Someone in the circle of friends complained about the sudden illness of the pet at home, and went to the pet hospital for examination and treatment. It cost nearly 5000, and many friends also agreed that the current pet hospital is really a pit, and it does not cost a thousand and eight hundred dollars. I can’t get out of the pet store. I often see people complaining about how expensive pets are to see a doctor on the Internet. So is the pet hospital really a pit, or is it their pure complaint?

It is best to follow the principle of graded diagnosis and treatment for pets. Go to the clinic for minor illnesses and the hospital for serious illnesses. Don’t go to pet shops. Because they can’t cure it after going to the pet shop, they may charge indiscriminately, so they have to find a formal pet hospital with a permit. Whether you go to a clinic or a hospital, the first thing is to find out if there is an “Animal Diagnosis and Treatment Permit” on the wall, and secondly to see if the doctor has a “Practicing Veterinary Qualification Certificate”. If there is not, but they are doing medical treatment, it is mostly a black clinic or a black hospital. Why is it so expensive to treat pets? In a formal pet hospital, the price system is the same as that of treating people. A common cold and fever don’t cost much. Once you encounter a difficult and miscellaneous disease that requires a lot of inspections, or if it is severely traumatized and requires anesthesia, the price will come up. Moreover, we can also use medical insurance, which can be reimbursed, but pets are not. You can’t repay a penny, so you have to spend as much as you want. Pet hospitals on the market are also mixed, and the supervision is not so strict, and arbitrary charges also exist.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Because “many people” miss the traffic on the terraces and the pastoral life of chickens and dogs, and they have simple and beautiful illusions about the “rural” that they have lived in, or even heard about. Most Chinese people still feel vague about “pets”. It’s a dog, and my job is to watch the leftovers in the nursing home, which is cute and happy by the way; it is a cat, and my job is to sleep, catch fish and catch mice, and be cute and happy by the way… The older generation generally have this idea. Young people don’t usually think directly like this-but this hazy impression still affects choices. It is possible to spend more money to treat family members, but if this thing is a tool or toy in the house, then…or…so it may not be too bad, it just feels expensive. In the long history of China, most ordinary people have never been in contact with “pets”, and indeed only raise “six animals”. It’s a pitfall to spend a lot of money to treat pets—this kind of judgment is based on experience, consciousness, and preconceived impressions. It’s difficult to really judge right or wrong. People really think so, there is nothing to dispute. I can only say that I hope. Hope: With improved living standards, you can try to accept the existence of “pets” instead of just raising “tools” or even “food.” And, be prepared to keep pets and don’t abandon them halfway.

6 months ago

Whether the pet medical pit is not pitted, it mainly depends on whether the boss wants to kill you. Some people can tell you what the disease is as soon as you talk about the disease. Check it directly in this direction, so the overall price is not expensive. If the boss wants to kill you You will fool you here and there. I don’t know the cause of the disease. The cheapest one under a set of procedures will cost four to five hundred. This thing depends on whether the pet hospital is dark or not. I raised one before. Schnauzer, less than a week after I bought it, didn’t eat much, vomited and diarrhea, went to the hospital for a checkup, the dog plague, the doctor also said directly, this depends on luck, it depends on whether it is willing to eat, if it does not. Eating, the chance of being rescued is not high, this is not a question of money, some cases have not been rescued after spending a lot of money, this thing depends on whether the boss is dark or not, it is hard to say~

