To Ali, I actually had the idea of ​​writing this post a long time ago, but I didn’t dare to stand at this point in time and I finally happily exchanged some ideas about the company with everyone. First of all, I think everyone basically had some longing for the beginning of Ali. No matter how we evaluate Ali after we come here, I think when we are outside the siege, we have a little admiration for the company’s scale and performance as well as its huge volume. The company may be limited in the international scale but put the domestic Internet Absolutely a super first-class company. So this caused me to be confused for the first time since I joined Ali. Why has such a large company been constantly selling anxious? Regarding anxiety, I believe that everyone in Ali has a deep understanding. After all, the 361 system itself is to create anxiety. Speaking of this, there may be some high-level students who will come out to round the field. We 361 is not to exploit the classmates, but to better let the classmates grow up. To say something serious, do you new executives believe in yourself? ? If you work on a P9 for a year and get 35-do you think the company is helping you grow or the company is stupid? Immediately there was my second confusion in Ali. It was such a company that promoted the truth every day. I have never seen a word of truth. I think it’s funny. I don’t know if the management is too old or they are lazy to think. Why can’t we talk about these things openly and openly but we must talk about things to help you grow, help you progress, or even contribute to the society. What about talent? Simply put, if you engage in 361, we don’t object, and we can’t object, right, accept you and stay, if you don’t accept you will find another job, ok I think everything is okay, the company blatantly said publicly, We in Alibaba want to fight hard. We are a very anxious company. Our goal is to keep employees from living comfortably. Comfort will make the company lag behind. Our Alibaba’s ideal is to surpass Amazon and become the world’s fifth largest economy to create 100 million. It’s okay to have a job opportunity to feed 2000w people, but would you please remove the second employee from the new Liumai? You may be curious, what is the difference? I lied to you to exploit you, and I just exploited you directly, isn’t it all exploiting you? That really makes a big difference. Probably, most of the high-level people are born in the 7080s. I don’t understand the post-90s and the post-00s who are coming soon. These people are young people who have grown up in the wind of free culture. We don’t like the set of courtesy in Mandarin. , You assume that I am a donkey, you have been whipping me with a whip, I think it’s normal, no one thinks it’s abnormal, then I’m a donkey and you are the master, I want to be lazy, as a donkey is natural. You don’t want me to be lazy. It’s human nature. Everyone acts in accordance with the usual behavior. You give me food, so you beat me a few times to force me to do hard work. I think it’s human nature, everyone can understand it, but the problem is, you. Can’t you smoke me while asking if I love you or not? I believe that so far, all the young people in the lower P6789 already know what I am expressing, but I think they still don’t understand the higher level. I need to explain it again. Twenty years ago, Ali just started. At that time, Ali was a serious startup company. Ali faced the risks faced by all startups. Typical examples include not being able to pay wages. I believe it must be calculated this month when the company just started. Next month, next month, calculate next next month. At that time, Ali, recruiting people, you must recruit the kind of people who will follow me even if I don’t pay you for half a year, which is what Teacher Ma calls, you It’s okay not to approve Jack Ma, but you have to approve what Jack Ma wants to do, and you have to approve Alibaba. But big guys, the times have changed, the Qing Dynasty has died, and Ali has been developing for 20 years, and China’s economy has been developing for 20 years. At that time, more than half of the ancestors who worked for you could not get enough food. Those who work for you now, more than 80% of your ancestors can support your own sons and daughters. Now if you ask someone, I will let you work in a company. This company is very good and has a very strong culture. Cultivate your ability, but if you don’t give you money for half a year, do you think others will take care of you? So 20 years ago, when you bought a donkey, you must make sure that the donkey loves you or not, because you may not be able to feed the donkey a stable meal. If the donkey does not love you and you can’t feed the donkey enough, the donkey is likely to pick a child. Run away. But 20 years later, if you buy a donkey, you can just feed yourself. The donkeys on the market are smarter, and there are more markets. Which one will give you the food? Yes, give the same meal and get the same whip. You are still forcing people to say that you love you, and the other side tells you clearly that you don’t love me and I don’t love you. Just work and I will give you food. You are a donkey. , Which one do you guys do. So if you don’t pretend to be true, I haven’t seen where the company is true. There are many topics that can be talked about right away. Let me first talk about the problem of donkeys. I compare Ali employees to donkeys. I believe that smart children will not blame me. I don’t say that I am a dog. It’s a lot of face. The focus is to explain to some executives who don’t think they are donkeys. Let me just say one thing. Donkeys don’t have to be forced to recite values. You think Ali employees are better than donkeys. Funny to say, the second item of the first item of Ali’s values ​​is called employee second, second only to customer first. Teacher Ma said that the company wants to increase the wages of