, and spread the country’s prestige! Just like a kangaroo, I can use economic means to destroy you. As for the military, you had better not think about it!

6 months ago

Since I was a child, when I went to bed at night, the five members of my family lived on the kang. I lay down by the window and looked behind the dark window glass at night. It was a bit deep in winter. In the room on the south side of the yard, Grandpa was lying on the bed, and occasionally pacing around in the run-down hut. Grandma was burning the kang on the fire. I sat by the bed and drank the sugar paste. The snow stopped outside, and I wrote on a homework sheet. The painting is a small house, there is a stone road in front of the door, and the stones on it are all colorful. At that time, I only knew the very beautiful fragments in the textbooks: We have entered a well-off society, and we will realize a well-off society in an all-round way in 2020! At that time, I was young and didn’t know what a well-off society was, but I probably understood the meaning of living a good life. Everyone didn’t worry about eating and drinking or living. I thought it was a very happy thing. In the blink of an eye, 2020, the content of the textbook seems to have been realized. We have a spacious room and have the conditions to eat and drink. But later, people left, home, and returned less.

6 months ago

It’s really different. As a descendant of a former landlord, the elders of the landlord who came to answer me also thank the Communist Party. This answer can be regarded as an oral history and a long article. Because my father was sacrificed in the battlefield of Zheyinshan, Tang Benxin was a martyr, no matter online or offline, everyone felt that I was “rooted in red”-in fact, it was not. Recently, I carefully explored the history of my grandfather’s generation, and found that although this seedling of my own cannot be said to be wrong, the root is really not red: Grandpa is a manager/technician. After the founding of New China, he was retained in a managerial position. Some of his small corruption behaviors were discovered during the 5th opposition period, and he was transferred from the leadership position (…embarrassing). Grandma was a housewife; his grandfather was a sliding rod, but he belonged to the urban proletariat. The main point is the story of my grandmother, the landlord’s child. My grandmother lived in Ba County (now Boundary Stone, Banan District, Chongqing City), and the specific location was in Taihechang, Ba County (now Taihe Street, Banan District, under the jurisdiction of Tianxing Temple Street). My wife and grandpa (grandpa’s grandfather) are The master home buyer left five hundred acres of paddy fields for his family when he died. Five hundred acres of paddy fields, medium and above landlords in the south. We must know that Sichuan at that time was a well-known country of abundance in the past, with few natural disasters. In the pre-modern society that relied on heaven for food, Sichuan’s paddy field production was relatively secure. Anyone with a paddy field of more than 50 mu can be called a landlord, let alone ten times more? According to my grandmother’s recollection, the average annual rent collection was about 300 “cartons”, which shows that they are indeed local leasing landlords, who belong to the rentier class. At that time, the average rice yield per mu in the country was only 300-400 jin, and in some places it was even more than 100 jin per unit. It can also be seen that the exploitation of farmers by landlords was nothing short of smashing the bones. In the south, there are five hundred acres of paddy field industry people should be like this image… Even if it is like this, the life of the wife and grandfather’s family at that time was better than the ordinary peasant class. He raised 10 children in his life, including 6 males. My grandpa (grandmother’s father) is the fourth oldest (the more honest one). After the death of the wife and grandfather, the will stipulates that the eldest son will divide the land renters equally during the harvest season. Each family will share 50 dan (500 buckets). Only the male offspring will be divided. The female offspring have all been married. Seeing this, everyone feels that there are 50 shi of grain in the four bedrooms every year. It must be very cool, isn’t it? But let me settle the accounts. According to the peculiar confusion algorithm in rural Sichuan, especially Ba County, and the memories of my grandmother two days ago, the owner of the Taihe venue collected 10 buckets of rent for about 1 catty, and 1 catty for 100 catties. The “Law of Weights and Measures” promulgated by the National Government in 1929 requires the document requirement of 1 pail of 50 kg. Therefore, the total income of grandpa grandpa’s house for the whole year is about 5,000 catties of millet. This 5,000 catties seems to be a lot, but before eating it, the following subtractions should be done: 1. The long room is not in vain. After the separation, your family will be your family, and my family will be my family. Since we have the right to distribute, we must maximize the interests of our family: the more powerful second child is basically not deducted, and the third and fifth sons are many. Can only be less deducted-the honest fourth child is the key object of exploitation. After the long house disappeared, Grandpa Tai would lose an average of 6-7 shi every year when he sub-rented, and he actually got 43-45 shi–that is, 4,300 kilograms of grain. 2. Shelling loss. This thing is called rice bed. The straw man holds a bundle of rice and smashes it upwards, and the grains will fall off. Then use this thing to smash the rice husks, called pounding rice. Think about it, you know that the loss rate of this original shelling method must be very high: Generally speaking, 100 catties of rice will become about 80 catties of edible brown rice after being hulled, and the brown rice will lose about 10 catties when ground into white rice. Of course, the byproduct of bran can also be fed to pigs, and people can eat it if it is not good enough, so the annual income of grandpa too is 3440-3600 catties of brown rice and 800-900 catties of bran. 3. Necessities trading. Even if calculated on the basis of 8 grams of salt per person per day, Grandpa Tai’s family needs 23 kilograms of salt each year, including cooking salt and salt for pickles, bacon and other foods. The amount of 23 kilograms is already very tight. In the Republic of China, 1 stone of brown rice in eastern Sichuan was exchanged for 23.7 kilograms of salt in 1936, 12 kilograms in 1940, and only 8.8 kilograms in 1949. In 1940, when my grandmother became a major consumer of food in the family, Grandpa Tai needed 200 kilograms a year. Rice is exchanged for salt-thanks to a Zigong in Sichuan, which is the result of a famous salt-producing land. People still have social needs and participate in celebrations and celebrations. In actual life, apart from the self-spinning that takes up labor, the family has to pull 10 feet of cloth to make a few new clothes every year. This will cost about 150 kilograms, which can supply rice for home consumption. The quantity dropped to about 3000-3200 jin. Zigong Salt Well of the Republic of China 4. Population pressure. The grandmother generation has 6 children, three men and three women, plus grandpa and grandmother. The family has a total of 8 people. The total ration is 3,200 jin, and the per capita ration is 400 jin/year. The daily intake of staple food is at the optimal level. In this case, it is 1.09 kilograms, which is about 540 grams. 540 grams of rice can provide 1868 calories, while the calories required for an adult to lie down all day is 1,800 calories. In the case of normal physical labor, it requires 2600 calories, and heavy physical labor even requires 3,500 calories. Therefore, even if it is a medium-sized landlord family, in the ideal state, even if they are not prepared for shortages and eat up the rent for the whole year, it is normal for the female family members who are not fully employed to have enough food. The family often needs a large amount of miscellaneous grains to fill their hunger and eat. The chaffy vegetables are also common. According to my grandmother’s recollection, the so-called “rice” at home, except for the Spring Festival, is basically a layer of rice on the surface, and “rice” with sweet potatoes underneath. And one day when she was 16 years old, she was responsible for cooking, because her elder brother suspected that she had stolen the rice on the sweet potato, she was smashed into her calf by a large porcelain bowl and almost broken. Since then, her legs and feet have not been completely clean. After this time, Grandpa Tai and a few older brothers swept her out in disguise, let her go to Chongqing to seek refuge with a relative, and waited to arrange marriage. Her original end of life should be to marry someone she didn’t know, and from then on she became the water thrown out by her married daughter. She would no longer be cared about or asked about. One day she might die of dystocia, or she might die once. Big, but husband’s family considers it unnecessary to spend money on diseases. The above