If you are rushing to the special effects of “Looking for the Dragon”, Disney will never let us down. But you have to ask me if there are any other highlights in “Legend of the Dragon”, there is one, that is, I am single for a long time, and the dragon is also beautiful. Discrimination made double standards. I gave “Legacy of the Dragon” a fancy name, “Legend of Southeast Asia.” The humanistic background of the whole movie mostly refers to the real-world Southeast Asian countries. The heroine Raya is a princess with a strong curry flavor, and the drums and bells when remembering create a little Indian atmosphere. Although the Vietnamese hat on the top of my head often makes me act out because of the curry flavor, but fortunately, it is within an acceptable range. In contrast, the heroine’s father is much more interesting. The shape is roughly the same as the terracotta warriors, and after being petrified, it looks exactly the same as the terracotta warriors. Perhaps when Disney created “The Legend of the Dragon”, it took into account that it is difficult for Southeast Asian countries to get rid of China’s influence on them. So, let China be the father of Vietnam? This operation is true of my wishful thinking. After the heroine’s father became a stone, it was very much like the terracotta warriors and horses who let China be the father of Vietnam. But this animation, creative characters based on Southeast Asia, all have big eyes and watery. Is the emotional squinting racism now only targeted at the Chinese family? Looking for special cases, the Cambodian people don’t have big eyes. Since it is diversified, it must be treated equally. Regardless of the story, the “Legend of the Dragon” is awkward. On the one hand, he felt that he wanted to remove China’s cultural influence on Southeast Asian countries, but for objective reasons, he couldn’t do it. On the other hand, it deliberately creates a kind of isolation against China, and its subtext is ready to come out: the stereotype is that we only target China and have nothing to do with Southeast Asian countries. Let’s make a fortune together. When I was watching the movie, I was thinking that if we engage in discrimination, we can also create double standards. It is indeed you. As for the values ​​of “Looking for the Dragon”, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom. You can say that it is still the old American universal values, or it can be said that it is a mess. Domestic animated films are sometimes really wronged during the Spring Festival. Many viewers complain about the poor narrative of “Nezha Rebirth” and tell the story well. If these audiences watch “Legend of Dragon Hunting”, they will be able to understand what “the plot is infinitely smooth, and the contradiction depends on the mouth.” The protagonist experiences his father’s temptation. Everyone faces the “all age” market, and don’t take who is a child ticket to bury anyone. It is all on the same track. Since your “Legend of Dragon Hunting” is also geared towards “all ages”, everyone is the same. But the problem is that the cycle of similar emotional construction really reduces points. For example, everyone is frustrated with each other. You have lost a loved one, and I have also lost a loved one. Pull people into the group, right? The first little boy, his family turned into a stone, everyone put flowers on the boat together, telling each other that they had lost their loved ones and entered the group. The second little girl and the three monkeys also told each other about their relatives with the protagonist, and joined the group. The third big man also told of losing his relatives and entering the gang. Big guys, let me accept your setting. Everyone has lost their loved ones and has strong empathy. As long as they talk to their loved ones, they will join the group. But I really can’t accept the twisted “mouth escape” to save the world. At the end is another saying that we have heard countless times, “Believe in others, change the world”, as long as you believe, you can save the world. But the problem is that the heroine’s awakening belief and the previous Long said that the brothers and sisters believed in its excess 500 years ago, it is too blunt, it is the kind of hardship with a flash of inspiration, there is no clear growth structure. Shun turn, just hard turn.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Soon after the movie started, there was a scene where the heroine cried and summoned the dragon. It can be seen that the director wants to create the guilt of the heroine for her past and the longing for her father. But this is already the countless rivers the hostess has looked for. Either the hostess’s feelings are so incredible that every river cries; or when looking for this river, there is an antecedent that caused the hostess’s feelings to overflow this time and then cry. . It is a pity that the film did not construct the “antecedent” of this passage, so it would give my heroine the illusion that every river may cry before. This illusion is against harmony and does not conform to adult logic. If he is positioned as a junior work, such a setting would be harmless.