the lower-level employees because you increase the salary of the senior executives by 5,000, but they don’t care. You increase the lower-level employees by 5,000. He is very happy that he can improve his family. I would like to ask everyone in Ali, how many people’s salary has risen by 5000. Ali only adjusts his salary once a year, and everyone knows the extent of the adjustment. Even if you are 375, how much you can increase. ok Salary adjustment policy In the past, we directly talked about salary, not to mention Ali’s work pressure, work style, and intensity. What is the salary level of Ali people in the industry? At this time, it is estimated that many people began to want to mention the 375 equity incentive policy. Let me tell you the truth. Isn’t the equity that 375 gives you for you to talk about the general contract when you change jobs? Four years, tax deductions, and inflation, do you think that is a lot? If you still insist that, ok, this is a lot, this is a lot, after all, this is a huge sum of money in the eyes of some people, then I will tell you one more thing, there is a term in economics called opportunity cost, if you hear it for the first time You can take a look at it in detail, if you have studied it in depth, then you can count it yourself. What is Ali’s treatment for you. Every Ali, every Ali who can see this post, although Ali treats people not very well, but Ali’s standards for recruiting people are high. Everyone knows that it may be the only way Ali can be in talent. What I can brag about is that our recruitment standards are high and very high. Why do I say this? For ordinary people, their opportunity cost is very low, because it is very difficult for them not to go to work to do other things, but for you 985,211 overseas returnees working in various industries For the elites, your opportunity cost is infinitely high. Have you ever thought that there are countless Huang Zheng, Cheng Wei and Wang Xing lurking beside you, your brothers and brothers, and you are out of the circle of Ali, your own strength? Resources are far beyond your peers or even most of China. After all, you have eliminated a large number of them since the college entrance examination. You have all stood out in the continuous elimination of graduate students, resumes, and work experience, so you must make yourself better. Is the precious time of ten years after graduation wasted day after day grinding and writing PPT? What did Ali give to the employees? respect? treatment? welfare? I feel that if you take out a piece of Ali, it will be easily blown up. For a small company with a small market value, it is normal to be blown up, but for Alibaba, a company that claims to be the world’s fifth largest economy. Don’t you think it’s sad and ridiculous that you can’t even take out one of the three? This is the feelings of Ali people? I would like to ask the low-P Ali people present here, when was the last time you had an annual leave of more than 10 days? What do you say it is not important? The year before last, I remember that not long after Mr. Ma retired, he ran back to the intranet to post and said he wanted to save the elephant. Said that the living space of elephants has been squeezed, and the conflict with humans has become more and more serious. If Ali with so many people and so many resources can do something, I think it is funny. Teacher Ma, Mr. Ma, please take time to take a look. Your employees and the living space of your employees have also been squeezed, and the conflict with their ideal life has become more and more serious. With so many people and so many resources in Ali, can you do something for your own employees? Teacher Ma said, the next group of people came out. I remember sending ata to make a summary. It is estimated that it will take a little thought in the final implementation. I was thinking that if these thoughts can be assigned to Ali 13w employees, it will be a problem. In what scenario, you are always attacking the richest man in China from time to time. You save the elephant. I rely on the good image. The company’s stock price may rise. Is it useful to us? The elephant can’t live anymore, and my child can’t go to the school district room. Which one is more important? Why can children of the same age arrive home half an hour earlier and go to bed half an hour earlier every day? My child is born half an hour less than a person? Do you think Alibaba’s employees are more comfortable, or do you think Alibaba’s care in all aspects is more perfect? I still remember the first Dragon Boat Festival when I came to the company. The cafeteria spontaneously gave each classmate who went to eat a zongzi. The company did not say anything. It was Ali with a large body of 13w people, and it was necessary for one person to send a 100 yuan shopping card. 1300w, but what about employees? That’s a reflection of the company’s ability to remember itself. Even if I don’t have the skills, I dare not start a business. I work hard to be a donkey for you. I still have to work and say I love you. I think it’s okay, at least the company. You can remember me in major festivals. Even if you send a greeting card with Ali logo to your employees, you are better than you for nothing, right? Oh, the Dragon Boat Festival is not important, so let’s do it when I didn’t say it. A boy chasing a girl, a girl will always say that many things are small, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. If you don’t do it, it only means that you are lazy and careless about me. I hope the company’s senior management can really listen to it. . For a company with 13w people, the welfare system is naturally not easy, but it is not difficult. What do you want? So in the final analysis, Ali is a giant baby who hasn’t grown up to me. In terms of volume, Alibaba is second to none in the domestic Internet. In terms of self-confidence, Alibaba Mao has no self-confidence. Of course you can