is my grandma’s life story before liberation, and the following is my grandpa’s. Grandpa belonged to the urban proletariat. In his early years, he worked as a farmer at home. Later, he went bankrupt and came to a slum in Chongqing. He got a slide bar with Taimao and had a meal by lifting the slide bar. The only son in the family—after all, farmers who went bankrupt and went to the city also raised I can’t afford more children-this is in sharp contrast to the 6 children in my landlord’s grandfather’s family. In the Republic of China, 99% of the urban poor like grandfathers and grandfathers ended up losing their ability to work due to a sudden illness, the temper of the rich man on the slide, a car accident, and an injury from work. He died of starvation and became a dead body under the Chaotianmen Pier. In 1950, with the Guo Ruhuai uprising, the disarming of Yang Sen’s army, and the collapse of Hu Zong’s southern part, Chongqing was liberated. In 1951, Marshal He Long presided over the construction of Datianwan Stadium. My grandfather had no longs but was able to pick and carry. He also signed up to join the construction army. At the construction site, he found that it was different. He was able to eat enough, paid on time, didn’t beat or scold, took a shower, and watched theatrical performances. , Grandpa felt: The Communist Party is really different. So out of an ordinary laborer, semi-illiterate and simple mentality of repaying, he used the strength of feeding, he picked one burden, and he picked two burdens. Every time he did a surprise construction, he signed up for it. During the period, someone came to persuade him: Li Defu, you Don’t work so hard. Who cares if you hurt you? Regardless of it, he insisted on doing more and choosing, and he continued to do so until the completion of the Datianwan Stadium in 1953. These ordinary laborers received their wages and thought it was disbanded, but the government did not expect the government to manage the way out: they all entered the newly formed Chongqing Construction Bureau and continued construction. But my grandfather couldn’t get in, and was anxious. Someone came to him and asked him: Can you afford to write (Sichuan dialect)? He replied: he can write his own name. Someone said, okay, you go to Daxigou (now the place name of Yuzhong District, Chongqing) to report for XX tomorrow! On the second day, grandfather ignorantly started from lifting the slide bar and became a formal employee of Chongqing Survey and Design Institute (now Chongqing Design Institute), a well-known design unit in the country, and his life trajectory changed. Of course, from the perspective of cultural studies, his old man has missed the prime time of learning, and his talents are also average, so he has never fully understood. The main work is still to contribute: it is still very useful in arduous field surveys. The change of my grandmother’s life trajectory is even simpler. After being rushed to Chongqing by the family to be married, she was very clear-headed: it is absolutely necessary to live a life on someone else. So she adopted the tactics of dragging characters, pretending to be sick, pretending to be stupid and not meeting the matchmaker. After Chongqing was liberated, the Women’s Federation was established. She immediately went to the women’s federation comrades to explain the situation and asked to work. Since she was illiterate but had textile experience at home, A few months later, the Women’s Federation arranged her to join the Chongqing Hemp Mill No.2. Relying on the dividends of New China’s self-industrialization road, she also became a self-reliant New China worker. After my grandfather and grandmother worked, they were considered older young people at the time, so they were introduced by the organization to get married in 1954, and they had 4 daughters and 1 son. They started their busy, noisy, ordinary life full of firewood, rice, oil, salt, and tossing with their children and grandchildren. Grandpa has been pursuing party membership all his life, but because there is really no culture, it is really difficult to get a quota for party membership in a technology-based unit, and he has failed to realize this desire throughout his life. Only after I learned that I entered the military school and joined the Party, I was very envious. The one thing I most often reminded me afterwards is: Don’t say anything, do your job, the superior knows everything and can see everything… As for grandma, I accepted it last week. When I interviewed, the conclusion was just one sentence: Thank the New China, and thank the Communist Party.