7 months ago

The film wants to convey the power of trust to the audience, peaceful coexistence, there will be a better future. This is a very fairy tale proposition, and it is also in line with the setting of the film’s infancy. There is no need for a deep analysis of the main principles, only the “nouns” are thrown out, and a few weakly related scenes are properly displayed. For example, Shenlong keeps talking about it, after all, it is good to believe among people. (Giving a gift) Or, the hostess finally gave the stone to her daughter and sacrificed herself. But the latter paragraph may also be the reason for preschool children. The words that became Shenlong flashed past, and the heroine woke up and solved the problem.

7 months ago

The structure of the drama “The Legend of the Dragon” is too flat, with contradictions and conflicts on the surface. We can see this from too many action shots and almost zero psychological descriptions. The lack of psychological description leads to the loss of growth and self-emotional ups and downs. The protagonist of “Looking for the Dragon” is frustrated. Even if the dragon is dead, there is only a single emotional output. After watching the whole movie, it will be particularly tasteless for adults, or just like boiled water. The domestic animated film “Jiang Ziya” went to the other extreme. There were too many emotions to talk about, and it became a hodgepodge, without explaining anything. “Legend of the Dragon” doesn’t want to tell much, but it lacks a gradual psychological level, and it doesn’t make it clear what is behind the story label.

7 months ago

The story is a bit strange. Raya’s father said that the wealth of Dragon Heart was not brought by Dragon Ball, but the other four countries are far less barren than Dragon Heart. Namali said that he hadn’t eaten rice for a long time. If the disappearance of the dragon leads to the deterioration of the living environment, why is the country of Dragon Heart, where Dragon Ball is located, with beautiful scenery and fertile land? It has been five hundred years since the dragon sacrificed the Sealing Demon Shadow to Raya’s appearance. What do you make the brother countries think about this kind of gap that can be seen by the naked eye? The Ponga patriarch invited people to Dragon Heart to show off his wealth. It was a provocation. The gap is there. What do you use to convince the countries that it has nothing to do with Dragon Ball? Secondly, I think the five countries are different from “different countries on the same continent” because the same prayer posture they posed when they were petrified by the demon shadow and the same “circle” they gestured when they met, indicating that the five countries are very likely to believe. Share the same religion. Therefore, this film always makes me feel that it is a metaphor for a small area of ​​Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and India, and cannot reach the height of the fable of human society. It’s more like letting the family brothers and sisters resolve the conflict of separation. In the end, I really can’t understand. Raya heard the story of Sisu’s family of dragons giving the dragon ball that everyone’s mana condensed to Susie at the last moment. How did it reflect that the five countries must establish mutual trust? I thought to myself that Sisu and her brothers and sisters had never separated before…

7 months ago

The “Looking for Dragon” filmed by the Americans is not a fire-breathing western dragon, nor an evil dragon with Orientalist gaze, but a real Asian auspicious dragon, once reprocessed by Disney and transformed into a cute playmate of the heroine At the same time, it also has a metaphor of cross-racial love. Xiaolong Xisu seems to be mixed with the image of a unicorn. The clouds and fog are all rainbows, and the transformation into a human form is also a de-gendered queer appearance-although in the film Known as her in China-the trend of Disney princesses in these years is not to have princes, but emotions can communicate with anyone and anything, and the most important thing is trust. Just like the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures in “Looking for the Dragon”, the highlight of the film is the Disney-like Helong Buyu. This legendary creature that bears the beliefs of countless people in China and Asia soars up by stepping on the water droplets, which is impressive and moving.