say, yeah, if the company wants to develop, it cannot be confident and anxious, but is this why you keep instilling anxiety into the lower-level employees? How serious is Ali’s internal duplication of wheels? Does it bring a lot of competitiveness or is it a waste of manpower? What is the nature of this phenomenon? You can say that a programmer is a very ordinary and unusual job, because deep down every programmer has a certain degree of recognition of his own profession. What does it mean? For programmers, overtime is actually in essence It’s not a big problem. I believe anyone who likes programming will recognize this sentence. Sometimes writing the code you want will really forget about time, but the problem is, under the ravages of the 361 system, you will choose to write you Do you like the code or choose to write code that can bring you real money? Why the group always likes to reinvent the wheel? In essence, the cost of innovation is too high, so everyone will choose the immediate vested interests as much as possible. Speaking of this, Alibaba may be very wronged, because some of the problems I mentioned are common problems of all Internet companies, but there is a saying that we are Alibaba. Alibaba’s size cannot be small, and Alibaba’s annual financial report growth rate is also Having been striding forward on a very stable track, such a company with huge growth and just in time for the young and middle-aged, why must it be willing to be mediocre and refuse to try and refuse to be the leader in that industry? Is it right for everyone to do this? All Internet companies are squeezing employee sales anxiety. Is this why Ali can be the same as all companies on the market? Yes, I admit that if I put everything I said in the article into a small company with hundreds of people, I don’t think I will have so many complaints, because small companies are small and they don’t need any sense of industry mission. Responsibility, it is itself a mayfly in a troubled world. It just does what others do. But when you put this sentence on Alibaba, doesn’t it feel desperate? If the boss of an industry refuses to stand up and say something and do something, and just like other little brothers, just go with the flow and let it go, where is the hope and future of this industry? Alibaba has to solve the problem of tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses and create 100 million jobs all day long. What then? Similar slogans can only make Ali big, can it make Ali good? Teacher Ma used to be impassioned. We don’t pursue greatness. We only pursue goodness. Have we done it? Today, how is the enthusiasm for Ali in the recruitment market? I believe that everyone in this room has a deep feeling. Let’s review it for yourself. Is it the same feeling that Ali recruited five years ago and now Ali recruits? ? Five years ago, I believed that Ali is a good company. I am willing to let other people come to Ali for full training and growth. Today, five years later, we ask ourselves, why should we let people come in? Throw away that ridiculous recruitment KPI that everyone has to memorize?Speaking of this, I would like to say a little off topic. Regarding the difference between economic body and political body, I think Alibaba really gave a realistic version of the answer. No matter how big an economy is, its essence is still business behavior, and business is cost + benefit. In business, business is a universal truth, I am thinking if Ali is a political body of 13w people, how long can Ali last? Of course, you can say that we are a business entity, so please don’t pretend to engage in the slogan of employees. Okay, who are you fooling around? . . Many people may think that I am very grieving, but frankly speaking, what I have is not grievance, but disappointment. It is not easy for any company, enterprise, or private enterprise to do today. It is not easy, very disagreeable, and very difficult. In addition to the joint hard work and hard work of the founder and employees of the company, there are also countless people in the right place, time and place. And indispensable. But no matter what, Ali did it. Ali lived well and healthy to the age of 20, and there is a consensus that Ali will have a high probability of being able to survive the next 20 years. This is such a person with a height of 190 and a weight of 200 kg. The sturdy young guy, facing the dirty world, he chooses to be silent and choose to ignore or even to obey. This choice is essentially disdainful and sad. Ali has been selling anxiety and the anxiety of selling growth, but we leave it behind. Ali looks big but not downright now. I would like to ask all the Ali people present here, especially Ali’s high P. Do you want such a large and useless halo or do you want to make something that can make future generations? Remember the challenge and the joy of reform? It is true that Ali’s annual net profit of tens of billions definitely supports a lot of high P, but you who live under such a halo are only a high P after all. Who can remember the name of P10P11 a few years later? Ali makes reforms, changes, and challenges inevitably face risks. Maybe one day this company will fall apart and pass away quietly, but is this important? Should we choose to die brilliantly like fireworks or should we choose to crawl under the dark and sky of human history and be an indispensable dust? And it really just moved, changed 361, changed the company culture, changed the company system, the company must go down? Like Ali today, the walking corpse is alive, and the wind is being reviewed every day. Everyone wants to get a piece of the pie instead of adding a fire. Does it make sense? For such a company, it is true that being alive is no more meaningful than being dead. Countless times when I was in the Hangzhou headquarters, I looked at the brightly lit office buildings at 10:11 in the evening. It was like burning red stoves. How many