The new regulation of electric car parking is here! Recently, the Ministry of Emergency Management announced the “Regulations on Fire Safety Management of High-Rise Civil Buildings”, which mentioned: From August 1st, electric bicycles will be parked or charged in public halls, evacuation walkways, stairwells, and safety exits of high-rise civil buildings. , Non-operating individuals who refuse to make corrections can be fined up to 1,000 yuan.

My family has a car, and there is also old man music. There is only one parking space, and license plates are restricted. It is not realistic that the whole family drives a car. There is no charging device in the community. Now most of the old guys have removed the lithium battery and moved upstairs to charge, which is heavy and helpless. There is a little green man charging pile 3 kilometers away. The power is too low. It takes 2 days to charge for three rounds. And it’s not enough. I often charge for a short while and get pulled out by others. At the beginning, it was cheap to pretend to be a little green man. You can buy a monthly card for TV promotion. The residents interviewed were very satisfied. Later, the monthly pass was cancelled. It was more than 4 yuan per kilowatt-hour, and it cost more than 20 yuan to fill a three-wheeled courier. The TV station stopped interviewing dissatisfied residents. In our community, the courier, catering, and waste tricycles for renting houses from other countries are all charged upstairs with batteries. Even if the old man is banned, can the express delivery be banned? Because of the epidemic, the nearby wholesale farmer’s market has also been changed to only open to catering businesses. ~ Moving can only solve the problem of a certain family. The ratio of urban housing parking spaces is generally 1:0.7, and it is impossible to solve everyone’s problems by moving. ~ In limited-licensed cities, travel for the elderly is a big problem. My neighbor 70, riding a bicycle to pick up a child, fell and couldn’t connect his bones, so he could only be treated conservatively and he was paralyzed. ~ Suggestions 1. Build enough charging sheds in the community, including three-wheel charging sheds. 2. In suburban subway stations, commercial buildings, and office buildings, build enough charging sheds to provide more for residents in communities without charging sheds. Residents should not pick other people’s arbitrarily, otherwise it will affect commuting to get off work. There is a large open space near the suburban subway station, and the location of the charging shed is sufficient. In fact, there is a shed now, but it cannot be charged. 3. Increase the maximum power of the Little Green Man charging shed to 500W, 250W is too low. 4. Is lithium iron phosphate really safer than ternary lithium? Is it possible to prohibit the use of ternary lithium in battery cars? The stock of three yuan of lithium, the government subsidizes half of the money, and the individual pays the other half, and exchanges the old for the new, all of which are replaced by iron lithium. 5. Many people replied that instead of buying lead-acid batteries in the future, they will buy lithium batteries and take them home to recharge. Will it cause more fires in residential buildings? After all, lithium batteries are the most exploded. 6. In the old quarters in the urban area, every 10 buildings will be demolished and converted into parking buildings, 1 storey catering + convenience store, 2 storeys fitness, 3 storeys of medium-sized supermarkets, basement power-off battery cars, 4-6 floors parking cars, automatic installation Extinguishing. 7. The new community learns from Kuala Lumpur. In addition to the basement, the 1st and 2nd floors are also enacted to build parking spaces, which not only avoids the intrusion of manure into the residences on the 1st and 2nd floors, but also increases the ratio of parking spaces. 8. Can the battery car manufacturer that catch fire frequently be held accountable? It is too difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the quality of battery cars with naked eyes. In short, only fines and no supporting facilities are justified.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