6 months ago

People who complain about expensive pets usually have never had a disease that requires surgery. As long as they have had such an experience, the cost of pet medical treatment will be easier to understand. Because people who have undergone surgery know what examinations are required to see a doctor, in fact, the process of medical examination of animals is very similar to that of humans. Those who say that pet inspections are unnecessary and unnecessary must have never had a disease that requires surgery; many people keep pets, which means raising an item, which can be measured by price. For example, Zhihuli asks questions everywhere. Impure, how much is it worth, what kind of species are these people. So when the price of pets is marked, it will be compared with the price of pet medical treatment, which is equivalent to that you spend 1,000 yuan on electrical appliances, and the damage and repair costs need 1,500. You must be too expensive. At present, most people who keep pets have poor economic conditions. They are not so beautiful on the surface. Big data shows that the peak age of raising cats is around 10-20 years old. Most people at this age have very low incomes. They are. The largest group that keeps pets is the group most willing to spend money, but it is also the largest group that is least able to bear the risk of keeping pets. Middle-aged and elderly people with a low level of education, this kind of people like to use various remedies, and their income is not too high. The cost of pet hospitals is really sky-high for their remedies. My friend’s house has a very beautiful big golden retriever. He refused to be sent to the hospital because of his foot injury. In short, there must be pet medical pits. There are only two ways to avoid being pitted: read more, if you understand yourself, you won’t be pitted by others. Make more money, if you have money in your bag, you won’t feel that the world is full of pits. But you can’t give up eating because of choking. When your pet is sick, don’t pretend that you are poor, ignorant, and ignorant, as if you are afraid of being trapped and not being sent to the doctor in time.

6 months ago

Pets are also mammals and can get sick, so I think it is normal to see a pet for a doctor, or even to say, it is a very common thing. I have raised a Erha before. It is ugly and cute. Every time after get off work, or when I am in a bad mood, I will touch its belly and head crazily. He will also let me touch it very well. Play, and then once, during that period, when I touched him, he would hide, and when I touched him, he would bark at me, and I was very sad. I asked him, “Doggou, is it sick? But you know, the dog can’t speak. He feels uncomfortable, but he can’t speak. It’s like dumplings in a teapot, but he can’t pour it out. In the end, I can only take him to a pet hospital. You must know that there is a real need to treat your beloved pets in this world. Because of this demand, there must be this market. There are really people who learn this, veterinarians and so on. . The one who treated my Chou Erha was a young lady who studied veterinary medicine at a university. She was beautiful and dressed very well. She showed her love for small animals in her speech and demeanor. After seeing the disease in the pet hospital, I recovered from Dierha, so I was also happy. Therefore, I personally think that treating pets is not a special pitfall.

6 months ago

In fact, there are pet shops, clinics, and pet hospitals around us, but do you know that there is a difference between them? Because some pet shops can’t do it, and some pet clinics can’t do it. What pet shops can generally do: bathing, grooming, foster care, supplies, live sales, etc. Pet clinics will generally increase some, including disease diagnosis and treatment, animal immunization and other service items. Some are not qualified enough, so I give everyone the impression that this industry is very bad. The procedure for a doctor to see a pet is to ask the symptoms first, and then confirm the disease through the pet’s body. If it is determined, he will tell the owner what the pet’s state is. (Generally, unless incurable diseases, the doctor will use his experience to confirm the diagnosis. I see There is a post saying that it takes a lot of money to show a small dog to diagnose it. This is too ridiculous) If there is uncertainty and need to be confirmed by an instrument, the doctor will tell the host in advance. After being diagnosed and seeing the disease and prescribing the medicine, I will carefully explain pathology to the owner, spread the knowledge to the owner, and tell the owner about the precautions. Like I had to deliver my cat at that time, the doctor told me about the delivery problem. I talked about it for half an hour (I also drew a picture of a cat, saying that if the mother cat is not allowed to eat the placenta, the mother cat will get sick as a result of it when she is old, and how she should be raised, and she will be neutered when she is 4 months old).

6 months ago

Because only if you have experienced it yourself will you find a real pit! Nowadays, many people claim to treat pets as their family members, but when pets get sick, pets turn back into “pets” in an instant. In recent years, more and more people keep pets, pet-related industries are developing rapidly, and there are more and more pet hospitals. But every time you take your pet to the hospital, you feel that it is so expensive, and it seems to be more expensive than people. It’s like neutering cats 350, preoperative inspections 500, cats full-instrument physical examinations 1,500, more than 1,000 urinary catheterizations, and 3,000 cavities for cats. Even many pets are obviously just a small problem like a cold, but after a treatment process, plus the management and nursing service fees, it can be counted as small as hundreds or thousands, and as many as tens of thousands. Everyone works for the boss to get wages, and no one’s money comes from the wind. The strong wind cannot blow the money, but the strong wind can blow everyone’s money away. Pet love goes too fast like a tornado. Behind the birth of any profiteering industry, there must be an ocean of demand. This is very common in all walks of life, but this time the industry has become a specific medical treatment for pets.