Ali people burned their youth and blood, trying to be in this area. The country has found its own ideals, but what the company gives us back is just perfunctory in addition to fooling. In this article, I have talked about remuneration, salary adjustment, performance appraisal, and employee benefits many times because I have been trying to find evidence that the company values ​​formal employees since I entered Ali. Of course, remuneration is important, but it has a passion for a truly cultured family. For companies with bones, flesh, affection and justice, treatment is really not that important. After all, people’s spiritual needs are constantly developing upwards. Food and clothing are only the most basic needs, but the problem is that a culture breaks down and treatments are also reduced. A broken company will only continue to discredit and consume Alibaba, the halo that once made people look envied and admired. The halo needs to be maintained continuously, otherwise no matter how great the halo is, it will eventually be a dim day. Finally, let me talk about me. Ali should be the last career experience in my life. I am personally grateful to be able to walk in Ali. Although it is not a long time, I have to say that being able to come to Alibaba is for my personal growth. Very important. I am not like the Ali elites you are watching. There is no derogation. I am just a student who graduated from a second ordinary college and did not go to graduate school. So I really think that Ali is indeed a gathering of big guys. Of course, for many college masters. For me, Ali is just a very common one among the many choices, but for me, Ali is the place I have always wanted to come to since I graduated. In fact, Ali has taught me a lot. Thanks to platforms like Ali, I have seen a lot and learned a lot in Ali, but how to say it, let’s say that, opportunity cost. Now Ali is not the lowest opportunity cost option. Especially the working mode of 996, the high probability of exhausting people’s youth is just an empty shell. Many times your achievements are not yours. They are all platforms. Aside from this platform, it is possible that you are really real. It’s just one thing repeated for ten years. Maybe the workplace is still not suitable for me after all, but this sentence is only after I have experienced Ali, I dare to say, work, the IT circle is jumping around and there are so few big companies, I think I have really done it. Of course, you can also go to a foreign company, but the moon of a foreign company should not be so far away. In fact, I work everywhere. I can only say that my personal personality is not suitable. My purpose of saying this is to tell you one thing. I spray Ali does not mean that I deny Ali. I personally do not have too much prejudice against Ali. I believe that the points I complained have always been what many people want to say. I dare not say. After all, everyone has a big family waiting to eat. If it weren’t for me, I’d never dare to have it. How can I say it, politicians, speaking in Mandarin and doing face-saving projects, is because politics itself does not No benefits are generated. Political benefits are added. Politics itself involves rights and rights. To put it bluntly, they are obedient and disobedient, and the biggest feature of rights is uniqueness. In any circle, rights are unique, and it is impossible for two evenly matched rights to coexist for a long time. What does this mean? If you are engaged in economics, you shouldn’t learn to engage in politics. If you can’t learn it, you won’t be able to play, and the effect is very poor. The economy is diverse. For example, I am an employee of Ali and I can go to Tencent if I quit, but does politics allow you to play like this? Have you left an organization and turned to add another organization? Because of the uniqueness of rights, rights play with human heart and dignity, so civil servants and state-owned enterprises can be fancy, but the economy does not have this characteristic. If you play tricks, others can not cooperate. . . What’s more, the economy itself will directly generate benefits and requires hard work. So at the end of the end, I really can’t help but want to complain about formalism like what juice will listen to, so stop it. The green hills do not change, the green waters always flow, all the heroes of Ali, get acquainted with each other by fate, if you come, don’t force yourself, everyone can only live once, only once, yes Choosing to be safe and stable day after day or vigorously brilliant, there is no good or bad in itself, I only hope that you can truly understand your heart and stick to your nature, the mountains are high and the road is far, we, the rivers and lakes goodbye!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Full of emotion, but it is the voice of Ali people. It has been nearly a year since he left his job and left the Internet circle. Before leaving the job, in a certain core department, every student around was extremely good, technical ability and comprehensive ability were very high. The previous internships and other teams with similar employee qualities make people feel that the technology is good and the future is bright. In the past few years, Ali sighed countless times: These talents who can stand alone in other companies and lead a team; these are placed in important research positions in the country and can do some great people who can make very meaningful contributions to the people of the country. Here, in order to rank performance, various infighting; originally kind and outstanding people, in order to listen to the leadership to promote, all kinds of things to kill the old and weak women and children are also used to it. Maybe I’m too ideal. Do unto others, do not impose on others. Little children. We hope that people will make the best use of their talents and things, instead of treating people as tools and throwing them away.