From a safety point of view, I support it with my hands and feet. Haha, it is safe, convenient and fast for lithium-ion electric vehicles, and it is more convenient to remove the battery. For electric vehicles with lead-acid batteries, the inconvenient batteries may be unfriendly to take off and recharge. So this is related to the equipment of charging seats and carports in the community. After all, there are so many communities in so many places across the country. Not every community is so perfect, charging stations and carports are fully equipped. In this regard, we have to urge the improvement of the property. The “Regulations on Fire Safety Management of High-Rise Civil Buildings” promulgated by the Ministry of Emergency Management are as follows: Starting from August 1st, parking or charging electric bicycles in public halls, evacuation walkways, stairwells, and safety exits of high-rise civil buildings , Non-operating individuals who refuse to make corrections can be fined up to 1,000 yuan. As for the hazards of an electric car if it catches fire, the previous fire incident in the electric car elevator in Chengdu is still vivid, and it was in the small confined space of the elevator. Where the escape cannot be done quickly, it is easy to cause casualties. The fire in the elevator of an electric car in a community in Chengdu is responsible for the fire of this electric car: if it is caused by the quality of the battery car, the manufacturer should be liable for compensation; if it is due to improper use or charging, the user should be liable for compensation. If the fire causes serious consequences such as casualties, huge property losses, etc., the person responsible is also suspected of the crime of negligence causing death or the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means. In addition, everyone can check the specific hazards of an electric vehicle on fire: don’t think that it is light and convenient, and it is harmless to people and animals. Safety accidents caused by fire are not a joke.

6 months ago

The focus is still on Article 47. This is the killer and focus, and it is also the most direct and useful measure for those who do not follow the rules and unscrupulously park their electric vehicles. It really makes people remember, one is that they know the consequences when they encounter this risk; the other is to use money to punish, because it is their own money that is really punished. According to Article 47 of the Regulations on Fire Safety Management of High-Rise Civil Buildings, anyone who violates these regulations and commits one of the following acts shall be ordered by the fire rescue agency to make corrections, and a fine of 2,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan shall be imposed on business entities and individuals. Business units and individuals shall impose a fine of not less than 500 yuan but not more than 1,000 yuan: (1) Conducting electric welding, gas welding and other open fire operations in high-rise civil buildings, failing to perform hot fire approval procedures, making announcements, or failing to implement fire protection on-site monitoring measures; ( 2) Outdoor billboards and exterior decorations installed in high-rise civil buildings hinder smoke prevention, escape, fire fighting and rescue, or change or destroy the fire protection structure of the building facade; (3) No indication and warning of external wall insulation materials are installed Marking, or failing to repair the damaged, cracked and falling-off external wall external insulation system in time; (4) failing to implement the duty system of the fire control room in accordance with the regulations, or arranging personnel who do not meet the corresponding conditions to be on duty; (5) failing to establish in accordance with the regulations Full-time fire brigades, voluntary fire brigades and other fire protection organizations; (6) The fire protection facilities of buildings that need to be shut down due to maintenance, etc. have not been announced, have not formulated emergency plans, or have not implemented preventive measures; (7) In public halls of high-rise civil buildings, Evacuate walkways, stairwells, and safety exits to park or charge electric bicycles, and refuse to correct them

6 months ago

Lithium battery electric vehicle users said: Yes, anyway, I am a lithium battery, I just unplug the battery and charge it upstairs. It’s only ten kilograms, and it doesn’t cost much. Charging is difficult. Anyway, it’s not difficult to put our small lithium battery head on the car downstairs. Let’s mess up together. Anyway, a two-wheeled car can get in and out with a little space. what? People using lead-acid batteries make trouble? I also support it. After all, the electric car is still easier to push the whole car. Change, it is conceivable when a high-rise building with 30 floors, 2 to 4 electric vehicles on each floor are placed downstairs. If the community does not get a reliable carport in time… Take the community where I live as an example, the height of the building ranges from 28 to 33, and there are 11 in total. Calculating with an average of 31 floors and 3 cars per floor, that is: 3X31X11=1023 on the ground in the entire community, and then more than 1,000 electric vehicles parked randomly out of thin air, the picture should not be too beautiful. As a result, either after a gust of wind, the property opened a glance, and everyone continued to push the elevator upstairs. Or, spend real money to build carports that can store cars and rechargeable piles of good quality and enough quantity. How many property companies are willing to spend this money honestly…I am not very optimistic about it personally, how about you? Besides, if the reported traffic accident has the strength of the reported lithium battery explosion, the car should not be driven. We all ride horses. Someone reminded us that the horses are too fast, so how good it would be for us to ride bulls to the streets. Especially catching up with the National Day, it is absolutely lively. One more sentence: If there is a safe parking place downstairs and a normal charging environment, who is full and still carries the electric car into the corridor and the battery to the home? On the other hand, since there are none, let alone a fine of 1,000, what if the verdict is finalized? Who will execute it?

