On the 28th local time, the search and rescue work in the collapse of an apartment building in Florida, the United States entered the fifth day. Since the 24th, search and rescue personnel have not found a survivor in the rubble. At present, 11 people have been confirmed dead in the accident, and more than 150 people are still missing. The slow progress of the rescue began to be questioned, and the families of those who lost contact were distraught.

Officials said that rescue work faces various possible dangers, such as toxic substances, fire, smoke, etc., moving steel bars may cause collapse, so care must be taken. On the morning of the 28th local time, a fire that hindered rescue work was extinguished. According to Reuters, heavy rain and cement slabs also hindered the 24-hour continuous rescue work.

The most mysterious thing in recent years is that all the problems that the United States accuses of China have been unreservedly punished on himself. At the beginning of the epidemic in China, the overseas anti-China dogs and wheels had various climaxes. Trump and the Americans were ecstatic and resorted to various anti-human moves to profit from the epidemic in China. As a result, China quickly controlled the epidemic and resumed production. The United States and its lackeys are reduced to hell on earth, and they are still struggling. Then a small group of civil organizations in Hong Kong, China, staged a parade under the auspices of the enemy country. The United States even said the most beautiful scenery. As a result, this most beautiful scenery floated to the United States. All kinds of smashing and looting were staged everywhere. The president because He was banned for inciting rebellion, and the new president assumed the throne under the protection of the military police. The most beautiful scenery in the United States is floating around, but the demonstrators who attacked the Legislative Council were shot dead. The darkest scene in the history of the United States was staged. Then the United States accused China of the Xinjiang issue, saying that China was engaged in genocide without any evidence. As a result, there were many genocidal corpses in Canada, and the Western media collectively lost their voices. Recently, even the shaking of a building in Shenzhen can make the anti-Chinese dog climax. As a result, China sealed the shaking building, but this building is still intact after completion, but the American building collapsed without warning. Many people were killed and injured. The way of heaven is reincarnation, who will the heaven bypass? The United States obviously doesn’t care about human lives, but uses the guise of human rights all day long. Even the president is regarded as a rebel and banned, but it advertises its freedom of speech and has no bottom line for aggression, but it says that it is a democratic country. Reality is often more bizarre than novels and movies…


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

At this speed of archaeological rescue, people were rescued as fossils. You don’t know when you die without carbon 14 testing. Seventy-two years of gold have passed, and they missed the best opportunity. There are two large mountains on the ruins that cannot be moved, one is called Taihang and the other is called Wangwu. It is said that such a name can move God. Later, the rescue team had a new kid who worked very well and was very efficient. As if you were born with knowing how to dig. But he cried while digging, and never came back after leaving the scene. Later I learned that he was buried here when he thought of his previous life while working. As time passed, the older generation of search and rescue team members retired from this ruin and replaced them with many newcomers. Finally, one day, more than 150 people on the scene cried. This time the collective crying announced the end of the rescue mission. “No need to look for it, we are here again.” At that time, my mother was desperately roaring to the rescue team. “Imagine if your children were trapped inside!” The rescue team listened and tried to imagine. After fifteen working days, tears burst into my eyes.

6 months ago

It’s really an American father who lived in the 1990s. Facing the collapsed school, he ran away on the spot. His enkephalins were released and all eight doors opened. Euler digging for 38 hours with his bare hands, and saved his son and his classmates. What happened? By the way, the article “Father and Son in the Earthquake” was actually written by Americans. It was translated into Chinese and compiled into Chinese textbooks. So it is not a Chinese fictional American story, but the original author of the American fictional American story. Mark Victor Hansen, a speaker and writer, is actually a somewhat magical success lecturer. Many people don’t understand the name and don’t have an impression, but you must have heard of the four words “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. He is the author of the book “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, the patriarch of the sect of Jitang Wen’s founding sect. At that time, there was a lack of understanding of this fake and empty chicken soup in China. Translation and introduction of textbooks. Now there is no Mark Hansen in the textbook. The old man is still there. Very active, the husband and wife are both male and female, and they are still doing shows and selling books this year. A while ago, a show called “The Universe Knows the Answer” was launched. Look, the Yankee is better than the Japanese in terms of the situation. Just compare “water knows the answer”