7 months ago

The 361 system is really the biggest innovation of Internet capital. Let me first explain what 1 is. For a team with more than ten or close to ten people, there must be 10% of the people. 325, that is, no year-end bonus. This ratio is bottom-up. All levels of the team must be maintained, regardless of the team’s output and overtime. For example, there are 10 people in both teams. Team A is busy until 12:00 every day, and team B gets off work at 9:00. As a result, there must be 325 individuals. Under this system, most people have to worry about their KPIs, so they run desperately and live in anxiety. For some high p with strong Ali flavor, seeing you are comfortable, it will warn you to stay anxious
Many of the employees recruited by Alibaba have their salaries cut and demoted, and the remuneration of students recruited by the school is not much or even the lowest compared to other offers. But the work intensity is not lower than the pdd, which is often hundreds of thousands more.
Is Ali really short of money to increase salaries and benefits for employees? If you don’t improve, don’t improve. Who is the blessing?

7 months ago

Happiness is exactly the same, but unfortunately, a hundred flowers blossom ——I have thoughts after reading Ali’s intranet post “To Ali”. In fact, I have seen a lot of bad news about my company in my veins. Most of them are related to the posters themselves. Large companies and small companies have them. Maybe not everyone dares to post long articles with real names. After all, pdd has recently checked. Shangmaimai’s own employees. Generally speaking, they say that the company is not good from their own point of view, exuding the taste of newcomers, giant babies, double standards, extreme, low cognition, and of course there is no lack of rational voices.

7 months ago

Xiao Wang, you have worked very hard in the past six months and have done many projects. You have contributed a lot of value to the team, but there is still a gap with my requirements of you. I hope you will take on more and be more to yourself. In addition, there is still a lack of synergy between the work and the team, and it is not transparent enough. The comprehensive evaluation decided to give you a 325. You are very lucky. 325 is a blessing. I believe that you are the one with the most harvest and the most growth in our team. This is also the biggest gain since you joined Ali. We will work hard together in the coming year. I am optimistic about you!