6 months ago

It is recommended that the manufacturer develop the battery into a portable one, and then a cabinet-like charging station can be established in the community. When charging is required, the battery is removed from the electric vehicle and inserted into the battery cabinet for charging. Our local shared electric vehicles are in this charging mode. The staff remove the electric vehicle batteries that need to be charged, and then take them back to the charging station for charging. I have watched the video, it is charging on a shelf like a wall. Our community is a relatively new community. Charging carports have been built, but there are only a dozen or so locations in the community, and there are hundreds of electric vehicles in the community. So now there are several ways to charge electric vehicles in the community: 1. If the unit has convenient and free charging conditions, they will choose to charge at the unit during working hours. 2. Pull the plug strip from the upstairs to the downstairs, which is as high as a ten-story building. Also pull down the wire, the property does not take care of 3. The cart enters the elevator and then recharges it at your own home, some are charging in the corridor, some are charging at home, no matter which charging method is available, if there is a safe, convenient and inexpensive charging method , No one would choose these unsafe charging methods. It’s okay to block, but don’t forget to sparse, otherwise this rule can only be decoration. Because everyone will open and close each other’s eyes to each other, stay a line of life, and see each other in the future. If you really report a neighbor, if you encounter a mentally insufficiency, I am afraid that the gain will not be worth the loss.

6 months ago

I don’t support it! Relying solely on fines cannot solve the problem. Many communities now have charging problems such as difficulty in charging, expensive charging, and inconvenient charging. In addition, there are also problems such as difficulty in parking electric vehicles and easy loss of batteries or vehicles. If these problems can’t be solved, the residents can push their electric vehicles upstairs, store and charge them at home through fines. It can only cure the symptoms but not the root cause. Nowadays, electric vehicles in many communities need to be recharged by swiping the card before they can be used for charging. Even if many use scan code charging, you still need to recharge. And the recharge amount needs to be at least 50 yuan or more. This is fundamentally inconvenient for the community with a large flow of people. Charging by credit card is inconvenient to carry and there is a deposit. Scan code to charge, there is no cell phone signal in underground parking lot of the community Scan code charging requires a recharge of 50 yuan to use. Instead of solving these extremely inconvenient matters for the residents, it is unreasonable to pass a fine through legislation to solve it! In addition, there is a lack of parking sheds in the community, new electric vehicles are easy to be stolen, and there is a risk of theft of electric vehicle batteries. How many people really care about solving these problems? !

6 months ago

First of all, the main cause of fire is electrical fire. The fire of an electric vehicle is a very small event. For this reason, the introduction of policies and regulations alone is enough to show that our government is really people-oriented. Secondly, the public halls, evacuation walkways, stairwells, and safety exits mentioned in the regulations are all public areas. The parking of personal belongings is definitely wrong, and the regulations issued by the state are reasonable and legal. There is no problem with fines, after all, it is a public area, not your home. But I believe that electric vehicles should not be specifically targeted, but those who pile up debris and refuse to correct them will be punished. In addition, illegal parking and blocking the road will result in a fine of 100 yuan, and a fine of 1,000 yuan for parking bicycles in the corridor is too heavy. Of course, this is online, and it can be appropriately lowered in actual implementation. In short, I welcome the introduction of this policy and hope that it can be further improved, and education is the main punishment supplemented. For electric vehicles, the key point is to strictly control the quality, especially the quality of batteries, chargers, and controllers. In fact, electrical appliances with batteries have a fire risk and actual fire cases. However, the batteries of other devices such as mobile phones and cameras are monopolized by a few professional manufacturers, and the quality is relatively stable and reliable. The production of electric vehicle batteries and supporting facilities is mixed, and the quality is uneven. The market supervision agencies of manufacturers in various places should increase their supervision to ensure the quality of the products produced is the fundamental solution. Otherwise, if you don’t go upstairs and catch a fire in any place such as carports, underground garages, etc., it will cause heavy losses. In addition, the mandatory use of flame-retardant materials on the car body is the same to strengthen supervision.