6 months ago

It did not expose the problem, but instead highlighted the true power of the United States. Why spend so much taxpayer’s money to save these futures dead? If you dig it out, you have to contract the new crown, isn’t it? Is this group of people the core ruling class in the United States? Just pretend to be, and the rescue team is also human, almost enough. They have already died of 600,000 due to the epidemic, do they still care about a hundred more? The United States is still the number one power on the planet and can still reap all mankind by printing unlimited money. Americans still feel that they have no real problems. This ability to allow the people to die and stay still does not require any leadership to be actually responsible, and the American imperial people still feel that there is no problem with the ability. This is one of the powerful aspects of the American imperial system. Once the nationality is changed, this kind of performance has to be scolded in China. As soon as it was changed to the United States, you see that the Americans accepted it so calmly, and this news is just like that in the United States. The Chinese people always think that the American emperor died when a few people fell apart. That’s because we always think that the people are the most important thing, and ZF also promotes it like this. Don’t you think the U.S. Emperor is like this? No? No? No? No way? Take a good look, the U.S. emperor will give everyone a holy scene where all the people will rule forever.

6 months ago

For comparison, you can look at the tragedy of the collapse of the Quanzhou isolation hotel last year: the time of the accident: 23 people were rescued from about 19:30 to 21:00 on March 7. At 10:30 on March 8, 42 people were rescued at the scene (including 4 dead, 1 critically injured, and 4 seriously injured). On the night of the incident, the province, city, and district dispatched emergency rescue vehicles such as cranes, cranes, and excavators. 43 units, 126 units of firefighting vehicles, 20 units of ambulances, and more than 1,000 firefighting, medical and other rescue personnel. Fujian Province and Quanzhou City quickly organized forces to carry out rescue operations. A total of 118 teams and 5,176 people participated in the rescue and rescue, including the national comprehensive firefighting and rescue team, the national safety production professional rescue team, the China Communications Group, the local professional team, and the social rescue force. Take a look at the speed of mobilization in the United States for comparison: According to NBC news on the 29th, after the collapse, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was prepared for rescue almost immediately, but it has not been approved by the Governor of Florida. And unable to act. According to reports, the accident occurred at around 1:30 am on the 24th, and Florida Governor DeSantis did not issue a relevant statement until around 5:30 pm to allow rescue teams to rush to the scene of the accident. In other words, just let the rescue work “go through the procedures” accident victims waited a full 16 hours, and then until the 27th, all eight state-level search and rescue teams were in place. A reporter from the “Washington Post” once publicly questioned DeSantis why it took nearly a day to issue a statement on the dispatch of rescue forces. The Florida Governor’s Office argued that the state government would not be able to independently advance rescue work if it failed to wait for the Miami municipality to issue an accident statement, and the state-level statement was actually issued one hour after Miami’s statement. The report pointed out that Florida’s municipalities retain higher autonomy, and that the situation between the states and the federal government is similar. This has led to large-scale casualties and disasters. Many places must first complete very time-consuming “bureaucratic steps” ( bureaucratic steps) in order to avoid the ultra vires situation of governments at all levels. As of 8:00 am on March 9th, 49 trapped people were searched and rescued at the scene (8 of them had no vital signs when they were rescued), 1 person was unhindered and not sent to the hospital, and 40 people were sent to the hospital for treatment (not including self escape Among the personnel, 8 people were sent to the hospital), of which 2 cases of critically ill treatment failed, and 22 people were still being searched and rescued. As of 19:00 on March 9, 51 trapped persons were rescued at the scene and 12 died (10 of them had no vital signs when they were rescued, and 2 died after being sent to the hospital for rescue), and 20 others were trapped. After 112 hours of uninterrupted rescue at the scene, as of 11:4 on the 12th, the 71st trapped person (with no vital signs) was searched and rescued at the site of the Quanzhou Xinjia Hotel collapse accident. The search and rescue work was basically over, and 29 people were killed in the accident. . The last person who was successfully rescued was rescued 69 hours later

6 months ago

You have to think for the good. Missing means that life and death are undecided. It is not necessarily life or death. It may be life or death. It is both life and death. In short, these 150 people are in a kind of Schrödinger’s cat. status. If the ruins are dug up quickly at the speed of China’s rescue, these 150 people will be exposed to outside observation and quickly collapse from a missing state to a dead state. In other words, as long as they don’t excavate for a day, these 150 people are still alive, and the death toll is only 11. Once they are excavated, all 150 people are determined to be dead, and the death toll becomes 161. Therefore, the real cause of the 150 deaths was not the collapse of the building, but the Chinese netizens who requested rescue. As for why the death toll is 11 people, I heard from a friend who works in the city government that 12 people are a dozen dozens, which is the boundary of major safety accidents in the United States. If there are more than 12 people, the local mayor will step down, and the local governor will To be punished, I forgot how to make up later…

6 months ago

As long as you don’t go to the rescue, you will be 11 dead, and the rest will slowly get over when news of the shooting or Middle East news comes out. In the evening, find a nearby crossroads, put wreaths and candles, a bunch of black men, white women and beards with black turbans, hugging each other, crying and holding signs, and find a lawn park nearby to invite a whimpering white lady to cry After crying and thinking, a few police cars drove next to the press conference and placed a few bear toys on them. By the way, find another official to resign, especially the United States.