7 months ago

The overall story structure is very simple. Although the task-driven approach ignores character growth, it maintains the fast pace of the movie. It was nearly two hours long, and there was no obvious feeling of sleepiness after watching it. (Compared to the recent “Frozen 2” I watched, I yawned.) Let’s talk about the good things first, this movie is very smart to break the bottleneck of Oriental=China, choose a more comprehensive Asian image into the movie among. At the same time, this movie is also the first Disney princess movie without a “prince” at all. If “Frozen” is still suspected of Ji film, this movie can be said to have completely cut the line of love. The heroine and anyone do not have a complete sense of CP. It may be a bit uncomfortable for audiences who like to play CP, but for ordinary audiences like me who are not interested, the biggest advantage this brings is. We can spend time on advancing the plot and watching more action pictures. And this princess movie with oriental colors has naturally made a certain upgrade in the fighting scene. I personally prefer to watch Cold Weapon Matches rather than Magic Brawl. Maybe it’s because the plot of the movie is so simple, so I can’t talk a lot. After we talk about the advantages, let’s talk about the disadvantages. The simple plot has obvious advantages, and the shortcomings are naturally written on the face. As an adventurous feature film, apart from anything else, do you think that every level is too simple? If the duration is limited and the time allocated to each level will not be very long, why not just reduce the number of levels? As a film showing Southeast Asian style, the overall style of the film is very good, but because it wants to spread the characteristics of the expression too widely, the details of the display are much worse.

7 months ago

Regarding trusting the best animated films, trusting is actually giving up “me”. In the current social environment, the “I” is gradually being ignored. We can only prove the existence of “I” by splitting the opposition. How can the poor “I” be willing to give up the “I” after obtaining the poor “I”, so trust can only live at present. In the movie, the world is crumbling, but unfortunately we don’t have a dragon.

7 months ago

I wrote a simple film review for the first time, but I wanted to talk immediately after reading it. In fact, the plot of this movie is very simple, but its art design is fully enough to satisfy most people-aside from such top art design, I want to talk about other things. In fact, some things in the movie are very common, but they are very profound. I am easily attracted to these elements: gestures, raindrops, statues, ornaments, etc., which are so common. But it is these elements that make the picture wherever it goes, full of faith. The dragon is their faith. Whether it is trust or belief, it is an identification and choice, and it has also become a force of hope. Water is what they admire to avoid disaster. The long-awaited divine rain also came down as hoped to save the common people; even if the five lands were divided, humans would also show respect in a circle with the same gesture; also when the protagonist group decided to become a statue, the power between trust and belief was about to explode; finally; , That accessory, has been with Raya since she was a child, and hope and dawn have been supporting her… I hope that my original intentions in the future will not change, and there will be more trust and strength.

7 months ago

In addition to modeling and action storytelling, what else is there in this movie? Values are like a listing, saying that they want “reconciliation”, but the description of reconciliation stays between people, stingy, and does not have that macroscopic feeling. “Legend of the Dragon Hunting” deliberately portrays the contradictions between the tribes, but in the end the contradictions between the tribes are adjusted by the “mechanical descent”, which is a bit of a problem. Do you think this is a good movie? It must be in terms of special effects. But if our standard is free special effects, is it too broad for foreign film standards?

7 months ago

At that time, after watching “Crazy Primitives 2”, my friend said that she felt that the film had a lot to talk about, but she didn’t know where to start. When I finished watching “Legend of the Dragon”, I also felt that there were a lot of things to talk about, and what I wanted to talk about was something in common with “Crazy”. “Crazy” and “Xun” are separated from the set of things familiar to Western civilization in the structure of the story background and the role identities, so it is inevitable that there will be a kind of arrogant gaze that we often see in the West: they use one With a curious vision, he regards Eastern and African things as mysterious, and intervenes as a scholar in an attempt to find the commonalities of foreign civilizations. This kind of Western gaze is almost absent in “Frozen”, because the background and culture of “Ice” are their own. At the same time, today when all ethnic groups continue to call for equality of status and status, Disney launched this kind of animation based on other civilizations, and the final heights raised are all human beings coexisting on an equal footing, trusting each other, and hand in hand to build a utopia. This can be said to be very advanced with the times. But you can hardly say that this is not hypocritical. Just like in a class, someone became the monitor by improper means. After he sat and enjoyed the benefits for a period of time, the feeling of dissatisfaction with him in the class became increasingly high. At this time, he felt that his position was unstable, so he stood up and said , We want to unite, I and you are the same, both are students. Of course, I will talk more about this topic later. Another major point of the film’s progress with the times is that everyone will find that feminism is getting more and more attention. Women are no longer vassals of men, and the establishment of their identity value no longer needs the prince’s marriage proposal to be recognized. They can also fight hard and fight on one side to get the men’s kneeling and obedience. This is worthy of recognition.

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