6 months ago

Full support. When electric vehicles are parked in public spaces of buildings, on the one hand, they block fire-fighting passages, and on the other hand, they can easily catch fire when charging. From the perspective of blocking fire passages, all kinds of debris, including electric vehicles, should be cleaned up in the corridor. These debris are the same as those of electric vehicles. From the point of view that it is easy to catch fire when charging, in addition to electric vehicles, large-capacity lithium batteries are risky. Including high-capacity mobile phones, power banks, tablets, notebooks and other products, charging needs to be restricted equally. According to daily observations, most of the electric vehicles commonly used by residents are small-capacity removable live electricity modules, and it is rare to see electric vehicles parked in the corridors in a charging state. The main reason for its parking is that the bicycle parking space in the community is occupied by illegally stopped motor vehicles, which leads to far less than the number of bicycle parking spaces built according to the 1,000-person indicator in the planning conditions. In communities with limited public space, there are few or no motorized parking spaces planned in accordance with the law, and each household should have a parking space for a bicycle. The reality is that an illegally parked motor vehicle encroached on the bicycle spaces of five residents, causing some bicycles to enter the building and park. The root cause is that the management of motor vehicles is too loose, and they can be sold without a parking space certificate, which will inevitably occupy public space. Now has come to the moment when this error may affect the lives and safety of the people if this error is not corrected. During the comprehensive rectification, it is necessary to completely remove the motor vehicles that occupy public space and fire passages illegally parked in the community. According to the fire protection law, a fine of 600 yuan per vehicle is imposed, and the parking space for bicycles planned according to law is restored. Governance goals.

6 months ago

It seems to be a policy for electric vehicles, but it is actually a small patch to the policy of prohibiting the stacking of debris in the fire escape. Therefore, the impact of this policy can directly refer to the historical experience of “fire passages are forbidden to sundries”. Either place the electric car in your own living room; or enable the whitelist system to place the car in the carport/special parking area; or enable the blacklist system to delineate the no-parking area on the ground and park it anywhere else. After that, the property owners tried their best to persuade each other every day, and the owners reported each other, and the law enforcement agencies had trouble collecting evidence and fighting guerrillas. The Mayor’s hotline, which is good every day, kicks when passing by. More people complain that there is no carport and no place at home.

6 months ago

The main reason is that the construction of electric bicycle charging piles on the ground of the community is a loss-making task. The construction of charging piles in the community, logically speaking, can only be led by the property. After all, if an outside company takes the lead in the construction, the rent will be paid, and the outside company is unwilling. Therefore, it can only be built by the property company itself. Rent-free. However, after the construction is completed, how will the electricity bill be charged? If the electricity bill is charged according to the electricity price of the residents, then the property will definitely not make money. Comprehensive management costs and equipment depreciation costs, if you want to not lose money, the electric bicycle charging fee is less than three yuan, and the property company is at a loss. However, once the three yuan is charged, the defender will charge one yuan an hour. , It will inevitably lead to dissatisfaction with the owners (there is a similar situation mentioned in the previous Zhihu answer). In other words, this is a loss-making business. What’s more, the number of electric bicycles in the community is not enough to support the profitability of such charging piles, and the market is not large enough. In the end, the result of the game between the parties: Should the motorcycle be pushed upstairs secretly, someone will still push upstairs secretly.

6 months ago

Pure punishment is essentially a kind of lazy government. It is not appropriate to park electric vehicles in high-rise public spaces, but the fundamental reason most people do this is the lack of safety in the community and the inconvenience of charging.
Although the ban has reduced many hidden dangers, the needs of the people have not been resolved. If supporting measures are not introduced, this seemingly effective policy is essentially just a lazy policy to shirk responsibility.

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