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We have defeated the desert! Our ecological environment is getting better and better! ! The Mu Us Desert is located to the north of the Great Wall in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province. Therefore, Yulin City is also called Tuocheng, which means the city of desert. The Mu Us Desert covers an area of ​​about 42,200 square kilometers. There is a lot of precipitation (250-400 mm) here, which is good for plant growth. It was originally an area with relatively developed animal husbandry, and the area of ​​fixed and semi-fixed dunes was large. Since 1959, people have been vigorously building windbreak forest belts, diverting water to pull sand, diverting flood and silting land, and carrying out huge projects to transform the desert. The Mu Us Desert, which spans Ningxia, Shaanxi, and Inner Mongolia, has the most tree-planting heroes in almost all desert areas in the country: Baoriladai, Wuyunsiqing, Yin Yuzhen, Wang Guoxiang, Sheng Wanzhong, Wang Youde, Bai Chunlan, Niu Yuqin, Shi Guangyin… from The “model workers” of the “community” era, and the entrepreneurs in the era of individual contracting sandy land, planted, the surviving tree is actually standing there, and the results they finally stay on this sandy land are enough to make people change their attitudes. The horrible impression of the “Mu Us Desert”. For example, Shi Guangyin of Dingbian, Yulin, spent more than 20 years planting a 6-kilometer-wide green belt on the edge of a 63-kilometer-long desert. More than twice the speed of the wall. Winner of the “July 1st Medal”: Shi Guangyin By the beginning of the 21st century, more than 6 million acres of sand had been treated to stop the sand from growing green. 80% of the Mu Us Desert has been controlled, soil and water are no longer lost, and the annual sand transport capacity of the Yellow River has been reduced by 400 million tons. Due to good precipitation, many sandy land has now become woodland, grassland and fertile land. In the hinterland of the desert, Yulin City has also created a total of 1.6 million acres of new farmland, and the “desert capital” of Yulin has become a “desert oasis.” On April 22, 2020, Shaanxi Province announced that the control rate of desertified land in Yulin has reached 93.24%, which means that the Mu Us Desert is about to “disappear” from the territory of Shaanxi! Relying on our strong governance capability and persistence in long-term governance, we successfully turned the situation around. By the beginning of the 21st century, more than 6 million mu of sandy land had been rehabilitated, soil and water were no longer lost, and the annual sand transport capacity of the Yellow River had been reduced by a full 400 million tons. Thanks to good precipitation, many sandy land has now become forest land, grassland and fertile land. In the hinterland of the desert, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province has also opened up 1.6 million acres of new farmland, and the “desert capital” of Yulin has become a “desert oasis.”


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6 months ago

One hundred years ago, the world was in chaos, and the people were unhappy. You came from the darkness with a book and business anger on your face, but your eyes were extremely determined. The warlords were divided. The great powers were raging. You said you want to change everything, “Friend, join me to save the country.” But this time It’s hard for you to protect yourself in vain, how can you talk about saving the country? I urge you to stop there. This country has no medicine to save you. You say that the world is responsible for the rise and fall of the world. Even if you shed blood and sacrifice, you must wake up the people of the country. At that time, who would have thought that you were the son of destiny. To turn the tide, help the building, and when you meet again, Yu Jiangqin, you already have some possessions, but unfortunately your ally is back stabbed and your family is almost destroyed. I advise you to stop and become a landlord. You said that hundreds of millions of people are still suffering. I must not hesitate. Sometimes I think about what a hero is. You use your actions to make me understand it. Knowing that the road ahead is dangerous and difficult, you have to rush forward to the sands and water, take the cloud, warm the sky, and warm the Dadu Bridge. The cross-links are cold. You successfully base yourself in Yan’an. In the past few years, you have re-divided the land and the land. Everyone has regarded you as the savior. Wan Ping. The warlord pretended to be deaf. The government was dumb for the sake of national justice. It drags you down and makes you stronger. Fighting for years, fighting the invaders from life to death, and finally being driven out of the Chinese dictator. The Chinese dictator once again showed his fangs. How ambitious to sacrifice, I dare to call the sun and the moon to change the sky. The people on the edge of the Yangtze River have chosen you and went south. I have not disappointed everyone in the speech upstairs in Tiananmen Gate. A new chapter is written at this moment. The people of the whole country wish to have children and patriotism. At that time, the motherland was waiting for prosperity. You led the people through thorns and thorns and finally changed the situation of poverty and weakness. Now no one can underestimate China. In the past few decades, what have we experienced militarily? We resisted US aggression and aid Korea, killed India, and pushed Vietnam on the same level. Economically, we have grown out of nothing, catching up with Europe and Japan, and aiming at North America. In terms of people’s livelihood, we have adequate food and clothing, education for the young, and support for the elderly. In science and technology, we open up wasteland, learn from each other’s strengths, and pick up the stars. The country has developed into such a status that is not the same. I advise you to accept it when you see it, smile and shook your head to lead the Chinese nation to achieve rejuvenation. This is your mission at the beginning of your birth. My thoughts instantly return to the time you were a hundred years ago Masao said to me with a smile on his face, “Friend, join me to save this country!” With a hot mind, I threw the dry smoke to the ground. In an instant, sparks splashed and disappeared into the withered grass.

