I just heard that the army’s food was good in the past. Until last year, I went on a business trip to a certain unit in the northwest. The army’s breakfast, milk, porridge, soup, steamed buns, soy milk, deep-fried dough sticks, fried rice, fried noodles, noodles, and all kinds of side dishes are no less than 5 kinds. You can take as many milk as you want. For lunch, there are 8 dishes in the impression. There are meat and vegetables. The meat in the meat dishes is really atmospheric. It is definitely not like the feeling of shaking the spoonful by the aunt in the school cafeteria, and it is definitely not the yellow stew you eat on the side of the road. The four or five pieces of chicken in the chicken rice. The beef, mutton, chicken and pork in that dish are just like a child of a wealthy family. There are also fruits, all of which are independent and sufficient. Dinner is almost the same as lunch. Sometimes there will be noodles. Brother Bing likes to eat noodles more than rice. Maybe rice is enough. Oh, by the way, we need to take care of the food expenses of our troops on business trips. It is 35 yuan and 8 cents a day. I don’t know where this price comes from. In the last picture, I picked the smallest leg of lamb. The bigger one is the same as the arm of a half-large, muscular child. Yes, that’s enough. It’s served as a pot of roast leg of lamb. At that time, I felt that this meal was too costly.

But there is one thing that I’m not very comfortable with. The troops stipulate what time to eat, that is, what time to eat. One day I didn’t get up for breakfast and was ten minutes late. When I went to the cafeteria, the soldiers in the cooking squad had already started cleaning. Soldier style, clean and tidy, the same as eating, never let the mud and water

When I first went to the army, there were a few arrogant masters at the door of the army guest house. Why do you say arrogant? Because I gave it milk and it ignored me, I wondered what kind of experience made them so extravagant and corrupt, until one night they were eating fish, and some beauties who were on a business trip prepared lunch boxes and packed some leftovers. I thought at the time that this beauty was not a fat man, why would she have a supper when she was hungry at night. . . The mind of the straight steel man received a realistic crit when he encountered three kittens, and it also fully explained why these cute little things are so arrogant. Although it’s leftovers, it’s almost what we have, shrimp, fish, and all kinds of meat. During the few days I was there, they were fattening at a speed visible to the naked eye, and their fur was shining. Bright, morning and evening in the northwest will be colder in November, and I wanted to hang them around my neck at that time. The cat of the army, good fate


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8 months ago

Former marines. 15 years of military investigation professional training in our department. Later when it was over. Brothers from other services and arms have a consensus on two points. What’s more, the six dishes and two soups of the Marine Corps are too good to raise people. They can’t stand up after training every day, and they have grown several kilograms. The second is that the cooking squad is so perverted. Those who are not on duty even participate in the training every day. They are even more gray-headed and gray-faced than the elites of other services. (Actually, in the Marine Corps tradition, the cooking class is equipped with good soldiers and strong generals) Waiting to go back to my hometown to find if there are photos of the six dishes and two soups at that time.

8 months ago

A certain part of the armed police retired in 2015. Before I retired, my unit’s food standard was 21.11 per person (the reason for memorizing it so clearly is that there will be a random check every time the inspection is conducted). The daily food standards are as follows: Breakfast: two staple foods (rice or pasta), side dishes, one carton of milk and one egg per person. Lunch and dinner: six dishes, one soup, one fruit, at least two meat dishes, and one dish in winter can be replaced with a pot (the kind of small pot cooked in an alcohol stove). PS: Regarding this egg, after the Armed Police Headquarters clarified this standard that year, it directly and irregularly called the grassroots for spot checks. It turned out that some units used scrambled eggs instead of boiled eggs to scramble the sides… When organizing serious work Still very rigorous. In the first year, my parents came to visit relatives and sighed, “Oh, it’s okay, I have hot pot every now and then.”