7 months ago

Probably after reading this “open letter”, it is all truthful, and there have always been criticisms of Ali for not treating employees as human beings. It is conceivable that if the author is not obviously planning to leave, stating that “this is my last job in the workplace”, I am afraid that he would not have enough courage to speak out. But the question is whether this open letter will cause a substantial public relations crisis for Alibaba, causing a large number of outstanding talents to automatically block Alibaba when they submit their resumes, and existing employees will leave on a large scale? After thinking about it, it doesn’t seem to be. After all, Internet practitioners are the most special kind of public opinion group in China at this stage: because they face the computer almost every day, they have the highest probability of making a sound, the loudest voice, and the most drooling seemingly. But at the same time, some of the loudest voices have the income of ultra-developed countries, which makes it difficult to resonate with the whole society. So Alibaba waits without fear.

7 months ago

Many of them are very pertinent. Ali’s high-P and low-P interests are too fragmented. In the past few years, the group stocks have been advancing and the ant system has also been proud of it. Many problems have been covered up. The senior management attributed all the credit to the values and took the opportunity. With the launch of the new Liumai, everyone turned a blind eye; in the past year, the group’s stock has fallen by 40%, the listing of Ant failed, and the e-commerce moat has been pressed by Pinduoduo. The interests of employees have been damaged. If you still take the set of values and 361, you will suffer its backlash. The current front-line employees of the Alibaba department don’t care about business at all, but only care about how to build new wheels-there is no way, so that they can be promoted, and only when they are promoted can they have benefits. Human nature is like this, and the designed system is like this. Last year, local life was beaten all over, Kunyang also rose to P12, from top to bottom, this can be seen. It can only be said that fortunately, it has already escaped.

7 months ago

This question is due to the confrontation problem caused by the different situations of people in the two generations. You will find that under the post to Ali, there is also a hot post to Ali. The poster is the TL of our brother team, and it is a dream. People, and really a person who considers his brothers, is a rare good leader, they have developed in Ali for many years, paid for many years, experienced many things, the important thing is to get the desired return, from I agree with the values ​​in my heart. Let’s talk about the post-95s. We are a group of people who generally have individualism, advocate freedom and independence, and be unconventional. The method of forcibly inputting values ​​after the 70s and 80s is no longer feasible. The company needs the leader to do it. Young people identify with culture from the heart, instead of forcibly identifying with the New Six Channels, and I also thought that some native dialects and some values ​​in the New Six Channels are unreasonable. Every time Bai’a will discuss this issue with me. To Ali’s poster, he is also an ordinary second-degree undergraduate student. Two years after graduating, Ali, who relied on his own hard work, entered Ali, facing colleagues in the team and facing my kpi, I would also be anxious, but I am very grateful. My brother has been taking me forward for a whole year, and has been helping me in life and work. What I want to express is that Ali is not as unbearable as expressed in the post, nor is it as advertised in reality. Wonderful, during my one year in Ali, what I felt was that the bottom employees, that is, the happiness of 5, 6, and 7 p are very low. They are anxious and work overtime every day. It can be seen that the company is also thinking of ways. Improvements, such as canceling the weekly report, hiding ranks, switching to okr, etc., but they are not enough. I think the core pain point is that employees’ sense of security is too low. The reason is the KPI mechanism rooted in Ali for many years and the internal development of Ali for many years. Everyone has different backgrounds, circumstances, and personalities, but you can’t conclude a person’s abilities based on one thing. Finally, I want to say that Ali is the first big factory after I graduate. I am in Ali and have technology. I have grown a lot in Shanghai, and I have met many people who are willing to help me grow. However, not all of them are lucky enough to meet a good team, a good leader, and a good brother. I still like Ali very much, so I hope that the company will face up to the problem, review the problem, and solve the problem, which can bring more happiness to the life of the bottom classmates.

7 months ago

1 Values cannot be established by simply shouting slogans, but they must be practiced. In the past, the Red Army did not just shout slogans, but actually brought vital benefits to others, otherwise the hearts of the people would be dissipated prematurely. 2 As for the underlying logic of your posting this? Where is the top-level design? What is the final delivery value? Where is the handle of the process? How to ensure the closed loop of the result? Can it empower the product ecology? What is the highlight of your posting than others? Where is the advantage? I have not seen your precipitation and thinking, have you formed your own methodology? You have to make it clear to others that you are the one who posted this. Isn’t it different to send it to someone else? You can recite it on 3.25 this year. This kind of words, at least the senior management needs to consider these, and of course he has a daunted look on these words to the lower-level employees. In addition, sometimes the project is just to test the waters, what do you say is its underlying logic? The bottom layer is to test the water. There are many uncertain factors in the market. Not everything can be answered in a deterministic manner. I believe that Jack Ma cannot fully answer the above questions when he founded Alibaba.