6 months ago

“Three North” Shelterbelt Project! Refers to large-scale artificial forestry ecological projects built in China’s Three North Regions (Northwest, North China and Northeast). In order to improve the ecological environment, it was decided in 1979 to list this project as an important project of national economic construction. The project planning period is 73 years and will be carried out in eight phases. In the current period of 2021-2030, the sixth phase of construction has been launched. As of August 18, 2020, the Three North Project has completed a total of 30.14 million hectares of afforestation and preservation; the forest coverage rate in the project area has increased from 5.05% to 13.57%! A total of 7.882 million hectares of windbreak and sand-fixing forests have been built, 336,000 square kilometers of desertified land have been treated, and more than 10 million hectares of grasslands and pastures with severe desertification and salinization have been protected and restored. National desertification and desertification monitoring results show that since 2014, the area of ​​desertified land in the project area has been continuously reduced, achieving a historic transition from “sand advancement and human retreat” to “green advancement and sand retreat”. The average annual number of sandstorm days has dropped from 6.8 days to In 2.4 days, the three major sandy lands of Maowusu, Horqin and Hulunbuir were initially treated, and the area of ​​desertified land continued to decrease! The old map of the Tongwancheng ruins in the Mu Us desert area. The entire site was submerged by yellow sand. With the initial success of the Three North Shelterbelt Project, the Tongwancheng ruins have returned to the beautiful scenery and waters. It is true: for the sake of sacrifice, dare to teach. New day every month!

6 months ago

Eight provisions.
As small as an individual or a family, as large as a political party or country, external problems are easy to solve no matter how difficult they are, and internal problems are not easy to solve no matter how simple it is. If a political party does not have the mechanism, ability and courage to correct itself, it is destined to go into an abyss that is hard to return.
Style building is always on the road.

6 months ago

In 1929, “Life Weekly” published “Ten Questions about the Future of China”. 1. When will the military power of our country be unified, and when will the scattered warlords annihilate? 2. When will the military’s power to govern politics be eliminated, and when will the administrative power of our country be unified by the central government? 3. When can the extraterritoriality of the 34 countries be abolished, and when will the judiciary of our country be autonomous? 4. From Beiyang to Ningfu, the head of state is probably a strongman in the military. When will there be literati in power in our country? 5. When will our country hold true representative elections, and when will we hold true national general elections? 6. When can my country be able to produce rice from the abundance and the grain to be self-sufficient, without worrying about hunger? 7. When can my country produce its own pens, lampshades, self-watches, artificial cars, etc., for the survival of the Chinese people? 8. When can our country produce huge amounts of steel, guns, and ships to supply our country’s border guards? 9. When is it possible for my country to have compulsory elementary education, develop 100,000 intermediate schools, and raise millions of senior students? 10. When can our country participate in the competition among the powers of the world, expand its influence abroad, exchange trade for profit, lose civilization and interact with outsiders? For “Ten Questions about Future China”, only 15% of the readers at that time were optimistic