8 months ago

Remember that in the local armed forces, the cadres who came to lead the troops introduced us to the troops. He said: I am the deputy commander of our special operations brigade. I have a junior high school education. I have made my second-class work and have stepped forward to this day. The mortality rate of our unit is 5‰ a year. If you are afraid, you are afraid of death. So quickly find a relationship and transfer away. I checked his name badge and searched it on the Internet, but I also found his advanced deeds during a certain earthquake relief period. He said that the food standard for our special warfare is 35 yuan a day (forget it specifically), which is ten yuan higher than that of ordinary troops. However, the special service team’s food is higher than ours. We have always wanted to try their meals. If you have a chance in the future, you can try them. Unexpectedly, I was assigned to the place with the best food he said. Our food standard is an average of more than 80 yuan per person a day, which is already heavenly compared to the ordinary unit’s more than 20 yuan a day. For a while, I went to the special operations brigade for a mission and had a few meals in the special operations restaurant. This week, although they have chicken and fish for every meal, I can feel that they are still far behind us, so thousands of people in the whole unit are very envious of our food.

8 months ago

I don’t know now. In the 1970s, my father was in the tank army, and my mother took me to visit my relatives. Now I am still envious of the army’s food. The exact amount is not clear, but at lunch, my mother has a deep memory: a table of eight people, four pots (yes, it’s a pot! The pot! The old woman gave me a gesture. According to my gesture, the diameter of the pot should be 30 More than five centimeters and a depth of about 20 centimeters! A pot of soup! It’s enough to add rice to a pot of soup. One of the four dishes must be eggs. You can also use fish instead of eggs. One is meat and two are vegetarian dishes. One of them is usually soy products, such as tofu, dried seeds, or Qianzhang. Soup is hard to say, sometimes it is tomato and egg soup, sometimes it is broth, or fish soup. In addition, after eating, one fruit per person must be eaten.

8 months ago

I went on a business trip to a blue army brigade in October last year. I had two lunches with the soldiers there. The dishes for both meals were the same. I don’t remember exactly what it was. It was about fried pork with garlic moss, or something. Fried pork, something else, fried pork, and a sweet and sour tenderloin. Remember to pinch clearly why there are only two dishes, because I love these two dishes the most. For the second meal, each person gave a banana and two apples. This is definitely not special care for us, because I think some fighters have two more apples in their hands. I asked the teacher who led the team to realize that this troop is only a field training base here, and this is not their camp.

8 months ago

You weigh 120 when you join the army and 180 when you leave the army. Are you okay? Breakfast: usually noodles, steamed buns, steamed buns, soy milk, fried noodles, fried noodles, fried noodles, steamed eggs, milk, etc. Two hot dishes, two pickles, and everything you can eat outside. Chinese food: 5 dishes and one soup, anyway. Some of them have dinner: same lunch, one abalone or sea cucumber for one person at the meeting, at least 10 dishes for Chinese New Year and 12 for large festivals every Friday, 8 for small dinners, and beer and some drinks. Drivers and cadres on duty are forbidden Drinking beef, stewed potatoes, braised pork, rabbit legs, stewed carrots, twice-cooked meat, chicken, ducks, geese, pigeons, and other poultry. Some on the market will have them, as long as they are not too luxurious and the price is too high. For example, the winter cooking class of Shark’s Fin Aolong will stew rock sugar and Sydney. The ingredients are very good, and the thieves are delicious! In summer, one watermelon for every three people per capita is used for night shifts. There is a night shift fee of 10 yuan per person per day. There is also a radiation subsidy. The food expenses allocated by the superiors in your salary card are per capita. How you eat depends on the Secretary-General’s meeting. It’s definitely enough if you can’t adjust to see if the leader will live a life without being greedy.