7 months ago

Because Ali’s moat is shallow. There is JD on the left, Pinduoduo on the right, Meituan at the front, and community group buying at the back. Oh oh oh, forget, there is Douyin Kuaishou in the middle. . How does Ali make money? The core business of the core revenue is e-commerce. What is the business of e-commerce? It’s the business of collecting rent on the ground, but this land can be rid of it. Customers are very realistic. If others have lower prices or better service, they may say goodbye to you. So why does Ali sell anxiety? Because Ali himself is very anxious. Looking at Zhang Yong’s hair volume and Ma Huateng’s hair volume, Ma Yun was directly anxious to resign. As a result, he resigned and bragged (Many people said that Jack Ma should not talk nonsense, but the essence of Jack Ma’s “speaking” is also one of Ali’s core competitiveness. Because Ali does not have a solid traffic pool like Tencent. Do you dare to say about the early success of Ali , Has nothing to do with the image of Ma Yun’s “net celebrity” entrepreneur in the early days? What are you kidding about. How many people knew about Ma Yun first and then Taobao? At least I count one.) To be honest, Ali employees don’t realize Ali’s anxiety. Those who set up shop on it are understandable and more anxious than Ali. So, to be honest, as Ali’s businessmen, Ali’s employees complain about it. I don’t even bother to read it. . Let’s maintain the traffic pool first. In this situation, I also asked the company why I was so anxious about myself. . I think Ali employees are not too anxious, but too anxious enough. . According to this trend, Ali is really a platform to provide store transaction services. To be honest, do Ali employees know nothing about Ali’s current situation? The core disk has been eroded, and there are a lot of employees. The comprehensive (including promotion) cost of the e-commerce platform is the highest among the e-commerce platform fees I know. . You also asked why Ali wanted to sell anxiety to you? Do the math yourself, how many employees does Ali have? If removes its offline logistics personnel, how many employees will it have? How many employees does Pinduoduo have? If Ali does not sell anxiety, Suning’s today is Ali’s tomorrow. What do you think Suning did? Did Ali fall behind? In essence, what is the difference between Ali and Suning? Sales anxiety is the technical means of management, so Ali management is better than Suning (just look at the complaints about Suning), so Ali is better than Suning. If you have the energy to ask why you are anxious about selling, it is better to maintain the basic disk and do a good job of performance, or find a good job earlier and say goodbye. If you want to be free from anxiety and have a good income, should you persuade other companies to shut down their e-commerce business? Or go to public relations and get an e-commerce exclusive license? Just think about Pinduoduo and have only come out for a few years, and then look at the non-e-commerce core main business and other business operations that lose money. If you have some knowledge, you won’t ask this question. . It can only be said that Ali still raises too many idlers, and draws too many commissions to raise these idlers. . It is recommended to learn from Suning to cut off the useless business, cut off 80% of the employees, and use the remaining money to buy hard, soft, and implant. . Really, Ali employees will never be anxious. . Then click on the flow pool and think about forcing the output value all day long. It is a ghost if you don’t feel anxious.

7 months ago

Loving the collective and putting collective interests above individual interests is the common requirement of all large-scale companies. Therefore, it is inevitable that the company makes you love it. Of course, love or not can’t be forced, but in fact, most companies don’t force it. They know the truth about reluctance to be happy. Therefore, most companies’ survival rules are the hard-fought battalion. If you think that there are employees who can determine the direction of a big company, it can only be that you watch too much TV series. On the other hand, the company will definitely beat employees, this is different from love, this will be forced, do not let you get out. Therefore, making you love it while smoking you is a common problem of all companies, not just Ali. But if you think that to make you love it is to make you not abandon it, then it is your fault. It doesn’t care whether you go or not. The love it requires is only to prioritize its interests.

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