6 months ago

The crab has become a demon. The core of the answer is that it greatly raises the lower limit of the living environment of every member of the whole nation. The first is to eat enough to turn a country where a small landlord can eat meat during the New Year into a country with three highs (high blood pressure, high blood fat, and high blood sugar). The second comprehensive education is to eliminate illiteracy. The whole nation receives nine years of compulsory education, which improves the scientific literacy and cultural level of the whole nation. If higher education is good, India can also save an Indian Institute of Technology. Basic education is difficult. In order to maintain basic education, it is necessary to feed tens of millions of elementary and middle school teachers and tens of millions of people who feed on the education industry. These people do not directly create value, but education for all cannot do without them. A hundred years ago, masters came out in large numbers, but no one wanted to engage in universal education, or failed. In the movie “The Donkey Gets Water”, a few people with ideals set up a basic education school. Because there is no strong organization support, it is ruined in a bunch of mess. The movie was definitely not made to reflect this idea, but it still reflects objectively. Basic education is not enough. Egypt’s education is good, but young people who are educated are more destructive and need employment. Third, in the past few decades, we have basically achieved full employment. No matter the job is good or bad, there is always a place to settle down. This requires industrialization. There are factories that produce the necessary materials for this society to toss (focus on). Such as steel, cement, petroleum. Only with these materials can we go to infrastructure construction. Railways, highways, infrastructure. The factories that produce steel, cement, and oil can arrange employment. The construction of railways, highways, and infrastructure can arrange employment. With these facilities, you can engage in manufacturing, export foreign exchange, and use foreign exchange to continue basic work. With these facilities, you can engage in service industry, express delivery, etc., and continue to stimulate employment. The people are educated and still have jobs. We seem to take it for granted, it is [unbelievable] in other countries. Europe completed this step by entering the industrial revolution and navigating to plunder the earth first. The United States and Australia rely on geographic advantages and nearly unlimited resources to complete this step. Japan is relying on China’s compensation to complete this step. China completes this step entirely on its own. There is no precedent in the world. 【Unbelievable】

6 months ago

It’s too much, just talk about literacy: in my parents’ generation, reading was actually a very extravagant thing, until my sister’s generation. My father’s education level was not high. At that time, my sister was almost unable to go to university. Needless to say, I was in college. At that time, I was going to let my sister go to work in the electronics factory after finishing junior high school. Then someone from the village came to propose a marriage, a pig’s trotters, a bag of rice and it seemed to be a few hundred dollars, let my dad marry my sister to his home. But my mother firmly disagreed, and she must go to high school. In the end, my sister went to college and she is now a civil servant. It is a civil servant who changed her destiny. My mother sometimes chats and sighs. She studied very well when she was a child. , But there were too many sisters at home to read. My cousin is not allowed to study at home, and now she can only make money as a waiter. Some time ago, I saw the “no one less” policy promulgated by the Ministry of Education. My mother was very moved after seeing it. She sighed that the times are really good. The country is really taking care of every citizen, and no one can be less. This promise is in China. There is no precedent in the history of 5000 years. In the 2008 Olympic Games, the country experienced many major events, such as the 512 earthquake and the 2008 Olympic Games. Before 08, foreigners felt that the Chinese couldn’t make anything high-end. Still staying in the Qing Dynasty stage. The Olympics was also the first time that the West saw the true rise of the East. At that time, it was not only the mainland, but many Hong Kong people also hung national flags at their doorsteps, and the windows were all the Olympic Five Fuwa. I really see the kind of national spirit that is thriving. That kind of centripetal force throughout the year is also the first time in nearly a hundred years that it has gathered together. It was also an incredible unity for nearly a hundred years. Later, after China’s GDP was second, more and more NGOs took root, the United States’ Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy, and Hong Kong became more and more so. The manufacturing industry has gone from nothing to the global center and the entire industrial chain. Although some people are nitpicking and talking about engines, in China as long as you want something, someone will make it for you. From duty to Dongguan, Huizhou, Northeast Heavy Industry……. China has reached a point where the world will be shut down after leaving China. We have also completed such a huge manufacturing industry, and its proportion is increasing, the technology is getting better and better, and the quality is getting higher and higher. Poverty alleviation No country has such courage and determination to make everyone rely on poverty. Our country has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty in more than 800 impoverished counties, which is unprecedented in human history. The poor households in our village have dedicated personnel to follow up and investigate, build new houses for the poor at home, help them find employment, or grow land at home, and feed pigs. The seeds and cubs are paid by the village, and there are elderly people in the family who buy TVs and refrigerators… Teach the elderly how to use the phone. An old man in our village had a bad stomach before eating. The village cadres took them directly to the health center to buy medicine, see a doctor, and use medical insurance for infusions without paying for it. Such a huge and complicated poverty problem that has entangled China for thousands of years is finally solved today! Why the foreign media are sour every day, that is, they don’t want to admit this fact. Such an incredible thing has been solved by socialism! Aerospace: The chairman said: You can catch the moon in nine days, and you can catch turtles in the five oceans. Who would have thought that we now have our own space station and that the Chinese can also manned spaceflight. When the dragon enters the sea, we go down to the five oceans to catch turtles; Chang’e flies to the moon and we go to the moon for nine days. The dream written by the chairman’s poem is being realized step by step by the real Chinese. It also tells the world that the ideal of the Chinese people is not only this blue planet, but also the infinite sea of ​​stars. In fact, there are too many. The prevention and control capabilities of the epidemic, the efficiency of the government, domestically produced cars, domestically produced mobile phones, and now domestically produced systems. Everything we live in now has been incredible for nearly a hundred years. On a ship in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province 100 years ago, the people on the ship could not imagine what they would bring to this country. In 100 years, batch after batch, generation after generation of awakened people will firmly lead this country forward. A century of firmness, a century of not forgetting the original intention. The leaders of the old world are already on their way, but they still dream of letting the world rule the world. We must unite and knock down the old world. This is the final struggle. If we unite, the Internexonal must be realized. Tenesionale will surely come true! The 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, happy birthday! A century of youthful youth, never forgetting the original intention to follow the party