6 months ago

The law is a weapon, and worms can shake trees. As a legal person, from a legal perspective, “China is really different” is embodied in this: People begin to pay attention to their rights and start to fight for rights. Not to mention the magnificent results of the rule of law, only from the perspective of individual rights protection, weak individuals can also take up legal weapons to challenge large companies, big brands, and giants to safeguard their legal rights and interests. tree. 1. Those typical cases of shaking a tree by oneself In 2004, Hao Jinsong was a law student at the time. Lawsuits have been filed for refusing to issue invoices for railway sales, meals, and refund fees. As a result, the Ministry of Railways has successively issued documents requiring all railway bureaus across the country to issue invoices to passengers on trains and pay taxes in accordance with the law. In 2018, Liu Zhichao, a student of Soochow University. Sued China CNKI for the overlord recharge clause that “downloading 7 yuan papers requires a recharge of 50 yuan”. The court ruled that CNKI’s “Overlord Clause” was invalid, and CNKI adjusted the charging method to choose a small amount of top-up methods such as 0.5 yuan, 1 yuan, and 2 yuan. The case was published in the Supreme Court Bulletin (No. 1, 2020). In 2019, Wang Jieying, a student at East China University of Political Science and Law. Sued Shanghai Disney for the overlord clause that prohibits “Bring Your Own Food”. In the end, the two parties reconciled, and Shanghai Disneyland took the initiative to amend the rules for carrying food, clarifying that tourists can bring their own food and beverages into the park, and optimize the security check process. There is also the case of Zhiyou @吴声威 suing Iqiyi for advanced on-demand and so on. Second, the law gives power to the mayfly. These individuals can use their own power to hit the stone with their own pebbles, and they also change the phenomenon of injustice. They rely not only on blood and courage, but on a strong legal backing to give strength. A society ruled by law is our diligent pursuit, because the law protects the rights of each individual fairly and everyone enjoys legal rights. The rule of law continues to improve, and people’s legal weapons are also upgraded and iterated. With the continuous improvement of legal rules, the weight of the mayfly to shake the tree will be more, and the power will be stronger. 3. Struggling for Rights In life, we will encounter all kinds of injustices, such as the domineering clauses of large companies, the inaction and chaos of government agencies, and many people are afraid or find it troublesome. “Following the law is not enough for oneself”, it is necessary for each individual to take up legal weapons to be able to establish a society under the rule of law and make our lives better. Faced with a much more powerful opponent and taking up legal weapons, each individual can stage the story of “the worm shaking the tree”. The “one dollar” lawsuit is to speak out for the public who have been infringed by the “tens of thousands of one dollar” infringements; not to be a “legal sleeper”, let the law come alive, and change us in subtle ways. life. From this perspective, more and more people are now fighting for rights, not only for their own rights, but also for the betterment of society as a whole. Chinese people’s awareness of rights and the rule of law are different. .

6 months ago

Australian Chinese. Chatting with colleagues, they were very upset about China’s sanctions against Australia. His original words were: China wants us to bend our knees and say: yes sir. However, he also said that Australia’s sanctions against China are powerless. Because China is a nation that builds the Great Wall. It took hundreds of years to repair a wall from one end of the territory to the other. When China formulates a policy, they look at the benefits five years and ten years from now. In contrast to Australia, the government has made various short-term commitments for votes, and there is no strategy to speak of. The general policy direction changes every few years, and it is completely impossible to confront China. The final result is that we will bend our knees to China eventually. As a standard anti-Chinese white man, he can clearly realize that he has no ability to kill China at all and is very likely to be killed by China in the future. I think China is really something.

6 months ago

I really didn’t realize that I was so patriotic without going abroad. When I went to Paris for the first time, I got the “Paris Syndrome” of the Japanese Talent Association. The Paris subway platform is dark, as if paved with asphalt. There is no elevator from the subway to the ground. Walking up the stairs from the subway Paris Nord station is an iron gate surrounded by iron fences. Looking up, a group of blacks stretched out their hands from all directions. The people inside were selling things or begging. For the first time, I was surrounded by a group of strong black people. I was taken aback. After running away quickly, besides the fallen leaves, there was a lot of rubbish drifting in the wind along the way. The subway in Brussels is relatively shabby. Many people use worn-out button phones to send text messages and make calls. After making the call, they use a worn out-of-the-box casing and put them carefully in their chest pockets, except for a few young people. In the previous generations of iPhone, I carefully hid the Huawei p20 in my pocket for fear of being stolen. There are many interns in the European Commission, including Oxford, Cambridge, and Imperial College. We often meet together. Young people are always interested in electronic products. A young lady from Oxford suddenly said to everyone that K (myself) had no idea about these. Interested, I know that Chinese always have the latest mobile phones. I was surprised when I heard it. Is the reputation of China’s electronics industry so loud now? Since I spontaneously helped an office colleague bring a Xiaomi from China, the high-end configuration and relatively low price have made many interns become friends with me. In the end, they persuaded me not to return to China. If you stay here and sell Chinese mobile phones, you will surely grow fiscal. These are all low-level tastes. What strikes me most is that young people in the West are not as familiar with Western classics as I thought, and our university education is not as backward as I thought. Several anti-China members of the European Parliament invited a few Chinese diehards from the United States, and a pastor held a seminar to talk freely about how close he was with Republican members. The road in front of the Chinese embassy should be renamed to give China a little color. Take a look. I was furious. I argued that his priesthood is respected because of the authority of religion, and the authority of religion comes from restricting his words and deeds strictly within the scope of religion. You invite such a fake priest to increase the weight of anti-China. It is a pity. Things backfired. Have you ever seen any pastor in the United States who is so keen on politics? A student at the University of Maryland retorted me, and the pastor also has freedom of speech. I said you don’t watch Tocqueville? Why do religion and democracy in the United States promote each other? He couldn’t answer, he just kept repeating that the pastor also has freedom of speech, and no one from other prestigious schools came to refute me. The host wanted to embarrass me and asked me to talk about what Tocqueville said. I naturally talked about it, and finally Tell them that this is a required reading for many universities in China, and I just dabble it a little. A diehard concluded that ccp has become more terrifying now.