8 months ago

There are all kinds of food for the troops. I said that the two most extreme ones are your own taste. At the beginning of 2008, it was just after the New Year’s Day before the Spring Festival. I spent a week in a department in Panshi City, Jilin Province due to work reasons. A treasury unit in Dashangouzi worked with the officers and soldiers every day. Living together is basically the hardest period of my life. Because specific conditions are limited, there are no conditions for self-fire and eating out, and can only have a big pot of rice with the soldiers. Breakfast is steamed buns, rice porridge, pickled vegetables, fermented bean curd, and enough tube; lunch and dinner are a table per 10 people, 4 hot dishes per table, and the dishes are served on a regular plate, which is not sharp. The staple food is rice and steamed buns, enough tube. The four dishes are stir-fried cabbage, stir-fried potato shreds, stir-fried potato slices and stir-fried radish slices. Anyway, I did this every day during the 5 days I was there. The dishes are a bit oily, but there is really no meat. The only thing I left was the fried radish slices on the day I left. There was a small fat slice about half the size of the fingernail of my pinky fingernail. I was wondering who caught it when everyone secretly picked it back and ate it. . The food is definitely not enough, but there is a stainless steel dining car in the aisle with a whole pot of chili sauce, the kind without oil. The northerners call it chili paste, which is very salty and spicy. This is enough. I arrived in the afternoon the first day. I only ate a steamed bun for dinner. I really couldn’t eat it. The radish didn’t move, the cabbage didn’t move. The potato chips ate four or five chopsticks, and then there was no food. Even the plates were used by the brothers. After the steamed buns were wiped, I dug some chili paste to eat, and then a magical scene happened. My appetite increased day by day. By the time I left on the fifth day, I could have 8 steamed buns for dinner, and I could barely eat 8 steamed buns. I don’t feel hungry, but I still have some shortcomings. This unit is company level, there are no lesbians, and there are only men’s toilets. Everyone feels like a prison. On the day I left, I went to the train station in the small town and looked at all the lesbians in the past, and I felt so beautiful. Seeing that the small restaurant rushed in, he really made up for it. To sum up, life is too vegetarian. Let’s talk about another extreme. In the autumn of 2009, a certain department in Beijing was also under construction. I had eaten in the office canteen of this unit, and I had also eaten in the soldier canteen. I will probably talk about it. I only ate it once in the canteen, and I need a meal ticket with the amount. Braised lamb: 1 yuan; braised beef: 1 yuan: braised pork: 1 yuan, broccoli: 2 corners; tomato scrambled eggs: 2 corners; vegetables The quantity is the usual big spoon in the canteen, and the level of meat dishes is that there are no bits and pieces, pure meat, and the rice is self-contained, and no money is required. Party A bought me a red braised lamb + broccoli, a total of one yuan and two jiao. I served the rice three times, and the stewed lamb was too fragrant. I’ve also eaten in the Warrior Canteen. It’s all free. Compared with the Panshi unit, it’s the difference between grandfather and grandson. So you said the army’s food is good? Good food can make you grow a pound of meat a day, and bad food can eat 8 steamed buns. The key is to see where you went! ! !