6 months ago

The Governor of Florida said that the rescue team participating in the on-site search and rescue mission is the world’s top search and rescue team. It has participated in various international rescue activities and played an important role. The most important rescue mission was to participate in the rescue operation of 911 in 2001. . But the result…. I think I really should take this news to those people who have been kneeling for a long time to consider carefully. How did we face the accident? This is truly being responsible to the people and taking the people as the starting point. Let the person in charge of the region form a subconscious that is responsible and comprehensively eliminate potential safety hazards to avoid the recurrence of tragedies. But what about the old beauty? In addition to developing human rights as a mantra, or doing a 45-degree bow like Japan and finally lowering the national flag in half, what else can it do? I can’t help but remind me of a joke made by American firefighters putting out fires. About ten years ago, in a small area in the United States, a family’s house caught fire. I called a firefighter, but the response I received was that I refused to do the job on the grounds that I didn’t pay the firefighting fees that every household had to pay. Later, the fire grew stronger and firefighters finally arrived. At this time, do you think the firefighters are here to rescue the owner who is on fire? No, they are to prevent the fire in this household from reaching the neighbors who have paid firefighting fees next door. It is uncertain that this incident, except for the rescue of more than 30 people on the first day of the incident, the number of deaths and the number of missing persons has not risen until now, except for the rescued people, is due to the highly market-oriented conditions. The price did not agree.

6 months ago

Served, this was not something really outrageous. These days watching the European Cup, they found before kick-off, all players have a ritual of kneeling on the grass, to express condemnation of the United States kneel police kill blacks. Really, why make things difficult for White left the white left. Kneeling on the grass evolved from this event. Out of respect for the dead, I took this picture of his face marked with mosaics now, I think they did a bit with the times. I think they should be replaced by a kneeling grass lying grass, to express solidarity with the United States to those who fell in the rubble of the building. Do not kneeling on the grass, lying on the grass! So on the line. European people, to show your attitude right! After all, Americans are also going to send you a few hundred years ago. Just a few days ago when this thing happened, I made a few answers ridicule. But the return ridicule ridicule, when I thought this thing would quickly follow its rescue, the aftermath aftermath of the survey, the accountability of accountability, in time for everyone to explain itself, also line up. But I just never thought for a few days, things still continuing outrageous. What about saving people? He says good gold 72 hours it? Then bad, dead or alive, at least you get to see people, right? A missing 99 people began to say, I think, not necessarily all buried below, but probably it was not at home, temporarily unable to confirm. But now five days, and one by one the total contact to confirm it again! ? How many households were there at the time of the incident, how many households were not there, and the relatives and friends of the households contacted to determine how many outsiders were visiting, so as to estimate how many people were still buried underneath. It is not difficult to do these tasks, why is it so? Confused? He says good transparency, the transparency of it, ah? I do the authors in Mongolia? I TM! English I have spent much effort to the whole will, thinking you guys learn something good. As a result, on this? I served really are an eye-opener every day. To be honest, I often feel that it is not good to always mock beautiful country and it is useless. It is true to do what you have at hand. However, it always gave me Jiabu Zhu create new material ah, Zaban. Let’s say that this building collapsed. When collapsed, a wave of ridicule. That gets the job done. Hey, a few days found that rescue shuffles, well, another wave of ridicule. Will a few days, all kinds of insider exposed, then a wave of ridicule? Could it be that the responsible person is at large, and another wave of ridicule? I do not dare to think, the heart tired. Thinking back to other materials, the past few years have been too dense: The Good Man Richard caught fire, a wave of ridicule. The new aircraft carrier crown pandemic, captain plead dismissal, a wave of ridicule. Kneeling kill blacks Floyd, a wave of ridicule. Weak local fight against SARS, hundreds of thousands of people dead, incredibly, a wave of ridicule. The election farce is an eye-opener and a wave of ridicule. Canada appears genocide corpse pit, finally confirmed the iron hammer, condolences to the victims, plus a wave of ridicule. It’s too dense, classmate, really, can’t bear it! ! Manufacturing material it a little slow! Steady ah.