6 months ago

This year’s Spring Festival is a special Spring Festival, one that many people cannot forget. Then tell a story about the Spring Festival. Now more and more people are beginning to complain that the Chinese New Year’s taste is getting weaker and weaker. They feel that the Spring Festival is not interesting, and many people will choose to travel abroad. I also felt that the Spring Festival was boring at home, so I chose to go to New Zealand. After arriving in New Zealand, I was dumbfounded for the past few days. In order to escape the original flavor of the new year, why did I arrive in a country where the new year’s flavor is stronger than the original flavor. Various Spring Festival celebrations are more Chinese than in many places in China. The owner of the homestay (non-Chinese) who stayed at the homestay posted Spring Festival couplets and bought dumplings for us to eat. What’s more, he gave each of us a red envelope of $10. Can you bear it? Some people may say that they just join in the fun, and they don’t understand the meaning of the Chinese New Year at all. Some people may say that they are just looking at the consumption of Chinese tourists. Just as what is said is a fact, it is rare that China is really different. China is really different, otherwise it is impossible for the Spring Festival culture to spread to foreign countries quietly. Some people may say that these are all the credit of the Chinese, which is a small circle activity. It is undeniable, but China is still the same China as before? Will there be this kind of cultural output? Will there be a collision of different cultures? Will there be such a sense of travel? I am confident that China is really different. This is the profound, profound and long-standing output of Chinese culture, just like we accept foreign Christmas. If you want to know the Spring Festival in the eyes of foreigners, don’t just hear it on the Internet, you must experience it in person. Maybe a Chinese New Year style will make you recognize your country again. Countries with per capita GDP higher than the world average (10,500 US dollars) can finally see China this year. China is really different.