8 months ago

I answered similar questions, but it’s not clear now. I retired only six or seven years. There is a huge gap between the upper and lower limits, and the air and sea food is better than the army. The army units, technical units, and support units are better than the old ones. Needless to say, special subsidies are the highest. Even if they are both veterans, even those who open fire will eat better than those who open fire in the camp. My unit is a typical old camp fire. An egg for breakfast, steamed buns, rice porridge, pickles. (Occasionally there will be soy milk, and milk) The steamed buns don’t have the sweetness of yeast, and I don’t know how to make them. It tastes like masks in my mouth. This is the best meal to eat throughout the day. When I was a recruit, I often hid three or four big steamed buns in camouflage uniforms. If I can’t eat the next two meals, I can deal with it. (Recruits are not allowed to go to the canteen) Then for lunch, one meat dish, one half meat and one vegetarian, the staple food is steamed buns or rice. The main meats are mostly locally produced silver carp, which is very unpalatable because of its thorny fleshy and strong smell. The main reason is that the cooking class is still not clean, and no one eats a few catties of chili. Occasionally I will eat braised pork or chicken nuggets. Almost one person can divide 3 to 4 pieces of meat the size of a fingernail. The taste is nothing but salty and spicy. There is also a disgusting sebum smell that breaks fat. Half meat is scrambled eggs with tomatoes, chili peppers, and ants on the tree. Half meat is more popular, because it is generally not unpalatable and a bit oily. Vegetarian dishes are generally not clean, and there have been cases of sand bugs rushing to the cooking class and beating people. I was hungry and skinny at the time, and I couldn’t eat the smell of meat. Except for the first year, soldiers basically didn’t eat canteen food, and when they went back, they had instant noodles and ham. Dinner is generally better than lunch, and occasionally a fruit is given. An apple or a slice of watermelon, an orange. Usually the squad leader and squad deputy take the rotten ones and give them good food to the recruits. There will be one more dish than lunch. Soup is available for lunch and dinner. Probably the feeling of outsourcing the school canteen. When my recruits went to Xialian for professional training for half a year, what they ate was dark and thin. My 178-year-old was living and hungry for less than 120 kilograms. These days have given me a very serious problem, that is, I basically have a problem with my estimation of my appetite. When you like to eat, stuff your stomach until you can’t drink a mouthful of water before stopping. why? Because there was no oil and water in my stomach at that time. To eat carbohydrates, you have to eat this way to keep your budget balanced. I often eat four slap-sized buns for breakfast. I started to feel hungry before ten o’clock in the morning. Then rely on rice and steamed buns, plus a la carte soup and a few bites of vegetables to sleep at night.

8 months ago

Worked for a while in the cooking class, armed police, a small company stationed in the county. Whether you eat well or not depends on the holidays and whether the leaders will come. The other answers mentioned 1126 and 6211. I won’t mention it. Whether this is actually implemented depends on the situation. For example, if there is someone to check, the food cost has not been enough recently. Generally speaking, the whole squadron is stuck with the whole squadron. made. The taste depends on the craftsmanship of the cooking class. If there are newcomers who let newcomers practice their hands, it will probably be difficult for a while (yes, it’s me). It’s different when it comes to holidays or when the leader comes. The leader comes to do everything according to the rules, whatever the dish is reported to do, and the amount of money reported is spent. Of course, the dishes must be able to bear the face of the entire squadron. In remote areas, leaders come once a year for six months, and they have to support the platoon. Not to mention the chief official, he can also save face when he goes out with these red cards. On holidays, that’s your own hi. As long as the food expenses have been saved before, if you have money, you can do whatever you want. If you write a web draft, you can cook whatever food you want. The food expenses can be tens of thousands during the holiday. Of course, you have to save a bit of food after the holidays, and you will be notified if you overspend too much during the holidays.

8 months ago

The soldiers in the first few years, Xiao Yuan San ate the best at that time. Although there were only a few people, Xiao Zao made the best food with his heart. The chief secretary of the small stove is basically from the big stove, and a table of good dishes is taken from each big stove. A large stove with hundreds of people like the Communication Camp has sufficient funds. Meat and vegetables are sufficient. But with a shovel, the taste is definitely not much better. The taste is not good and can be suppressed by peppers and other spices. Only a small number of people in the cooking class have undergone advanced training. A group of young men have never cooked at home, so they rely on the older cooks to help them, call with the PHS and cook with a shovel in the other hand, and the PHS drops out of the pot and fishes them out. Come and continue to fight. The leading stoves are all small stir fry and taste very good, but what is different from what everyone thinks is that the food provided by the cadre stove is extremely poor, because the food cost of the cadre and the soldier is different, and the food cost of the soldier is directly transferred to the account. It is used to buy vegetables, and the cadres’ food expenses are directly distributed to the cadres’ wages and then handed in by themselves. It is more difficult to pay them when they are in hand. There are more cadres in the office stove and fewer soldiers, so they basically rely on the food expenses of the soldiers to eat. Several staff officers who went out of the communications camp prefer to come back to the camp for dinner. My remarks are limited to the situation of our unit more than ten years ago. Basically, the extremely hard-working units of the Army and Armed Police Airborne troops also have better food. The worst unit that has been in the army for many years is the driver training brigade.

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