6 months ago

There is no need to laugh at the United States. You are all concerned about the rescue. In fact, as long as the mandatory house obsolescence period is not implemented immediately, the number of collapsed houses in old developed countries will increase exponentially in the next few years, and no amount of rescue teams will be able to save you. Since you are not going to implement compulsory scrapping of houses, it is better to overrun sooner. Rescue, save a basket. The building has a lifespan. Three to four decades of poor quality, fifty to sixty years of good quality, and seven to eighty years of better quality. It can’t be positive infinity anyway, you can’t deny it, right? In theory, there is no difference between a house and a car. It is nothing more than a longer life span and a shorter life span. There is always an end to it. It must have a retirement period. If you insist on living in a house, and then your children and grandchildren continue to live with you, then it collapses because of one or other problems, and it will only be a matter of time before your children and grandchildren are hit in it. Even if you fix it, it will only slightly extend the service life, but it is not infinite. If everyone lives in a single-family house, and every family has a 999-year property right, then it’s a good deal. Don’t rely on the government if anyone is killed. If you are afraid of death, you can tear it down and rebuild it yourself. But obviously in any developed country and more developed developing countries in the world, most people live in multi-storey houses in cities and share a building with others. In this regard, there is no difference between Khrushchev’s prefabricated board building and Tomson’s first product. In terms of professional technology alone, the best ownership of this multi-storey house is like a car. The property right is calculated for 40 years from the moment it is built, and it is compulsory to scrap it when it expires. You sell it to the next in the 30th year. One person, then the next person has 10 years of property rights. Of course, the quality of your Tomson One is much better than the average Khrushchev building, and the price is also expensive. Technically, it can be set at 70 years, or 75 years, otherwise it will be 80 years, which is not infinite. Because it will collapse sooner or later, right? But obviously what I said above was a naive speech by a technician. Human nature is not like this. Human nature tries to hold something in its hands forever, human nature tries to make a pigeon cage belong to itself for generations to come, and human nature tries to extend it for another 500 years after 50 years. Technically speaking, the first batch of houses built in my country in the 1950s has reached the end of life. Even if some structural reinforcement is carried out and some service life is extended, it is not permanent. It will not be scrapped this year, and it will be scrapped next year, otherwise it will be the year after. It’s not forever. Thankfully, our country was very backward at that time. Most of the houses in our country were built after the 21st century. We don’t need to consider this issue for the time being. To put it bluntly, it is considered thirty years later. Ha ha. Unfortunately, developed countries are not so lucky. Less than 30 years later, Europe and the United States will face more and more such problems in the next few years, that is, multi-storey houses, including but not limited to residential and office buildings, suddenly collapse, because of this and that. Reason, or no reason at all. This has nothing to do with politics, this is the basic mechanics. Whether they are Chinese, Americans, or Europeans, there is one thing in common. They have the same human weakness, that is, they always want to hold on to something for generations to come. If you let him compulsorily scrap his house for fifty years, he must rise up and rebel. Got it, then you live. You live, I don’t dare to control you. To cure the disease of immortality, Buddha saves destined people. This is not for the Americans, but for all human beings.

6 months ago

Exposing the strength of the United States. No survivors were found because the people in the search and rescue team were also humans with souls, and search and rescue dogs were also dogs, and they would yell. More than a hundred people have encountered such a disaster, I am sorry but it’s not my fault. Everyone doesn’t want it. To be a human being, the most important thing is to be happy. If you can’t find it, you can’t find it. Why do you have to find it? Some people are gone if they are gone. This is destined. God wants to take them away. god takes the best first, in god we trust, to believe in God’s arrangement, they are the people chosen by God, so they go first. As for the search and rescue team, they didn’t think about going to see God. You let them risk the danger to search and rescue. What if they die? There are already so many fewer people. Wouldn’t the gains outweigh the losses with fewer people? Besides, have you ever asked the search and rescue team about their wishes? This is a free country. The search and rescue team has the right to decide whether to do this or not. Oh, no, it’s whether to save this group of people. This is the powerful part of the United States. No matter what kind of individual you are, you have the right to decide. I can do nothing, and the people know how to stop loss. Therefore, the United States has prospered for two to three hundred years under this framework. This is not just talking about it. The United States has achieved a slow rescue achievement through learning slow employment

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