6 months ago

Before the epidemic, I once took over a patient. When he recovered and was discharged from the hospital, the patient’s daughter told me that she was a researcher at the Children’s Hospital of Toronto, Canada. This time, she came back to China for medical treatment for her father’s illness. The Toronto Children’s Hospital in Canada, although I am not in pediatrics, I have heard about it. After all, the top 3 children’s medical institutions in North America are like Lei Guaner. As a family member of the patient and half of her colleagues, her evaluation of our treatment is “very standardized, doctors of all sizes are familiar with international guidelines, and have reasonable treatment based on the guidelines, which is very different from the previous experience in China. Up”. Although I didn’t fully understand what she meant by the second half of the sentence, I still said politely: “Thank you, this is our normal level.” Afterwards, my colleague said half-jokingly, “You really don’t know how high the sky is.” However, a foreign official of the World Health Organization (WHO) who was working in an organization in China was later admitted. After the patient was discharged from the hospital, he wrote a letter of commendation to the hospital leadership very honestly. Roughly speaking, our medical level gave him an “exceeded expectation” surprise…but we vomit privately-did you prepare to “see death as home” when you first came to see the doctor… But then again, In the hospital these years, a little actual feeling is that not only has the number of overseas patients contacted has increased, but the recognition of overseas patients has also increased. Now, when it comes to “transnational medical treatment,” the first reaction of most people is to “go abroad for medical treatment.” This reaction is actually correct, but the key depends on which country you are based in. Traveling from China to a foreign country is a transnational medical treatment, and returning to China from a foreign country is also a transnational medical treatment. In those years when I was in college, most of the people I came into contact with were those who had no hope of seeking medical treatment in China for complicated diseases/malignant diseases. In order to survive, they had to go overseas for medical treatment. Of course, most of the destinations without accident were Europe, America and Japan, and a few also went there. Some third world countries that have illuminated the attributes of the special medical system, such as Iran, Thailand and so on… At that time, in order to earn some pocket money, they occasionally translated medical records, sorted out medical guides and so on for this group of people. Raiders or something. The demand for this part of the population may exceed many people’s imagination, so that many similar commercial organizations that provide international medical intermediary services have been born. The income is related to diseases, reputation of medical institutions, insurance and even patients in this process. The information about the transshipment is poor. In view of the fact that most people who would choose this route are rich people, in fact, this was once a very rich blue ocean market. The money was so great that after a lapse of these years, I would still regret rejecting a certain person from time to time. This senior brother’s entrepreneurial invitation, if he chose to work with him back then, Bao Qi has now achieved financial freedom in a narrow sense-of course, this blue ocean is already very popular~ but after I worked for a few years, I contacted More and more “seeking medical treatment and migrating” – people who are abroad, get sick and fly thousands of miles back to the country for treatment. This part of the population is traditionally dominated by the following two types: “Empty-nest” elderly people-their children work and settle abroad, leaving their parents at home, and the parents get sick during the process of visiting relatives and taking their children abroad. This part is actually quite a huge crowd in the imperial capital, especially to the west of the imperial capital densely populated by colleges and universities. According to my observation, the proportion of wealthy people and senior intellectuals sending their children to emigrate is still much higher than that of other groups. As for the reason why they choose to return to China for medical treatment, most of them are because the elderly do not have medical insurance abroad. Europe and the United States (especially in the United States) are too expensive to see a doctor. It is even less cost-effective to buy medical insurance now. It is better to take a “flying” to return home. Governance; overseas students-essentially similar in nature to the empty-nest elderly, mainly due to cost factors; in recent years, the increase in other groups of people has been clearly felt: after immigrating overseas, they choose to return to China for development; choose to settle in the interior Compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; crooked nuts who study, work and even settle in China-I recently met a patient like this, which also gave me a chance to learn about the “China Green Card” (full name “Permanent Residence Permit for Foreigners in the People’s Republic of China” “) What it looks like-the design is almost the same as the ID card, but the content is different, but the first time I saw an ID card with a crooked nut head printed on it, I was quite happy; of course, because of the location In the downtown area of ​​Beijing, the crooked nuts that everyone broke their heads after drinking too much are also frequent customers in the emergency department of the hospital…In addition to patients, there are also international students from medical schools in the hospital for internships. Visitors from countries along the “Belt and Road”, I have seen a little and a half in the past two years; the reason why I think of these small details of my daily work is because this is a place that is very intuitive to me and can see some differences in China from the past~~After all, come to the hospital to see a doctor People in the real world are just a part of the real world, or a slice of the real world. There are more and more returnees and overseas visitors in the hospital. It used to be a bit bigger; although it may only be a little bit, compared with ten, twenty, and thirty years, it is already a huge change. Perhaps in the next ten, twenty, and thirty years, there will be even greater progress; of course, for us Chinese doctors, we also have something to do: let Chinese medical care go from being synonymous with cheap to leading, Standardized and efficient representation change. I almost want to change from crossing the river by touching the stones to letting others crossing the river by touching us. I hope that one day, medical care, like domestic aircraft carriers, Dongfeng Express… and such grand narratives, will become something that makes this country “really different.” Although some people may say that I “do not know that the sky is high and the earth is thick,” this is still a small long-cherished wish of my generation.

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