6 months ago

Everyone has written so much and written so well. I will add two points. On June 30, the World Health Organization issued a press release stating that China has officially obtained the WHO malaria elimination certification. The communiqué stated that the reduction of malaria cases in China from 30 million in the 1940s to zero is a remarkable feat. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus congratulated China on the elimination of malaria in a press release. Tan Desai said: “China’s success is hard-won, and this is mainly due to China’s decades of continuous precision prevention and control.” The World Health Organization’s Western Pacific Regional Director Ge Xijian said: “China has done to achieve this important milestone. Unremitting efforts have shown that strong political commitment and strengthening of the national health system can overcome the major public health challenge of malaria. China’s achievements have brought the Western Pacific region one step closer to the goal of eliminating malaria.” , I gave China a big thumbs up! Second, what is strength improvement? That’s—I used to be poor and white, no one is stunned. Now, brother is not in the arena, but the world is discussing brother.

6 months ago

Win a national and even world-class biochemical war. In the last century, I once read such news on a certain unimportant page of a newspaper. The idea was that imperialism would never die. They might use the following methods to conspiracy against our country, among which they mentioned the possibility of sending biochemical viruses to our country. , Causing widespread plague spread. Then SARS came, and its influence was not so great. Then the new crown came, and the influence was terrifying. Then the new crown inserted the socialist iron fist and burned steel and stirred it fiercely. Facts have proven that under the leadership of the party, no country can use biological and chemical weapons to conspiracy against a great republic.

6 months ago

Let ordinary people become people. We usually ridicule India as having 100 million people and 1 billion livestock. Although it is very vicious and dishonest, the status quo in India is indeed like this. If you have read “Westward Journey”, combined with the current situation of the life of the bottom people in India, you can understand why Snow is so excited about the self-esteem and self-confidence of ordinary Chinese people. The old Republic of China that the current Guo fans miss is the old Republic of the rich and the noble, and the rest of the ordinary people are the insensitive and submissive Chinese who are resented by Lu Xun. Since the end of the Qing Dynasty, there have been countless people with lofty ideals trying to awaken the humanity and bloodliness of the Chinese, but no one has achieved widespread success. The Nationalist government has gradually become the spokesperson of the big landlords and capitalists, farther and farther away from the people. It wasn’t until the emergence of the Communist Party that “the people” were spoken of and practiced in actual actions. There may be young people who are “lying flat” in China, but there are no Chinese who need to take the initiative to bow down. The Communist Party guarantees the Chinese people’s right to be warm and live, and at the same time allows everyone to enjoy the rights of equality and self-esteem. No police will suddenly break into your home because they suspect you are committing a crime, beat you to the head and take you away, nor will they randomly shoot you on the street because of your skin color or ethnicity. After experiencing an epidemic, I believe in the Communist Party more and believe that it is the people’s party. I wish her a happy 100th birthday, and wish our country a great rejuvenation and bring well-being to all mankind!

6 months ago

In the Three Gorges, emmm is not just a dam. It starts with the treatment of the reefs of the Three Gorges waterway from the road network to the high-speed network. Agriculture (broad agriculture, including agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, side-fishing, and storage), transportation, and toilets. Everyone recalls the public toilets in the early 1980s and the current public toilets. This does not need to talk about steel production, from the slogan of catching up with the United States. To. To. The most important thing to Tangshan, which has become a stalker, is what China was like in the last 21 years, and what was it like in this 21 years. In the past 100 years, the Chinese people have not only stood up, their backs have also become more and more straight.

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