6 months ago

I didn’t want to answer but still didn’t hold it back, hahaha. It depends on how to understand the phrase “seeing a pet is a pit”. Seeing a pet is not a pit in itself, but it is a pit in a pet hospital that cruelly slaughters you! I don’t want to say how much balbalabal cost to check the pets, what advanced equipment is used, and the price is very high. After all, private pet hospitals are profit-oriented, and people’s medical treatment is not charity, but money After spending a lot of time, I went through the instrumental tests, and the results haven’t found the problem, and I gave you a very vague answer. If you change another company, the money will be shown to you directly. It will be a pit when you encounter such a thing! There are also veterinary hospitals to buy some medicines that are twice the cost of buying medicines by yourself, which is very boring! You can understand if you add a little more money. It is okay to spend more money on regular medicines, but it is a pitfall. The same medicine may be another price point for changing hospitals. No matter what the disease is, I will come up with a set of various laboratory biochemical blood tests. Obviously there was a problem in the last examination, but next time I will change to a doctor and continue to say that I have to do it again. Obviously, a problem that can be solved by tens of dollars for a cream, but you have to prescribe antibiotics for a month, add injections for N times, add medicated baths for N times, and “come a set” from time to time if you don’t come a few times. ! After keeping pets for many years, I have encountered a lot of various things, so I really experienced it personally. It is the only reason to keep pets finer, keep healthy, and go to the hospital less! It just so happened that yesterday I took my cat to the hospital I have been going to (still a well-known chain) to clean my ears (with Malassezia), probably because I was relatively busy recently, and my clothes were a little sloppy and simple, and I didn’t recognize me, or 6 pm Most of the points are their meals, or are they in a bad mood that day? ? ? The same doctor, with a different attitude, the Malassezia tested four days ago, was asked to re-examine it, after I refused (actually, I didn’t explain it, and the problem has been found out. I still need to check it). The cat went through a rough earwashing experience. The one with tears and saliva is called an expression of innocence… What can I say, rough is rough but also cleaned up… See This, I think I have a lot of grievances, but the pet hospitals are really uneven. It is not difficult to take a pet to see a doctor, but it is not easy to meet a good hospital without pitting your hospital.··

6 months ago

It is a tacit topic among pet owners to see how expensive pets are. But even so, if pets get a little sick, many pet owners are still busy sending their pets to the hospital. When they get sick, Instead, he chose to carry it and passed. Although it sounds a bit ridiculous, it is indeed the common situation of many pet owners. There is no problem in liking pets, but this kind of heart can’t help people wondering what kind of magic pets have. ? Is this mentality a bit deformed? Many pet owners can feel the word “responsibility” in their pets. Sometimes pets are like children and need your dedication to accompany them. However, after raising them for a long time, they will find that this is a two-way healing process. The so-called cost, the so-called expensive medical treatment, is just a wholehearted contribution to the closest partner. It is not a deformed psychology. The reason why pets are expensive is only because of the sharp increase in pressure from young people, which makes the pet industry boom As it develops, such a situation cannot last forever. When the industry becomes more and more mature, its prices will rejuvenate. If you simply use a deformed psychology to summarize it, it is really one-sided.

6 months ago

I think it is not a pit, but because of limitations! In fact, it is very important to look at the furry children at home nowadays. Many young people now want both cats and dogs. Haha, the manpower equipment and veterinarians that a professional pet hospital needs are actually a big start. First-tier and second-tier cities It might be better to see a doctor in Mao’s child. Because the city is developed, there are many choices of pet hospitals, so there are choices in price and cost performance. The second and third-tier cities are different. There may be one or two, so the cost will be higher! But they are all the hairy children of their own family, so they hurt themselves!

6 months ago

A few days ago, I went to station B and saw that Tony OK spent 30,000 yuan to see a doctor for his pet, which became popular. After reading it, my memory was instantly awakened. At that time, the Labrador at home was doing deworming. A small pet shop came up and asked for 1200. To tell the truth, I had a stomachache and eat some brown sugar to repel worms. This medical treatment is better than humans. Also expensive. Finally, I gritted my teeth and did it. I don’t know if I was pitted. It feels expensive anyway.

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